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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 3

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Tips for Running CPA Offers on Craigslist: Part 3

Previously we’ve seen some ways to get your ads on classified ad sites to stay there and also to make a maximum amount of money while minimizing problems. Here are some final tips on how you can run successful affiliate campaigns by using classified ad sites:


  • Look at the other ads


When you want to put ads on Craigslist or any other classified ads site, the first thing that you would need to do is to take a look for yourself about how all the other ads in the section look like. Look at the titles, the formatting as well as the wording used in the ads. Do people post pictures? Do they post contact information in the ad? What words or expressions are used more often? These are all things that will help your ad look normal and make it less likely to be flagged or reported as spam. Also, you should obviously avoid making any outrageous claims in your ad to draw attention to it such as “Get a free house!” or things like that. If you do, it would probably be flagged as spam very quickly.


  • Use a local IP


Classified ads sites such as Craiglist and Backpage are mainly designed for local people to post local offers. So if you post an ad in a city that is not yours, you will need to use an IP address that is located in the area that you are targeting. You might not need this for all the classified ads sites, however Craigslist is known to be very strict regarding this and your ads in many categories will not appear if the IP address that you are posting from is not local to the area. To solve this problem, there are various workarounds. You could use a proxy, or a VPN service that will give you an IP address in the area where you are intending to post your ad.


  • Don’t mislead people or make false promises


Selling something from a CPA offer is one thing. However, deliberately misleading people by making false promises is another. Examples of this would include: promising someone a job if they fill out a survey, telling someone they are approved for a mortgage if they get a free credit report from your offer, etc. With some creativity, there are quite a few ways that you can promote CPA offers on classified ads sites without promising people things that don’t exist.


  • Check the rules for the offer you are promoting


Many affiliate networks recognize that classified ads sites are an important source of traffic and are used by thousands of marketers. However, some may have specific rules as to what kind of ads can be posted, as well as the sites they can be posted on. On some offers, classified ad traffic may be banned altogether, while on some you are not allowed to direct link to the offer itself. In any case, make sure you check the terms of every offer you want to promote before starting a campaign.

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Create A Successful Newsletter

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Create A Successful Newsletter

Starting a successful newsletter is tough, no matter what type of site it’s for. Most people delete the majority of newsletters that hit their inbox without ever even opening them. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run an email marketing campaign, it just means you have to follow a few important guidelines while doing so.

First, and probably the most important, is don’t buy subscribers. We’ve all seen the ads that promise tens of thousands of subscribers for one low, low price, but it’s still not worth it. The price might be affordable, but you probably don’t want the subscribers they’re tying to sell you. You can’t be certain how they got a hold of those email addresses, so there’s always a chance they were obtained illegally, or at the very least, by underhanded means. If they were all obtained on the up and up, you still have no way of knowing whether or not they’re active email addresses that get checked by someone regularly. Even if they do get checked regularly, you still don’t want them. There’s no way to guarantee that each email address you bought belongs to someone who is likely to be interested in your newsletter. You might be buying subscribers that are likely to flag your newsletter as spam, and hurt the overall reputation of your newsletter, and by proxy, your site.

Instead of paying for subscribers, ask for them. Put an opt in page on your site, and put an opt in box on the sidebar. Also, if you have a store, give your customers the option to sign up for your newsletter during checkout. By asking your customers to sign up, you won’t get as many subscribers as you would by buying them, but you’ll get subscribers with a genuine interest in your site, and your niche.

Once you have the right subscribers, it’s important to start sending them the right things. Don’t just send out sales emails, try to send out entertaining and informative content as well. If you can entertain your subscribers, they’ll be more likely to open and read all of your emails, including your sales emails.

A successful newsletter just comes down to sending the right information to the right subscribers. If you have subscribers that are interested in what you have to say, and you’re sending them meaningful content, your newsletter will perform well.

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