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Improving Your Customer Service With Self Serve Features

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Improving Your Customer Service With Self Serve Features

If you have a website that sells something online, whether it’s a product or service, then making money by selling your items is the main objective of your site. However, if you want to remain competitive in your niche and see long term growth, then providing good support for your customers and potential customers is important for your online business, just like it would be in any other type of business.

Unfortunately, this is something that is often overlooked by many online business operators, especially those that provide services such as web hosting resellers. Here are some great tips which will help you provide a very good customer service experience for your website visitors:

  • Provide good information on your website

The issue with contacts to a website’s service staff is that many of these contacts could have been avoided if the necessary information was included on the site and featured in a prominent way. Therefore, you should provide clear information about how your products work, as well as help files about how to use them if this would be relevant to your products. Creating video tutorials on how to accomplish certain things with your products would also be a great idea. On your contact page, you should include a link to the relevant help section of your website, which will encourage your customers and potential buyers alike to first check out the information to see if the answer to their question can actually be found there before they contact you.

  • Offer good self service features

This is a move that has been well understood by many large businesses operating in plenty of different industries everywhere. It’s less costly in terms of money and resources to let your customers do certain transactions and see some information by themselves rather than having them contact you. If you run an e-commerce site that ships products, for example, you could include a section on your site that keeps track of your customers previous orders. You can then update it with shipping and tracking information, which would cut down on the “when will my order get there” type of inquiries. This also applies to service based sites as well. Try to implement features that would let your customers make their own changes to their account, such as changing their service plans, adding a new subscription under their main account, changing their billing information, canceling or suspending a service they have with you, etc. By doing all of this, you will reduce contacts to your customer service, sometimes even in a significant way.

  • Send a follow up/confirmation email on every new order

With the email, provide the relevant information, such as order number, tracking number for any shipments, as well as a link to the help section or the account management section of your website. Doing so will encourage your customers to use them to see if they can find the answer to any question they have there before they get into contact with you.

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Some Tips for Hosting Resellers

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Some Tips for Hosting Resellers

Are you, or do you want to become a reseller of web hosting services? A web hosting reseller is an online services provider that gives clients web hosting services, by reselling server space from another hosting company. While for some, this can become a very profitable business, many web hosting resellers are actually small companies where the owner operates the host as a “side business” making a few hundred dollars per month, to complement their other online activities.


If you would like to succeed as a reseller of web hosting services, then you will find the following tips quite useful:


  • Resell From a Quality Host


Obviously, all of the actual web hosting will be taking place on another company’s server, therefore you will be dependent on them to provide the service to your customers. This means you are essentially going to be creating a business partnership with them. Research the host in question and get some unbiased reviews, especially concerning their reliability. Do take note, that as web hosting is a very competitive industry, the internet is full of fake “reviews” that are left by affiliates that are paid a commission every time someone signs up for service through their site. This is why you should avoid “Top Ten Host” sites, where all the reviews are actually created by the webmaster and not the user. Look for some hosting review sites which let users post their opinions and look up the host’s name on webmaster or online business forums. This will truly get you a better picture of their quality.


  • Get An Unlimited Plan if You Can


If you want your hosting offer to be as attractive as possible to your users, then you must give them a generous allotment of disk space and bandwidth. Obviously, this will not be possible if you just go with the cheapest reseller plan that has the least web space. You should instead go for a web host that offers you a reseller package which is unlimited. Therefore, you can create unlimited accounts for your customers, host unlimited domains and also you will have unlimited web space for your users. Unlimited hosting reseller plans typically cost around $100, but they are very well worth it.


  • Provide Good Support


While you may not be able to provide 24 hour a day phone support, do strive to be available to your users as much as possible. If you just have a few dozen users, this will not really be difficult. Be available on live chat whenever you are on the computer. Respond to support tickets and email inquiries promptly. You can do this simply by having your business email forwarded to your smart phone. Many people have social media updates on their phone anyways, so as an entrepreneur, you should get notifications when your customers contact you and respond to them quickly on your phone, even if you are not in front of a PC. Responding to emails within a few hours maximum is considered a good business practice.

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