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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online

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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online

If you’re using social media to try to build your authority on the internet, you’re using one of the best tools available to accomplish this. But in order for this to bring you the results you expect, there are certain things you need to do in order to succeed. We’re now presenting you some more tips that you can use to reach your goals:

  • Ensure That Your Website Works and Works Well

Building authority means that you will get more traffic to your site and that you will get a lot more interaction with your visitors, such as getting comments on your blog posts. For this reason, you will need to make sure that your website is accessible at all times and doesn’t run into any type of problems. Using a shared web hosting account for a site that gets 50 visitors a day and a few comments on your blog may be fine. However, many webmasters have reported running into problems as soon as the traffic picked up, people started interacting with their site more and viewing more pages on it, as well as using interactive features such as comments and discussion forums on a site. Because of this, you need to start thinking of your options about what happens when you outgrow your shared hosting account. If you stay with the $5 a month “unlimited” hosting account you have now, you may soon realize that it wasn’t all that unlimited when your site keeps crashing all the time or your host takes you offline because you’re putting too much strain on their server. Consider getting a dedicated or VPS web hosting solution instead. It will cost a bit more, but you will also be making a lot more money from your website to compensate.

  • Make Sure That All Pages of Your Site Are Sociable

People love to share information that they found interesting, such as a blog post or article on your site. But this can also apply to pages that talk about products that you’re selling, such as sales pages. Include buttons for social media on all areas of your site, no matter what kind of content they carry. Enable comments on your blog posts and articles. Include social bookmarking options as well. And don’t forget email lists. While many people will be following you on Twitter or Facebook, this doesn’t mean that e-mail marketing is dead and doesn’t work anymore. Have an opt-in square where users can input their e-mail address and include a call to action as well. This works especially well for content pages. If a user is reading something and finds it interesting, they may be looking to get more from you later on. An opt-in link that offers access to more updates and information may work well for you.

There are a few other things that you can do to develop your online authority. Tomorrow we will take a closer look at what you can do to attract some followers and keep them interested.

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Using Video Sharing Sites For More Traffic

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Using Video Sharing Sites For More Traffic

There are many ways to use a video sharing site such as YouTube in order to get traffic to your website. Since broadband internet access has made viewing and sharing online videos a lot more accessible, many online marketers have jumped on the occasion of using various video sharing sites to get traffic to their sites. Video sharing sites like YouTube are not just places where you can watch some funny video of a dog riding a skateboard or a kid falling off his bike. When used correctly, they can turn into a powerful marketing tool for you.

The first question that comes to mind is what kind of content you should create. Many people believe that creating videos is a time consuming task which will take hours to complete. While anything may seem difficult at first, it will actually become quite easy as you get more used to it.

As an online marketer, you probably already know the importance of creating unique articles to have some useful content on your site and to submit to various online directories in order to get traffic to your site. Well, it is possible to turn these articles into short videos.

All you need to do is to take the content of the articles and to change it into a “presentation” format, similar to PowerPoint slides. You would then do a voice over, explaining the various parts while the viewer follows on screen. This works very well, as some people don’t like reading long articles but instead pay more attention to what you have to say when you turn it into a video. At the end of the video, you would invite the viewer to visit your website to get more information.

Another possibility is creating instructional (how to) videos. These will give the viewer information on how to do something that is related to your website’s niche. It takes a bit more effort to get done and will probably involve taking a video camera and actually filming things. But if you are in a niche where most of the things are done on the computer (such as website building, “make money online”, investing, etc) you can simply use a screen recording software and voice over to provide explanations to the viewer.

One thing not to do is to create videos that are simply a commercial for your site. Those who browse video sharing sites rarely do so to see advertising material. Provide something that will be interesting and captivating to the viewer and you will have a better chance of them visiting your site after looking at your video. If you create content that is useful and interesting, you will find that viewers will share it with other, either through social networking sites or by embedding your video on their own websites or blogs. All of this means more potential traffic and more potential customers for your business.

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Increase Traffic to Your Site

Increasing traffic to your site is not only a great way to build your list but also increase the revenue you draw from product sales. There are many methods to increase the traffic your site sees, some of these methods may not be appropriate for your consumers, however you must exercise every marketing tool available to be successful. Begin by utilizing free marketing tactics that are available to you if you just invest some time into finding your potential consumers. The following are some easy ways to double the traffic your site sees.

• Learn effective SEO techniques. Use keywords within the articles on your site that will draw the most visitor attention. You want to be on the first page of results generated on a search engine.

• Use social bookmarking to draw the attention of online socialists to your site. Use social media sites to bookmark your backlinks and any articles on your site.

• Blog submission should be regularly done. Be sure that you participate and create blogs that are related to your business niche. The content you share should be informative and unique to your knowledge and business.

While there are other ways to generate traffic do not underestimate the importance of free marketing strategies. If you find that these methods are not generating enough traffic consider changing your approach, or if you feel defeated look into traffic generating software. The goal is to build your list large enough so you can focus on email marketing to draw traffic and revenue.


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Monetize Your Site With Adsense

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Monetize Your Site With Adsense

If you have been in the internet marketing scene for more than 5 minutes, chances are that you have heard of Google Adsense. The way this program works is that you let Google serve ads on your site that are related to its content and get paid a certain amount whenever someone clicks on the ad and is redirected to the advertisers website. The amount will vary depending on what topic your site is about, as certain keywords fetch a higher amount than others.

While it is true that there are some webmasters who have become very successful with the Adsense program, some even becoming millionaires, most webmasters struggle to make just a few pennies a day with it and wonder what is wrong. In many cases it is not a lack of traffic to your site that is the problem, but rather the niche that your site is about.

As the prices of Adsense clicks will vary depending on which niche you target, in order to make the most money possible you will need to target niches that are high paying. These are the markets where advertisers are willing to pay more money per click. Naturally, you will need to find out what these niches are before you build a website related to them.

Anything that deals with finances, such as student loans, credit cards, refinancing and debt consolidation tends to fetch a lot of money per click. There are many other topics as well, such as health, diets and weight loss that pay quite well too.

Now the question is, how do you research your niches in order to find one that is truly high paying? There are many free tools that let you analyze pay per click keywords available online. One of the most popular ones is called SpyFu. It will give you an approximate amount of how much advertisers are currently paying for each click for certain keywords. Note that this is not the same amount that you will be getting per click in your Adsense account. Google splits the profit with you, but the exact amount that they keep and the price that they pay you as a publisher for each click will vary and are not published on their site. That being said, you can expect to receive slightly below 50% of the click price. In addition to SpyFu, you can use Google’s own Adwords Keyword tool in order to see how much advertisers will pay per click on average for a certain specific keyword.

While it may take you some time to build some sites around profitable niches and add good content that will attract visitors, the results will be well worth it, as your revenue will begin to increase much faster than with many of the low-paying keywords. Remember that your site will need unique and useful content and not just random spam in order for you to make the most profit out of the Google Adsense program.

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Not All Traffic Sources Are The Same

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Not All Traffic Sources Are The Same

If you are new to internet marketing, you may be in search of some reasonably priced traffic sources in order to send traffic to your sites and the offers that you promote. After all, if no one clicks on your links, your will not make any sales or earn any commissions from affiliate programs. There are many ways to get traffic to your site. Some are perfectly legitimate and will give you productive and targeted traffic that will result in conversions for you. Some other sites sell you what could be referred to as “garbage traffic”. Allow me to explain a bit more in detail:

Bulk traffic sites

Sites such as BuyHitsCheap offer to sell packages of thousands of visitors for very low prices. They also make claims that this is “real traffic” from “real visitors” and will result in “potential customers”. While the first two statements are technically true, the second one is quite unlikely to occur. Here’s why: these sites use “popunders”, which basically load the website in a popup that goes under the browser’s current window. Few people will actually bother to look at your site and most will simply find the popunder annoying and close it right away. So you definitely won’t get any customers. Now think logically for a second. They sell 10 000 visitors for $12.50. If you promote a product that gets you a $15 commission and you get a conversion rate of 1/2000 (which would be atrociously low in other means of advertising), you would earn $75, more than 5 times what you spent. If this was possible, a lot of us would be millionaires right now.

Paid to click sites

These sites often claim that they can get you “real visitors” at very low costs. Now make no mistake about it, the visitors will probably be quite real. But the problem is, they won’t really care about your site or your product. These sites pay their visitors a fraction of a cent in order to click on a link and keep your site open for a period of time, such as 15 to 30 seconds. Most people on these types of sites won’t even bother looking at the websites that they have clicked through to and will simply end up closing your site after the timer expires, so that they can move on to the next site and possibly end up earning a few pennies a day.

Traffic exchanges

Many of these services claim to give you free traffic and the ability to earn views to your site simply by looking at other people’s sites. Anyone with half a brain will know that this concept is quite flawed. No one will be interested to sign up for anything on your site, much less buy something from you. All they will want is to get visitors to THEIR site as well. Traffic exchanges are simply little more than a waste of time.

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More Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Site

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More Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Site

A strong internet marketing campaign is nothing without traffic. The more traffic you can generate for your website, the more potential customers you’ll have looking at your products. There are a few important things you can keep in mind in order to help you drive traffic to your site, and ultimately, generate more sales.


Do some research to determine what qualities your audience is looking for in a website. If you already have a little bit of traffic, offer your current audience a poll about what features they’d like to see you implement in the future. If you’re just starting out, take a look at other sites in your niche, and see what types of features they’re offering their audience. Do everything in your power to offer your audience a rich set of attractive features.

Strong Writing

No matter what niche you’re in, chances are, you’re not alone. That means your content has to stand out if you’re going to succeed in driving more traffic to your site. Take the time to write strong articles, and other interesting content for your site. Don’t just try to recreate what other sites in your niche have done, try to do something different, and unique. If you’re having trouble writing high quality content, there’s no shame in hiring a writer.


In addition to the Google and Facebook ads you’re probably already familiar with, you can also set up deals with larger sites in your niche whereby you can get an ad placed on their site for a fixed amount of time. Be sure to get any and all information you can about their traffic, and their audience before agreeing to place the ad on their site. Also, don’t advertise on sites that don’t relate directly to your audience. You’re more likely to get new visitors from your target audience that haven’t heard of your site than you are to get visitors from a different audience all together.

So remember, do some research about your visitors’ wants and needs, set your writing apart from the crowd in some way, and advertise with larger sites in your niche. These things will help you to generate more traffic to your site in no time.

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Drive More Traffic To Your Site

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Drive More Traffic To Your Site

In order for a website to be profitable, it needs visitors. The more people that see your site, the more products you’ll sell, and your ads will get clicked more frequently. There are a number of ways to bring in more traffic to your site. Let’s take a look at a few of the more effective ones.

PPC Advertising

PPC (pay per click) advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Use a service like Google Adwords to create some ads, and get them out to your audience. If you’re going to go this route, it’s important to set a budget for your ads. You don’t want to spend more on advertising than you’re going make. For example, if you spend $10 per day on advertising, you should be bringing in at least that much from sales, or ad revenue.

Article Marketing

Article directories can be a great source of traffic. Just find one that represents your niche well, write a few 300 – 500 word articles every week, and post them to whatever article directories you like. Include a link to your site in each article, and over time, you’ll begin to see a solid amount of traffic coming into your site from your article marketing efforts.

Social Networking

You probably know a lot of people with Facebook and Twitter accounts. That’s because a lot of people in every demographic imaginable are using those services. Facebook alone has over 500 million users, and some of them are bound to be a part of your target audience, so setting up a Facebook page for your website is a good idea.

Spread The Word

Put a link to your site in your profile on any sites you visit frequently. If you comment on a popular blog a lot, make sure your account is linked to your site. If you post on forums a lot, make sure your site is listed in you signature. Everything you can do to spread the word about your site will help to bring in more traffic.

Each method listed above for driving traffic is simple, and effective. Aside from PPC advertising, they’re all free too. You can bring in more traffic to your site quickly, and for very little money if you know the right methods to use.

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SEO Optimize Your Images

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SEO Optimize Your Images

Everyone knows that SEO, or search engine optimization is important for the content on their site. That’s fairly common knowledge at this point. What a lot of people don’t realize is that your images can bring you a great deal of search traffic too. People are constantly searching for images for many different reasons, and if you can optimize your images to take advantage of those searches, you can bring more traffic to your site.

The first thing you should do is be sure that your images are all named correctly. Give your images names that reflect what is pictured in the image. For example, the picture above of the JPEG icon is named “jpeg icon.png”. If you are using a photograph, make sure the image name describes what’s going on in the picture. For example, a photograph of two guys playing with a Frisbee should have a name along the lines of “two guys playing Frisbee in a park.jpg” Don’t be afraid to have a long image name. It’s more important that the image name be descriptive than short. Try to include spaces between the words in the image name. If your content management won’t support spaces, put dashes instead. It’s important that the words be separated so that search engines can easily recognize them.

You should also take the time to fill out the alt tags for your images. whenever you mouse over an image, you will see some text displayed. That text is dictated by what is written in the alt tag for an image. Again, be descriptive in your alt tags. Include a little more detail in the alt tags than you did in the image name. In the example above the image name was “two guys playing Frisbee in a park.jpg”. In this example you might want your alt tags to contain the text “two guys playing Frisbee in a park on a bright summer day” That way, there is more text relevant to the contents of the image associated with it.

Remember, search engines can’t see your images. They’re relying on you to describe the images in a way that they can understand. Giving your images strong names, and including relevant information in your alt tags makes it easy for search engines to understand what is going on in your pictures so that they can do a better job of placing them in search results. By taking the time to optimize your images for search, you are ensuring better search traffic to your site over time.

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The Biggest Lies Free Traffic Providers Tell

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The Biggest Lies Free Traffic Providers Tell

We’ve all gotten the e-mails, and seen the ads for services that claim to boost your traffic in some significant way. Usually they offer a free boost in traffic just for signing up with them, and giving them some information about yourself, which will likely then be sold to other companies for marketing purposes. Most of the claims these traffic providers make are completely false. Let’s take a look at a few of the common claims they make and the truth about them.

“We’ll submit your site to 5 thousand search engines, you’ll get so much search traffic, it will blow your mind!”

Claims like this are rarely a direct lie, but they are misleading. Sure, they will submit your site to all of the search engines they promise to submit it to, but the actual impact on your traffic won’t be anywhere near as amazing as they claim. Most of your search traffic is going to come from Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft’s Bing. The thousands of other search engines might collectively generate 100 hits per month… if you’re lucky.

“We’ll get you to the top of Google”

Again, not a direct and total lie, but extremely misleading. Services making this promise will get you to the top of Google, but it won’t be for keywords that anyone is actually searching. If you have a site about cars, and you choose to use a service like this, chances are you’ll wind up being the first search result for “how to properly eat cheese while driving your car”. Sure, you’re the first result, but who is actually searching for that? No one, that’s who.

“100% Guaranteed”

If a service is offering to boost your traffic, and they try to make lofty promises and guarantees, you should just walk away. SEO and internet marketing are extremely complicated. No one can make a blanket guarantee that your traffic will be effected in a fixed way without looking at your site, and what’s going on in your niche.

The best way to get more traffic to your site is to take the time, and effort to optimize your site for search, and post relevant and interesting content to it. If you absolutely can’t resist using a traffic boosting service, be sure to do some research before picking a service. Avoid free services that make promises like the ones above, and if you’re going to use a paid service, look up some reviews before sinking any money into it.

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Drive Traffic To Your Site Without Spending A Dime

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Drive Traffic To Your Site Without Spending A Dime

Online marketing can be a daunting task, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately there are a few ways you can drive traffic to your website without having to spend any money.

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. The first thing you should do once your website is completed, and ready to be shared with the world is tell your friends and family about it. Be sure they’re clear on what niche your site serves, and let them know that you’d love it if they recommended it to anyone they knew who might enjoy it. Depending on your niche, and the size of your circle of friends, this can actually bring in more traffic than you might expect.

Using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote your site is very similar in nature to the word of mouth marketing mentioned above. The first goal of your Twitter or Facebook account should be to make friends. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to start showing those friends your site, and encouraging your new internet friends to pass that site along. Keep in mind the part about making friends. If you just fire your link off to random strangers seconds after sending them a friend request, you won’t get very far. Take the time to send messages, and reply to theirs. It really doesn’t take as much effort as it sounds like it does, and the benefits are worth the investment of time.

Social bookmarking sites are another great way to spread your link around. Start an account on a social bookmarking site, and fill it with sites you like. Include plenty of things from your niche, but don’t be afraid to include other things too. Over time, throw in links to your own site, and as your account gains attention, so to will your website. Take some time, and send friend requests to people with similar interests, and you’ll be on your way to more traffic.

All of the above mentioned ways to build traffic are completely free, but they all require an investment of time, but it’s worth the effort. That investment of time will yield quality visitors to your site that are interested in your niche. These methods are highly effective at reaching your target audience, and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

Search engine traffic is one of the most important ways to be successful online. When people can find your blog or website just by typing into Google your keyword, that is a very powerful thing.

Google and other search engines love new content. It has been said that Google prefers websites that have new content on a consistent basis. So one of the ways to get to Google’s heart is to consistently update your blog or website.

New content is a powerful thing for many reasons, not just search engine ranking.

New content brings visitors back again and again.
New content means your RSS feed goes out, again and again.
New content keeps you engaged with your site.
New content forces you to continue promotion of your site, you’d hate for that great content to go to waste, wouldn’t you?

New content is one of the driving forces behind the next big part of organic, search engine traffic. In order to get that content to show up and rank in Google however, there are some things you have to do first.

Make your site SEO friendly, use good title tags and make good use of heading tags as well. Also make sure you submit your Sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools, this will help Google crawl your site more efficiently.

Getting backlinks to your site will also help your site start to rank higher and get crawled more often. What happens when the Google Bot gets to another site with your link on it, is it then follows it back to your. A lot of people call this “Google Juice.” Call it whatever you want, it is one of the most important parts of the organic traffic equation.

If you are just getting started on your website, be patient and make sure you submit your site to all of the search engines so that they can begin crawling your site as soon as possible.

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