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Planning Your Holiday Email Campaigns: Part 2

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Planning Your Holiday Email Campaigns: Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen a few tips that will help you get your email campaign ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season. As it’s one of the busiest times of the year for e-commerce sites, all online sellers need to have a good strategy during the holidays. Here is some more advice on how you can plan and execute your campaign well during this shopping season:


Acquire As Many Emails as Possible


The more interested people sign up for your list, the more effective your overall email marketing will be. This applies any time of the year, but is especially important during the holidays. Remember that shoppers will be looking to get the best deals possible during the holidays. Because of this, you should not only advertise your offers prominently on your website, but also include the email capture box in a place where it will be better seen. If it’s usually located somewhere in the margins of the page, move it closer to the top and center, then make it bigger. Use a call to action that will encourage the visitor to give you their email so they can save on their purchases.


Also, try to acquire the visitors email at the very beginning of the checkout process. This will allow you to send special emails to those who abandon their shopping cart and leave without completing their purchase.


Segment Your Email Lists


Again, this is something that is important at any time of the year, but more so during the holidays. If you plan to send out a lot of emails, maybe several in a day, it may be a good idea to have a separate email list for your holiday promotions, as opposed to your regular mailing list. The subscribers who specifically sign up to get regular emails during the holidays are more likely to be actively shopping for something to buy, rather than just looking around. They’re also less likely to drop out of your email list by unsubscribing.


Be Original


Stand out from the crowd. You’re not the only one that will be mailing your subscribers during the holidays, so your emails need to catch their attention. Do some research and testing to determine what the best subject lines would be. Work on perfecting the content of your messages as well, as this will have a definite impact on your click through rates.


Finally, the promotions that you offer will also be very important at driving conversions. You offer free shipping? That’s nice, but it has become such a common practice by online retailers during the holidays that consumers actually EXPECT to get free shipping, so it’s not much of a special for them. Try to craft a promotion that will truly make your offerings stand out from the rest. This will grab some attention and result in more sales for you.

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Using Your Facebook Page Better

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Using Your Facebook Page Better

If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you’re on the way to using social media in order to better connect with your target audience and maybe boost your sales numbers. But simply having a presence on social networks is not enough if you want to bring something positive for your business. You need to ensure that you’re using your social networking presence to its fullest potential. Here are a few tips that will help you accomplish this:

Make Your Posts Unique and Interesting

Many of your fans on Facebook will also be readers of your blog or subscribed to your email list. As such, don’t simply repost things that you’ve said somewhere else. This is one of the ways to lose your subscribers attention, as they already had seen the content through another distribution channel. Getting their attention back after could be difficult. While it is normal for you to refer to some posts that you have up on your blog or some items on your website, be sure to add some unique content once in a while too.

Avoid Pointless Grabs for Attention

You would be surprised, but there are many small business owners that make posts which offer very little value on a regular basis, such as “Hey! How’s everyone doing?” or “The sun is really shining today!”. Your subscribers probably already get their share of pointless wall posts from their friends. There is no need to have more of it coming from your business. Again, this is another way to make people stop paying attention to what you’re saying which could reduce the overall value that your social media presence has.

Respond to Comments Quickly… When it is Necessary

If someone asks a question or makes a comment on one of your posts, take a look at what they posted and see whether there’s a useful response that you can provide. But you don’t have to respond to everyone who writes something if your response will be useless. So for example if some users write “That video was good”, you don’t have to thank every one of them for their comment.

Have Social Media Only Promotions

This is a very good way to keep your readers interested in what you post and more likely to look at posts from your page that appear on their news feed. You can offer Facebook only coupon codes, discounts, promotions, etc. This will make your subscribers feel valued and they are more likely to keep an interest in your page for a long time.

Encourage People to Like Your Page

Not everyone will search out for your business Facebook fan page and like it. You need to inform people that it exists. This can be done in various ways, such as including links to your page in email messages, like in a footer on your sales receipts. You should also add social media buttons on your main website or your business blog. The more subscribers you have, the better it is for your business.

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Planning Your Email Campaigns the Right Way

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Planning Your Email Campaigns the Right Way

We all know that in order for an email marketing campaign to work, it needs to be properly optimized and carefully tailored to both the needs of your organization, as well as to those who will be on the receiving end of your email messages. When you look online, you will see plenty of tips aimed at product creators, small business owners, as well as affiliate marketers that sell to consumers. But these may not always cover topics related to business to business email marketing. While there are some similarities, there are some differences as well between the B2C and B2B worlds of email marketing.


Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to do in order to put together a highly successful business to business email marketing campaign:


  • Plan Your Strategy in Advance


Email marketing isn’t something that you would want to rush if you expect to get some results from your efforts. You will need to take some time to set up your campaigns, think of the content of the messages that you’re going to send, as well as prepare any landing pages that will be specific to your email campaigns.


  • Be Sure to Segment Your Email List Accordingly


This would probably depend on how many subscribers you have, how you got their email and which products they have expressed an interest in. It has been shown that if your email messages are highly targeted to a specific audience, then the recipients are more likely to find them relevant and therefore take whatever action you want them to take. For this reason you should seriously look into maintaining several different email lists at the same time.


  • Set Up a Tracking System


When you send out emails, you would need to see how many of your messages were opened, as well as what your click through rate is for the emails you send out. This will let you optimize your campaigns better in the future, as you would know what impact your emails are having on their recipients. There are plenty of free tracking scripts that you can embed in your email messages and on your landing page, so there isn’t really any reason as to why you shouldn’t be using one.


  • Be Prepared to Test and Make Some Changes


It is by testing that you will be able to see just how well your campaign is going. You can then look at the information you’ve got regarding your open rates, CTR and conversions. If things are all going as you intended, then there is obviously no need to change anything. But if you don’t get the results you wanted, or you would just like to try something else, then you can always optimize your messages on your next mailing. Remember that you need to vary the type of content that you send out in your messages as well. Otherwise, this could bore the recipients and just cause them to lose interest in emails coming from your company.

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Business to Business Email Marketing

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Business to Business Email Marketing

Ever since the internet came into widespread use, email marketing has been seen as an efficient and cost effective way for businesses to promote their products and services to the consumers that they target. But one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is that email marketing is not only used by Business to Consumer (B2C) companies, but also by companies that sell products and services mainly to other businesses (Business to Business or B2B).


While there is a lot of information available about marketers that use email for B2C campaigns, it would seem as if B2B campaigns are forgotten. But since email is now rapidly becoming the primary means of communication in the business world, it is important to understand the role that it can play for an organization. In the B2B world, there are several different ways in which email marketing can be useful:


  • Lead generation


This involves contacting subscribers to your email list and trying to turn them into someone who will place a request for more information about your products or services. As they would have expressed a stronger interest in what you have to offer, you would then have a better chance at converting them to a paying client.


  • Moving leads through the sales process


Once somebody has expressed more interest in your products, it is time to move them through your sales process and close the deal. Depending on the number of different products that you sell, this could be either very straightforward or a more complicated task. But in any case, email marketing allows you to deliver the right promotional materials in front of the lead’s eyes to make them more likely to choose your company rather than continue shopping around. At this stage, personally sent and hand crafted emails also come into play as you try to close the sale.


  • Engaging “sleeping” leads


Any business will have some leads that just haven’t communicated with you in a while. Sometimes, it is because they just aren’t interested anymore in what you have to offer, or they may have already found something better at another place. But in other cases, they may have been busy or have forgotten about your offer. In this case, email can become a powerful tool that would allow you to engage these leads again and make them pay attention to what you are currently offering. It’s also possible that the lead may not have found your previous offerings attractive enough, but they may be interested in buying something from your new selection.


Just like B2C email marketing, business to business email campaigns need to be conducted correctly in order for them to have the desired effects. There have been a few online studies about business to business email campaigns which shed some light on what is most likely to work in this type of online marketing, as well as some best practices that you can adopt to avoid wasting time and money when you advertise by email.


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Creating Email Messages That Convert: The Basics

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Creating Email Messages That Convert: The Basics

When you use email marketing, remember that what you’re doing is talking to your reader. Sure, it may not be a live conversation like on the phone or by instant messenger. And depending on how many people you got on your list, your message could end up being read by anywhere from a few dozen to several thousand subscribers. Even if email marketing is essentially a mass mailing, you still need to keep the reader engaged and make them feel like you’re writing to them one on one. Think about how sales copies are written. They make the reader feel like the author is talking directly to them and forget the fact that there are thousands of other people who are reading the same message.


It is a well known fact that email messages convert well. Once the reader clicks that link and goes to your website, you get a better chance of them making a purchase, or taking any other action that you would want them to take, such as filling out a form to get a quote, or booking an appointment. Studies have shown that email marketing has better conversion rates than other forms of online advertising, such as pay per click ads on search engines or display ads on websites.


But this doesn’t mean that email just causes products to “sell themselves” no matter what some of the gurus will try to tell you. Yes, there is a higher chance that someone who ends up clicking on your link will buy from you. But in the first place, you need to get them to open your message, read it and then take the desired action.


Now this is the tricky part and this is also where many online marketers have the most difficulty. They may have a subscriber list of a respectable size. Sometimes, it can have thousands of subscribers who are interested in the niche. They send email after email, but the results simply aren’t there. Is it that their product is just not good enough, or the landing page wasn’t optimized properly to deliver maximum conversions? Perhaps. But one of the main reasons why email campaigns fail is simply because of the email messages themselves.


You need to convince people to open your message, pay attention to it and then take action. This, of course, is easier said then done. Your users may have subscribed to plenty of other email lists, so they will not take several minutes to attentively read each message and then decide whether they want to continue on to your site or not.


There are lots of resources out there on how to write good messages when you market your business by email. They provide a lot of detailed information on the topic and many of these guides are available for free. But there are some basics that you need to understand before you do anything else. Tomorrow we will take a look at some of the most basic tricks in getting your email campaigns to work.

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Changes to Facebook Advertising and the Benefits it Could Bring You

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Changes to Facebook Advertising and the Benefits it Could Bring You

Having a page on Facebook for a business or product is obviously the first step to take when leveraging the potential of social networking. Then comes getting people to subscribe to the page. But in order for a page to be useful as a marketing platform, the posts will need to be seen by a good portion of the subscribers.


The standard way of determining who gets to see your updates and posts in their news feed is by using the Facebook EdgeRank which aims to deliver to the user content that is the most relevant to them based on their interests and activity on the site. But for businesses that have just gotten started with Facebook marketing, this may make it a bit difficult for them to get the kind of exposure that they want. It needs to be remembered that few users will manually check for updates on the fan pages that they’re subscribed to.


The promoted post is the answer to this. When you make a post to your Facebook page, you will have the opportunity to promote your post and make it appear in the news feed or a larger percentage of your users. This gives the post a better “reach”. Obviously, the more users that see the post, the more effective it will be at promoting your business. Users who otherwise may not have even known that the post existed would see it and can potentially take action on it if they like what they see. This takes them to your page where they can see the other posts they’ve missed, where there is also a chance that they will take action such as clicking a link that goes to part of your website.


Another, less expensive advertising solution which is common on sites like eBay and classified ads websites is to highlight your story in the users news feed. More attention is drawn to it and therefore the user is more likely to notice it, then take an action if they want to explore the post further because they found it interesting or relevant.


There is also a solution for businesses who want get more “Likes” on their page. Again, it is based on an existing concept. When the Facebook friend of a user likes a certain page or otherwise interacts with it such as by posting a comment, the update can be displayed in the news feed. However, it is not always too visible.


Sponsored stories is the solution to that problem. Now, more users will be able to see when one of their friends interacted with your page. You can also control your spending better, by specifying an “Objective” for your sponsored story, such as showing this to users that are the most likely to like your page or the most likely to click on your sponsored story to check it out.

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Which Changes Will be Brought to Online Marketing in 2012 – Part 1

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Which Changes Will be Brought to Online Marketing in 2012 – Part 1

A new year has arrived and now would be the time to review how you do your online marketing and maybe make some changes for the coming year. It’s important to know that online marketing is an industry where change happens often. This is exactly the reason why online entrepreneurs need to adapt to the changing climate and review their strategies. Many are wondering about how the landscape of online marketing is going to change during this year. It should be known that changes aren’t usually drastic and take a few months to take effect. Here are some things that can be expected to happen during the year:


  • Some E-Commerce Sites will Change their Business Models


2011 saw the rise of daily deal websites such as Groupon. There have also been many other sites that followed the same business model, some were targeted towards specific geographic areas, while others were centered around a specific line of product or services. The issue with these sites is that many merchants didn’t get the results that they wanted from them. Instead of getting customers that would be loyal and be willing to spend more at their business, they ended up with many freebie and discount seekers, which simply meant a net loss for them. As such, starting a daily deal website in 2012 is not really a good idea.


For those interested in promoting savings and deals, a return to more “classic” methods is expected to happen. Websites that would offer both printable and online coupons are expected to get more popularity. Also, websites which offer merchandise by a subscription model, such as book clubs and other sellers of items that consumers buy regularly are expected to grow, due to the fact that they can be quite profitable for the owners and also mean good savings for their subscribers.


  • Social Media Marketing Will Rise Up and New Methods Will Become Popular


It probably won’t surprise anyone involved in the online marketing and advertising industries that social media marketing will get a lot of attention in 2012. New advertisers are expected to appear on social networking websites, including smaller businesses. Many small business owners, which are looking for targeted advertising options are going to consider advertising on social networking sites such as Facebook in order to get the customers that they need to keep their business running successfully. Another thing that attracts small businesses is that social media advertising can be less expensive than paid search advertising while remaining just as profitable if done correctly.


Social networking sites are considering new ad placement strategies, such as including ads in the middle of users news feeds. Also, advertising inside social media apps, such as games, dating plugins and other applications is expected to get some more attention from those who use social media to advertise. With all of this considered, if you don’t currently run social media ads, now would be a nice time to start doing so.

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How to Target Your Email Subscribers

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How to Target Your Email Subscribers

Previously, we’ve seen just how important targeting is when it comes to email marketing. However, many online marketers and entrepreneurs aren’t too sure about how to actually implement it as part of their online marketing campaigns. This is understandable, as there are actually few of them which truly segment their subscribers in order to deliver them personalized content when they send out email advertisements and newsletters. Here are some tips that will make it easy for you:

Maintain Separate Lists On Your Website or Different Websites

One of the most common mistake is putting in email submission boxes and capturing the client’s permission to email them on the checkout pages of all your websites, then putting all of these email addresses onto one big list. If you run websites that sell products that are very similar and which all target the exact same type of buyer, then this might be OK. However, it is better to keep separate lists for separate sites. Also, keep the email list that you got from customers that just signed up for your newsletter on your site without buying anything separate from the newsletter that you have for your paying customers.

Keep Track of What Your Customers Buy

If you have an e-commerce website that directly sells products to your customers, then keep track of who buys what. This will allow you to specifically tailor your promotions to them. Buyers who have purchased a specific kind of item are more likely to buy that type of item again, so if you include promotions on your products as part of the emails that you send to your list, you should show them products that are relevant based on their past purchases. This is something that’s already done by the leading e-commerce sites out there and is something you should definitely do as well.

Use Demographic Information

The most basic piece of demographic information that you could collect would be the country where the subscriber lives in. If you include affiliate offers as part of your emails, then this will ensure that you only include offers that accept traffic from that subscribers country. It could also allow you to display prices in the subscribers local currency. As for other demographics such as age, gender, income level, etc. you could include this as part of an optional survey when signing up for your mailing list or making a purchase. To increase the number of visitors that fill it out, you could offer a small discount or promotion of some sort.

Ask What Made Your Visitors Interested in Your Site

This is something else that’s good to include as part of the sign up survey. Ask your visitors what they’re looking for on your site and what they hope to buy in the future. This would allow you to create sub groups in your email list and then include offers and promotions that are relevant to these subscribers, thus making them more likely to actually buy something.

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Tips for Success in Email Marketing: Part 3

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Tips for Success in Email Marketing: Part 3

The content of your message is obviously an essential part for the success of your overall email marketing campaign. You need to plan what you’re going to be sharing with your readers from the start. Remember that if you bore them or otherwise make your readers uninterested with your message content, then this will reduce the effectiveness of your overall campaign even if you improve your messages later. Once readers stop reading your messages or view them as simply “junk”, they are unlikely to start paying any significant attention to them later on.

Here are some useful tips to deliver powerful content in all the messages that you send to your email marketing list readers:

  • Don’t Simply Repeat What You Already Said

Many online marketers, webmasters and entrepreneurs that use email marketing also use other ways to get content in front of the eyes of prospective buyers. Website updates, blog posts, as well as posts on social media websites are all excellent ways to connect to your targeted audience. But you need to remember that many of those who are on your email list will already be subscribed to your social media page, or reading your blog from time to time. So if your emails are simply a repetition of what you already deliver through other channels, your email subscribers will start viewing your mails as “useless” and stop paying attention to them, even if you later change your practices.

It’s OK to link to your other communication channels, such as inviting a subscriber to read a blog post of yours. But don’t simply make your email messages a “repeater” of what’s on your other channels.

  • Include Special, Email Only Promotions

People like to feel like they’re getting something special. This is why including discount codes, virtual coupons and other advantages that are exclusive to your email list members is great to keep readers interested in what you’re saying. Even if they won’t buy right now, they have a higher chance of opening your next emails just to see if there would be an item of special they would be interested in.

  • Keep Messages Brief

People receive dozens of email daily. They don’t always have time to spend 15 minutes reading each message. If there is a long piece of content that you want to present to them, then include a meaningful description in your email and post the rest of the content on your website or blog, which would be linked to in your message. This allows yours readers to quickly see if they want to continue reading.

  • Include Calls to Action

Just like on landing pages, including a call to action helps guide the reader to do what you want them to do. If you want the reader to check out some of the products on your site, tell them to do so. If you want them to provide more information to get a quote on a service, let them know in addition to providing the link to the relevant page on your site. Including a call to action is a great way to increase your conversion rates.

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Tips for Success in Email Marketing: Part 2

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Tips for Success in Email Marketing: Part 2

There are many things that you can do to have a successful email marketing campaign. Of course, getting good subscribers to your email list is one thing. The more subscribers you have, the more people you can deliver your message to. And the better quality these subscribers are, then the more likely they would be to buy something from your business. However, the quality of the list is only one part of being successful when it comes to using email for online marketing purposes. You also need to take some other elements under consideration.

  • Use Quality List Management and Email Marketing Software

There are plenty of email marketing solutions out there, such as Aweber. These tools allow you to simplify your list management by automatically managing people opting in and out of your email list. Some also allow you to create sub groups within your email list, letting you segment your subscribers according to certain variables. Using software is quite useful if you have a large list, as it will automate many of the tasks and help you save time when you market by email.

  • Choose the Subject Line Carefully

One thing that will determine whether or not a subscriber will actually read your email or not is the subject line. Sometimes, having a standard subject line such as “ACME Products – December Newsletter” will work, especially if your readers are looking forward to each newsletter as you provide them with news and updates that they find useful and relevant. You can also get more creative, of course, but then there are some things you need to keep in mind. Be as descriptive as possible in the subject line. Instead of “Super Promotion for You”, use a line such as “50% Off All Accessories and More”. This increases the chance that the reader will even bother opening your email. In any case, you need to consider the fact that your readers are probably on many other email lists as well, not just yours. So avoid using cheesy or deceptive lines such as “Your $1000 Payment is Waiting for You!”. Anyone who has used email has already seen this and this is a good way to get your mails ignored or marked as junk.

  • The Message Content

Now, you need to focus on the actual content in your message. In order for your campaign to be an effective marketing tool, special attention needs to be paid to the message itself, so that your users will perform the action that you want them to, such as buying a certain product, reading one of the articles posted on your website or blog, requesting a quote or more information, clicking on an affiliate link for a product that you’re promoting, etc. Tomorrow, we will see some more information on how you can make sure that your message content is actually useful for your recipients and will give you a good chance of having the readers perform the action that you want them to do.

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Some Tips on Interacting With Your Mailing List

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Some Tips on Interacting With Your Mailing List

Many online marketing experts will tell you something like “the money is in the list”. Well, this is actually true if you have a mailing list of interested and targeted subscribers who actually see a need to buy the products that you are promoting. But having good subscribers and lots of them is not the only thing that need to be important for you if you have a mailing list and send out newsletters. Even having 100 000 subscribers on your list will not do you any good if they never click on any of your links or even read your messages. Here are a few tips that will help your interactions with your mailing list become more productive and profitable for you.

  • Mind the Rate at Which You Send Out Your Messages

Unless you really need to send out daily updates for some reason (such as having a site that collects industry news each day), avoid sending out your newsletters too often. If they didn’t find anything too interesting in the first few days, many users will either unsubscribe or start ignoring your messages if you send them out too often. Remember, it is better to communicate with your list once a week and have some conversions on your products, rather than bombarding your subscribers with daily messages only to end up losing half of them before the month is over.

  • Include a Calls to Action

This doesn’t only apply to items that you are selling, but also if you are just sending visitors to your website for something, such as to read one of your blog posts, or to watch a video. Including a call to action will make it more likely that they will go ahead and visit your site.

  • Be Brief and Direct

Avoid making your email messages too long. People get dozens, sometimes hundreds of emails each day. They don’t always have the time to completely read each of them. If they see a wall of text, they just go into TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) mode and simply don’t pay any attention to the message. Keep your communications brief, direct and to the point. If you need to explain more or give additional information, link to a blog post or a page on your website. Websites and blogs are better made to convey longer information to your readers. Also, one of the goals of newsletters would be to get people on your site as well. From there, it is possible that they could buy something, or keep reading other things on your website for information on products and services that might be useful to them.

  • Include Contact Information in Your Messages

It happens that subscribers sometimes forget who you are, especially if they are subscribed to many mailing lists. Include things such as your email address for questions, the URL of your main business website, as well as links to your social media profiles. It will remind your readers as to who you are and also will give a more “human” feeling to your message, with ways for people to contact you if they want to know more about something they saw in it.

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Improving Conversion Rates on Your Website: Some Tips – Part 3

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Improving Conversion Rates on Your Website: Some Tips – Part 3

Previously, we’ve seen quite a few ways to improve the overall conversion rates on your website. If you have an e-commerce site which sells something online, then conversions are obviously something that you want to have. Here are some more ways to increase your website’s conversion rates in addition to what we’ve covered before:


  • Optimize your website for mobile visitors


Depending on the geographical location of the visitors that you are targeting, as well as your niche, anywhere from 10% to 25% of website visitors will be using mobile devices such as smart phones. What does this mean to you? Quite simply, you need to make sure that your website will work well to someone who is using a mobile device to access it. All parts of your site should be functional on mobile browsers, especially the checkout process. If a visitor that is using a smart phone notices that your website is not loading as it should, then they will obviously go somewhere else, which is definitely not what you want when it comes to your sales.


  • Find ways to capture visitors contact information


In most cases, this will be limited to just their e-mail address. It is also a good idea to give visitors a certain incentives in exchange for getting their e-mail. For example, you could have a contest where one of your subscribers will win a free product. Or if you offer intangible products, such as e-books or software, you could give a free trial of your software, or a free guide in exchange for the user signing up for your mailing list.


Some of you may think: how does this increase conversions? The user is not buying anything right now… Well, even though they are not making a purchase at the moment, they may very well return to buy something later on. By getting their e-mail address, you will obviously be able to send them a newsletter which contains information about your business, updates on your products and current promotions.


  • Include videos on your site


Including videos on your website can increase conversions by giving your website a look of authority on your niche. These can include instructional videos, a presentation of what your business is, as well as customer testimonials. Whether the video should play automatically when your page is opened is still the topic of debate. Some believe that it simply annoys users to have to hear your video if they didn’t want to, while others say that it will focus the customers attention to the video. In any case, you can put up a video on your site and simply put in a call to action for the visitors to watch it if they want to.


If you follow the tips that were presented in this series, you should definitely see at least some improvements in your conversion rates. But of course, there are many other things that you can do, which are left only to your own creativity.

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Email Marketing for Beginners

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Email Marketing for Beginners

     The power of email marketing is vastly underappreciated by today’s business owners. It is not a technique that is strictly used by large corporations, on the contrary it can do wonders for small internet based businesses too. Through email marketing you can inform subscribers about upcoming product launches, promotions you are offering, and news related to your niche. This is a great way to advertise to consumers who are already interested in your niche and your products. Here are some considerations to remember when creating an email marketing campaign:

• Create emails that are relative to your niche and products. You can include tips, new technology, and information about your products and what they can do for your consumers.

• Send regular emails. A good rule of thumb is one email at least every 90 days but not more than one in a two week period.

• Add images and graphics that relate to your article topics. There are email templates to use, or you can design your own email marketing pages

• Include a business email and encourage your subscribers to give feedback and ask questions about your business or products. Be sure to give prompt feedback on any emails exchanged.

Email marketing is a free way for you to begin marketing your online business and it doesn’t require an intense amount of technical computer knowledge. Begin your relationship with your clients as repeat consumers are a great way to consistently develop revenue to your business and in your pocket.


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Aweber Basics

     One of the most successful email marketing software companies is Aweber communications. Aweber.com is centered around creating a strong relationship with customers so that a business owner can in turn generate revenues. Although there are fees associated with the products offered by Aweber, they are in no way going to take food from your mouth, instead these services are going to pay for themselves.

     Aweber has a strong and accurate autoresponse system that will take the worry out of managing a successful email campaign. All you have to do is create and email and assign a day when it will reach the members on your subscriber list. There are even services available to let you know how many people actually open your business emails or merely threw them in the trash bin.

     There is also a subscriber list service offered by Aweber that allows you to generate lists of subscribers based on categories that you group them into. You can create categories for new subscribers, previously purchased clients, and so on. This service also allows you to personalize your emails with the name of the recipient, making the client feel a little more valuable to your business.

     Additional services offered by Aweber include template emails, in case you are not creatively-inclined there are great templates for any business. Blog to newsletter creation is a genius implementation that allows you to take information from your websites blog and place it into your upcoming newsletter, this is a great way to highlight an important conversation with followers to your other consumers, and a great way to advertise your blog to subscribers.

     Just these few benefits should be enough to consider seeking out some of the services Aweber.com has to offer online businesses, especially if you need just a little more help with your marketing campaign.


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