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Is There a “Best” Way to Market a Small Business Online?

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Is There a “Best” Way to Market a Small Business Online?

One of the questions that comes up very often in online marketing forums is something similar to this: “I own a business in such and such industry. What is the best way for me to do internet marketing?” The problem with that question is that there is often no one specific answer to it. The world of online marketing is a very vast and diverse one, with many methods, techniques, tools and services that you can use to accomplish your goals, whether these are to get more visitors to your sites, to promote a specific product that you’re selling, or to get more exposure for your business.

The exact methods that you use will largely depend on who you are and what you’re trying to do online. But in the majority of cases, it is not just one marketing method that should be used, but a combination of several of them. What will be variable, however, is the degree of attention that you will give to each of these methods.

If you’re trying to get your business more recognized and known as the leader in its field in your local area, then using search engine optimization is a must, as you will need to ensure that people who search for what you have to offer will be able to find your business. A large number of people use search engines when shopping for something, so it is imperative that your site can be easily found by them. But SEO is not the only way to do this. If you want the best results, you should use a few complementary methods to get the word out.

You can, for example, make posts on local online classified ads websites. Or you could buy advertising space on websites that are related to your niche, or frequently visited by people from the area served by your business. To gain more visibility, it would also be a good idea to create pages for your company on the popular social networking services.

Once you see that you are getting results, you can keep your website visitors interested in what you offer by offering an email newsletter that they can subscribe to. You can also create a blog where you keep users updated on new happenings in your industry, as well as new products that your business has to offer them.

As you can see, there isn’t really a “quick” solution to marketing a local business on the internet. You should spend some time putting together a complete online marketing strategy where you will think about your goals, as well as the methods that you want to use to accomplish them in the online world. Remember that it is also important to keep track of your progress, as this will let you know which areas of your marketing plan are working well and which others may need a little bit more attention so that you can improve them and make them work as efficiently as possible.

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Why SEO Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon

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Why SEO Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon

With changes to search engine algorithms, as well as a myriad of other changes in the way that search engines such as Google rank websites, some are arguing that SEO is “dead” for internet marketers. Is there any sort of truth behind these claims?


If you examine most of the articles, press releases and blog posts that claim that SEO is going away, you will quickly find what the author’s intentions are. Usually, they want to create an “alarmist” title to draw the user’s attention, then make some vague arguments as to why SEO won’t work for you and of course, you usually end up with an advertisement for some kind of product, system, guide, etc. which will supposedly magically bring you traffic to your site without doing any search engine optimization work on it.


One of the main reasons why SEO isn’t going anywhere is that it’s an industry that is too profitable. Search volumes are higher than ever. There are now hundreds of thousands of service providers which work in the search engine optimization industry. This includes “general” online marketing firms, to more specialize businesses that help certain types of websites rank well in search results. Not to mention the millions of freelancers that also help with SEO (often unknowingly), such as article writers, web page designers, etc. Companies are willing to spend money to rank well on search engines and there’s millions of dollars spent on that each and every year.


Those who complain about SEO are often those who did something wrong and got their websites penalized after yet another Google update. But you rarely hear webmasters with years of success and a constant stream of traffic complaining about it. Updates made by search engines to the way they rank their search results have nothing to do with them wanting to “penalize” some affiliate marketer who made $35 last month pushing some dubious weight loss product. Rather, it’s all about the user.


Nobody wants to search for specific information, only to be presented with search results that are little more than thinly veiled advertisements for commercial products. Nobody wants to look through blog comments to see what other users have had to say about an interesting article they’ve read only to see a hundred comments saying “Nice site!” and stuffed with a link to some scammy get rich quick scheme. The changes that search engines make encourage webmasters, marketers, product sellers, etc. to make the web a better place. They can still sell their products and promote their offers in places where it’s appropriate. They can still run any type of website that they want, but if they want visitors, they need to have a site that runs well and provides their users with something that will actually be useful for them.


SEO is here to stay. The methods used for it, however, will evolve and adapt themselves. Those who are truly skilled in internet marketing will see this as a normal part of the game, as a challenge to take, rather than a threat to their bottom line.

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Ways To Get More Backlinks For Your Site

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Ways To Get More Backlinks For Your Site

You aren’t required to be a SEO expert to understand the fact that in order for your website to go up in rankings on Google, you will need to have lots of quality backlinks. These are essential for anyone who is trying to get more traffic through organic search results. While building enough backlinks to have an effect on your traffic can take some work and requires patience on your part, the results will be well worth it. A question that is often asked in webmaster and internet marketing communities is how to get more backlinks for your site. There are many places that you can get backlinks to your site. Here are a few examples:

Article directories

These are sites where you submit an article that is related to your niche. Depending on the rules of the article directory, you can either include links inside the body of your article, or in a signature box at the end. This will help you get traffic in two ways. You will create backlinks to your site and will get some traffic from people who read the article and then click through to your site. Search engines hold article directories in high regard, so they are an essential tool for you to use in your search engine optimization efforts.

Blog comments

On many niche blogs, you can leave a comment after reading a post and include a link to your website. It is important, however that you do not simply spam comments and actually write something useful. Also, make sure that the blog you are commenting on is related to your niche to give you the maximum quality backlinks.

Classified ads sites

Here again, you can get traffic in two ways. Either from the increase in search engine ranking due to your backlinking efforts, or from the people who will see your ad and click on to your site. Not all classifieds sites allow you to insert links in your ads, so check beforehand. Some let you post a link if you pay a small fee.

Video sharing sites

These are places such as YouTube and Dailymotion, where you upload videos for other viewers to watch. Creating your own videos and uploading them is a great way to get traffic from video sharing sites. But a fact that a lot of people forget is that you can also make use of these sites in order to get backlinks as well. Many sites allow you to place a link back to your sites in various places, such as on your profile, in the description of videos that you upload, as well as in comments on other people’s videos.

Remember, backlink building is an activity that will boost your traffic, but it has to be done gradually to have the best results. If done correctly, you will soon notice that your site is increasing in position in search results for your desired keyword and that you are getting more visitors from search engines.

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Start Using SEO Now to Profit in The Future

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Start Using SEO Now to Profit in The Future

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of marketing which allows for greater exposure to your website(s) through the continued use of techniques which propagate positive influence. This influence will affect both internet users browsing websites as well as the Search Engines which serve up these websites. The way that this influence occurs is fairly simple to understand, although how it works exactly is not entirely known due to the constant changes being made to the Search Engine algorithms. Profiteers will wish to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time with these methods, but the best option is to build up earnings slowly and gradually for consistent results.

Simple Tricks to Taking Advantage of SEO:

SEO Software – SEO Software is available in many fashions and makes it simple to automate the process of Search Engine optimization. These options will usually guarantee a top ten ranking for keywords that are searched with little competition. Although you may not rank for the top keywords, you will rank for alternatives.

Blogging - Blogging helps to build a knowledge base for customers and interested parties to learn more. Not only does this help the image of the website, but it provides several opportunities to link back to the original website which is being promoted which in turn affects the ranking positively on the Search Engines. The fresh content from blogs also helps your site stay relevant in the search engines – and it also increases your chance on getting more links back to your website. A great tool is Ping-O-Matic for this, which basically “pings” (or notifies) all of the major search engines and blog engines when you make a new post. All you have to do is go to their website and input your details once (then save your information via a bookmark) then every time you visit that bookmark it will ping all of the major search engines to notify them of your changes you have made.

Using SEO Services – Many content providers and services will be able to make the process less time consuming for the original website owner/manager. The content provided will be made by real people and this is what makes it more visually appealing to the target audience. This method helps to connect emotionally to future consumers of your products to increase sales and improve profit margins.

Over time, using these techniques will help you increase your PageRank, increase the number of backlinks, and ultimately the number of sales or visitors you get to your website.

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Things to Consider When Hiring a SEO Consultant

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Things to Consider When Hiring a SEO Consultant

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those things that is either really hard for you to grasp or very easy. The good news is there are a ton of people out there that are willing to help you with your SEO plan. The bad news is there are a lot of people out there that can claim to help you with your SEO plan.

When you hire a contractor, whether online or not, it is best to check their references. Ask them to give you past work from clients or from themselves and to give a short bio about themselves so you can get to know them a little bit.

Hiring a contractor can be a great experience, or it can be a constant struggle and fight to get the work done as it was promised and a complete waste of time. In order to make sure you receive the former experience, rather than the latter, there are a few things you can keep a look out for.

Pay Rate
If one contractor who is bidding on your project is extremely low, they probably aren’t going to be of high quality. I know that this may seem like common sense to a lot of people, but it gets over looked. You will see a trend of where the average is on a project for good work (when 10 people are $300 and 1 is $50, I don’t think the $50 is going to do as good of a job for you). Also, don’t take the highest bidder, either get them to come down in price with the rest of them or pick the best out of the following criteria.

How long has the contractor been active on the website you are using? If they have been their for 3-4 years compared to someone who signed up yesterday, I am going to go with the person that has the better reputation and experience on the website.

Most websites like Elance.com or Odesk.com allow users to post reviews and feedback from completed assignments. Read through the reviews thoroughly and create a list of information about each contractor so you can keep their offers straight. Also see how much earnings that have made from working on the site. Someone with $30,000 vs $100 is going to have a lot more experience and better reputation.

Make sure you do not jump at the first SEO consultant that comes your way, do your research and find the right person for your job.

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Beginner SEO Tricks

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Beginner SEO Tricks

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short is actually really easy when you get the hang of it, all it takes is a bit of practice and work and your website will be up and ready to go SEO wise.

One of the most important things for SEO purposes is your top level domain or TLD. This is the extension on the end of your website such as .com, .net, .us, or .info. Those TLD are important because for some reason it takes a lot more work to get lesser known TLD in the rankings of search sites like Google. It is possible, but the success rate is much higher for .com, .net, and .org URLs.

Basic Design Tricks
Some of the best things you can do are centered around the design of your website. This includes using a CSS stylesheet instead of (old) HTML color and size tags. This will help clean up your website code and make it easier to index the content. ANother thing you can do is make sure that your navigation uses text links instead of image and javascript links. Doing this helps because it makes the navigation of the site easier to follow for the search bot, making all your pages indexable, instead of just the easiest ones to get to.

Do not use a splash page on your website (unless it is under construction). The splash page never has as much content as a good homepage does, so make sure you get rid of that splash page, yesterday (now).

Content Tricks
I wouldn’t really call this a trick, but write really good content. Pretty simple, right? Well, not always. Writing good content for SEO purposes can be really difficult, but once you learn how to write in a great style as an overall writer, learning to write for SEO is very easy. Basically search engines love keywords, they are what people are searching for. So for example if I have a website that is about “chocolate covered pancakes” that is what I want someone to type in to Google when they are searching. So I will make sure my website domain has chocolate covered pancakes in it, my title does, and most of all, my content. I will have sentences that contain those keywords that I want my site to rank for. So I will write about things like “chocolate pancake recipes” and other phrases like that to help my ranking within the search engines.

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General SEO Tips and Information

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General SEO Tips and Information

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a group of techniques to make any sort of content on your website appear higher on search engines such as Google or Bing, meaning more towards the first page of search results.  There are many different ways to achieve higher search engine rankings.  First off, the text of your webpage as well as your title will both bring your page into the search engine database.  Using a keyword or phrase multiple times on that webpage will easily boost the ranking of said page.  Usually, about an overall 4-6% keyword phrase density is recommended in the text of the page to receive maximum results of this technique.

Linking is another very popular SEO technique that is easy, yet effective.  All three types of links (inbound, outbound, and internal) can help boost your page rankings.  Links from sites that also specialize in the same keywords, as well as links from .gov and .edu websites are especially beneficial as far as links of the inbound type are concerned.  Your internal links’ anchor text can also make a huge difference.  Instead of using the word “here” as many webmasters tend to do, try using your keyword instead, as it can really make a difference, especially down the road.

While many argue that meta tags are one of the most important factors in SEO, they are still secondary to content.  Remember, content is king!  Sure, meta tags can help you out initially, but keeping your pages updated with fresh content and proper keyword density will help you out much more in the long run.  Unique content that is updated frequently, combined with the proper meta tags, will be able to outs higher ranking sites that never have their content updated, no matter how well the meta tags are done for the previously higher ranked website.

Finally, file names as well as URLs are also fairly important.  Using key words in both of these will also easily boost your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  This might seem like common sense, but think about how many broken links you encounter when browsing, or how many pages are simply named “1” or “2”, and think about how search engines index websites.  They go through every page and file, and record what it’s called.  If a page is called “2” it won’t be entered for the keyword that it is aimed at, same with broken links.  So, remember to name your pages and files appropriately, and to double check all of your links.

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