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Social Media Site Satisfaction: How Facebook Did

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Social Media Site Satisfaction: How Facebook Did

The American Customer Satisfaction Index has recently been released for social networking sites. The goal of this index is to measure just how individual consumers are satisfied with many different social networking websites. Facebook got 61% as a score, which is far below all other social networks. Many could obviously wonder as to why that is and whether consumers are now getting ready to ditch Facebook in favor of better performing services like Google +. The reality is that it’s not too likely to happen. Consumers are still using Facebook and there is no sign of any massive exodus yet, mainly because there is no competition that is strong enough to pose a big challenge to Facebook yet. This is sort of like with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The vast majority of PC users have it installed and use it as their main OS. Sure, there are thousands of complaints about Windows and most users would find at least a few negative points to say about the OS. But due to the fact that there are very few other alternatives, people just stick to Windows even if it’s not fully up to their satisfaction.


Why did Facebook score so low, however? Here are some of the main reasons:


  • Privacy issues. Privacy is obviously very important for internet users, especially now that many security risks have been made public in the mainstream media. Anything from scams, identity theft, harassment and unwanted information gathering about users has been talked about. When Facebook users were asked about how they felt that Facebook’s commitment to privacy was, about half would give it a poor grade.
  • Problems with Facebook ads. Many users were not too happy about Facebook ads. Some stated that seeing advertising negatively affected their user experience and interfered with them browsing the site. Some have found the ads to be just too intrusive and would rather see fewer or no ads at all when they browse many sections of the site. Others have said that the ads they see are poorly targeted or irrelevant to their needs, for example ads for car repair shops shown to people who don’t own a car. While Facebook has made some progress in increasing relevancy, the whole issue hasn’t been solved yet.
  • Changes to the profile layout. Some have enjoyed the change to the Facebook timeline and have adapted well to it. But many others have already gotten used to the old profile style and have criticized the timeline greatly. These users would often say that they felt like Facebook has forced its users to adopt the timeline even if they don’t like it and they feel like the change is simply too radical. In general, these users believe that Facebook frequently changes the way their site works, without first consulting with the users to see if they would approve of the changes before they are actually imposed on them.


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Simple Business Idea To Make Extra Cash

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Simple Business Idea To Make Extra Cash

Here’s another small business idea that will mix online methods with an offline business. Once again, it is not something for the lazy and will require some work on your part, but if you do it right it could pay off quite nicely. It also works best if you live in a decently sized city.

The basic idea is to become an independent computer technician. What you would do is simply go to people’s houses and have them pay you for fixing their computer. Now many will think that you need to be a certified IT professional to do that. In reality, it is actually far from being the case. While you do need to have a relatively good understanding on how computers and the Windows operating system work, as well as how to install components such as hard drivers and memory, the majority of problems that people have with their systems are very simple to fix. The top issues will be spyware/adware/virus infections, setting up a home network and troubleshooting connectivity issues and resetting forgotten Windows passwords.

If you have some degree of experience with computers and are basically able to fix your computer by yourself when it has issues, you are probably competent enough for this. You do need some basic tools such as:

A Windows installer CD

A portable hard drive, blank CDs or large capacity USB key to back up the customer’s files

Various screwdrivers to open the computer up if you need to inspect or install hardware

A CD or USB key with various diagnostic and repair software that you can download for free (anti virus, anti spyware, security task manager, Windows password recovery software, etc)

Would people really be willing to do simple things like reinstalling Windows?

Well the answer to that is yes. When I bought my new laptop, the guy at the store tried to sell me ‚Äúprofessional installation‚ÄĚ for $60… Which consists of nothing more than installing Windows and setting up an internet connection profile. Needless to say, I laughed in his face and passed on the offer.

Now how do you get clients? There are many ways to advertise, some online, some offline. Remember that some of your customers may not be able to get online at all, so you should also do some offline advertising.

For online advertising, you could try sites such as Backpage, Kijiji, Gumtree, Craigslist, etc. depending on where you are located. As for the offline advertising, you can try placing some ads in your local newspapers or simply print out some leaflets and distribute them in many different locations.

While a website isn’t really necessary, you could spend a few dollars on a domain name and a cheap webhost, then put up a simple website that has your contact information and describes the services you provide. As for the price that you charge, check out what similar services cost in your area. Depending on where you live, you may be able to charge $30 to $100 an hour.

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