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Proper Targeting is Important in Email Marketing

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Proper Targeting is Important in Email Marketing

When you advertise through other methods, such as media buying or social media marketing, properly choosing the audience that will see your ads is very important. This is something that has been done by the best internet marketers ever since online advertising came into existence. In fact, it is also a concept that predates online advertising too. After all, you wouldn’t see ads for payday loan places or pawn shops in magazines whose readership is mainly comprised of millionaires. Even though the importance of proper targeting is well known, many online marketers don’t do any of it when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

They have one big list and apply a “one size fits all” approach to email marketing. Therefore, everyone on the list gets the exact same message sent to them. Now in some cases, such as if you’re only selling one main online informational product and you want to promote some of your secondary products that you own, this might be a good way to do things. After all, it’s simple, all you need to do is to create the email message, load up your list and then just fire away.

But if you have multiple products, several different kinds of customers, people who subscribed to your list for different reasons, or if you promote a diverse range of affiliate offers in your email messages, then properly choosing your audience would be beneficial for you. All that targeting does is ensures that your message will get to people who will be the most likely to buy the products that you’re promoting to them.

The first step towards targeting is personalization. At the very least, you can insert the recipients name in the email. Studies have shown that people are more likely to pay attention to a message that was directly addressed to them, as opposed to having a generic greeting such as “Dear Friend” or “Valued Customer”, etc. Using a script that handles your email marketing automatically makes it very easy to insert the clients name, as well as other attributes into an email message that you send to them.

Then, there is also the products that you present to your reader in the message. You need to think what different kinds of recipients you have and what products they would be more likely to get. Think about what kind of shopper they would be. Do they want something that is the cheapest item possible in terms of price, or are they looking for something that will be very useful and valuable for them, regardless of how much it would cost. Also, think of what category of items certain groups of subscribers would be most likely to buy from you. Tomorrow, we will see how you can get the right information about your list subscribers and then use that for your marketing efforts.

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