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Start Your Own Web Marketing Agency – Getting Clients

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Start Your Own Web Marketing Agency – Getting Clients

When you start your own web marketing agency, one of the most important questions that you will ask yourself is: how do I get clients? After all, without any clients for you to do work for, you won’t be making any money. There is also another thing that you need to take into consideration: how much will you charge for your services.

Getting clients is not as difficult as it may seem at first. You basically have two options: either you can have people come to you or you come to them first and offer your services. In order to maximize your chances of success, it is recommended that you adopt an approach that would combine both concepts.

Having people inquire about your services means that you need to advertise in order to let others know about your business. You can use a variety of methods to do so. For example, you can optimize your website for certain keywords such as “internet marketing (your city)” or “web site creation (your city)”. This will allow it to be found more easily on search engines. Targeting “local” keywords means that you will be facing less competition as you will only be competing against web marketers that are located in your area and not around the world.

You could also combine your SEO efforts with PPC campaigns on both the search and content networks to see if this gets you results. Of course, you should also use free or low cost advertising methods that are highly effective. Posting on classified ads sites under the “business services” section and including your agency in online business directories is highly recommended, as many of your clients might be looking at those places if they are in search for someone who could start or improve their web presence for them.

Another thing that you can do is actually contact business owners to see if they are interested in your services. Of course, this requires a bit more effort than simply putting up a web page and some ads. You will also need to deal with rejection quite often. However, when you do direct marketing, this is all part of the game and simply something that you have to live with.

To accomplish that, you first need to make up a list of potential clients who look like they could use your services. Here again, there are numerous ways to make that happen. Check out online classified ads sites for local small businesses, such as hair salons, car dealers, plumbers, cleaning companies, etc. Do they have a website? If so, does it look like it was made by an elementary school kid for his computer class? Then you can offer them to redesign the site and make it look more professional and attractive. Even if they do have a site, you can still contact them and offer to promote it for them so they get more traffic and thus more customers. Another possibility is to print out a nice pamphlet with details about your offerings and send them to local businesses in your area.

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Selling Websites To Small Businesses? Here Are Some Quick Tips

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Selling Websites To Small Businesses? Here Are Some Quick Tips

Do you market web site creation to small business owners? If you do you may have come across some business owners who are reluctant to get an online presence. Here are some of the most common objections and their responses.

I don’t want to sell anything online so I don’t need a website.

Even though you don’t plan on selling your products or services on the internet directly, customers who are interested in a type of product or service that you offer will search online for someone that can provide it to them. According to recent statistics, people of all ages are increasingly turning to the internet when shopping. You may have the best quality and the best prices, but if they can’t find you online, chances are they won’t even know your business exists and you may lose many customers that way. A website with just a list of your products and your prices can go a long way.

It is too complicated to maintain, I’m not good with computers.

Having a website doesn’t require much in terms of computer skills these days. There are simple tools that you can use to update your site with new information or products. It is very easy to figure out once you get the hang of it.

I don’t want to spend money on a website, it’s too expensive.

Web design, as well as web hosting services have gotten much more affordable in the past few years, mainly due to increased competition from various service providers and an increase in the number of customers that these providers get. As your website is a business tool, it will help you get more clients and thus get more sales.

If you run a small business that only provides one main service, such as a moving company, you don’t need a complicated website. A simple site with a description of your services, your rates, some background about your company and your contact information will be enough to inform your customers. You don’t have to get a site with fancy graphics, videos or multimedia content if it won’t be useful for you.

I’ve heard all of these stories about hackers attacking business websites. I’m scared this will happen to me.

Most of the news coverage surrounding these incidents is overblown by the media. The majority of recent attacks are not actually security breaches where private information was stolen, but rather denial of service attacks designed to flood a web server with data to bring it offline. These types of attacks are mostly targeted against large companies and governments by people who have a grudge against these entities for whatever reason. As a small business owner, your website is unlikely to become the target of such an attack.

I already advertise in the newspaper or distribute fliers with info about my products. These methods have been effective for me so far, what’s the use of changing?

Setting up your website and promoting your business in the online world doesn’t mean that you will have to stop other marketing methods that you use. Internet marketing is designed to complement, rather than replace other marketing activities. Don’t forget, some people don’t read newspapers (they get all their news online) and throw any advertising fliers that they get in their mailbox straight in the trash can. By having an online presence, you will be able to get in touch with a larger segment of the population.

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