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Profiting From Tablet Devices

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Profiting From Tablet Devices

We‘ve seen how tablets tablets are becoming a lot more popular among the general population and new models, like the Kindle Fire are getting a lot of attention. Tablet PCs have actually had a run that is similar to smartphones. Previously a business tool that was used only by a segment of the population, they have now fallen into mainstream consumer devices, with all classes of people having an interest in owning one.


There are, of course, several different models of them on the market today, so if you want a comparison of their features and specifications, there is plenty of free information to look at. But as marketers and online entrepreneurs, what interests us mainly is the online money making opportunities that come from these devices. Actually, there are several ways that you can make money off the surge in popularity of tablets. Here are some of them:


  • Selling the devices themselves


If you look at eBay, for example, you will find that there is a large selection of tablets available, sometimes at prices that are better than what you would pay if you go through the official channels like in an Apple store. There is also a growing market for refurbished or used devices, as plenty of consumers would like to get a tablet, without paying the full price for a new one.


To profit from these, all you need is to find a source that can supply the devices at a low price and then you can resell them online (or even offline if you want) at a profit. There are now businesses which make money by buying back damaged tablets, fixing them and then selling them again as refurbished to budget conscious consumers.


  • Selling accessories and parts


Now that there is a bigger demand for tablets, there is also a bigger demand for items that are related to these devices. All kinds of cases and skins are now being sold to owners of tablet PCs. There is also a market for other aftermarket accessories like wall chargers, USB cables, innovative charging devices that let someone recharge their mobile device by using solar power and more.


Finally, just like with PC parts, we have tablet parts that are being sold, which are often bought by independent repair technicians, as well as some individual consumers that want to try and fix the device themselves after the warranty runs out. Most common parts that sell well online include replacement screens and batteries. Again, the simple concept of buying low and selling high applies. You check which items are in demand, find a good supplier that provides them at a lower price and then resell them at a profit through online marketplaces or an e-commerce site that you’ve put together.


There are a few other ways we can make money from tablet PCs. Check back tomorrow for a few other ideas that could let you make some money.

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Increasing Your Local Business’ Online Visibility

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Increasing Your Local Business’ Online Visibility

Have you just started to use the internet to promote your local business and want to gain more visibility online? There are several ways to accomplish this and many channels that you can use to get your business feature more prominently in search engine results as well as other sites that users interested in what you have to offer would visit. Here are some easy methods you can use to get started:

  • Get a Website

There are plenty of solutions available to create your business website. There is also a lot of information available freely online about web building that you can use. Of course, you also have the option to hire an individual or a company to create your site for you. The most important part is having a site. When you begin, you can create a simple “place holder” page for your business, with its name, address, contact information, opening hours, logo, some pictures and basic information on what you have to offer. All of this can easily fit into one page. This is perfect if you want to get online but you don’t have the time or money to get a full website done right now.

  • Be Sociable

While there are various ways of getting more attention to your business, social media is one of the easiest and most efficient ones. Before you look at any other types of advertising methods, you should create social media pages for your business on all of the main networks. Build your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and don’t forget Google +. Creating a page for your business on social networking sites is easy. All you need to do is to input the same information than you would on a one page website that presents your business (opening hours, products, contact info, etc). Plus, you can share pictures, videos and other media on your page.

There is a whole lot more that you can do with a social media page for your business, but setting one up is obviously the first step. Be sure to link your personal profiles with your business page and share the page with your friends, or at least those that you think would be interested in your business. This will help you get some exposure and will be very beneficial in search engine rankings.

  • Create a YouTube Video

YouTube isn’t just a site for watching music videos and putting up a cute video of your dog riding a skateboard. You can also use it to draw more attention to your business. There are many ideas, but the most simple one involves a short presentation of your business, followed by a video of you walking around parts of it (if it’s a retail store) and a link to your website in the description. While it won’t be as effective as a TV commercial, it will get you one more point of exposure online and help your standing in search engine results too.

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Google Social Ads Aim To Make User Experience Better

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Google Social Ads Aim To Make User Experience Better

In social media marketing, there are several ways for marketers and advertisers to get their messages in front of their buyers. One of them includes creating a social media page or profile, then using it as a vehicle to deliver advertising messages to users who have shown interest in the company. In order to increase the usefulness of the social media page, users are encouraged to share the content found in it and to display that they’re subscribed to the page on their profile. But this works only in a limited way. Therefore, there is another method of social media advertising that is widely used and that is including small ad messages while the user is browsing the social media site, no matter what page they are on.

This is a strategy employed by Facebook, however Google has a different approach. With their Google + service, Google agrees on the fact that when users are busy socializing with others, this would not be the right time to display ads to them. For example, if a user is busy looking at funny pictures of their friends dog, displaying ads for a plumbing company will usually just irritate the user, unless by some type of coincidence that user also has a clogged toilet.

According to Google, ads are more useful if they’re displayed to a user showing “commercial intent” by searching for a product or service. But this will not simply result in the typical “Adwords” ads being displayed, in addition to organic search results. Google plans to integrate social media into its search engine. Thus, if someone looks for a plumber, Google will first display social recommendations from friends, if the user has one that recommended a particular plumbing service on social media. This actually integrates advertising into user generated content very well, without invading the user’s personal updates by including ads where users would not be interested in seeing them at all.

According to information collected from online marketing news providers, this is a strategy that works. Google is currently reporting that ads which have social annotations have much better click through rates. On average, improvement of CTR is from 5% to 10% versus standard ads.

For users, it means a better experience as the ads not only contain promotional material, but also a personal mention from their friends. For marketers and business owners, it also changes the game somewhat. For those who don’t use Google + now would be a good time to start. Create your page, get it out there. Make sure people are talking about it. And of course, if you want good results, then you better make sure that they’re talking about it in a positive way. The more social your company is, the better products it provides (generating good feedback from users), the more effective your standard search ad campaign is actually going to be.

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Marketing Your Website to drive traffic to it

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Marketing Your Website to drive traffic to it

backlinksOnce your site has been search engine optimised by us you are now ready to start promoting your website.

There are several ways you can promote your website which are:

1) Search Engines natural listings (organic method)

2) PPC – Pay per click campaign with something like Google adwords

3) Newspaper, magazine adverts

4) local radio

5) Email marketing

6) leaflet drops to houses, posters in shop windows

7) Writing about your website in forums, blogs, chat rooms, social bookmark websites

The most recommend method is the organic method to get high rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc. 

Google will determine your rankings on searches by how many back links you have to your site, which means how many other websites have your link on. This lets google know that your website is very popular. If you can try to make sure that the sites that you have a back link on match the theme of your website. For example if you are an electronics website selling electronics try to have back links on other shopping website selling simalar products and services. This will make it easier for Google to understand what your website is all about.

Even better is if you can have keyword anchor text as your back links from other sites. For example instead of just putting your domain URL as a back link you could have your chosen keyword for example – cheap ipods – and when someone clicks on this they are directed to your website. This lets google know your website has cheap ipods and to place your rankings high up when someone uses this search term on google.

The HTML code to create a keyword anchor back link text is:

<a href=http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME.com>YOUR KEYWORD TEXT</a>

Another good trick is to look at your competitors and find out how many back links they have and what other websites they have their links on. This will give you some idea of how they have achieve page 1 listings on google. To find out what back links your competition has you can do the following:

1) On google get their domain name and search using their full domain name ( example – http://www.websitesforsaleworld.co.uk = over 500 back links)

2) On Yahoo.com or Yahoo.co.uk get your competitors URL and do the following entering the following in the search bar:


This will tell you how many back links they have and what websites they are on. A good theory is if you put your link on all the websites your competitor has, you will over time be next to them on top of Google.

A number of good ways to get back links is to try some of the following:

1) Writing up articles about your products or services that you offer with your back links within your articles using the anchor text back link
2) Writing in blogs leaving your links
3) Exchanging links with other similar websites. Usually if you look towards to the bottom of most websites they have a “Links” page that allows you to exchange links with each other
4) Submit your URL to free directories
5) Submit your URL to DMOZ. Google loves this directory, altougth it can take months to get lising on there
6) Submit your URL to social networking sites, forums
7) Use Yahoo answers and other forums to answer peoples questions with a link to your website.

List of websites to submit your website to


Another method which you can use is setting up a pay per click campaign with Google adwords.

This works by paying Google everytime someone clicks on your link in Googles network of websites and search engine.  You can set a budget for example 0.20p per click to your site.  You can set a daily budget so you can pay for example 1,000 hits aday to your website. Another very good way to promote your website and build back links to your site is to write in forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites. For example the following: 1) Yahoo answers 2) Forums and blogs that match your niche. For example if you have a finance website, look for forums to do with finance and people looking for loans etc.. 3) Facebook. You can create a group on facebook with a link to your website and email this group to all your friends 4) Set up an email campaign and email several people your services Another option is to pay for an advert in your local paper telling them about your services and a link to your website
websites for sale

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