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Some of Facebook’s Biggest Changes in 2012: Part 2

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Some of Facebook’s Biggest Changes in 2012: Part 2

Yesterday, we’ve seen some changes that Facebook has made or is planning to make in 2012. But there are a few more. It is important that marketers remain vigilant to any changes that the social network makes. This even holds true for those who don’t rely too heavily on Facebook for their advertising, as new changes could bring increased opportunities for them and they may want to make social media a bigger part of their overall marketing strategy. Here are a few more of these 2012 changes:


Unpublished Page Posts. One of the most common complaints among Facebook marketers is targeting, or rather lack thereof. While Facebook has some good analytics tools that let you see who subscribes to your page, one thing that has been criticized about the site is that it didn’t provide many options to target specific groups of individuals with your posts. Everyone saw the same content, period. But with Unpublished Page Posts, this is slowly changing. Marketers are now able to target specific fan segments. When the option gets used, the post will not appear on the Timeline of the marketer. Rather, it will be sent directly to the targeted users news feeds. This makes sending relevant content to specific subsets of fans a lot easier and has the opportunity to increase conversion and click through rates.


Specific Permission Levels for Facebook Page Admins. In order to give businesses more tools for the management of their Facebook pages, different permission levels for page admins have been launched in May. The current permission levels are Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst. This change makes it easier for larger organizations to manage their presence on the social networking sites by assigning different roles and privileges to different people.


Better Facebook Integration in Bing Search Results. While Google is the undisputed champion of the search engine world, Bing is a close second. Anyone serious about building their online presence and getting maximum results from their marketing efforts can’t ignore this. Bing has recently added a social media sidebar which pulls data from the biggest social networks, allowing more integration between traditional SERPs and social data. If a user is logged in to a social networking account such as Facebook, they will get social posts in search results, plus have the ability to share search results directly from the side bar with their Facebook friends.


Addition of Trending Articles. Users will now see relevant news articles in their Facebook news feeds. The order in which the articles appear will vary according to how much their friends have interacted with the news content. If a user has a lot of friends who have liked or simply read a news article, then there is a higher chance that it will be featured prominently in their own news feed. This is obviously welcome by many marketers who use news marketing as part of their overall strategy.


These are some of the biggest changes that have been made by Facebook in 2012. As usual, things can change quickly, so marketers should stay on top of social media news to see what is going on with Facebook and other social networks.

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Bing Rolls Out a Few Small Changes Too

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Bing Rolls Out a Few Small Changes Too

The world of internet marketing is one that is always changing and sometimes very rapidly. Some items that have made the headlines recently are the changes brought to Google’s search algorithm, which we have talked about previously. However, Google is not the only search engine making changes to the way their service works. Even though the Big G is currently the undisputed leader when it comes to web search, marketers and webmasters need to know that Bing is also in the search engine game. Even though they don’t get as many searches as Google, it is still important for website owners to know what’s changing with them.

The changes that have been made by Bing recently have been posted on their blog as well as being presented on various online marketing related news websites. The main element that has changed is the layout of the search results pages. For any search engine, presented search results in a good way to users is crucial if they want to maintain their user satisfaction. What Bing did is made the search results page a lot more simple. Results from videos, photos and maps will still be present, however they have moved to add more white space to the page. Social results will still appear, however they are now in one designated spot on the page.

Related searches to the keywords entered by the user have been moved from the top left to the bottom right portion. Furthermore, the other search types (maps, local, image, etc) have been put on top of the page where they can be browsed in a tab format as opposed to being simply links located on the left side of the page like before.

With results to the search algorithm, Bing has stated that they have made some minor improvements to it, with the goal of returning more relevant content to users. However, according to many sources, the changes aren’t as significant as the rollout of the Panda update was for Google.

No matter what the search engine is, those involved in online marketing will need to know that the changes made to search algorithms by search engines aren’t factors that they can control. Of course, details of what has really changed in these updates remain a trade secret, but some information will undoubtedly be figured out by SEO experts.

But for a website to be successful, its search strategy needs to be a lot more than just keeping up with changes in the search engine world and making modifications to try and game the system. Search engines, whether Google, Bing or all others, are always looking to deliver the highest quality and most relevant content to their users. Keeping your website content at an optimal quality level should be what comes first. Then, you can get into the specifics of what could make your search engine ranking better by making some small modifications to the way your website is structured or the content presented to the user.

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Which Changes Will be Brought to Online Marketing in 2012 – Part 3

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Which Changes Will be Brought to Online Marketing in 2012 – Part 3

We’ve seen some interesting new trends when it comes to online marketing and the changes that are expected to happen in 2012. Online business model changes, rise in social media advertising, online television, as well as mobile marketing are all things that are expected to take place in 2012. But there are a few other things that are expected to be more important this year. Mainly when it comes to promoting your website through natural search results on Google. Here are some of them:

  • Content and Site Design Will Matter More

Google has recently made some changes to their algorithm which penalizes low quality websites that are built for the sole purpose of attracting clicks on search engines. This increases the quality of search results overall, as searchers are now less likely to be directed to a website that has irrelevant content or is just a dumping ground for advertisements. Quality, relevant content will be necessary. As Google is now showing snippets of websites when a user hovers over the search results, having a site that is attractive to the user is also going to be a lot more important. Working on the design elements of your site is thus recommended.

  • Google + Will Matter More For SEO

While there is some debate as to whether Google + will ever have any relevance as a personal social network and few people now expect it to be a serious rival to Facebook, it looks like Google + will matter to business users a lot more. This is because Google + results will also be indexed in search engine results and will be given a high degree of relevance, just like YouTube videos are shown in search results. Whether or not you believe Google + will be important in your online marketing strategy overall, it would be a very good idea to have an account on the network.

  • Rating, Review and Consumer Opinion Sites Will Become Very Important

While these sites have existed for more than 15 years now, review websites are going to get more relevance in search results. Already, we can see results for comments left about a certain business appearing near the top of search results when that business name is searched for on Google. For business owners, this means two things. First, offering a quality product or service, which will avoid consumers complaining about them on these sites. Second, monitoring search results for their business name, associated keywords as well as entries regarding them on review and opinion websites. Many of these sites give the chance for business owners to respond to any comments, both positive and negative. This will give potential customers that are checking out your business a good feeling that you care about their opinions and that you want to help them resolve any issues that they may have. This applies to any business that targets the consumer market, whether online or offline. Review websites for Business to Business companies, while not as popular, still exist and should be paid attention to as well if this is the line of business in which you operate in.

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Google AdSense Ad Network Marketing

Google Adsense is one of the most overlooked areas of monetization of projects in internet marketing sometimes. A lot of bloggers and content creators know about Adsense, but many affiliate marketers and straight internet marketers over look it for other more lucrative offers.

The thing is, however, is that Adsense can be used alongside other offers of CPA, Affiliate links, and more. Adsense doesn’t get in the way of those offers and the bright shiny pictures of your affiliate links will overshadow the text based Adsense stuff, and that is a good thing. Adsense can be a compliment and not the major source of income, but can be a great supplemental offering.

The process to market for ad revenue from Google is fairly simple. Of course the ads which are served on your websites will have two ways of being shown on your website when using AdSense:

  1. Ads served will be based off of keywords searched through Google to bring viewers to your site.
  2. Ads will derive from relevant content on your site when they arrive from links or direct URL input.

So it is necessary to build up the content on the site to where the ads that appear are relevant to what you will want to be paid for. To look up the value of keywords you will be getting paid for, you can use the keyword tool from Google AdWords (under previous interface) to see the average cost per click of keywords and their synonyms.

Composing content for the website will then need to pull from these keywords that you want to rank for on Google and other major search engines. The content, once created with the appropriate keywords will then be posted to the site and will be indexed by Google over time. When traffic makes its way to the site and the ads are served for the content you provide, it will be more likely that the ads are targeted appropriately.

One of the important things to take note of is to never try to rank for keywords with too much competition. Although the payouts in cost per click on these ad keywords is higher, you will more than likely not rank high enough for those keywords to actually receive ads for those keywords. The best strategy is to try and rank for a range of keywords with average or little competition so that people who do see the site when they search will more likely to click ads when they arrive.

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Using Forums to Market Your Website

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Using Forums to Market Your Website

Online forums are sometimes overlooked as a means to market your product or website to a large audience, but in reality, forums are still alive and thriving no matter the newest social network which comes along.

The reason forums are still a mainstay online is that they are very niche offerings. Sure, you can go to Twitter to talk about internet marketing, but 1/2 your audience might not care. On a forum dedicated to Internet Marketing such as Warrior Forum, everyone there is there to work on their internet marketing business or to learn more about internet marketing. Social networks are great for a broad market, but to get very targeted “social” interaction a forum still remains the top choice. You see the difference?

One of the main ways to use forums as a marketing tool for your website is to use the signature allowed in your posts that you create. This signature which usually can allow links (and usually dofollow links) will allow you to create numerous backlinks to your website. The more you post, the more times your link appears on different pages of the website. This is good for two reasons mainly, 1) that your link will gather you some Google “juice” (aka backlinks) and 2) that your fellow forum members might happen to click on it.

The two are very different, one is traffic for the future and the other is traffic now. It is very important however, to make sure you are providing relevant content and not spam. Forum members hate when new members come into their forum and start spamming comments that are generic or add no value to the conversation. Much like a social network such as Twitter. Make sure, for your future readers sake and your reputations sake, that you do not come off as spammy, that you promote your site in a respectable way and that you provide some sort of value to the other forum members.

Another minor way, but another way that might be important are forums with “websites” in their profiles. So when you are signing up and a forum asks for your personal website, put your product website there that you want to promote. That will provide you with one backlink at least for your effort, better than nothing, right?

Good luck and don’t be a bad forum member – make sure you follow the rules and add value to the conversation.

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Secret to running a successful Internet business

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Secret to running a successful Internet business

businessTo run a succesful internet business you need to work hard. By working hard i mean keeping your website upto date with correct information and content. Making sure your website is user friendly with easy navigation

The key to driving users to your website is making sure you work on your SEO (Search engine optimisation).

Your website needs to be unique and different from anyone else and offer decent products or a service which they will want to come back again and tell their friends.

Having a blog attached to your website is a good way to keep your high rankings on google, as google likes websites that are updated daily with relevant content that matches the website

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