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Why Google + Has Happier Users

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Why Google + Has Happier Users

The data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index is in and the results may have surprised quite a few in the online marketing world. Google + is the social network which currently boasts the highest rate of user satisfaction.


Does this mean that Google + will soon become the king of social media and take Facebook’s place? In theory, anything could happen in the social media world. Remember when MySpace was hugely popular among all categories of users a few years ago? Now, it lost the majority of its market share to Facebook and has been re-branded as a site that mainly caters to music fans, as well as people with “alternative” tastes, such as those into the punk or goth lifestyle. However, to be realistic, this isn’t something that is likely to happen with Facebook anytime soon, if at all. What is more likely, however is that Google + will keep on growing and attract more users.


There were several reasons cited as to why users were more satisfied with Google + than with Facebook. Here are some of them:


  • A feeling that Google + has more respect for users privacy than Facebook. In the study to measure customer satisfaction, 42 percent of respondents have stated that Google has an “excellent” commitment to protecting their privacy. Much fewer Facebook users have rated them as “excellent” for that point. Online privacy and security concerns are now becoming more important than ever for many users, especially those older than 35. People want control over who gets to see their data and how it’s used. Without getting into specifics, it just seems that according to the public opinion, Google + does a better job than Facebook on this point.
  • A better experience on mobile devices. We’ve said this time and time again. A lot of people now get online with a mobile device. Their numbers will just keep on growing as mobile device sales are up, up and up everywhere in the world. According to user perceptions, Google + offers much better functionality for its mobile apps, especially the apps for Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad, which have received very positive reviews both from professional IT reviewers and individual consumers.
  • Google + offers a better approach to advertising. Online advertising is everywhere and for many people reading this, it is their career and the reason why their business is in existence. Users are far more satisfied with the advertising scheme of Google + as opposed to Facebook for one huge reasons: there aren’t any ads on Google +. No search ads and no banner ads. Google understands that displaying pay per click or CPM ads on its social network may not go too well with users. This is why it uses a different advertising scheme, such as showing recommendations and reviews from friends. This, based on what we’ve seen so far, goes through a whole lot better with users, who don’t really like being distracted or bothered with banner and text ads when they’re busy socializing.

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