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Mobile Apps Are a Profitable Business

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Mobile Apps Are a Profitable Business

When it comes to making money online, there are certainly hundreds of different ways to make this happen. But if you have coding experience, it may be even easier for you to pull in some profit. Sure, you can freelance and help others develop applications, but wouldn’t it be better if you could create your own apps and make money from them? Who knows, you might create something that will be liked by millions of users.

The possibilities are endless as far as app types go. Remember, what you create doesn’t have to be particularly advanced or even too useful. You could make an app whose only purpose is to play animal sounds and still get hundreds of thousands of downloads.

If you’re new to mobile app development, there are plenty of resources that will help you get started out rather quickly. You can find guides, as well as software development kits for both the iOS and Android platforms. Now that an ever increasing amount of people own a smart phone or tablet device (many times they have both), there has never been a better time to get in and start cashing in on this new trend. All statistics show that the number of downloads for mobile applications is only expected to grow.

But how do you actually make money from the apps? There are two ways. The first one is to charge people a fee to purchase your app, which is often relatively small, usually ranging from $1 to $5. But this may not always be the best approach, especially if you’re new to the game and people don’t really know who you are or what your app is supposed to do.

There are other solutions in that case. You can release the app for free and still make money from it, by embedding mobile ads in it. These can either be links to affiliate offers, or ads that pay you for each click or impression. However, remember not to over do it. Remember that mobile screens are small and nothing ruins the user experience more than an app which has ads that cover nearly half of the screen.

You can also do a combination of both. This is often called the freemium model and is used by some of the best app developers in the world. You release one version of your app for free, which has basic features. A “pro” or advanced app is also made, but this version has a small cost. You can entice your users to upgrade to the paid version by offering more functionality as well as reminding them that the paid version doesn’t display any ads.

If you’re thinking of joining the market, be sure to do some research first. Look at some success stories, but also some failures and problems that other developers had. Try to find a specific niche and an idea that is truly original. The apps that were the most successful are usually those who were the first to offer something which wasn’t previously available.

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How B2B Email Marketing Works: Part 2

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How B2B Email Marketing Works: Part 2

One thing that you need to do when you run email campaigns for B2B offers is to do your research properly before you execute them. And what better way is there to research than by taking a closer look at some of the successful marketers doings and examining how they run their campaigns. For those who want to get a bit of insight into the B2B email marketing world, the 2012 Pardot survey on B2B email marketing has recently released its figures. Plus, we have some information that was collected from experienced email marketers on how to better run the campaigns.


Here are a few other things you need to consider:


  • Your messages MUST properly display on mobiles


Mobile phones have always been a business tool, ever since they came out about 3 decades ago. So it’s not really any secret that a large number of business professionals are using smart phones right now to check their email messages. For this reason, you will need to run a few basic tests to ensure that any message you sent out will properly display on a mobile phone. Unfortunately, not all marketers seem to “get it”. In fact, survey results show that only 25% of marketers check their messages to see if they will properly show up on a smart phone. You should be part of that 25%. Because if someone can’t see your message on their smart phone, they probably will just skip or delete it. And now you have a lost opportunity.


  • Date and time where your messages are sent matter a lot as well


In the business world, there are times where people are more motivated to do work and other times where they’re “busy” daydreaming or just waiting to get out of work. So it’s quite obvious that your email messages will have a bigger impact if they come to the recipient at a time where they’re in “productivity” mode.


53% of marketers say that Friday, the last day of the work week, is the worst day to send out emails due to poor open rates. On Friday, people may simply ignore any emails that aren’t seen as important, believing that they’ll get to them on Monday.


Also, 53% of respondents say that sending a message between the hours of 8 and 12 in the morning will yield better results in terms of click through rates.


Of course, these are just survey results and show the opinion of 100 people. So if you want to find out for yourself when your emails will get the best opening and click through rates, there’s only one sure fire way to do it: run some tests yourself. This will let you see the dates and times where your messages get the most attention. Then, you can of course set up your campaigns so that most of your messages get sent out during these periods.

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Twitter Usage Increasing According to Recent Polls

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Twitter Usage Increasing According to Recent Polls

In the world of social networking, Twitter has become a lot more popular in the last few months. The numbers are finally out regarding the usage of Twitter in the United States. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows that 15 % of adults that use the internet use Twitter. The amount of daily users is now standing at 8 %. This shows some growth when compared to last year’s numbers, which showed that 13 % of American internet users were on Twitter.


One of the possible reasons cited for the increase in popularity of Twitter is not any innovative changes or “super” features that were added to the social network. Twitter has always been, and still is, a Microblogging service where users can share short messages and stories, plus have the ability to link to websites, videos, pictures and other off site content. Rather, an increase of smart phone usage would explain Twitter’s growth. In fact, the way the microblogging site is designed makes it easy to be used on the small screen of a mobile device.


Young adults remain the biggest users of Twitter. Out of the people surveyed, 31 % of internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 reported using Twitter. In the 25 to 34 age group, that number is 17 %.


Global statistics show that Twitter currently has 500 million registered accounts and 140 million of those belong to users who log in to their Twitter account at least once a day. The social networking service remains popular all around the world, but the United States has the most registered Twitter users, at 110 million accounts.


Knowing that Twitter is gaining in popularity and remains big with the younger crowd is one thing. But many business owners and marketers are wondering whether this social networking site could be of any use to them. One of the best strategies is to simply add Twitter to your existing collection of social media accounts. In the world of social networking, integration is a good thing. Different networks that work in different ways don’t really compete with each other, but rather complement each other. This is why it’s very common to see YouTube videos being posted on Facebook, or Tweets linking to a Facebook page or post.


Evaluate how others in your industry are using Twitter to communicate with others or to promote their business. This will help you better understand the benefits that this network can bring to you. There are also plenty of free resources that you can find online which will help you develop marketing strategies specific to this microblogging service. The unique character of the website means that it may first take some getting used to when you’re figuring out how to promote your business with it, but as you go along you should realize that the site has great potential and can be a very valuable tool that helps you get your business the attention it needs online.


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Will Mobile Marketing Change Online Marketing in a Significant Way?

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Will Mobile Marketing Change Online Marketing in a Significant Way?

The fact that mobile marketing is growing in the online marketing arena has been discussed numerous times, with facts and figures being posted. The main thing about it is that businesses are now investing a larger amount of money than ever to reach consumers who are using internet enabled mobile devices. One question that many have is how will mobile marketing change the game?

First, we need to understand why so many businesses are now focusing on consumers using mobile devices. This can be explained at the base by the advancements in mobile technology. A couple of years ago, mobile marketing was limited to sending text messages to subscribers who gave a business their mobile phone number. Few people owned web enabled phones as they were relatively expensive, both in terms of hardware and in terms of monthly data plans. This meant that very often, only business people were using them, giving marketers a limited demographic.

Now that smart phones are becoming more adopted by all segments of the population, marketers are noticing increased opportunities to reach more people and are therefore taking action to profit from it. There is nothing that is “revolutionary” about a smart phone for marketers, it is just another channel that has opened for them to reach their intended audience.

Even in mobile marketing, many advertising types have remained the same. We still have search marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc. It is just that the format of the pages has been better adapted to the screen of a mobile device.

One thing that has changed the landscape of internet marketing is the attributes that are unique to smart phones. There is the development of apps that are made for the various mobile platforms. These apps include games, communication tools, productivity programs, etc. Marketers can profit from these apps in two ways, either by selling them, or by using in app advertising for those that are free.

Mobile payment solutions are also on the rise. Users can now pay for certain items directly with their mobile phone account. For now, the majority of items that are paid for by mobile payment are intangibles. This can include things like electronic books, videos, virtual items for online games, dating site subscriptions, etc. However, mobile payments have some potential to go beyond that. Already, some services exist which allow users to make small purchases at retail stores and pay with their mobile phone. Again, there is a lot of profit to be made with this. Payment processors, carriers, as well as affiliates who promote a product or service all get a share of the pie when a mobile transaction occurs.

When we look at how things are going now, it’s not really that mobile marketing is going to completely scrap everything we know about internet marketing and replace it with a different kind of marketing. It is just an additional channel to be used, just like social media when it made large gains in popularity in the past couple of years.

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Get the Right Tools for Online Marketers: Is The Chromebook a Good Choice?

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Get the Right Tools for Online Marketers: Is The Chromebook a Good Choice?

If you are an online entrepreneur or marketer, then you will probably be doing most of your work online. To get online, you will probably use a PC, or maybe another device such as a laptop, netbook, tablet or a smart phone. There has been a lot of talk lately about cloud computing and the benefits that it can bring to business users. However, is it time to switch to cloud based applications yet?


When we are talking about cloud computing, one should know what exactly this concept means. It is actually quite simple to understand. It means that your applications are running on a remote server online (on the “cloud”), as well as the majority of your files can be saved remotely. This has the advantage that your files will be accessible from anywhere and that your programs are actually running on the server, you are merely viewing them on your PC or other device.


One mobile computing device that has caused a lot of talk in the IT industry lately is the Google Chromebook. It is basically a netbook, a smaller version of a laptop, that runs on the Google Chrome OS. With it, all applications are hosted on Google’s cloud servers. Therefore, to do anything useful with it (except play Angry Birds, which can be downloaded to it and runs locally), you need to be online.


Now the problem is that the current set of applications available is quite limited. It is mostly designed for business users that want to browse the web, check their email and remotely connect to another server or use a remote desktop tool on a regular PC.


Now since most applications that are used by internet marketers, such as SEO tools, web design applications, graphics tools for creating logos and ads, etc. will not run on the Google Chrome OS, we can see that the device is quite useless for most online marketers.


There is also the issue of price. It is much more expensive than other netbooks, without bringing in any features that are significantly superior to them. Sure, the Google Chrome OS may be a simple interface if all you need to do is browse, but if you really love it, then there is another way to get it without needing to spend almost $500 on the Chromebook. There is actually an open source version of the same OS made by Google called the Chromium OS, which can be downloaded for free and installed on any desktop, laptop or netbook computer.


Many online marketers would find that getting a netbook would be an excellent way to catch up on work while outside their home, thanks to a very portable mini laptop. However currently, it would seem that the Chromebook does not really have anything that outperforms some of the other netbooks on the market today, which run Windows or Linux and sell as low as $150.

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Some Web Store Ideas: Part 2

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Some Web Store Ideas: Part 2

Previously, we’ve seen that in order to build a successful e-commerce site, you would mainly need one thing: an idea of what to sell. This is obviously the first and most important step that you would need to take when you want to sell something on the internet. We’ve seen a few examples of products that you can create or assemble yourself: RC vehicles as well as clothes. Of course, you are not limited to these two choices, you can create handmade jewelry, household items, bird houses, etc, etc. the possibilities are rather endless. Now the thing is, not everybody can or wants to create a physical product themselves. Certainly, there are many other things that you can do to earn money with your online store.

You could, of course, sell merchandise that was made by other people and companies. Want some ideas? Here are some good ones. Of course, once again, you are NOT limited to these choices. There are hundreds of categories of products that you can sell, and possibly hundreds of thousands of subcategories.

Electronic/computer parts

There is a high demand for these and as technology is taking a more central role in our lives, there will definitely be an even bigger one. Here, you will be selling all kinds of computer parts. This ranges from the classic PC components like hard drives, RAM, motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs, etc. but it can also be some more specific parts that would be difficult to find in a local computer store. For example, laptop parts such as laptop keyboards, individual keys, laptop LCD monitors, etc. In addition to selling parts for computers, you can also sell parts for other electronics, like smart phone parts.

Pet supplies

A good niche if you target the right market and have access to a low cost supplier. The key would be to selling items that are original and hard to find, and not just run of the mill stuff that you can find at any Discount Dollar store. For example, you could sell cute dog sweaters, dog house kits, habitats for rodents like pet hamsters, mice and rats, etc. If you love pets, then this could be a good business for you to get into.

Computers and misc. electronics

People crave the latest technological gadgets. Whether or not they really have a need for them, they want to buy them. This is where you can profit. Again, the key would be to find some products that are in demand, and which can be purchased from a reliable yet inexpensive supplier. You could sell new iPhones, Blackberries, etc. or if you are targeting consumers who are more conscious on saving money, you could sell refurbished ones. Basically, you can either go after the higher end market and sell new and brand name things, or you could target consumers that want to save as much as possible and sell them cheaper items. There are plenty of suppliers that can get you cheap Asian made netbooks, tablet PCs, e-book readers, MP3 players, etc that you can sell.

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Improving Conversion Rates on Your Website: Some Tips – Part 3

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Improving Conversion Rates on Your Website: Some Tips – Part 3

Previously, we’ve seen quite a few ways to improve the overall conversion rates on your website. If you have an e-commerce site which sells something online, then conversions are obviously something that you want to have. Here are some more ways to increase your website’s conversion rates in addition to what we’ve covered before:


  • Optimize your website for mobile visitors


Depending on the geographical location of the visitors that you are targeting, as well as your niche, anywhere from 10% to 25% of website visitors will be using mobile devices such as smart phones. What does this mean to you? Quite simply, you need to make sure that your website will work well to someone who is using a mobile device to access it. All parts of your site should be functional on mobile browsers, especially the checkout process. If a visitor that is using a smart phone notices that your website is not loading as it should, then they will obviously go somewhere else, which is definitely not what you want when it comes to your sales.


  • Find ways to capture visitors contact information


In most cases, this will be limited to just their e-mail address. It is also a good idea to give visitors a certain incentives in exchange for getting their e-mail. For example, you could have a contest where one of your subscribers will win a free product. Or if you offer intangible products, such as e-books or software, you could give a free trial of your software, or a free guide in exchange for the user signing up for your mailing list.


Some of you may think: how does this increase conversions? The user is not buying anything right now… Well, even though they are not making a purchase at the moment, they may very well return to buy something later on. By getting their e-mail address, you will obviously be able to send them a newsletter which contains information about your business, updates on your products and current promotions.


  • Include videos on your site


Including videos on your website can increase conversions by giving your website a look of authority on your niche. These can include instructional videos, a presentation of what your business is, as well as customer testimonials. Whether the video should play automatically when your page is opened is still the topic of debate. Some believe that it simply annoys users to have to hear your video if they didn’t want to, while others say that it will focus the customers attention to the video. In any case, you can put up a video on your site and simply put in a call to action for the visitors to watch it if they want to.


If you follow the tips that were presented in this series, you should definitely see at least some improvements in your conversion rates. But of course, there are many other things that you can do, which are left only to your own creativity.

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