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New Report Provides Information on Market Share in Search Industry

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New Report Provides Information on Market Share in Search Industry

Now that the American economy has improved in the past few months, businesses are again increasing the amount of money that they spend on advertising. The trend that has been observed for the past few years is that businesses are now dedicating an increasing portion of their total advertising budget on internet marketing.

The reasons cited for an increased use of online marketing by businesses, both large and small is that advertising can be specifically targeted to the right demographic, meaning people who are more likely to be interested in what a company has to offer them. There is also the fact that return on investment can be measured in a more direct way. A company can make an advertising budget, then calculate how many sales have been generated as a direct result of its online advertising.

A recent report released by Five Star Equities also shows some information on market share in the online search industry. While the report is mainly aimed at investors who want to buy stocks, it can also be quite interesting for anyone that has an interest in online marketing.

According to the data collected, Google is, unsurprisingly, the leader in North America, having a 66.4 percent share of the market. The only place where Google arrives second is in China, where Chinese search giant Baidu has a share of 61 percent of the market and Google comes in second at 34 percent.

For North America, Google is followed by Microsoft at 15.3 percent and Yahoo at 13.7 percent. AOL currently as a very low market share at 1.5 percent. However, there is some data that suggests that AOL’s popularity may soon be on the increase. Sites which provide search services today actually need to provide more than just websites as search results. They allow users to search for images, videos, news, etc. All of the major search engine providers, Google, Microsoft (with Bing) and Yahoo provide additional services that aren’t simply a search engine. Google has a portfolio of services such as YouTube, Gmail, etc. Yahoo and Microsoft also have similar diversified services too.

In a bid to become more competitive in the online video world, AOL has recently launched a service called AOL On, which offers 14 premium video channels based on different topics and can now reach a larger audience of 57 million consumers in the United States. The video content provided by AOL can be used on different types of internet enabled devices, such as the “traditional” PC, tablets, mobile phones as well as web enabled TV devices.

However, this service is not unique in the online world. Google and Microsoft have also shown that they have an interest with online video and internet enabled TV services. How things will work out for AOL with their new product is yet to be determined for the future, so anyone interested in it can keep an eye out for online marketing news.

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