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Content Types that Your Website Really Needs

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Content Types that Your Website Really Needs

Would you like to establish your business website as a relevant site, one that has authority in its niche? Then there are a few content types that you should include in different sections of your site. The exact type of content that you add will largely depend on the type of business you’re running and what your goals are. If you run a small shop and are satisfied with the results that a one page website brings you, then of course you can keep on doing that. But if you want to expand and make your business grow, then you would need to get a bit more creative.


We’ll present the content types your site should have, as well as show you why they’re important in today’s online world:


  • Video


Internet users watch billions of videos every single month. Therefore, having video on your website won’t get you the “Wow!” factor that it would 15 years ago. But it will still help make it more complete and useful for your visitors. The videos that you present can be about anything that’s useful to your visitors, such as a presentation of your products, a “walkaround” of your business, a clip of your products being used normally or being subjected to torture tests just to prove how durable they are, etc.


  • Inforgraphics


You’ve probably seen these on a growing number of websites. They’re actually a very rapidly growing form of website content and this trend is expected to continue in the next few months. Read up more on infographics and how they can help you connect to your audience. Even if you’re not a good graphic artist, there are plenty of free tools and programs available out there that will help you create some attractive looking inforgraphics. Of course, you can also outsource the process if you’d like. Inofrgaphics are hot right now and are definitely something that you would want to look into.


  • Industry specific news and unique commentary


Having news items about your industry on your website or corporate blog can definitely be useful, but it you want to keep your readers interested, you need to mind what type of news you post. Don’t simply re-write things that have been posted all over the major industry news sites already.


For example, anyone who hasn’t been stranded in another galaxy for the past few weeks will already have known that the new iPhone 5 is coming out at the end of September, so repeating the launch announcement will not do much good. Instead, you can offer unique insights and commentary on the new product, how it relates to your business, as well as the issues surrounding it. For example, if you sell smartphone cases, you can talk about durability issues in new smartphones as well as some of the reports that the iPhone scratches easily. This will help you encourage site visitors to buy your cases to protect their mobile phone.

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Google Shutting Down Some of Its Products

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Google Shutting Down Some of Its Products

Google, while famous for being the most popular and widely used search engine in the world, has plenty of other products that are used by millions of internet users around the world. Think of its other services such as Adwords, Gmail and of course the video sharing site YouTube that they own. But Google also has a few dozen smaller services that don’t enjoy such widespread popularity. And as of late, the company has been restructuring some of its offering and shutting down some of them, which have either outlived their usefulness, or simply don’t have enough users to make keeping them active worth while for the company.


One service that Google is planning to get rid of is iGoogle, a custom home page service where people could decide which information gets displayed when they open their browser. There is some speculation that the shutdown is simply due to the fact that the service dates from another era, where “portal” websites were all the rage and people liked to get news, email, weather, etc. all on one page as soon as they opened their browser. Remember that unlike most other search engines at the time, the main Google home page was very simple and not cluttered with different categories and elements like on Yahoo. Google will be getting rid of iGoogle on November 1st 2013, so the remaining users who find the service useful can continue to enjoy it until then.


Another Google service that will be axed is Google Video. It’s a simple video sharing service that has largely been replaced by YouTube when Google bought the. Many are surprised that Google hasn’t gotten rid of Google Video sooner, given the fact that new content uploads stopped being accepted back in 2009. If you still have some videos there, you should consider moving them to YouTube or another video sharing service soon, as it will be gone on August 20th 2012.


There are many Google products and services which have been discontinued in the past couple of months. Some examples include: Google Desktop, Google Pack, Google Gears, Patent Search and Google Friend Connect.


The good news for the users is that in many cases, the functionality provided by services that have been closed down or that will be soon have been integrated in another Google product. If not, chances are that there is another online service that can provide you with the same or similar features.


There is some speculation about why Google is launching and then shutting down so many products. Some comments from users say that the company is too busy trying to dominate every corner of the internet and have a service that can do everything imaginable. But even with all the investments made in research and development of new online products, there are those that simply don’t catch on, become obsolete or aren’t able to compete well with already established websites if the Google product doesn’t offer anything substantially better for its users.

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Creating Your Membership Site: Selecting Your Hosting

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Creating Your Membership Site: Selecting Your Hosting

We’ve seen that running a membership site is a great way to make some money on the internet and to give your product more value to your customers and potential customers that are looking at your sales page. But how do you actually start a membership site? What do you need to accomplish this? There are certain things you need to get before you start developing your site. Here are some of them:


  • Good Web Hosting


Now, what exactly is “good web hosting” when it comes to powering your membership site? The thing is, almost any kind of web hosting will support applications and scripts designed to run a membership site. Shared web hosting, the one that costs about $5 per month, is the most popular kind of hosting out there. However, it is not recommended for this purpose? Why not? It says unlimited everything, so you should have no worries, right?


Well, unfortunately this is wrong. Shared web hosting is NOT unlimited, despite what the marketing materials for the web host say. And this is really NOT something that you want to find out the hard way after you launch your site.


You see, shared web hosts impose certain limits on your account, such as the number of files, databases and simultaneous connections to your site. Even though they may say they have unlimited bandwidth, if you start to use too much (say more than a few GB per month, which is quite easy to go over if you host several videos on your site), they will simply cut you off. They do this not out of greed, but simply because a site that is too big will use up too much of the server’s resources, thus making it slow and unstable for the other websites that are hosted on the same server in a shared hosting environment. Shared hosting would only be good if you were planning to get just a dozen or so members to your site each month.


What you should get as a hosting solution instead would be a VPS web hosting account. This basically means that you would be getting a portion of the server allocated specifically for your needs (CPU, disk space, bandwidth and RAM). Your hosting will run on a virtual machine, similar to what you would get if you would be running Windows under MacOS on your home computer. That way, you will not have to worry about competing for resources with other sites on the server and you will also never have to worry about getting your hosting suspended because you used too much bandwidth or RAM.


VPS web hosting is a bit more expensive than shared hosting. However, if you plan to make some money from your membership site, you must be willing to invest a bit of money in it. If you are planning to get a few dozen members to your site each month, then a mid range VPS would be the solution. This will cost you between $35 to $50 per month, depending on the provider that you will be using.

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Using Video to Promote Your Products and Blog

Video can be a great way to enhance your blog or product because it helps put a face or voice onto the voice that normally just shows through the text. Video can be a very engaging way to interact with your audience, and when done right, video can make or break a website.

Using effective and well designed video is extremely important. If you are going to be recording it via your webcam, make sure your background is uncluttered and that you proper lighting. I would suggest putting a table or desk lamp to the side of your monitor if that is the case, to make sure you are getting proper lighting on your face. It will make a world of difference.

Promote New Products
One use of video can be to promote new products you are launching. For example, you could create a video tour of a new product you are launching, you could show the user interface, some of the content, and give a brief overview of what the product does and how it will help people. This is an effective way to explain the goal of your product and to try and convert leery buyers who may be a bit skeptical at first.

Promote Your Website
Video can be used to promote your website as well. If you created a video every time you posted new content to your blog, you could include the video and the transcript of the video in one post. By posting it to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites you can then try to capitalize on click throughs from the video to your blog or product page. It also creates a way for people who may not want to read the entire post to receive your content, for example while they are cleaning their apartment they could have your video on and still be benefiting from your expertise.

Teach Something
Using your videos to teach people sometime specific can be a great way to set yourself up as an expert on a certain subject. For example if you are a WordPress guru it might be beneficial for you to create 3-4 minute videos and post them to YouTube with a link back to your website where you do consulting. You can teach people very basic things such as installing WordPress, modifying themes, etc. You then upsell them when they want to find an expert on WordPress, they think of your videos and your offering. It is a great way to establish credibility with potential clients.

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Generating Testimonials For Your Products

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Generating Testimonials For Your Products

Selling just about anything online can be extremely challenging. Every product imaginable is already for sale somewhere on the internet, and that means you need to set your product apart from the crowd in order to get it to sell well. One of the best ways to get your product some positive attention is to get a lot of favorable user testimonials up on your website. There are two sure fire ways you can generate some quality user testimonials from your customers.

The first is to offer them something in return for their testimonial. By “something” we don’t mean money. Your customers won’t trust a paid testimonial. In fact, paid testimonials can even lead to a negative impact on sales. Customers get the impression that if you have to buy your testimonials, there must be something wrong with the product, or even that you were paying for favorable testimonials only. Instead of money, consider offering them a discount on their next purchase, or a coupon they can use whenever they’d like.

The other sure fire method is to simply ask your customers for testimonials. A week after they receive the product, send them an email asking them to submit a testimonial. Also, if you have any promotional videos up on your site for the product, make mention right in the video that testimonials are appreciated. If you have a Facebook, or Twitter account, send out a message occasionally asking your users to submit testimonials. You don’t want to bombard your customers with requests, but asking occasionally is likely to yield results, even if you’re not offering anything in exchange for the testimonial.

Once you have some testimonials coming in, it’s important to be clear about what information you are going to share about the customer. For example, some people might prefer that you only show their initials, rather than their full name. Others might be OK with their first name, and last initial. Some people might be comfortable with you showing what town their from, others might not. It’s a good idea to yield to the customer’s wishes and display their name the way they want you to. It’s better to have more testimonials up than not, so it’s OK to sacrifice some of those details in exchange for having one more testimonial on your site.

Ask your customers for testimonials, offer them incentives, and honor their wishes. If you do those things, you’ll have a lot of high quality testimonials up in no time.

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Using Youtube To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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Using Youtube To Drive Traffic To Your Website

affiliate marketingYoutube is now becoming a major tool for searching online for breaking news similar to how twitter is being used.  For example if there is a news story people will most likely go to youtube to search for a video relating to this news piece.  Some people will use Twitter to search for information regarding this news piece.

A great way to use youtube to drive traffic to your website is to be the first to upload any breaking news to your youtube account and you will see a massive increase in video views on this video.  You can download the news video from any major news site as long as you mention where you got the video from in the description.  To drive the traffic to your website you can simply place your website link in the description offering a free gift to intice your youtube viewers to click on your link and give them a free gift to download in exchange they give you their email to help build up your email subscribers for example.  Once that user is on your website then you have a better chance of getting a sale if you are selling something or a service on your website.

You can also use it to build up your twitter followers by placing your twitter account in the video description.

Also once you have reached over 150,000 views on your videos you can then apply for the youtube google adsense partner programme and make money from your videos aswell.  Joining their partnership programme means you will make money from any advertisement that is shown on that page from youtube.  You will earn commission if a viewer clicks on those adverts.

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