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Creating a Good Social Media Page

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Creating a Good Social Media Page

If you are going to create a Facebook page for your business, then you may be asking yourself as to what you should put on the page. Social media sites such as Facebook can be a very useful business tool, however in order for them to be effective for your business, you would need to use it in the most efficient way.

Obviously, establishing your presence on social networking sites such as Facebook is the first thing you would need to do. Getting started is very easy and doesn’t cost anything, unlike with some other forms of online advertising. All that you need to do is to sign up and create a page for your business. Generally, this will be named after your company, however if you are running a specific marketing campaign or want to promote a specific product, you can also create a fan page based on that specific product.

Another creating your page, the first thing that you would want to include is your contact information. While Facebook is definitely not a search engine like Google, people still use it to find information, thanks to its search feature that presents relevant pages on the network. As such, in the info section of your Facebook page, you should include contact details such as a link to your main website, phone number, address, email, etc. This will ensure that someone who was interested in dealing with your company and found your Facebook page has your contact information.

Next, on the page itself, you can create different sections besides the main wall. For example, you can put in an email capture box, information about a new promotion or contest that you are running, etc. This is done simply by making use of the tabs on the side of your Facebook page.

The “wall” of your page will be the main place where you will share information with your visitors. Use this to make new announcements about your products and services, as well as about your upcoming promotions. Your page visitors can also leave comments on your posts. Make sure that you monitor these comments so that you can answer questions rapidly. By being active on your Facebook page, you automatically give your visitors a trustworthy appearance, as they will know that you are available to answer their questions.

Remember to keep your Facebook page updated at least every few days, even if you do not have anything that is spectacular to announce. If your page looks like a ghost town and hasn’t been updated in months, visitors are less likely to want to Like your page and add it to their profile.

You have the option of either creating your business Facebook fan page by yourself, or there are also companies which can create one for you. Remember that the more professional and attractive your fan page looks, the more useful it will be as a tool for promoting your business throughout social media websites.

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