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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

We’ve already covered the issue of mobile marketing numerous times in the past. You’ve probably seen just how important it is for your website to have a mobile version if you don’t want to be left behind and let the competition take your customers. You’ve also seen some statistics on how many mobile users there are in the world, what platforms they’re using (Android, iPhone, etc) and what they like to do when they’re online. But what about the practical aspect of it? Actually building a mobile friendly version of a website?


This is where many webmasters and internet marketers get stuck. They may recognize the large importance of having a mobile site up, but don’t really know how to make it happen. Many research some option, but then have trouble deciding which one would be the best for them to use in their case. Then of course there is the issue of cost. If your site is making several hundreds of dollars a day in profits, you may not think twice about spending $500, $1000, $2000 or more on getting a mobile version of your site designed professionally, complete with all the bells and whistles. But if you are a small time entrepreneur or a start up, with a business that’s just earning a few dollars a day in profits, you may be a bit hesitant to drop a huge chunk of coin on a mobile version of your site, especially if it may take months before you get any sort of tangible return on your investment.


There is, of course, a way to get a site going at low or no cost to you and that would be designing it yourself. But not every webmaster has the skill needed to create a complete mobile site from scratch. Also, this is a process that is seen as time consuming. So what are your options?


There are actually several of them, which are all either free or quite inexpensive. You also get to choose whether you will be creating a new website from the ground up, or you will simply be adapting your current site to better fit the smaller screen of a mobile device.


One word of advice is not to choose the first option that you see (here or in another resource), but rather, to compare the different systems and providers available to see what will fit your site and your business better. Remember that every website is unique. Therefore, you will need a mobile solution that will be well adapted to the type of content and services that you provide on your business website.


Tomorrow we will go into more details about the options available to webmasters who want to build a mobile version of their site. You will see, it’s actually a lot easier than it may seem at first and you can get the whole thing completed in one day.


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Simple Business Types You Can Start: Part 2

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Simple Business Types You Can Start: Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen an example of a simple type of business that you can start online. The majority of easy to start online businesses involve either selling a product or providing some type of useful service to your target market. Here are some more examples of small online businesses that you can start:

  • Social Media Marketing Services

Social media has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, so much that many businesses have seen it useful to build their presence on various social networking websites, such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Of course, there are still small businesses that, even though they may have an online presence through a website, don’t currently use social media even though it could be profitable for them. If you have knowledge on how to promote products, services and ideas through social media, you can offer your services to local businesses.

There are many types of services that you can provide. The most simple ones would be creating a social media page for your clients, filled with information about their business and products, and done in a style that matches their main website. You can also offer to manage the social media presence of a business entirely, by making the updates as well as creating events, groups, etc. when necessary.

  • Web Design and Web Building Services

Here again, you will offer your services to other small businesses in your area. You can offer to create web sites completely from scratch, or to update existing ones in order to improve their appearance. You can also offer to create mobile compatible versions of websites, which is something that is quite in demand lately due to the increasing use of smart phones by consumers to look for products and services that they want to buy.

In addition to designing and building websites, you can also offer additional services that will make you look more valuable for your clients. For example, you can offer to manage a website completely, by adding content and making updates when necessary. You can also provide your clients with web hosting services as part of your web design packages, which can simply be done by getting a reseller account with a good quality web host.

Naturally, you will need some good web design skills working with different software, plus graphic design skills would be useful as you can then create completely customized backgrounds, logos, etc. for your clients websites. Advertising can be easily done through free or low cost methods, such as on social media, through classified ad sites, forums, etc. If you do a good job and are priced competitively, you could also get some word of mouth referrals which will boost the amount of clients that you get.

These two are other examples of online businesses that you can easily start if you already have the right skills. There are plenty of other ways to make money online by starting a small, home based business. You just need to be creative in finding useful services that you can offer and that people would be willing to pay for.

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Building a Good Small Business Website: Part 2

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Building a Good Small Business Website: Part 2

Previously, we have seen that there are certain things that you need to decide when you are building a website for your business. One of the things would have been selecting a system to manage the content of your site. Of course, the goal of any business website would be to share information with your visitors about what your business has to offer and make them want to buy your products. But you should also have a good back end system that will enable you to easily manage your website, plus add or remove information to it as necessary. Your main options are either: simply put up a static website, or use a content management system, or CMS. Both options have their pluses and minuses, as such, it would only be logical for us to explore them in the context of building a website for your small business.

Using a Static Website

This is by far the simplest way to put up a site. You create the pages, either from scratch, or by using a template or web builder and then you upload them to your web host. Then, you are done. Let’s examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of this option:


  • Ease of use. You will simply have to create the web pages and upload them onto your server. There are no new systems that you would need to learn how to use, etc. This makes creating a static website quite easy and an attractive option for beginner webmasters.
  • Availability of many templates and tools. There are plenty of free and paid website templates and web building tools that you can use to create your site. Many of these are quite straightforward to use as well.
  • Highly customizable. You can add any type of content that you want on your site, usually with a WYSIWYG web editor, without worrying about compatibility issues too much.


  • Hard to add or remove information. If you have a static website, adding or removing information, especially if you need to do so on a regular basis, will be quite difficult. You will need to open up the page in an HTML editor, make the changes and then re-upload the page to your web host. While this is certainly achievable, it is not too convenient.
  • Limited e-commerce features. If you plan on selling things on your website directly, then managing an e-commerce site that is simply composed of static HTML pages is quite hard. You will have no back end system, so you will have to rely on your payment processor’s system to manage sales, get reports, etc. Also, adding and removing products, adding new promotions, etc. is going to be quite difficult due to the point above; you will need to manually edit and re-upload the page every time.


Using static HTML pages for your business website may be an acceptable option, if you own a business where your offerings do not change very frequently and if you are not selling anything directly on your website.

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Making Good Use Of PLR – Part 1

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Making Good Use Of PLR – Part 1

If you were looking for content to add to your website or for some ebooks that you can resell, then you may have come across someone selling PLR content. You may have been surprised that it is quite cheap or even free. In fact packs of PLR such as articles, ebooks, website templates, graphics, etc. are often given as a free gift when you buy some products in the internet marketing niche or you join a membership site about making money online. Can using PLR really earn you money, or is it just something that is good as “filler” content for your website?

As you may already know, PLR products give you “Private Label Rights”, meaning that depending on the license included with the content, you can do pretty much anything you want with it, including republish it, modify it, bundle it in another product, etc. This creates a wealth of opportunities in which PLR products can be used, some of which could indeed be very profitable for you.

Let’s take a look at PLR articles. Obviously, we all know that in order for a web page to be both attractive to readers and search engines, it needs to have regularly updated and unique content. PLR articles can help you with that. However, there are certain things that you should know about using them. If all you need is content for your site and you don’t care too much about SEO (i.e. you don’t expect to get most of your traffic from organic search results), then you can simply use the articles as they are on your site.

However, if you want to increase your ranking in the search engines, the content that you supply on your site needs to be actually unique. You will therefore need to rewrite it. However, we all know that rewriting content is far more simple than actually writing an article from scratch. You don’t really need to think up of original ideas, just say the same thing than the PLR article is saying but in different words. For example, if the original text is: “I saw a huge dog running on the street”, you could spin it to “I looked at the street and saw a big dog barreling through”. You get the idea. You can, of course hire a freelancer to do it for you. In that case you will save money, as rewriting is usually quite cheaper than writing original content. You can spin the PLR articles as many times as you desire to suit your needs.

Remember that you actually don’t have to use the entire article on your site. For example, if the PLR articles are 600 words each and you only need a 300 word blog post, you can use only parts of the article on your site. You can also split the article into two different posts as well.

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Make Money Without A Product Of Your Own

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Make Money Without A Product Of Your Own

If you have a product of your own to sell, then you’re not going to have a lot of trouble making money online. Just set up a website to sell your product on, and then work to promote it. Of course it’s a little more complicated than that, but the concept is simple enough – promote and sell your product. If you don’t have a product of your own, you can still make money online. There are a few effective methods for making money on the internet that don’t require you to create a product of your own.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling products for various advertisers. One of the easiest methods is to sell ebooks and other digital products available on Click Bank. Just create a page that pushes the product, and do a little advertising of your own either through an ad network, or by using social media sites, and you’ll be on your way to affiliate marketing success.


Set up a blog that covers a particular niche. Put ads for a variety of products related to that niche on that blog, and as your traffic grows, so too will your advertising revenue. Update your blog frequently. At the very least, update it several times a week, though, ideally, you should update it daily. It’s going to take some time to make your blog profitable, but if you stick with it, you’ll get there eventually.

PLR Products

Private Label Rights, or PLR products are digital products, usually ebooks, that you can buy, edit, and sell. You don’t have to do the full work of writing an ebook from scratch, but you can earn money as though you had. It’s important to take the time to edit the PLR products you buy – you don’t want them to appear too similar to someone else’s product. With a little bit of money, and a little bit of work, you can start selling a modified PLR product in no time.

If you have a product to sell, you’re going to have very little trouble making money online. If not, you can keep these things in mind to help you get your online business off the ground. Affiliate marketing, blogging, and PLR products can all help you to get your business up and running without having a single product of your own.

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