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Google Places Phased Out: What this Means for Local Businesses

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Google Places Phased Out: What this Means for Local Businesses

During the last year, when Google announced that its social networking service, Google + would be usable by businesses, there was a lot of speculations about how this would affect Google’s main product: the search results. We all know how the Google search engine works, at least the basics. First, you have the “natural” search results, where the page rank is based on Google’s algorithm in determining how high a website would rank in search results. Then, we have the paid search ads, or Google’s Adwords service.

Google has, however, made changes to how local businesses show up in search results. First, they altered the way search results are displayed, so that businesses that are local to the user would have their websites appear higher in search results when the searcher was from their local area. Then there is Google Places, which is a kind of directory for local businesses. It worked relatively well and had one major advantage: listings were completely free.

But on May 31st, all the Google Places listings have been replaced instead by Google + local pages. This change is automatic and has affected 80 million pages on Google Places.

There are also a few other changes that were made related to this: a “local” tab now appears in the main Google + interface, allowing users to instantly find local businesses while they’re browsing the social network. Google has taken over Zagat and integrated their local business reviews in the Google + Local service. While Google Places had reviews and ratings of businesses, they weren’t nearly as complete as they should have been. In fact, even some relatively popular businesses just had a dozen or so reviews, even though they have thousands of customers each month. The traditional search results aren’t the only place where Google has integrated Google + local pages. In fact, they will appear in search results on Google Mobile Search and in Google Maps as well.

There are a few reasons that could be cited for this change in the way Google operates when it comes to local business search. It has been said that Google hoped to make their Places platform a complete interactive service where local merchants and customers would interact and communicate with each other. However, this didn’t fully happen as they had planned. A big reason was the limitations of the Google Places platform, that wasn’t as “social” as it should have been. Google + Local Pages gives merchants the ability to present a more complete picture of their business and also allows their customers to have more social interaction. When a user is logged into Google +, for example, they will see the reviews and recommendations made by friends before seeing other information. This encourages users to create more content on the platform, by interacting with merchants such as when they ask questions or write a review of the products and services they’ve received from them.

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Google Social Ads Aim To Make User Experience Better

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Google Social Ads Aim To Make User Experience Better

In social media marketing, there are several ways for marketers and advertisers to get their messages in front of their buyers. One of them includes creating a social media page or profile, then using it as a vehicle to deliver advertising messages to users who have shown interest in the company. In order to increase the usefulness of the social media page, users are encouraged to share the content found in it and to display that they’re subscribed to the page on their profile. But this works only in a limited way. Therefore, there is another method of social media advertising that is widely used and that is including small ad messages while the user is browsing the social media site, no matter what page they are on.

This is a strategy employed by Facebook, however Google has a different approach. With their Google + service, Google agrees on the fact that when users are busy socializing with others, this would not be the right time to display ads to them. For example, if a user is busy looking at funny pictures of their friends dog, displaying ads for a plumbing company will usually just irritate the user, unless by some type of coincidence that user also has a clogged toilet.

According to Google, ads are more useful if they’re displayed to a user showing “commercial intent” by searching for a product or service. But this will not simply result in the typical “Adwords” ads being displayed, in addition to organic search results. Google plans to integrate social media into its search engine. Thus, if someone looks for a plumber, Google will first display social recommendations from friends, if the user has one that recommended a particular plumbing service on social media. This actually integrates advertising into user generated content very well, without invading the user’s personal updates by including ads where users would not be interested in seeing them at all.

According to information collected from online marketing news providers, this is a strategy that works. Google is currently reporting that ads which have social annotations have much better click through rates. On average, improvement of CTR is from 5% to 10% versus standard ads.

For users, it means a better experience as the ads not only contain promotional material, but also a personal mention from their friends. For marketers and business owners, it also changes the game somewhat. For those who don’t use Google + now would be a good time to start. Create your page, get it out there. Make sure people are talking about it. And of course, if you want good results, then you better make sure that they’re talking about it in a positive way. The more social your company is, the better products it provides (generating good feedback from users), the more effective your standard search ad campaign is actually going to be.

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Is Google Secure Search Bad for Marketers?

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Is Google Secure Search Bad for Marketers?

Google secure search isn’t really that new. It was unveiled in November 2011 as a feature of the ever popular search engine. What it does according to Google is to help protect online privacy during searches, as the data stream is encrypted between the users computer and Google’s servers. This ensures that nobody else can see the keywords being searched for.


While this may be good for some security conscious individuals, for marketers it may not be the best thing to happen. There is one major issue with Google secure search: when a user performs a query on the search engine, the keywords that were used to find a website are no longer visible in Google Analytics, which is the world’s most popular online analytics program. This has left many SEO experts and independent marketers frustrated. Knowing which keywords drive traffic to your website is one of the best ways of knowing which changes you can make to your website in terms of SEO. When a user makes use of the secure search feature of Google, the data will simply show up as not available.


One of the comforts that marketers and webmasters have for now is the fact that Google secure search is still used in a minority of all search queries. Currently, it represents about 25% of all the search volume on Google. But what worries many is that this number may rise in the future.


The reasons as to why Google is hiding keyword information for organic searches is not yet known, which has many speculating and wondering as to why that is. It is probably not there for technical reasons, as advertisers who use the Google Adwords platforms still have access to information about which keywords have led a particular user to their website. There is also discussion as to whether this will finally change and Google will un cloak search data even for organic searches.


According to a few online marketing and SEO experts, there are some ways around the problem. One of the solutions is to look at which pages are getting the most traffic and then checking to see which keywords that page has been optimized for. This can give a website owner a general idea of which of their keywords are pulling in the bigger amount of visitors to their website.


One important lessons that online marketers can learn from all of this is that search engines can and will change how they do things in the future. And these changes may not always have the needs of marketers as a priority. Therefore, it is necessary to be creative in finding ways to market your website in the online world. Marketers need to remember that organic search on Google, while a big bringer of traffic to many websites, is not the only way that can be used to get visitors to a site. There are other free and paid traffic generation methods that can be used by webmasters in many different niches.

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New Report Provides Information on Market Share in Search Industry

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New Report Provides Information on Market Share in Search Industry

Now that the American economy has improved in the past few months, businesses are again increasing the amount of money that they spend on advertising. The trend that has been observed for the past few years is that businesses are now dedicating an increasing portion of their total advertising budget on internet marketing.

The reasons cited for an increased use of online marketing by businesses, both large and small is that advertising can be specifically targeted to the right demographic, meaning people who are more likely to be interested in what a company has to offer them. There is also the fact that return on investment can be measured in a more direct way. A company can make an advertising budget, then calculate how many sales have been generated as a direct result of its online advertising.

A recent report released by Five Star Equities also shows some information on market share in the online search industry. While the report is mainly aimed at investors who want to buy stocks, it can also be quite interesting for anyone that has an interest in online marketing.

According to the data collected, Google is, unsurprisingly, the leader in North America, having a 66.4 percent share of the market. The only place where Google arrives second is in China, where Chinese search giant Baidu has a share of 61 percent of the market and Google comes in second at 34 percent.

For North America, Google is followed by Microsoft at 15.3 percent and Yahoo at 13.7 percent. AOL currently as a very low market share at 1.5 percent. However, there is some data that suggests that AOL’s popularity may soon be on the increase. Sites which provide search services today actually need to provide more than just websites as search results. They allow users to search for images, videos, news, etc. All of the major search engine providers, Google, Microsoft (with Bing) and Yahoo provide additional services that aren’t simply a search engine. Google has a portfolio of services such as YouTube, Gmail, etc. Yahoo and Microsoft also have similar diversified services too.

In a bid to become more competitive in the online video world, AOL has recently launched a service called AOL On, which offers 14 premium video channels based on different topics and can now reach a larger audience of 57 million consumers in the United States. The video content provided by AOL can be used on different types of internet enabled devices, such as the “traditional” PC, tablets, mobile phones as well as web enabled TV devices.

However, this service is not unique in the online world. Google and Microsoft have also shown that they have an interest with online video and internet enabled TV services. How things will work out for AOL with their new product is yet to be determined for the future, so anyone interested in it can keep an eye out for online marketing news.

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Getting the Best Deals Possible on Your Online Ads

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Getting the Best Deals Possible on Your Online Ads

Now that you know some ways that you can use to better manage your online advertising budget and keep from wasting money, here are some more methods that you can use to increase your savings even more.

  • Take advantage of coupons and vouchers

Many online ad platforms, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and many other smaller ad networks offer discount codes and vouchers which give you a certain amount of advertising credit for free. In most cases, all that you would need to do is to register for the service and put in your payment information. Sometimes, you will need to deposit a small amount, such as $10 or $20 in your account and the value of the voucher will be then added to it. By taking advantage of these offers you are essentially getting free advertising that you would normally have to pay for. The offers and their value often change, so the best way for you to find available coupon codes would be to simply search for them on Google. Very often you will find the current ones posted on many sites, or instructions on how you can get them.

  • Use some of the smaller ad networks

While there are some popular ad networks such as Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook Ads, those who are interested in running pay per click or cost per impression ads will find that there are plenty of other networks out there that can provide you with good quality traffic at lower costs. Some of these could be specific to certain geographical areas or niches. To find them, you can simply do a search on Google, or visit some discussion forums related to online marketing. This will give you some additional insight from members about which companies they are using and whether they would recommend them based on the results that they got. However, be careful before spending too much money with a previously unknown company. It is better to try them out with smaller campaigns to see if the traffic is giving you the results that you were expecting and if you didn’t have any problems with their service.

  • Work out deals with other webmasters

Rather than going through an ad network, you can try working out deals with other webmasters that have sites which are related to your niche, but aren’t direct competitors. This may allow you to get some good advertising opportunities at a lower cost. It may not be so easy to achieve when you’re just starting out, but it’s definitely possible. To find these opportunities, all that you have to do is to network. Participate in online marketing discussions, as well as forums that are related to your niche. This will allow you to meet some other webmasters and you may be able to get some advertising opportunities, as well as any other services that your business might need in the future.

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What Draws People to Online Shopping

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What Draws People to Online Shopping

If you want to succeed when running an e-commerce site, you should be aware of the fact that there are certain periods of the year that will be busier than others, both for online businesses and retail stores alike. The Christmas holiday shopping season is definitely the most popular, but there is also the Black Friday shopping holiday, as well as Boxing Day which is observed in certain countries. No matter what the holiday is, there are periods of time when people will be more inclined to buy certain items. Yet, numbers show that an increasing amount of people are doing their shopping online for these occasions. Here are some of the elements that draw people to online shopping and what you, as en e-commerce site owner, could do in order to capitalize on them and use them to your advantage in your advertising materials.

  • No Crowds

When you shop online, there is no need to have to navigate through crowded shopping malls to find what you are looking for and then stand in line for half an hour just to check out. Some people don’t mind the crowds and view them as part of the shopping atmosphere during the holidays. But many others hate them and would rather do their shopping in a more comfortable environment. This crowded atmosphere can reach extremes, as you can see when reading news after Black Friday. Incidents of people being trampled, as well as verbal and physical violence, sometimes involving weapons, are not at all surprising anymore.

Presenting your website as a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience in your advertising materials will seek to attract people that just want to buy things for the holidays without too much hassle.

  • Products are easier to find

Online, there is no need to hop from store to store in search of a certain item or category of items. All that’s needed is a simple search in Google to find a website that will sell what your customers are looking for. This saves your shoppers a lot of time.

To profit from this, make sure your items are well categorized on your site. Also, be sure to target the right keywords in your SEO efforts. Do an analysis of what your buyers will be searching for when shopping and place additional emphasis on keywords that are more likely to bring you productive traffic. Remember that those searching for specific keywords are more likely to already have made up their mind about what they want and are now looking for a place to buy it. So someone looking for “Apple MacBook Air Refurbished” is more likely to buy them a searcher typing in “computer” in Google.

Participating in online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are also good ways to get more sales, as the traffic is already present on these sites and people frequent online marketplaces with one main goal: to buy a product that they need. These can help you get sales in addition to those you would make on your main site.

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How to get a Top Ten Ranking on Search Engines

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How to get a Top Ten Ranking on Search Engines

One of the main goals  of your business is to get your website to rank as high as possible. The reason being, if you have a higher ranking website, the more eyeballs that view it, the more revenue and business (or philantropy) you can provide for your visitors. The point of creating a website isn’t to have it sit idle and without viewers, but to get as large as the owner wants it to be. That is where ranking high in search engines is really going to help. Statistics show something like 40% of the users on search engines like Google click on the first link available, your goal is to be that site.

Ranking systems within the popular search engines used more often by browsing individuals can either give you an advantage or a disadvantage. If you are not ranked higher in these listings, then you get less exposure and that is bad when your website depends on exposure from people who want to see what you provide on your website. It is not impossible to get a top ten ranking on search engines and it does not take too much to get there if you know the simple tricks to use.

There is a wide variety of things you could do to help improve your search engine ranking. The most important thing that needs to be done is having the website optimized for search engine indexing. This optimization could be simple things like providing the necessary tags, having content that is tailored to the target audience and more. This can be done by yourself or you could hire professionals to do it for a fee. Either way, it helps to improve ranking and promotes more traffic to the websites which are being optimized.

The next option is to look into blogs and social media for link purposes. The way that some of the goliath search engines work best is by having back links to the original source. This means that the more times that a link is traceable back to the website that originates to some content or provides a simple link to the main page of the website, the more times it will show up in the search engine when searched. Many search engines combine the weight of all of the links towards the original and provide higher rankings when searched. This does take time, but is fairly worth the effort to increase ranking on search engine sites.

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New Google SERPS Means More Traffic For Your Website

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New Google SERPS Means More Traffic For Your Website

Some of you may of noticed Googles new results page and have you wondered how this might affect your websites search engine results position ?

Google has for the last year have been slowly changing the way their search works, for example the search results are more tailored to the individual using the computer.  The new design is very similar to bing and yahoo.  But Google still dominate the search engine niche with last month being one of their best months in terms of users using Google compared to other search engines.

The new SERPs may make SEO webmasters a little worried as to how users will now start to use the new tools that Google provides users and how results will be displayed.  I can say that my traffic stats to my website haven’t changed much since the new Google changes have been introduced but my enquiries and sales have dropped a little which makes me think if this is a result of the recent Google changes, but i doubt very much as my bounce rate is still the same so im just guessing its a seasonal issue.

The options in the left panel of the new look Google pull from “everything” – classic Google results (universal, organic, paid, etc.), blogs from Google Blog Search, Books from Google Books (which includes magazines), Images from Google Image Search, News from Google News, Maps from Google Maps, Shopping from Google Product Search, Videos from Google Video (which includes videos from YouTube and other sources), and Updates from Google’s real-time search.

You will also notice that at the end of the search results page it will show live results from Twitter and match any keywords from a live feed directly from Twitter.  Google is moving more towards giving you live results as its constantly improving the way it gives the end user results.

I recently ran an experiment using Twitter as a way to get traffic from using the live twitter service on Google by using a plugin on my wordpress blog that updated my twitter account every 15 mins with new articles and this brought in alot of traffic as Google was picking up my keywords in my tweets and giving them tops spot on the results of Google helping direct organic traffic straight to my blog.  The only drawback on this was the plugin i was using crashed my server as it was using alot of bandwidth as it was an autoblog adding 7 new articles every minute, so you can image what this did to my server.  However at the time i was getting around 500 clicks, many from very competitive keywords on Google via the Twitter live feed.

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Google & Microsoft Sign Deal With Twitter For Live Search Results On Search Engines

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Google & Microsoft Sign Deal With Twitter For Live Search Results On Search Engines

twitter realtime searchGoogle and Bing (Microsoft) have signed a deal with Twitter which will allow tweets to be made available via search results.  This means that users searching online will get access to live results instantly via Tweets on Google and Bing.

Twitter has created a new type of online search in that in gives users real time information from users tweeting their information to their followers.  These tweets will now be available to Google and Bing which will make the online search experience more realtime in the information that is presented to the user.

Microsoft has announced that a potential deal will soon be struck with Facebook in that user status updates will be made availabe to Bings search results.

Google’s Marissa Mayer said: “Our goal is to create the most comprehensive, relevant and fast search in the world.”

 “In the past few years, an entirely new type of data has emerged – real-time updates like those on Twitter have appeared not only as a way for people to communicate their thoughts and feelings, but also as an interesting source of data about what is happening right now in regard to a particular topic.”

Internet experts are predicting that with this new invention of real-time search this will be the next big money maker for webmasters, allowing companies the opportunity to advertise alongside the popular information in real time.

Microsoft’s Bing service has already setup a Twitter search page specifically to search for Tweets and Google will soon launch a Twitter search service within the next few months.

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How To Add Google Adsense To Your Blog

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How To Add Google Adsense To Your Blog

google adsense websitesIf you have a wordpress blog and want to make money from your blog then a very good plugin to install is the Google adsense plugin.  The plugin is free to install.  Simply do a search on Google for the “Google Adsense WordPress Plugin”.  Download and unzip the plugin then using your FTP software upload the plugin to the following directory within your hosting account:


Login to your blog and under plugins you should see the Adsense plugin and activate it.

Once you have activated the plugin your ready to customise the plugin under “Settings” on the bottom left of the screen.  Under the Adsense ID this is where you put you Google adsense publisher id also known as your PUB Number.  This number can be found at the top right hand corner in your Google adsense account.

You can also setup Adsense channels if you use adsense for several other websites and want to track which site is generating your clicks.

You can also set what sizes you want the adds to be displayed on your blog under ad formats.  You can also decide if you want your ads to appear on articles, static pages, category pages, on your home page or any of your archive pages.

You can also change the colour of your ads to match the theme of your website and you can also set to show a number of adds per page depending on your preferences.

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How To Make Money From Google Adsense On Your Blog

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How To Make Money From Google Adsense On Your Blog

earn cash onlineIf you have a blog or a website and are looking for a way to make money from it then i recommend joining upto Googles partnership program called Google Adsense.  Google adsense is a partnership opportunity that you will allow Google to show their adverts on your website and whenever a customer of yours clicks on their adverts you earn a commission instantly

The commission you earn depends on your content, some adverts can earn you upto $5 and some 0.20c depending on how much the advertiser has paid Google.  Google then spilts the revenue with you for placing the add on your website.  From the advertisers point of view this is called PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising via the Google Adwords network.

The great thing about Google adsense adverts is that you can easily intregrate them into your website or blog either as text or banners.  You can change the look and colour of the text to match your content which makes your reader want to click on the adverts as they will think they are part of your website so you earn commission very easily.

There is a very good plugin for wordpress that you can upload and activate and allow Google adsense to show up in your articles on pages.  Just run a search on Google for the plugin.  Installation is very easy.

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Getting on Page 1 of Google, Ultimate SEO Marketing Guide

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Getting on Page 1 of Google, Ultimate SEO Marketing Guide


The first thing you need to do is make sure your website has been optimised making sure you have the following (if you have bought a website from us then you can skip this section):

Website Optimisation Tips

1.) Making sure you have meta tags on your homepage
2.) All your pages have titles with your keywords
3.) Page names with your keywords (example – www.domain.com/keyword.htm )
4.) Very good content on all your pages matching the keywords on your title and page name
5.) Having your main keyword on your pages in H1 font style towards the top of the page
6.) Having some of your keywords as anchor text (hyperlinks) that link to inner pages within your site
7.) Having a xml sitemap accessible from your homepage for search engines to find and crawl (helps with indexing your pages)
8.) Making sure your website is updated on a regular basis (ideally everyday). Best ways to do this is by having a blog, free directory, free article submission, forum as added features to your site

Marketing Your Website

The most recommend method for marketing your website is the organic method to get high rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.

Google will determine your rankings on searches by how many back links you have to your site, which means how many other websites have your link on. This lets google know that your website is very popular. If you can try to make sure that the sites that you have a back link on match the niche of your website. For example if you are an electronics website selling electronics try to have back links on other shopping websites selling similar products and services. This will make it easier for Google to understand what your website is all about.

Even better is if you can have keyword anchor text as your back links from other sites. For example instead of just putting your domain URL as a back link you could have your chosen keyword for example – cheap ipods – and when someone clicks on this they are directed to your website. This lets google know your website has cheap ipods and to place your rankings high up when someone uses this search term on google.

The HTML code to create a keyword anchor back link text is:

<a href=http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME.com>YOUR KEYWORD TEXT</a>

Another good trick is to look at your competitors and find out how many back links they have and what other websites they have their links on. This will give you some idea of how they have achieve page 1 listings on google. To find out what back links your competition has you can do the following:

1.) On google get their domain name and search using their full domain name ( example – http://www.establishedwebsiteforsale.co.uk = over 1000 back links)

2.) On Yahoo.com get your competitors URL and do the following entering the following in the search bar:


This will tell you how many back links they have and what websites they are on. A good theory is if you put your link on all the websites your competitor has, you will over time be next to them on top of Google.

A number of good ways to get back links is to try some of the following:

1.) Writing up articles about your products or services that you offer with your back links within your articles using the anchor text back link
2.) Writing in blogs leaving your links (e.g commenting on other peoples blogs)
3.) Exchanging links with other similar websites. Usually if you look towards to the bottom of most websites they have a Links page that allows you to exchange links with each other
4.) Submit your URL to free directories
5.) Submit your URL to DMOZ. Google loves this directory, altougth it can take months to get lising on there
6.) Submit your URL to social networking sites, forums
7.) Use Yahoo answers and other forums to answer peoples questions with a link to your website.
8.) Use a very good forum called (forums.digitalpoint.com) and look for individuals offering the following services which will help with building your backlinks dramatically:

# Article submission service
# Free directory submission service
# Sponsoring wordpress themes that match the niche of your website (highly recommended)
# Sponsoring joomla themes that match the niche of your website
# Buying high PR (Pagerank) links of similar websites to yours
# Buying blogroll links on blogs

List of websites to submit your website to


Another method which you can use is setting up a pay per click campaign with Google adwords.

This works by paying Google everytime someone clicks on your link in Googles network of websites and search engine. You can set a budget for example 0.20p per click to your site. You can set a daily budget so you can pay for example 1,000 hits aday to your website.

Another very good way to promote your website and build back links to your site is to write in forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites. For example the following:

1) Yahoo answers

2) Forums and blogs that match your niche. For example if you have a finance website, look for forums to do with finance and people looking for loans etc..

3) Facebook. You can create a group on facebook with a link to your website and email this group to all your friends

4) Set up an email campaign and email several people your services

5) If you have a blog, write very good articles and Digg them on Digg.com and if people like your article it will become very popular within the Digg.com community and help with your rankings dramatically and popularity

Another option is to pay for an advert in your local paper telling them about your services and a link to your website

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