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Content Types that Your Website Really Needs: Part 2

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Content Types that Your Website Really Needs: Part 2

On the web, your website’s content is what will convince your website visitors to become paying customers of yours. Have poor quality content on your site and no matter how good your products may be, you will be causing many customers to flee to somewhere better. Yesterday, we’ve seen a few types of content that you may want to include on your website. Here are some more examples that will help you transform your website into a useful vehicle for acquiring new sales:


  • Optimized landing pages


The landing page is the first thing a visitor sees when they click on one of your ads. This is really the reason as to why you should work hard on creating landing pages that are efficient. The landing page should give sufficient information on the product to entice the buyer to make a purchase. It needs to be laid out in a neat way and keep the visitor’s attention focused on the content. Also, a clear call to action needs to be present.


Are your landing pages giving you the results that you want? The easiest way to find out is by trying out several versions and then split testing them to see which ones perform the best. Your landing page should be optimized for SEO and also have interesting content elements such as inforgraphics or video if you want it to have the maximum impact.


  • Industry specific guides and glossaries


Not everyone that visits your website is sure that the products you offer are right for them. If you sell something that’s simple enough, such as clothing and accessories, a user can simply browse through your site a bit to see if they like any of the items you have available. But in case you have products that are a bit more complicated, such as business telecommunication solutions, including some explanatory materials is definitely recommended.


You should give your visitors a good idea of how the technology that you’re selling works, which types of applications it is suitable for, as well as arguments that will try to convince the visitor that your products are right for them. Including a glossary which explains common industry terms is also recommended.


By having all of that on your site, you will transform it into an authority site, that has all the information that a visitor needs when they want to find out more about your niche. This will save them the trouble of bouncing around different websites as they do research to find if your products are right for them. Remember that if a visitor needs to access outside sources of information, they could see an offering for a competitors product, or get “lost” and forget that they’ve visited your site in the first place. Obviously, this can result in lost sales opportunities for you, but this can all be prevented by having the maximum amount of information available all on your website.

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Safely Using Social Media For Business: Part 2

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Safely Using Social Media For Business: Part 2

We’ve previously seen just how important it is to employ good security measures when using social networking sites for your business. The two main common sense security tips involve making sure your email is secure, as well as choosing good passwords for your social networking accounts and not using the same password on different websites. But there are also some security tips that are unique to social media that you should employ as well. Take a look at them if you use or are considering using social networking services for your business needs. These will help make your use of social media sites in the course of your business activities a lot safer with less potential for problems caused by malicious software, hackers and other security breaches.

  • Be careful with apps and plugins that you install

There are many plugins and apps that were developed for social media sites, especially for Facebook. For example, you can find apps that let you post to numerous social media sites at the same time, as well as integrate your website content better with your social media accounts. While they may be useful, there have been some rogue apps that were detected. Usually, Facebook is good at finding and removing those, but before this happens some damage could get done. For example, rogue apps could steal compromise the security of your profile, as well as post spam messages on your or your friends walls. Before you decide to use an app, you will need to do a bit of research about it to make sure that it’s actually a legitimate tool and not some piece of social media malware. Simply Google the name of the app or plug in. If it’s something legitimate, then you will find some websites, blog posts, or online news articles that talk about it in the form of reviews and information, as well as some background information on the developers of the application. If it’s something rogue, then you will probably find cautionary messages that have been posted in many places on the web to warn social networking site users about it, that way you would know that it’s an app that should be best avoided. Doing a minute or two of research of Google could save you a lot of trouble, so this is not a step that should be skipped.

  • Beware of impersonation

Since no identity verification is required to join social networking sites, there’s little out there that could stop a cyber criminal from creating a fake account and impersonate someone that you know, such as a client, business partner, etc. If you discuss things with someone on a social networking website, make sure that you actually know the person that you’re dealing with and that you’re sure they are who they claim to be. This is something that is easy to do and simply requires a bit of common sense on your part.

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Start Your First Website

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Start Your First Website

If you’re interested in starting a website, but you’ve never done it before, there are a few things you’re going to want to know before you get started. You need a few essential tools and services before you can really get your site off the ground.


You’re going to need a place to house the files for your new website. There are a number of hosting options available to you, some of which are free, some of which are extremely expensive. It’s important to know your needs before you pick a hosting provider. The free, and cheap providers tend to be lacking in functionality, so it’s important to know what features you intend to put on your site before picking a hosting provider. If you don’t plan on developing the site yourself, ask the developer you have hired what sort of features you’ll need, and whether or not they have any hosting recommendations.

Domain Name

Your domain name should be representative of the content on your site, and if possible it should include a keyword relevant to any searches your target audience might do. Your domain name should be short, and easy to remember. If you can get a .com name rather than a .net, .org, or any of the other suffixes, that’s best. Most people try to go to the .com version of a site first, and then think about the others. As with hosting, there are a number of companies you can register a domain with. In fact, the hosting company you’re using probably offers domain registrations.


You’ll also need a website full of content. If you’re not comfortable designing your own site, you can always hire a firm or a freelance contractor to do it for you. There are also a number of freely available content management systems like WordPress that make developing a website much easier. No matter what your budget, there’s a way to get a site up and running. Once your site is up and running, you’ll want to add content on a regular basis. By updating a site frequently, you are actually boosting your search rank, as search engines look at how frequently a site is updated when determining search rank.

There are a number of ways to get a new site up and running, and no matter what your budget, you can get started in a short amount of time.

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How to get a Top Ten Ranking on Search Engines

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How to get a Top Ten Ranking on Search Engines

One of the main goals  of your business is to get your website to rank as high as possible. The reason being, if you have a higher ranking website, the more eyeballs that view it, the more revenue and business (or philantropy) you can provide for your visitors. The point of creating a website isn’t to have it sit idle and without viewers, but to get as large as the owner wants it to be. That is where ranking high in search engines is really going to help. Statistics show something like 40% of the users on search engines like Google click on the first link available, your goal is to be that site.

Ranking systems within the popular search engines used more often by browsing individuals can either give you an advantage or a disadvantage. If you are not ranked higher in these listings, then you get less exposure and that is bad when your website depends on exposure from people who want to see what you provide on your website. It is not impossible to get a top ten ranking on search engines and it does not take too much to get there if you know the simple tricks to use.

There is a wide variety of things you could do to help improve your search engine ranking. The most important thing that needs to be done is having the website optimized for search engine indexing. This optimization could be simple things like providing the necessary tags, having content that is tailored to the target audience and more. This can be done by yourself or you could hire professionals to do it for a fee. Either way, it helps to improve ranking and promotes more traffic to the websites which are being optimized.

The next option is to look into blogs and social media for link purposes. The way that some of the goliath search engines work best is by having back links to the original source. This means that the more times that a link is traceable back to the website that originates to some content or provides a simple link to the main page of the website, the more times it will show up in the search engine when searched. Many search engines combine the weight of all of the links towards the original and provide higher rankings when searched. This does take time, but is fairly worth the effort to increase ranking on search engine sites.

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