Holiday Lettings

Holiday Lettings Website For Sale

We have an opportunity for you to run your own holiday lettings website which makes money from allowing holiday owners to advertise their holiday home for tourists to rent out.  This is a very big market with huge demand from holiday home owners to advertise their properties to potential tourists.

The website is an advanced classified ads portal allowing users to list their properties for a fee.  Tourists can contact the owner of the property via the website.

The website makes money from the following revenue streams:

  • Holiday rental listings
  • Travel insurance affiliate commission
  • Google Adsense adverts
  • Flights affiliate commission
  • Car hire affiliate commission

The website also has a price comparison tool for anyone looking for cheap flights to their holiday destination and also car hire abroad.  You earn a percentage in commission if the user then purchases any of these services.  The website will also have links to travel insurance operators and if your users purchase any insurance you earn a commission from these referrals.


Earning Potential

The website makes money from advertisers placing listings of their properties.  You can set the listing fee’s prices to anything you like within the websites control panel and for how long a listing can stay on the website for.  There are 2 listing types:

Normal and Featured

You can also add your own affiliate based products for example, holiday accessories, travel related affiliate products etc.  The website will come affiliated with travel insurance, flight price comparison tool and car hire price comparison tool.  The travel insurance merchants will pay you upto 17% on any sales you refer by the banners on the website.  The flight operators will pay you upto 3% per sale from referals on your website.  The car hire merchants will pay you upto 8% per sale from referals on your website.  You can also add other affiliates to the website via the websites control panel.

The website is also set up with Google adsense which you make money when ever a customer clicks on any of their advertising links.  You earn from £0.05 – £1.50 per click for doing nothing.  If for example you had 1,000 hits a day and only 400 users clicked on a link and you earned 0.25p per click you would make £100 per day x 30 = £3,000 per month profit.  The harder you work on promoting the website, the more traffic you will get and then the more money you make.

Example Of What You Could Earn

Description Sales A Day Month Total
Normal Listing £20 5 150 £3,000
Featured Listing £40 3 90 £3,600
Travel Insurance Sale £5.10 2 60 £306
Flight Sale Commission £8 2 60 £480
Care Hire Sale Commission £16 2 60 £960
Average Google Adsense Click £0.50 90 £45.00 
    Total £8,391.00

So as an example above if you made those sales a month you would earn on average £8,391.00 a month profit

The prices and percentages above are only for example

All you have to do is market your blog by following our marketing guides and tutorials



Website Features

This website comes with the following features

  • Allow users to pay and submit properties on your website
  • Allow agents to register with their own profiles
  • Auto generated Google maps with Image slideshows
  • Blog
  • Custom made control panel to change and add features to the website
  • Change the design of the website
  • RSS News Feed with Optin Email address to built up a Newsletter
  • Intregated with Google Adsense
  • Google Analytics for viewing your traffic results
  • Fully optimised for SEO and search engines
  • Affiliated with travel and tour opertator companies
  • Allow users to submit listings to social network sites
  • Finance Calculator

The website is built on WordPress which is an easy to use content management system that allows you to easily manage your website online. You will be able to add new content, make changes to any aspect of the website, change the design, add new affiliates etc to the website.

WordPress plugins that will be installed

  • All-in-one-SEO (Plugin that will optimise your blog for search engines to help with your rankings)
  • Sitemap Generator (creates a sitemap to help Google crawl your website easily)
  • Auto Tag Generator (Automatically creates tags everytime you add an article, which is great for SEO purposes)
  • Sociable (Adds social network bookmark buttons at the bottom of your articles, so users can share your articles to social network sites like Facebook and Twitter)
  • WP Cache (Helps with the speed of loading of your website and with the load on the servers resources)

 Content Management System

The following are screenshots of the websites admin section, which will allow you to easily manage your website online.

Screenshots of the content management system (Admin control panel)


    Whats Included In This Website Package ?

    When you purchase this website you will get the following

    • Your own .com domain name of your choice
    • You get exactly what is shown in the demo
    • Full setup and configuration of this website by us
    • Fully optimised for search engines
    • Access to our industry leading internet marketing members section
    • Free submission tools to submit your website to 100’s of search engines
    • Free bonus ebooks in our members area on how to make money online
    • Website will be submitted to Google
    • Internet marketing tutorials on how to market your website and drive traffic to your website
    • Tutorials on how to use the features on this website


    Hosting & Support

    As part of this package you will also need a hosting account for your website.  We offer one of the industry leading hosting packages for an annual fee of £59 for 1 year which includes the following


    • 24/7 Support for your website via our support desk
    • Access to our internet marketing members area where you will get access to the best internet marketing training.
    • Access to tools to help submit your website to 100’s of search engines
    • Access to ebooks on how to make money online
    • Cpanel account access so you can mange your website online
    • Unlimited email addresses

    If you already have your own hosting account thats fine but if you decide to use your own hosting account we can’t offer any support or access to any of the features above in our members area.

    If you decide to renew your hosting and domain name with us after 12 months time its only £59 for hosting + £10 for domain = £69 renewal in 12 months time.

    Free Bonuses For Our Hosting Members

    As a hosting member once inside our members area you will also get the following free bonuses:


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