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SEO Quick Tips

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SEO Quick Tips

If you’re reading this site then you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with SEO and why it’s important for your website. SEO can be a little complicated. There are a lot of factors to consider when search engine optimizing your website, but there are a few universal quick tips you can keep in mind to help get you started.

Title Tags

The title of a page is the first thing any search engine sees when they look at that site. Your title should include keywords relevant to your site whenever possible. You never want to leave the title set to something generic like “home page”. Search engines see millions of pages with generic titles, and as such, having a generic title isn’t going to help search engines to place your page in the right search results pages.

Make Sure Your Page Loads Quickly

Clear your browser’s cache, and refresh your page. Did it load quickly, or did it hang for a few seconds? Repeat this experiment a few times over the course of a day, and see how well your site performs over time. If you’re page is loading quickly most of the time, you don’t have anything to worry about. If your page tends to hang for more than a couple of seconds, then you might want to consider switching hosting providers, or hiring a developer to pour over your code, and look for problems. If a page is unresponsive, search engines will rank it lower than if it loaded quickly.

Original Content

Make sure all of the content on your site is completely original. It’s OK if you’re quoting another article here and there, but if you’re copying entire articles, or running an article that you purchased from someone who sold it to multiple sites, you’re posting duplicate content. Search engines don’t look kindly on duplicate content, and if your site contains a lot of it, you will wind up at the bottom of search results quickly.

A fast-loading page with a strong title, and good, original content will do well on search engines. By taking the time to make sure your pages meet these criteria, you’re ensuring that your site will show up higher in search results. The higher you show up in search, the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get, the more profitable your site will be.

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Use Keywords Effectively

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Use Keywords Effectively

Keywords are the words and phrases people use when searching for information on any given topic. For example, if you’re looking for information about weight loss, you might search for something along the lines of “lose weight fast”. In that scenario, “lose weight fast” is a set of keywords relevant to weight loss. By understanding keywords, and doing the right things with them, you can make your site more SEO friendly in no time.

When building your website, you want to try to capitalize on the most popular keywords relevant to your niche. Make sure the title tags, and meta tags in your code include keywords relevant to your site. it’s also extremely important to have keyword rich text on your site.l You don’t want to make your content seem poorly written, but you do want to work in as many keywords as possible. Don’t let it get in the way of the quality of your content, but try to replace pronouns with proper nouns related to your niche whenever you can.

Search engines weight the first 250 words found on a page more heavily than the rest of that page, so it’s extremely important to make your first few paragraphs as focused as possible. Stay on topic, and include as many keywords as you can.Again, don’t make the content hard to read for your visitors, but make it as keyword rich as you can without hurting your site’s usability.

Keywords that consist of one word, or a short phrase tend to be very competitive. While it’s a good idea to take advantage of those keywords, don’t ignore longer terms completely. The longer the keyword, the less likely it is to be over saturated. If you can find a longer search term relevant to your niche that isn’t flooded with search results, take advantage of it as best you can. It’s better to show up in the top five search results for a longer search term that gets 500 searches a day than it is to show up six pages deep in the search results for a short term that gets 5,000 searches a day.

Keep keywords in mind as you develop your website, and your marketing strategy, and you’ll see some significant results over time. As your search rank goes up, so will your traffic. At the end of the day, that’s what makes the internet go ’round.

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

Search engine traffic is one of the most important ways to be successful online. When people can find your blog or website just by typing into Google your keyword, that is a very powerful thing.

Google and other search engines love new content. It has been said that Google prefers websites that have new content on a consistent basis. So one of the ways to get to Google’s heart is to consistently update your blog or website.

New content is a powerful thing for many reasons, not just search engine ranking.

New content brings visitors back again and again.
New content means your RSS feed goes out, again and again.
New content keeps you engaged with your site.
New content forces you to continue promotion of your site, you’d hate for that great content to go to waste, wouldn’t you?

New content is one of the driving forces behind the next big part of organic, search engine traffic. In order to get that content to show up and rank in Google however, there are some things you have to do first.

Make your site SEO friendly, use good title tags and make good use of heading tags as well. Also make sure you submit your Sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools, this will help Google crawl your site more efficiently.

Getting backlinks to your site will also help your site start to rank higher and get crawled more often. What happens when the Google Bot gets to another site with your link on it, is it then follows it back to your. A lot of people call this “Google Juice.” Call it whatever you want, it is one of the most important parts of the organic traffic equation.

If you are just getting started on your website, be patient and make sure you submit your site to all of the search engines so that they can begin crawling your site as soon as possible.

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Build a Successful Blog

Building a successful blog isn’t easy. It takes a ton of work, long hours promoting, writing, submitting to directories, and doing other mundane tasks.

But, luckily building a successful blog is possible. There are so many niches that need a top site still, and the field is wide open. Maybe you are an expert pottery maker, photographer, or management consultant. There are numerous people each day looking for content on your topic avidly online and you can be the site that they come to.

Writing good content is really important to having a successful blog. Content should be aimed at readability for your visitors, but also for search engine optimization.

It takes a delicate balance between writing for the search engines and for your users.

The best way I can suggest to do it is to use keywords as part of sentences only when you need it. For example, if I have a website about chocolate pancakes, I do not need to include that in every sentence or even every other sentence. However, I can use the keyword in the opening sentence or as part of a sentence when needed. The other thing you can do is add your keyword to your content using h2 title tags within the content. You can have your opening sentence or “thesis” at the start of your paragraph even with your keyword in it, as a way to draw attention to your main idea for your reader, and to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rank.

Marketing your blog can be a chore unless you want to do it the right way. Marketing can be a lot of fun — visiting your favorite blogs on your specific niche can be a great way to market your blog through commenting on their recent posts. Engaging with top bloggers can get your name out there and get people to follow your blog when you write engaging comments and participate in discussion.

Another marketing method is to join forums that are related to your niche. Promote your blog lightly, through your forum signature only — or else you will just seem like a spammer.

Start slow building your blog and relationships with your readers. Find and engage your audience, promote it through social media, bookmarking and forums and take your time to build it, it will not come over night so be patient.

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