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Which Changes Will be Brought to Online Marketing in 2012 – Part 3

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Which Changes Will be Brought to Online Marketing in 2012 – Part 3

We’ve seen some interesting new trends when it comes to online marketing and the changes that are expected to happen in 2012. Online business model changes, rise in social media advertising, online television, as well as mobile marketing are all things that are expected to take place in 2012. But there are a few other things that are expected to be more important this year. Mainly when it comes to promoting your website through natural search results on Google. Here are some of them:

  • Content and Site Design Will Matter More

Google has recently made some changes to their algorithm which penalizes low quality websites that are built for the sole purpose of attracting clicks on search engines. This increases the quality of search results overall, as searchers are now less likely to be directed to a website that has irrelevant content or is just a dumping ground for advertisements. Quality, relevant content will be necessary. As Google is now showing snippets of websites when a user hovers over the search results, having a site that is attractive to the user is also going to be a lot more important. Working on the design elements of your site is thus recommended.

  • Google + Will Matter More For SEO

While there is some debate as to whether Google + will ever have any relevance as a personal social network and few people now expect it to be a serious rival to Facebook, it looks like Google + will matter to business users a lot more. This is because Google + results will also be indexed in search engine results and will be given a high degree of relevance, just like YouTube videos are shown in search results. Whether or not you believe Google + will be important in your online marketing strategy overall, it would be a very good idea to have an account on the network.

  • Rating, Review and Consumer Opinion Sites Will Become Very Important

While these sites have existed for more than 15 years now, review websites are going to get more relevance in search results. Already, we can see results for comments left about a certain business appearing near the top of search results when that business name is searched for on Google. For business owners, this means two things. First, offering a quality product or service, which will avoid consumers complaining about them on these sites. Second, monitoring search results for their business name, associated keywords as well as entries regarding them on review and opinion websites. Many of these sites give the chance for business owners to respond to any comments, both positive and negative. This will give potential customers that are checking out your business a good feeling that you care about their opinions and that you want to help them resolve any issues that they may have. This applies to any business that targets the consumer market, whether online or offline. Review websites for Business to Business companies, while not as popular, still exist and should be paid attention to as well if this is the line of business in which you operate in.

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Link Building Is Important – But It Must Be Done Properly

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Link Building Is Important – But It Must Be Done Properly

If you want your website to rise in search engine rankings, you have probably heard about the importance of building quality backlinks. In fact, it is a topic that is often discussed in various webmaster forums. While building backlinks is a necessity, it needs to be done in a proper way for it to be effective in getting your website to rise through search results. Here are some ways to make sure that your link building efforts will bring you the results that you are hoping for.

You should first know that not all links are the same. Search engines such as Google prefer one way backlinks from quality websites that have content which is related to whatever niche your site is in. There are many “link exchange” programs out there where you can put a link to your site somewhere, but will have to put a link back to the referring site on your page. These types of links do not carry much weight in search engines and will naturally not do much to boost your ranking.

Even if you do get one way backlinks to your site, it is important that you consider what kind of site they are placed on. Some webmasters offer you the chance to place a link to your page on their site for a fee. The problem with such services is that the pages on which your links will be placed on are often just a “links” page that is nothing but a dump of dozens of links to unrelated sites. Or they could be placed on pages where the content has little relevance to the niche of your site. If all you do is place links on these kinds of sites, chances are you will actually get penalized rather than go up in search engine rankings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that building backlinks to your site is a process that needs to be done gradually over time. Your link building should appear natural to the eyes of the search engines. If you have a completely new website that has just started, the search engines will not find it normal that it starts getting thousands of links all over the place from day one. Google will simply think that you are spamming your links all over the web in order to try and move up quickly in search results. Instead of moving up, your site will likely be pushed down. Therefore, if you make use of any services, online tools or software to build links, it is important that you take a look at how exactly they are getting you those links. If someone promises to give you “thousands of backlinks” in a day, chances are that they are doing something that is not one the up and up. Remember to take your link building efforts slowly and gradually to get the best results.

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