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Ways To Get More Backlinks For Your Site

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Ways To Get More Backlinks For Your Site

You aren’t required to be a SEO expert to understand the fact that in order for your website to go up in rankings on Google, you will need to have lots of quality backlinks. These are essential for anyone who is trying to get more traffic through organic search results. While building enough backlinks to have an effect on your traffic can take some work and requires patience on your part, the results will be well worth it. A question that is often asked in webmaster and internet marketing communities is how to get more backlinks for your site. There are many places that you can get backlinks to your site. Here are a few examples:

Article directories

These are sites where you submit an article that is related to your niche. Depending on the rules of the article directory, you can either include links inside the body of your article, or in a signature box at the end. This will help you get traffic in two ways. You will create backlinks to your site and will get some traffic from people who read the article and then click through to your site. Search engines hold article directories in high regard, so they are an essential tool for you to use in your search engine optimization efforts.

Blog comments

On many niche blogs, you can leave a comment after reading a post and include a link to your website. It is important, however that you do not simply spam comments and actually write something useful. Also, make sure that the blog you are commenting on is related to your niche to give you the maximum quality backlinks.

Classified ads sites

Here again, you can get traffic in two ways. Either from the increase in search engine ranking due to your backlinking efforts, or from the people who will see your ad and click on to your site. Not all classifieds sites allow you to insert links in your ads, so check beforehand. Some let you post a link if you pay a small fee.

Video sharing sites

These are places such as YouTube and Dailymotion, where you upload videos for other viewers to watch. Creating your own videos and uploading them is a great way to get traffic from video sharing sites. But a fact that a lot of people forget is that you can also make use of these sites in order to get backlinks as well. Many sites allow you to place a link back to your sites in various places, such as on your profile, in the description of videos that you upload, as well as in comments on other people’s videos.

Remember, backlink building is an activity that will boost your traffic, but it has to be done gradually to have the best results. If done correctly, you will soon notice that your site is increasing in position in search results for your desired keyword and that you are getting more visitors from search engines.

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Increase Traffic to Your Site

Increasing traffic to your site is not only a great way to build your list but also increase the revenue you draw from product sales. There are many methods to increase the traffic your site sees, some of these methods may not be appropriate for your consumers, however you must exercise every marketing tool available to be successful. Begin by utilizing free marketing tactics that are available to you if you just invest some time into finding your potential consumers. The following are some easy ways to double the traffic your site sees.

• Learn effective SEO techniques. Use keywords within the articles on your site that will draw the most visitor attention. You want to be on the first page of results generated on a search engine.

• Use social bookmarking to draw the attention of online socialists to your site. Use social media sites to bookmark your backlinks and any articles on your site.

• Blog submission should be regularly done. Be sure that you participate and create blogs that are related to your business niche. The content you share should be informative and unique to your knowledge and business.

While there are other ways to generate traffic do not underestimate the importance of free marketing strategies. If you find that these methods are not generating enough traffic consider changing your approach, or if you feel defeated look into traffic generating software. The goal is to build your list large enough so you can focus on email marketing to draw traffic and revenue.


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Social Bookmarking And Affiliate Marketing

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Social Bookmarking And Affiliate Marketing

If you’re at all familiar with online marketing, you probably know something about social bookmarking. For those not in the know, social bookmarking sites allow you to post links, and share them with other users. Most social bookmarking sises have a rating system in place where users can choose to vote a link up or down. If a link gets voted up enough, it gets featured on the site’s homepage. Now that you have a understanding of what social bookmarking is, you’re probably wondering exactly what it can do for you as an affiliate marketer.

The number one benefit social bookmarking can have for an affiliate marketer is that it can help you raise your search rank. Social bookmarking sites are among the most popular sites on the internet, and just having a link present on a social bookmarking site can help your site become more visible to search engines. Search engines determine a page’s value by looking at a variety of factors, one of which is the quality of sites that link to it. Social bookmarking sites have a high value  to search engines, so having a social bookmarking site link into your site will help to raise your search rank. When you’re running an affiliate website, it’s important to have a high search rank. Most of your traffic is going to come from search engines, and as such, using social bookmarking sites to boost your search rank is highly beneficial.

In addition to boosting your search rank, social bookmarking sites can also bring in a fair amount of traffic to your site. If you have a link on a social bookmarking site that gets popular, and makes it’s way to the homepage, it’s a safe bet that you’ll get a great deal of traffic to that link. It’s tough to get pages on affiliate sites to become popular on social bookmarking sites, but if your content is either extremely informative, or entertaining, it can definitely happen.

Social bookmarking sites can bring two of the most important things to your affiliate site: traffic, and a higher search rank. As your search rank goes up, so too will your traffic. As your traffic goes up, so to will your profits.Be sure to use good anchor text in your social bookmarking links, and you’ll see results in no time.

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Why You Should Use Social Bookmarking

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Why You Should Use Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit started off as niche services that only tech savvy internet users used, but over the past couple of years, they’ve grown into some of the largest sites on the internet with millions of users spanning every niche you can think of. With such a diverse user base, it’s no wonder social bookmarking has become a central part of most online marketing strategies. Social bookmarking can provide a wide variety of benefits to your, your company, and your website.

The biggest and most apparent benefit of social bookmarking is traffic. If you put a link on a social bookmarking site, and that link gets popular, and eventually makes its way to the homepage of that social bookmarking site, you can be sure that the link will receive a great deal of traffic. With so many people visiting social bookmarking sites on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that popular links on said sites will receive enormous spikes in traffic.

One of the less obvious benefits of social bookmarking is that it allows you to build strong links to your site, and boost your search ranking. When you submit a link to a social bookmarking site, you get to choose the text that link displays. So, in essence, you’re creating a link to your site on a highly popular site with anchor text of your choosing. Because of the high quality of the linking systems used by social bookmarking sites, it’s common for a link on a site like Digg or Reddit to show up ahead of the site it links to in search results, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as your content is showing up near the top of search results, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s your actual site, or a social bookmarking site – you still get traffic from it either way.

As long as you’re pushing high quality content, social bookmarking sites are a great way to drive traffic to your site, and boost your search rank. As your link becomes popular across the internet, you’ll begin to see an increase in traffic, and in your search rank in no time. Just be sure to use keyword rich anchor text for your links, and make sure your content is high quality, and you’ll see results in no time.

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

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Improving Search Traffic To Your Site

Search engine traffic is one of the most important ways to be successful online. When people can find your blog or website just by typing into Google your keyword, that is a very powerful thing.

Google and other search engines love new content. It has been said that Google prefers websites that have new content on a consistent basis. So one of the ways to get to Google’s heart is to consistently update your blog or website.

New content is a powerful thing for many reasons, not just search engine ranking.

New content brings visitors back again and again.
New content means your RSS feed goes out, again and again.
New content keeps you engaged with your site.
New content forces you to continue promotion of your site, you’d hate for that great content to go to waste, wouldn’t you?

New content is one of the driving forces behind the next big part of organic, search engine traffic. In order to get that content to show up and rank in Google however, there are some things you have to do first.

Make your site SEO friendly, use good title tags and make good use of heading tags as well. Also make sure you submit your Sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools, this will help Google crawl your site more efficiently.

Getting backlinks to your site will also help your site start to rank higher and get crawled more often. What happens when the Google Bot gets to another site with your link on it, is it then follows it back to your. A lot of people call this “Google Juice.” Call it whatever you want, it is one of the most important parts of the organic traffic equation.

If you are just getting started on your website, be patient and make sure you submit your site to all of the search engines so that they can begin crawling your site as soon as possible.

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