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Planning Your Email Campaigns the Right Way

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Planning Your Email Campaigns the Right Way

We all know that in order for an email marketing campaign to work, it needs to be properly optimized and carefully tailored to both the needs of your organization, as well as to those who will be on the receiving end of your email messages. When you look online, you will see plenty of tips aimed at product creators, small business owners, as well as affiliate marketers that sell to consumers. But these may not always cover topics related to business to business email marketing. While there are some similarities, there are some differences as well between the B2C and B2B worlds of email marketing.


Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to do in order to put together a highly successful business to business email marketing campaign:


  • Plan Your Strategy in Advance


Email marketing isn’t something that you would want to rush if you expect to get some results from your efforts. You will need to take some time to set up your campaigns, think of the content of the messages that you’re going to send, as well as prepare any landing pages that will be specific to your email campaigns.


  • Be Sure to Segment Your Email List Accordingly


This would probably depend on how many subscribers you have, how you got their email and which products they have expressed an interest in. It has been shown that if your email messages are highly targeted to a specific audience, then the recipients are more likely to find them relevant and therefore take whatever action you want them to take. For this reason you should seriously look into maintaining several different email lists at the same time.


  • Set Up a Tracking System


When you send out emails, you would need to see how many of your messages were opened, as well as what your click through rate is for the emails you send out. This will let you optimize your campaigns better in the future, as you would know what impact your emails are having on their recipients. There are plenty of free tracking scripts that you can embed in your email messages and on your landing page, so there isn’t really any reason as to why you shouldn’t be using one.


  • Be Prepared to Test and Make Some Changes


It is by testing that you will be able to see just how well your campaign is going. You can then look at the information you’ve got regarding your open rates, CTR and conversions. If things are all going as you intended, then there is obviously no need to change anything. But if you don’t get the results you wanted, or you would just like to try something else, then you can always optimize your messages on your next mailing. Remember that you need to vary the type of content that you send out in your messages as well. Otherwise, this could bore the recipients and just cause them to lose interest in emails coming from your company.

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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs: Part 2

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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs: Part 2

We’ve seen two good tips to help build a good online business yesterday. There are more that you can use. These are all strategies that are used by some of the most successful names in online business. They aren’t specific to a particular subset of online business, so you can use them whether you own content websites, are selling items on eBay, are an affiliate, etc.

  • Do everything possible to work smarter and not harder

In the online world, most businesses don’t demand “hard” work in the sense that you would constantly need to solve complex problems. However, in many cases it is simply a large quantity of seemingly very simple work that keeps people from achieving their goals. For example, if you’re promoting a dozen different affiliate offers using different advertising channels, you may need to build over 30 separate landing pages for them, complete with graphics, unique text content and other elements. Not particularly difficult, but can become quite tedious. A lot of people lose their motivation if they spend hours performing the same tasks over and over.

The solution to this is actually quite simple. First, find and use any tools that you can use to automate processes in your business. There are scripts, programs, apps, etc. which can save you a lot of time and reduce the amount of tedious work you need to do. For example, there are programs which can submit articles to directories automatically.

You may also want to outsource some parts of your business to others, such as content creation, graphic design, etc. This may reduce your profits, however the time that you gain will keep your more motivated and can be used to search for more business opportunities, thus making you more money in the long run.

  • Keep track of how your different businesses are doing

If you own several online businesses that are in different niches, you should ensure that you’re keeping an eye on all of them. This will allow you to constantly monitor your performance and make adjustments if necessary, even for businesses that run on “autopilot”.

  • Keep up new developments

There are two kinds of developments that you should keep up with: those that are related to online marketing in general and those which are more specific to your niche of products or to the type of business that you run.

Be sure to read any emails that you get from partners, such as affiliate programs. They may contain important information about upcoming changes that could have an effect on how you earn online. Read some posts on online marketing forums. Also, check out websites which specialize in aggregating news related to online business. You don’t have to spend too much time on this, just a few minutes a day to scan the headlines or new posts, then take a bit of time to read something that you find interesting.

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Is Internet Marketing a Good Career Choice?

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Is Internet Marketing a Good Career Choice?

Some people may be asking themselves if internet marketing is a good choice of career. Sure, the money that can be made online may seem attractive to many, but earning cash on the internet by promoting affiliate products or having your own products is not for everyone. Here are some thing to consider if you want to go into online marketing as a full time activity:

  • Remember, you are building a business

Being an internet marketer is not a job. You will actually be working for yourself and thus have all the responsibilities that come with that. So you need to be a person that will always be motivated to do work without having someone giving them orders and telling them what to do or what not to do. The success of your business will depend on your ability to make the right decisions and you cannot blame someone else if things go wrong.

  • You will need to learn things by yourself

When you decide to build an online business, there is a lot of information that you would need to look up, read and understand. There are very few actual college courses that deal with online business, and those that do typically just explain you what internet marketing is, but do not go into any real amount of detail on how you can build a successful business on the internet. So, if your idea of learning is sitting in a classroom and hearing some guy in a suit rephrase what is already in a textbook, then the online world is not for you. You must have the ability to learn everything you need by yourself, either by looking up information, or through experience.

  • There is no fixed salary

Remember again, you are working for yourself and not for someone else. Therefore, you are the one that will determine how much or who little you get paid. In certain jobs, you might be able to get paid just for showing up and loafing around for a few hours. This is not the case here. How hard you work and how creative you are will have a definite impact on how much you get paid.

  • You need to be able to embrace change

The online world is constantly changing, with new earning opportunities always emerging. In order to maximize your profits, you will need to take advantage of these opportunities as soon as they appear. Just remember, about 6 years ago, social media marketing was a relatively new concept that barely anyone took seriously. Now, many businesses use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with clients and to acquire new ones.

What will be the next wave of change in online marketing? Some say it could be sites geared towards mobile devices, others think that the integration of various devices, such as internet enabled televisions could change the landscape significantly. No matter what happens, you need to be on top of your game and be among the first to spot golden opportunities.

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A Successful Business Product

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A Successful Business Product

In order to make money online with a product it has to be successful. To make a successful product you must consider products that will attract the most attention, products you are extremely knowledgeable in, and can enjoy creating.

Attracting Attention
Do some online research and you can easily find products that are sought after in today’s market. If you are looking to create a product for use on a social media site, it would only be fitting that you focus on the more popular sites for social networking, like Facebook and Twitter. If you were to focus on a media site like MySpace, it is a less popular subject today than it once was, therefore it will not make as much profit as possible.

Products you market online should be related to a niche that you are familiar and knowledgeable in. Your consumers want to know that you are an expert in the particular topic you speak about. In order to ensure your consumers a product they would want to pay for you need to deliver information that is not easily accessible in other places. If a consumer finds value in your product you are more likely to receive recommendations and repeat business.

Use your creativity to market your product and share information in ways that other sources do not. Since you will be dedicating a lot of time and attention to your product you need to make sure it is something you enjoy doing. The more you can enjoy creating one product the more information you deliver to your consumer, who can easily tell if you are passionate about your particular topic of choice.

Consider these three things before you develop any product to market online, especially if you are looking to generate money from your product!

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