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Email Marketing Changing – But It Still Works

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Email Marketing Changing – But It Still Works

The role of email marketing in the internet marketing world is a subject that has been up to some debate in the last few years. Every now and then, you are bound to see reports that claim that email marketing is “dead” or that it’s usefulness is going to be significantly reduced in the nest few months. But as of now, none of these scenarios have truly manifested themselves, and it looks unlikely that it will happen any time soon.


Those who advanced the theory that email marketing is going to lose its efficiency soon say that more and more users are using the social networking channel and are paying less attention to commercial email messages. But this is something that affects mainly the younger users and even then there are some very good ways around the problem, which will let you capture your subscribers attention a whole lot better.


It is true that people are increasingly using social networks to communicate with personal contacts. If you ask the average internet user how many non business related emails they’ve sent during the last year, the number would be quite low and in many cases it would simply be zero. When they use email, it is either for work related reasons, or to communicate with commercial entities. This is often the case when they check up on an order status, or check their inbox for a validation link to a website that they’ve signed up for.


But in general, users aren’t losing interest in promotional messages sent by email, as long as the email marketing campaign has been well done. Marketers need to check up on their efforts more often to see if what they’re doing is working and optimize their campaigns when necessary.


One of the key elements of a successful email marketing campaign, which has been recently discussed in various online news reports, is proper segmentation. Sending the same email message to everyone on your list may work if you have a really small business that only has a dozen or so subscribers on its list. But if you have thousands of them, then it’s not the brightest idea.


Content of email messages needs to be relevant to the user and geared towards them. Marketers need to get an understanding of who their email subscribers are and what differences exist between them. For example, some of these subscribers may be frequent visitors to their site and have repeatedly bought products and services from them. Others may just have signed up for the newsletter, but haven’t bought anything from the company yet. For the first group, simply presenting information on new products may be enough. But the second group would need a bit more convincing if a marketer hopes to turn some into paying clients.


No matter what is said about it, one fact still remains strong. Properly done email marketing results in very good click through and conversion rates. And for now, it just isn’t going anywhere for a while.

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Is There a “Best” Way to Market a Small Business Online?

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Is There a “Best” Way to Market a Small Business Online?

One of the questions that comes up very often in online marketing forums is something similar to this: “I own a business in such and such industry. What is the best way for me to do internet marketing?” The problem with that question is that there is often no one specific answer to it. The world of online marketing is a very vast and diverse one, with many methods, techniques, tools and services that you can use to accomplish your goals, whether these are to get more visitors to your sites, to promote a specific product that you’re selling, or to get more exposure for your business.

The exact methods that you use will largely depend on who you are and what you’re trying to do online. But in the majority of cases, it is not just one marketing method that should be used, but a combination of several of them. What will be variable, however, is the degree of attention that you will give to each of these methods.

If you’re trying to get your business more recognized and known as the leader in its field in your local area, then using search engine optimization is a must, as you will need to ensure that people who search for what you have to offer will be able to find your business. A large number of people use search engines when shopping for something, so it is imperative that your site can be easily found by them. But SEO is not the only way to do this. If you want the best results, you should use a few complementary methods to get the word out.

You can, for example, make posts on local online classified ads websites. Or you could buy advertising space on websites that are related to your niche, or frequently visited by people from the area served by your business. To gain more visibility, it would also be a good idea to create pages for your company on the popular social networking services.

Once you see that you are getting results, you can keep your website visitors interested in what you offer by offering an email newsletter that they can subscribe to. You can also create a blog where you keep users updated on new happenings in your industry, as well as new products that your business has to offer them.

As you can see, there isn’t really a “quick” solution to marketing a local business on the internet. You should spend some time putting together a complete online marketing strategy where you will think about your goals, as well as the methods that you want to use to accomplish them in the online world. Remember that it is also important to keep track of your progress, as this will let you know which areas of your marketing plan are working well and which others may need a little bit more attention so that you can improve them and make them work as efficiently as possible.

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Using Your Facebook Page Better

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Using Your Facebook Page Better

If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you’re on the way to using social media in order to better connect with your target audience and maybe boost your sales numbers. But simply having a presence on social networks is not enough if you want to bring something positive for your business. You need to ensure that you’re using your social networking presence to its fullest potential. Here are a few tips that will help you accomplish this:

Make Your Posts Unique and Interesting

Many of your fans on Facebook will also be readers of your blog or subscribed to your email list. As such, don’t simply repost things that you’ve said somewhere else. This is one of the ways to lose your subscribers attention, as they already had seen the content through another distribution channel. Getting their attention back after could be difficult. While it is normal for you to refer to some posts that you have up on your blog or some items on your website, be sure to add some unique content once in a while too.

Avoid Pointless Grabs for Attention

You would be surprised, but there are many small business owners that make posts which offer very little value on a regular basis, such as “Hey! How’s everyone doing?” or “The sun is really shining today!”. Your subscribers probably already get their share of pointless wall posts from their friends. There is no need to have more of it coming from your business. Again, this is another way to make people stop paying attention to what you’re saying which could reduce the overall value that your social media presence has.

Respond to Comments Quickly… When it is Necessary

If someone asks a question or makes a comment on one of your posts, take a look at what they posted and see whether there’s a useful response that you can provide. But you don’t have to respond to everyone who writes something if your response will be useless. So for example if some users write “That video was good”, you don’t have to thank every one of them for their comment.

Have Social Media Only Promotions

This is a very good way to keep your readers interested in what you post and more likely to look at posts from your page that appear on their news feed. You can offer Facebook only coupon codes, discounts, promotions, etc. This will make your subscribers feel valued and they are more likely to keep an interest in your page for a long time.

Encourage People to Like Your Page

Not everyone will search out for your business Facebook fan page and like it. You need to inform people that it exists. This can be done in various ways, such as including links to your page in email messages, like in a footer on your sales receipts. You should also add social media buttons on your main website or your business blog. The more subscribers you have, the better it is for your business.

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Reports of Deliberate Click Fraud on Facebook Ads Getting Attention

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Reports of Deliberate Click Fraud on Facebook Ads Getting Attention

Yesterday, we’ve taken a simple look at what invalid clicks are and some rather innocent ways in which they could be generated. But what about the more serious cases, which would be downright click fraud on Facebook? The issue has received a lot of attention, as Facebook’s stock seemed to sink and a few high profile advertisers have openly criticized the social networking giant’s advertising platform. Some have even gone as far as saying that they won’t use Facebook Ads anymore and will be looking for other ways to generate traffic to their website.


Deliberate click form can also come in many forms. The most simple one is simply paying a user to click on ads, like some of the “paid to click” sites do. They would usually pay people (usually $0.01 per click, even less) to click on ads that are posted on certain sites.


But this could also be the action of a competitor that deliberately wants to push you out of the game by using up your advertising budget. If you’re a small business and receive several dozens invalid clicks that way, this will undoubtedly leave you with a very bad user experience at Facebook Ads.


Clicks coming from automated systems, commonly referred to as bots, have been recognized as an issue among Facebook advertisers. Now bots aren’t exclusively used to commit click fraud and could have plenty of genuine uses. Their main purpose is to crawl thousands of websites in order to search fro information or to collect (scrape) data, which would later then be republished on other websites. But when a bot visits a site, then there is of course the very real chance that it would end up clicking on an ad. Even though Facebook prohibits the use of bots on their site, this doesn’t mean that some of the more “blackhat” marketers don’t use them. If you’ve seen the reports on the millions of fake Facebook accounts that are active, you should know that many of these accounts aren’t simply someone with too much time on their hands creating a separate persona so they could troll or annoy other users. Many of these are used for the purpose of running automated harvesting software, deliberately inflating the number of “likes” a page has, or posting spam comments and sending out spam messages to users.


Now what has Facebook done to address the problem that invalid clicks have and their potential to have a negative effect on the company as a whole? Unfortunately, a lot of marketers that use the site’s advertising services would say “not enough”. Tomorrow we will lean a bit more in details about what some advertisers are complaining about, as well as what Facebook has said in an effort to retain many of their advertisers who spend money with them and essentially keep the site running for everyone. You will be shown some ways you may be able to better protect yourself, as well as what’s in store for the future of Facebook advertising.

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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

Over the last few years, blogs have grown in popularity and it would seem that now everyone and their dog has a blog. If you check out some opportunities to make money online, you will see that there are many who claim that it is possible to make decent money by blogging. But is this really true?

In reality, it is possible for anyone, with little experience in the blog world to start earning money from blogging. But it may not always be as straightforward as many would think it is. If you want to make money from blogging, you will first need to be patient and learn how to do it properly. There are two main ways to make money from blogs. You can either have your own blog, or write for someone else’s. The second option is far more simple and can allow you to make money more quickly, so we will look into it first.

  • Ghostwriting

Here, you will be creating blog posts for someone that owns a blog and will be paid either as a share of the revenue that your blog posts bring in, or more commonly, a fixed price ranging from $3 to $50 for each post that you make. The blog that you write for could be an informative one, or it could be a businesses blog that serves mainly to promote the products and services of a certain company. Your posts will usually be published under the name of the blog owner or a pseudonym. If you want to get started with blogging quickly, then this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from it. You can make some pretty decent coin if you are hired by numerous clients to update their blogs on a regular basis.

  • Guest blogging

This is similar to ghostwriting, in the sense that you will be writing posts for a blog that isn’t your own. However, there are a few differences. As a guest blogger, the posts that you make will usually be credited to your name, along with links to your own blog, website or social networking profiles. This allows you to gain some notoriety in the online world as people can more easily find the content that you have written online, even if it wasn’t published on a site that you own. If you create good content, it is also very possible that you will get regular assignments.

  • Other tasks that don’t involve writing

You can also make some money without having to create any written content. For example, someone could pay you to design logos and graphics for their blog. Or you could act as an administrator for one, uploading already made content at specified times, moderating and responding to comments left by visitors, keeping track of usage statistics, etc. You might also have the opportunity to take written content and to transform it into another type of media, like videos that will give a better explanation of what is being discussed.

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Using Google Analytics Social Reports

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Using Google Analytics Social Reports

As a growing amount of traffic is generated from social networking websites, marketers needed a tool that would allow them to see exactly how their social advertising campaigns are going and whether they’re actually being profitable for them. Of course, we all know that one of the main advantages of online advertising is that its results are highly measurable and thus marketers should get a good idea of just how much results each of their efforts are producing.


Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most popular platforms for tracking a website’s traffic sources and analyzing the behavior of visitors. The Social tab was there for quite some time now, but new types of reports are have been rolled out by Google in the past month.


The overview report presents a main dashboard that should be familiar to those using other Google products, such as Adwords. It simply presents an overview of the information that is available in greater detail in the other tabs.


The Sources tab shows the source of a website’s traffic, separated by different social networking services. Users can see the number of visits, page views, the average visit duration, as well as the average number of pages that each visitor has seen on the website.


One very useful tab in Google Analytics is the Conversions Report. This one lets a marketer see which of the social sources drove the most conversions as well as the value of these conversions. This lets you see which of your social media campaigns are responsible for bringing the most sales to your website. If you’re selling anything on your site, this can definitely be a useful part of Google Analytics to look at.


The Social Plugins Report gives you a summary of the pages on your site as well as information regarding the social activity that happened on the different pages. You can thus see how many visitors took a social action, such as sharing the page, clicking on a Tweet, clicking the Facebook “Like” icon, etc. This is a good way to measure just how “engaged” your visitors are when it comes to sharing content on your website through social networks.


Developing a successful online marketing strategy may not always be an easy thing to accomplish for a marketer. Many spend a lot of time and money on their campaigns hoping to not only bring much needed traffic to their website, but also to have this traffic actually convert into profitable, paying visitors. This is why properly tracking and analyzing what your visitors are doing is something that is absolutely necessary to ensure the success of your online business. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that you can use for this purpose. It can not only help you track visitors coming from social networking sites, but also has interesting features that let you better understand your visitors that are coming from other sources too, such as display ads or email marketing campaigns.

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Changes to Facebook Advertising and the Benefits it Could Bring You

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Changes to Facebook Advertising and the Benefits it Could Bring You

Having a page on Facebook for a business or product is obviously the first step to take when leveraging the potential of social networking. Then comes getting people to subscribe to the page. But in order for a page to be useful as a marketing platform, the posts will need to be seen by a good portion of the subscribers.


The standard way of determining who gets to see your updates and posts in their news feed is by using the Facebook EdgeRank which aims to deliver to the user content that is the most relevant to them based on their interests and activity on the site. But for businesses that have just gotten started with Facebook marketing, this may make it a bit difficult for them to get the kind of exposure that they want. It needs to be remembered that few users will manually check for updates on the fan pages that they’re subscribed to.


The promoted post is the answer to this. When you make a post to your Facebook page, you will have the opportunity to promote your post and make it appear in the news feed or a larger percentage of your users. This gives the post a better “reach”. Obviously, the more users that see the post, the more effective it will be at promoting your business. Users who otherwise may not have even known that the post existed would see it and can potentially take action on it if they like what they see. This takes them to your page where they can see the other posts they’ve missed, where there is also a chance that they will take action such as clicking a link that goes to part of your website.


Another, less expensive advertising solution which is common on sites like eBay and classified ads websites is to highlight your story in the users news feed. More attention is drawn to it and therefore the user is more likely to notice it, then take an action if they want to explore the post further because they found it interesting or relevant.


There is also a solution for businesses who want get more “Likes” on their page. Again, it is based on an existing concept. When the Facebook friend of a user likes a certain page or otherwise interacts with it such as by posting a comment, the update can be displayed in the news feed. However, it is not always too visible.


Sponsored stories is the solution to that problem. Now, more users will be able to see when one of their friends interacted with your page. You can also control your spending better, by specifying an “Objective” for your sponsored story, such as showing this to users that are the most likely to like your page or the most likely to click on your sponsored story to check it out.

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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking: Part 2

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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking: Part 2

Now that you know some ways to ensuring that your social media profile can be a good business tool, here are some more tips that you can use to ensure that it will always stay a valuable asset to you.

  • Be Clear About What You Do

For some business types, it can be pretty self evident. But for others, you need to ensure that your description details the specialty services that you provide. For example if you run an online marketing firm, you can give details as to the type of services that you provide, such as SEO, on site advertising, etc. That way, your profile visitors will have an immediate idea of what services you provide.

  • Keep Your Page Updated

Keeping your page updated on a regular basis has many benefits. For your end customers, it can keep them interested in your business and make them want to keep coming back to be repeat buyers. It can also keep them up to date on new products and developments that you’re making. For those who may want to partner up with you or offer a valuable product or service to you, keeping your social networking pages updated serves to show that your business is “alive”. This will increase the chances that someone will contact you about it.

  • Start By Getting Some Connections

Creating a page on a social media site for your business is not really difficult. In fact, it can be done in just a few minutes. But one of the harder parts would be to get people to like, follow, connect, or whatever term the social network you’re on currently uses to denote the fact that someone has subscribed to your page and will be receiving its updates. Of course, it goes without saying that if you’re the only one that sees your page, it won’t be too useful.

Getting customers to follow you on social media involves various strategies such as putting up buttons on your website, etc. But what about getting other business people to pay attention to you? Start by making your employees, clients and current partners to like your page. This will give you a bit of exposure to begin with.

Another good way to get more people to see your page and subscribe to it is to participate in discussion forums that deal with your industry. You will get to connect to like minded people and many of them would be interested in networking with other entrepreneurs in their industry. Include your social media link in your forum profile or signature, as allowed by the forum.

  • Link Your Personal Account and Your Business One

This is quite easy to do. On Facebook, for example, all that you would do is to like your business page. You can also add a link to it under the “occupation” section of your personal profile. Again, this will serve to give more exposure to your business page.


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Simple Business Types You Can Start: Part 2

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Simple Business Types You Can Start: Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen an example of a simple type of business that you can start online. The majority of easy to start online businesses involve either selling a product or providing some type of useful service to your target market. Here are some more examples of small online businesses that you can start:

  • Social Media Marketing Services

Social media has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, so much that many businesses have seen it useful to build their presence on various social networking websites, such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Of course, there are still small businesses that, even though they may have an online presence through a website, don’t currently use social media even though it could be profitable for them. If you have knowledge on how to promote products, services and ideas through social media, you can offer your services to local businesses.

There are many types of services that you can provide. The most simple ones would be creating a social media page for your clients, filled with information about their business and products, and done in a style that matches their main website. You can also offer to manage the social media presence of a business entirely, by making the updates as well as creating events, groups, etc. when necessary.

  • Web Design and Web Building Services

Here again, you will offer your services to other small businesses in your area. You can offer to create web sites completely from scratch, or to update existing ones in order to improve their appearance. You can also offer to create mobile compatible versions of websites, which is something that is quite in demand lately due to the increasing use of smart phones by consumers to look for products and services that they want to buy.

In addition to designing and building websites, you can also offer additional services that will make you look more valuable for your clients. For example, you can offer to manage a website completely, by adding content and making updates when necessary. You can also provide your clients with web hosting services as part of your web design packages, which can simply be done by getting a reseller account with a good quality web host.

Naturally, you will need some good web design skills working with different software, plus graphic design skills would be useful as you can then create completely customized backgrounds, logos, etc. for your clients websites. Advertising can be easily done through free or low cost methods, such as on social media, through classified ad sites, forums, etc. If you do a good job and are priced competitively, you could also get some word of mouth referrals which will boost the amount of clients that you get.

These two are other examples of online businesses that you can easily start if you already have the right skills. There are plenty of other ways to make money online by starting a small, home based business. You just need to be creative in finding useful services that you can offer and that people would be willing to pay for.

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Promoting Your Membership Site: Social Media and Email Marketing

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Promoting Your Membership Site: Social Media and Email Marketing

Of course, having your members do your promotion for you is a very good strategy when you run a membership site, due to the fact that it is free and would actually not require any marketing efforts on your part. All you would need to do is to create a decent membership site and give your members a few incentives to promote it for you. But there are a few more free methods for promoting your membership site. Let us examine them here:


  • Social Media


Again, social media. This is something that is talked about a whole lot in internet marketing circles. Of course, there is one big reason for that: it works. Think of it, if it was ineffective, there wouldn’t be thousands of guides, forum posts, etc. about it. There are two things that you would need to do if you are promoting your site on social networking websites:


  • Create a page for it


Facebook lets you create a fan page for a business. You should do so for your membership site. Give a bit of information about it and make a nice looking, but not too pushy, sales page as well. People can also “like” your page. The more people like it, the more popular it becomes.


  • Make a post about it


With Facebook, you can post on your wall that you’ve created a new site and invite your Facebook friends to check it out. On Twitter, you can send out a Tweet with the link to your website included in it.


But to make your social media use even more effective, consider creating a promotion for those who access your site through social media. A discount on the membership price works very well, but there are also other things you can do to add value such as adding an additional product, or giving a free personal consultation with you, etc.


  • Email marketing


If you already have a mailing list, email marketing could be an excellent way to market your new site. This would work even better if you have released products before that were liked by your subscribers. All you would need to do to make use of email marketing would be to send out an email to your subscribers and let them know about your membership site. If your list is made up of people who have already purchased products from you, then they will be more likely to join your site.


Another way to build a list would be to release a free product and give it to people in exchange for opting in to receive emails for you. That would allow you to build a list of subscribers who are interested in internet marketing course products and might want to join your new membership site. While building a list from zero would take a bit of time, it is nonetheless a very good marketing method and something that you can consider doing alongside other promotion methods such as forum posting or social media promotion.

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Efficient Use Of Social Media

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Efficient Use Of Social Media

Everyone notices that the world around us is always changing at a fast pace. After all, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore, so technology, culture and society are always evolving. The same can be said for the internet and especially social media sites.

If your business is not on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, it is the time that you consider joining them and create a page for your business or website on these social networks. It doesn’t cost anything and it can be done in less than an hour if you are not the most computer savvy user, or a few minutes if you are an internet expert.

But how do you truly take advantage of all the social media sites? To do this, you need to be aware of one thing: the social media world is always evolving as well. Let’s take a look at Facebook. It currently has over 500 million active users around the world. But there is a fact about the site that very few people actually know. At first, Facebook was only designed for students who were currently enrolled in a college or university. The site then opened up so that anyone could sign up and also create fan pages for businesses. This created a wealth of opportunity for business owners to promote their offerings on the site.

Besides the most famous sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, there are plenty of smaller social networking, social bookmarking and video sharing sites that, while being used by thousands of people, are often ignored by marketers. Not expanding your reach to the smaller sites out there could be a big mistake. Here’s why:

1. The potential for growth

The internet world can be quite unpredictable at times. There is obviously no way to predict whether a certain site will one day detrone Facebook or YouTube in terms of popularity. But it could happen. By creating a profile and being active on various social media sites, you will be one of the first ones in should a site explode in popularity. And it doesn’t take much time: creating the pages and making regular posts only takes about an hour each day. You can outsource it if your schedule is really tight and you want to save time.

2. These sites still have traffic

Even if they aren’t as popular, smaller social sites still have people who visit them, otherwise their owners would simply close them down. Even though having a presence on a certain site may only bring you a few hits a day, this is still good traffic that is going to your site. With online traffic, you never know which visitor will be profitable for you. Out of these few visitors that you get from small social sites, one of them could become a great client who makes regular orders, or could turn out to be an excellent business partner who could help your company get even more online profits than it is doing now.

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A Successful Business Product

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A Successful Business Product

In order to make money online with a product it has to be successful. To make a successful product you must consider products that will attract the most attention, products you are extremely knowledgeable in, and can enjoy creating.

Attracting Attention
Do some online research and you can easily find products that are sought after in today’s market. If you are looking to create a product for use on a social media site, it would only be fitting that you focus on the more popular sites for social networking, like Facebook and Twitter. If you were to focus on a media site like MySpace, it is a less popular subject today than it once was, therefore it will not make as much profit as possible.

Products you market online should be related to a niche that you are familiar and knowledgeable in. Your consumers want to know that you are an expert in the particular topic you speak about. In order to ensure your consumers a product they would want to pay for you need to deliver information that is not easily accessible in other places. If a consumer finds value in your product you are more likely to receive recommendations and repeat business.

Use your creativity to market your product and share information in ways that other sources do not. Since you will be dedicating a lot of time and attention to your product you need to make sure it is something you enjoy doing. The more you can enjoy creating one product the more information you deliver to your consumer, who can easily tell if you are passionate about your particular topic of choice.

Consider these three things before you develop any product to market online, especially if you are looking to generate money from your product!

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WordPress Themes, Business Themes, Gallery Themes, Premium Themes

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WordPress Themes, Business Themes, Gallery Themes, Premium Themes

We have just launched a new website called Bad Boy Themes which sell wordpress themes mainly premium themes, gallery themes, business themes, free wordpress themes

Each theme has been custom designed with advanced theme options within the wordpress dashboard to make it easier for the user to work their way around the website.  They are very easy to install, with one click install and can have your theme up and running within 10 minutes.

We also have a support forum and will soon be launching video tutorials on how to setup and use our wordpress themes

All our themes are setup so they will be fully optimised for search engines and also have social networking features intregated into the theme.  They will also be adsense friendly so you will be able to add google adsense to your theme to make money from.  You can also make money from a number of ways from our themes (e.g linking in clickbank products, selling advertisment space, affiliate products etc)

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Keep  Your Facebook Friends Happy

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Keep Your Facebook Friends Happy

If you’re using Facebook as a marketing tool, you know how important it is to have a lot of active Facebook friends. One of the biggest challenges of using Facebook as a marketing tool is keeping those friends happy, and keeping their attention. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep them from losing interest in you.

Wall Posts

Be careful about what you post on other people’s walls. If you feel tempted to post messages advertising your products or services on other people’s walls, resist that urge. If you do, the only thing you’ll achieve is getting people to unfriend you. Instead, post friendly messages on other people’s walls, and try to get them to visit your Facebook page. You don’t have to directly advertise to your Facebook friends to get their attention. Try being friendly, and drawing other Facebook users to your profile, and from ther, let your profile do the rest of the work for you.

Be Social

Take the time to interact with other Facebook users. Social networking is all about being social, and if you don’t take the time to be friendly, and interact with other users, you’re not going to get all you should be getting out of Facebook. Be sure to answer any messages you get, and take the time to comment on wall posts. The more effort you put into being social on Facebook, the more it will pay off for you in the long run.

Talk About Them

People love to hear about themselves. Take the time to look at your friends’ Facebook profiles, and talk to them about their interests, and their projects. By taking the time to get to know your friends, and talk about them, you’ll be sure to get their attention, and draw them into your profile. The more interest you show in them, the more interest they’ll show in you.

If your Facebook friends are happy, and interested in what you’re saying, you’ll be more likely to get more out of them. Keep that in mind as you use Facebook, and you’ll be able to use it as an effective marketing tool.

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