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Getting Your Facebook Page to Work – Part 2

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Getting Your Facebook Page to Work – Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen some reasons as to why your Facebook page might not be giving you the results you had originally hoped for. But there are actually more issues that could be the cause of the problem. Today, we will examine some more of these and will give you a few solutions that you can employ as well.

Here are some more reasons behind common Facebook problems and ways to resolve them:

You don’t participate in the conversation

If you start seeing some responses to your posts, or people posting stuff on your Facebook page, you should respond to them. Do this from the very beginning. If your fans see your page and notice that you don’t bother to answer questions or comments that others have made, they will figure: nah, why bother? They won’t answer me either, so I’m just wasting my time by commenting.

It has been shown that companies which engage their users actively on Facebook get better results: more participation, more shares and more likes, which results in more fans coming in and more sales.

You don’t update your page consistently

This is another turn off for users. If your page isn’t updated on a regular basis, it just looks like a ghost town: there are a few things there, but in general, it looks lifeless and deserted. Many people won’t be too comfortable speaking on your page if they notice they will be alone. And if you haven’t posted anything in quite a while, they may assume you’ve simply abandoned your page or that your company went out of business. So once again, the users will think: why bother? I’m just wasting my time here.

Now it’s important not to exaggerate in the other sense either. Don’t post just for the sake of posting. Have something useful to say, but post once every few days at least. This will make your page look more alive and inviting.

Your target audience doesn’t use Facebook much

They all say that Facebook is simply the best in the world when it comes to social media. Hey, everyone, no matter their age group or interests, uses Facebook, right? True, but there are some who use it less than others. Figure out what your target audience is. Then, figure out what social networking sites they use.

If you have something that’s really artistic, maybe using Instagram or Pinterest may draw more attention to your business, as these networks are heavier on the “visual sharing” aspect of things. If you’re in the B2B industry, perhaps your audience members use Facebook for personal reasons, but not so much for business. They prefer to use LinkedIn. Also, don’t forget discussion boards, forums and other niche specific online communities. These are social sites too!

This doesn’t mean that you should simply scrap your Facebook page thinking that it’s useless. It’s not. Having a presence on various social networks can be beneficial, but you need to be aware that some networks will give you better results than others.

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Getting Your Facebook Page to Work – Part 1

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Getting Your Facebook Page to Work – Part 1

So, now you know that your Facebook page isn’t quite working out the way you were planning in the beginning. You bought into the whole “Make a Facebook page and it will be a magic online marketing solution”, except that it’s anything but magic. You have a few fans, but they don’t seem to pay too much attention to what you’re posting. You may get a few likes and shares here and there, but the numbers are really dismal. Maybe you get a comment or two on posts that you make, but once again, this is just a comment or two. No matter how hard you try to be interesting, it’s not really working out for you. So, what is causing all of this negativity and how to fix it? Here are some of the possible reasons:

You’re not really posting anything interesting

You need to consider that people who are on Facebook are there to communicate and be entertained. This isn’t a business directory like the Yellow Pages. This isn’t LinkedIn, where serious individuals wearing suits and ties scour profile looking for business opportunities and profitable partnerships. You have real people who are looking for something interesting.

Try to make your posts provoke a reaction among your audience. Maybe use humor. Post content that is varied, not the same thing over and over again. Post different types of content: text, pictures, infographics, videos, etc. But above all, show some enthusiasm yourself. Now you don’t need to jump up and down with excitement every day about your Facebook page, but if you’ve made it to be a chore, or just another item on your online marketing “to do” list, that lack of enthusiasm will translate into poor quality posts. You need to make everything that you post meaningful and likable to your audience.

You’re talking about yourself a bit too much

But social media marketing is all bout “marketing”, right? Getting people to look at your stuff and hope that they will buy things from you, no? Well… sure that’s something that you can use it for, but it’s more than just about promoting yourself. If all that you do is post links to products on your website, or link to blog posts that you’ve made, your fans will lose the motivation to follow your posts with interest. When your stuff appears on their news feeds, it will be just one more “ad” to them and they will rapidly come to ignore them, even if they had a bit of interest in your products in the beginning.

Try to write some interesting content related to your industry. Link to articles, videos, inforgraphics, etc. that you find online, even if they don’t come from your won business. Find content that your fans may like and then share it on your page. Remember, your Facebook page shouldn’t be one big advertising page, but rather a way to communicate and exchange with your fans, even if every exchange doesn’t end with a sale.

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Is Your Facebook Page Not Giving You the Results You Wanted?

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Is Your Facebook Page Not Giving You the Results You Wanted?

One question that some business owners ask is: why aren’t people actually participating on my Facebook fan page? The question isn’t one that’s easy to answer, as there could be a myriad of reasons as to why this is happening to you. Facebook is of course, the biggest social networking site around, with nearly a billion active users. So we all know how important it is for a business to set up their presence on the network. If you read any online marketing material that deals with social media, you will see the message: get on Facebook and promote your business. So you go out, create a page, then maybe add some content on a semi-regular basis. But it’s still not working out for you. The content is there, you may get some fans, but the “connection” with them isn’t happening as you may had planned before.

What you need to do is to actually motivate your fans, so that they will like your posts, comment on them, share their own ideas and also share the stuff that you’ve posted with other on their own profiles. But it’s just not happening and you’re now busy looking for what the reason is. This is something that you would need to identify yourself. Sure, you can hire an outside firm to do it for you and this is something that many businesses have done, usually with good results. But the problem here is that many small businesses, especially startups, don’t have thousands of dollars a month to spend on “social media experts” who will go over their pages and tell them what improvements to make.

In this case, you need to develop an action plan. This is actually the most simple part of the operation. You will plan what you should change about your social media presence and the steps that you will execute in order to get there. It may take a bit of time, so there’s no sense in rushing it at this point. Once you have everything planned out, it will be time to execute. Actually do the changes that you’ve planned out and carry out any improvements that you feel are necessary in order for your Facebook page to turn into something that is interesting to your users and actually profitable for your company.

The first step of the plan involves identifying the issues that are causing poor results. We’re going to present you a list of things that may cause your fans to be “less than enthusiastic” about your social media presence. We will also give you some ways that you can employ to change all of that and turn things around once and for all. Consistently applying these changes will get you what you were hoping for: a Facebook page this is more “alive”, that has fans which participate in the discussion, like your posts, add content and share some of the content that you’ve put up.

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Some Article Marketing Tips

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Some Article Marketing Tips

Using article marketing is a good way to drive some traffic to your sites, as it works in two different ways. First, you can receive traffic from people who are viewing your article and then decide to click through to continue on to your site. You also have some SEO benefits from it, as every time you include a link to your site, it counts as a one way backlink which can be very useful in boosting your search engine ranking. But are there some things you should do to increase the efficiency of your article marketing efforts? Definitely. Here are some of them:


  • Use Only Unique Content


In most cases, article directories only accept content that is unique and has never been posted anywhere before. It doesn’t matter if you wrote it, or if it has been posted on a site that you own. Your content needs to be unique. Search engines frown on duplicate content and so do visitors. If someone starts reading the article and notices that they have already seen the exact same information some where else, they will probably just move on to something else and not bother continuing.


  • Avoid Making too Many “Salesy” Articles


There are way too many fake “reviews” of online products being posted all over the place and this is something that seems to be especially popular when promoting internet marketing related stuff such as e-books, membership sites and courses. The articles usually go like this: “Product X is a SCAM!! Arrghh!!! Oops… Actually, It’s Not, Buy It!!!!!” See, the thing is these might have been effective 6 years ago or so… but not anymore. The problem is that there are simply too many of them and the reader will automatically see that your “review” is completely bogus and you are just trying to make money by selling your own, or an affiliate product.


Articles that you post should always include useful information about your niche. For example, if you are promoting an “alternative energy” guide, you could post something about the different kinds of ways you can generate alternative energy and their pros and cons. Or, you could go into detail about how a certain method works and then explain why you think that it would be suitable as a solution for someone looking for an alternative energy generator for their home. Believe me, this is much, much more likely to result in someone visiting your site and buying the product you are promoting, as opposed to simply going on and on about how great the ‘ACME Green Energy Super Guide’ is and why everyone on the planet should drop everything that they’re doing and rush to buy it. Keep the sales pitch for your website. If a user has clicked through to it, then it means they are seeking more information about what you just told them in the article and now would be a good time to propose some products to buy.

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Google AdSense Ad Network Marketing

Google Adsense is one of the most overlooked areas of monetization of projects in internet marketing sometimes. A lot of bloggers and content creators know about Adsense, but many affiliate marketers and straight internet marketers over look it for other more lucrative offers.

The thing is, however, is that Adsense can be used alongside other offers of CPA, Affiliate links, and more. Adsense doesn’t get in the way of those offers and the bright shiny pictures of your affiliate links will overshadow the text based Adsense stuff, and that is a good thing. Adsense can be a compliment and not the major source of income, but can be a great supplemental offering.

The process to market for ad revenue from Google is fairly simple. Of course the ads which are served on your websites will have two ways of being shown on your website when using AdSense:

  1. Ads served will be based off of keywords searched through Google to bring viewers to your site.
  2. Ads will derive from relevant content on your site when they arrive from links or direct URL input.

So it is necessary to build up the content on the site to where the ads that appear are relevant to what you will want to be paid for. To look up the value of keywords you will be getting paid for, you can use the keyword tool from Google AdWords (under previous interface) to see the average cost per click of keywords and their synonyms.

Composing content for the website will then need to pull from these keywords that you want to rank for on Google and other major search engines. The content, once created with the appropriate keywords will then be posted to the site and will be indexed by Google over time. When traffic makes its way to the site and the ads are served for the content you provide, it will be more likely that the ads are targeted appropriately.

One of the important things to take note of is to never try to rank for keywords with too much competition. Although the payouts in cost per click on these ad keywords is higher, you will more than likely not rank high enough for those keywords to actually receive ads for those keywords. The best strategy is to try and rank for a range of keywords with average or little competition so that people who do see the site when they search will more likely to click ads when they arrive.

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