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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

We’ve already covered the issue of mobile marketing numerous times in the past. You’ve probably seen just how important it is for your website to have a mobile version if you don’t want to be left behind and let the competition take your customers. You’ve also seen some statistics on how many mobile users there are in the world, what platforms they’re using (Android, iPhone, etc) and what they like to do when they’re online. But what about the practical aspect of it? Actually building a mobile friendly version of a website?


This is where many webmasters and internet marketers get stuck. They may recognize the large importance of having a mobile site up, but don’t really know how to make it happen. Many research some option, but then have trouble deciding which one would be the best for them to use in their case. Then of course there is the issue of cost. If your site is making several hundreds of dollars a day in profits, you may not think twice about spending $500, $1000, $2000 or more on getting a mobile version of your site designed professionally, complete with all the bells and whistles. But if you are a small time entrepreneur or a start up, with a business that’s just earning a few dollars a day in profits, you may be a bit hesitant to drop a huge chunk of coin on a mobile version of your site, especially if it may take months before you get any sort of tangible return on your investment.


There is, of course, a way to get a site going at low or no cost to you and that would be designing it yourself. But not every webmaster has the skill needed to create a complete mobile site from scratch. Also, this is a process that is seen as time consuming. So what are your options?


There are actually several of them, which are all either free or quite inexpensive. You also get to choose whether you will be creating a new website from the ground up, or you will simply be adapting your current site to better fit the smaller screen of a mobile device.


One word of advice is not to choose the first option that you see (here or in another resource), but rather, to compare the different systems and providers available to see what will fit your site and your business better. Remember that every website is unique. Therefore, you will need a mobile solution that will be well adapted to the type of content and services that you provide on your business website.


Tomorrow we will go into more details about the options available to webmasters who want to build a mobile version of their site. You will see, it’s actually a lot easier than it may seem at first and you can get the whole thing completed in one day.


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Is Microsoft’s Social Network Going to Work?

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Is Microsoft’s Social Network Going to Work?

As we all know, social networking is rapidly gaining in importance in the online world. A large amount of internet users regularly visit websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google +, etc. While social networking sites have flourished and have helped the companies that run them make tremedous profits, one big player in the online world seemed to be left behind: Microsoft. Sure, they have some social features in Windows Live. Plus they have the SkyDrive service, which makes it easier for users to share files and data through a cloud storage environment. Then, there was the launch of social features on the Bing search engine. But one thing that Microsoft lacked was a social platform similar to Google + or Facebook.


But this may change in the future. On May 20th, Microsoft has announced that they are experimenting with a new social networking service called Socl. Now the main question remains: is this new service going to experience any success, or will it be relegated to the status of “failed product”? For now, it is yet too early to tell. The service was launched by Microsoft Research on an experimental basis.


Even with that, there have been a few reports of users who have tried Socl. The results so far have been a bit disappointing. On the home page, Socl says that users will have the ability to share what they search for, take part in a “video party” and “discover new interests”.


Sharing your search doesn’t seem like anything spectacular and that feature has already been integrated with Bing, which kind of makes it redundant. As for video parties, this is a feature that for now, doesn’t seem to have much interest among social media users. Even with Google +, few users find this feature too attractive. And those who do usually stay on dedicated web cam sites that have a complete platform built around this, like Stickam.


Lastly, if users want to discover new interests, the network will need to have enough content on it to let them do this. But if there are few active users, there is also little chance that someone will discover anything new and interesting by using Microsoft’s Socl service.


As far as functionality is concerned, things aren’t going too great. Reviewers who have tried the site found that the signup process was clumsy and they had to try again several times just to get to the next page. Certain elements of the service, like sharing links, also seemed to be needlessly complicated and needed a few tries before getting things working the way they should. As it’s just an experiment, we can of course say that Microsoft will improve the service and make it work better.


However, for now there doesn’t seem to be too much interest in this Microsoft product. In fact, if you weren’t following online marketing or IT news, you probably wouldn’t have even known that it existed. You can, of course, sign up to see what it’s all about, but for now, it looks like the service is far from being anything that great.


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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs: Part 2

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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs: Part 2

We’ve seen two good tips to help build a good online business yesterday. There are more that you can use. These are all strategies that are used by some of the most successful names in online business. They aren’t specific to a particular subset of online business, so you can use them whether you own content websites, are selling items on eBay, are an affiliate, etc.

  • Do everything possible to work smarter and not harder

In the online world, most businesses don’t demand “hard” work in the sense that you would constantly need to solve complex problems. However, in many cases it is simply a large quantity of seemingly very simple work that keeps people from achieving their goals. For example, if you’re promoting a dozen different affiliate offers using different advertising channels, you may need to build over 30 separate landing pages for them, complete with graphics, unique text content and other elements. Not particularly difficult, but can become quite tedious. A lot of people lose their motivation if they spend hours performing the same tasks over and over.

The solution to this is actually quite simple. First, find and use any tools that you can use to automate processes in your business. There are scripts, programs, apps, etc. which can save you a lot of time and reduce the amount of tedious work you need to do. For example, there are programs which can submit articles to directories automatically.

You may also want to outsource some parts of your business to others, such as content creation, graphic design, etc. This may reduce your profits, however the time that you gain will keep your more motivated and can be used to search for more business opportunities, thus making you more money in the long run.

  • Keep track of how your different businesses are doing

If you own several online businesses that are in different niches, you should ensure that you’re keeping an eye on all of them. This will allow you to constantly monitor your performance and make adjustments if necessary, even for businesses that run on “autopilot”.

  • Keep up new developments

There are two kinds of developments that you should keep up with: those that are related to online marketing in general and those which are more specific to your niche of products or to the type of business that you run.

Be sure to read any emails that you get from partners, such as affiliate programs. They may contain important information about upcoming changes that could have an effect on how you earn online. Read some posts on online marketing forums. Also, check out websites which specialize in aggregating news related to online business. You don’t have to spend too much time on this, just a few minutes a day to scan the headlines or new posts, then take a bit of time to read something that you find interesting.

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A New Way to Profit From Ebooks

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A New Way to Profit From Ebooks

Anyone following the online marketing industry, even a bit, will know that sales of info products such as eBooks are vastly increasing. In fact, it is a billion dollar industry that is constantly expanding and creating profits for product creators, as well as their affiliates. As of right now, the most popular eBooks that you see being sold online are informational products, that teach people how to do something specific.


However, there is a new trend that is emerging in the online world that is definitely worth exploring. A few months ago, popular online book seller Amazon.com has announced for the first time that sales of eBooks on its website has surpassed the sale of physical books. Now what does this mean?


Not that “people don’t read” anymore, because this clearly shows that people are still interested in books. It’s just that the format of books is changing and many books, including fiction books, are increasingly being published in digital format. Amazon has capitalized on this by creating the Amazon Kindle store, which sells millions of different book titles in electronic format, as well as releasing an e-reader device called the Kindle.


Can this be profitable for you? Maybe. But it is definitely something worth looking at. You see, one thing that is different with eBooks is that you do not need a publisher or editor’s approval before you can market a book. Anyone can write a book and then sell it online. Are you a freelance author and want to make some money from the books that you have written? Perhaps you have submitted them to several publishers, but were turned down or simply received no reply? Well, in that case, adding your books to the Amazon Kindle store could be just the right solution for you. By doing so, you can sell your eBook online for any price that you want and it will be included in Amazon’s collection.


So no matter what genre your book is, whether it’s a romance novel, horror story, science fiction book or something more practical like a travel guide, you can sell it online through the Amazon Kindle Store. For many, doing so would be much more advantageous than having your own website, as most of the marketing is already done for you. The people who are browsing this virtual store are all there for the same thing: they are looking for books to buy. If you price your books attractively, say at $3 or $4, you can get some people who will buy it simply out of impulse. And if you need a bit of marketing to get your name out there as an independent author, you can leverage the power of social media to do so. There are many groups on Facebook, for example, which deal with literature and books created by independent authors, which could be a great place to showcase your work and find some people who would be interested in reading your works.

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Keeping Your Website Visitors Loyal

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Keeping Your Website Visitors Loyal

Some websites are more designed for visitors to only visit the site once to make a purchase. After that, there is really no more reasons for the user to visit the site again. This is usually the case when it comes to eBook sales pages or landing pages for CPA offers. However, there are many other types of websites where you would want the user to come back often. This includes e-commerce sites, as well as many other sites that do not directly sell anything, but are there to provide content to the user, such as informational blogs or “arcade” type sites that provide flash games. Usually the webmaster profits from these sites by including CPA advertising banners or pay per click ads on their site. Now one question that webmasters often ask is: how do I make my visitors come back? There are a few ways you can accomplish this. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • First, provide useful content

Obviously, for a user to come back later, they must have enjoyed the site and found it interesting. So your first responsibility would be to give your audience something that they are interested in, something that they would want to look at. Also, make sure that the content that you put on your site is of high quality. So if you have an informational blog on a certain topic, make sure that the posts would actually make someone learn something, are well written and well presented. Nobody wants to read a blog that is filled with poor grammar, contains tons of information that is just copied from other places on the internet and stuffed with keywords.


  • Update your content regularly

Having a site that looks “dead” will not do much to bring back visitors. If a visitor sees that the last update that you have made to your site was several months ago, they will not be too inclined to come back, thinking that the website has been abandoned and will not be updated. As such, it is very important that you add fresh and new content to your website on a regular basis. If you have an e-commerce site, feature some different products on your home page every once in a while. Or better yet, offer some special promotions on some merchandise and advertise this on the main page of your site. Put in some news about upcoming products or promotions. If the user knows that you will be adding new things to your website in the future, they will be more likely to book mark the site and will come back later on to check out the new things that you have added.


These are all basic things that you can do to increase visitor loyalty. Tomorrow we will explore some additional items that you can add to your site to increase repeat visits and potentially make more profit from your website’s returning visitors.





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Full Time Online Business: Getting Ready

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Full Time Online Business: Getting Ready

Previously, we have seen some of the things that you can do to earn money online if you wanted a micro or mini online business. This would allow you to earn a part time income or some extra cash from your online marketing activities. While this might be satisfactory for some of you, what about those who would like to make more money, like a full time online business.


Of course, this is possible and has been done by many other people. Some regularly make six figures a year online. Some have even made millions. While doing this kind of money is definitely possible, it is not something that is easy to accomplish, no matter what you have heard. Sure, some of the tasks to do this may be “simple” from the technical point of view, but doing them correctly will still require some time, effort and commitment from you.


We will get into various methods to make money as part of a full time online business, but first let’s discuss some of the things that you will need in order to get started:


  • Time


Running a full time online business will mean that you will need to spend at a minimum 30 hours per week on it. This is the bare minimum and depending on what you do, you may need to work more than that.


  • Money


While there are certain types of business that can be started with little or even no money, this is the exception, rather than the rule in terms of full time online business. But it doesn’t mean that you will need hundreds of thousands to get started, either. You can start up slowly, and then use the money that you have made to grow your business. Basically, if you don’t have too much start up funding, you will need to be able to reinvest the profits that you have made at the beginning right away.


  • The understanding that you will start out slowly


Many people would like to make $1000 a day from the very first day they have started their business. Of course, this is possible. Pretty much everything is in the online world. But this is an exception again. You need to accept the fact that it will take at least a few weeks, sometimes a few months, for your business to grow to the point where you will be truly making the amount of money that you had hoped for. Online business, while often very profitable, is not a get rich quick scheme. Those who think of it in this way are the first ones to get discouraged after they realize that becoming an instant millionaire is nothing more than a fantasy.


  • Willingness to learn, take risks and experiment


You must be capable of learning on your own and be willing to try new methods and techniques to make money. You need to put the fear of failure behind you, otherwise you will never succeed.

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A Virtual Staff Can Propel You To Success – Part 1

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A Virtual Staff Can Propel You To Success – Part 1

These days, there are many people who earn a living online through various ways. While there are plenty of methods that allow you to make cash online, providing services to businesses and other internet marketers is one of the top ways to get cash flowing in very quickly. There are a few reasons for this. Basically, there is a huge demand for services that help others market their products on the internet. You also have the advantage of being paid right away. No more waiting for months for affiliate checks to arrive in the mail.

If you would like to make money by providing services, there are plenty of things that you can do, such as:

  • Creating short online videos
  • Building Backlinks or other SEO work
  • Web page design
  • Article writing
  • Blog post writing
  • Sales page creation (copywriting)
  • Any other service that is in high demand and useful to those who conduct business online

Now, we all know that providing services to other participants in the online business industry is something that can bring in a lot of cash right away. So, why aren’t more people doing it? Do they not recognize the potential that it has?

Well, the thing is, many people recognize the potential. But there are two main reasons why they don’t take a piece of the profits:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of necessary skills

The thing is, providing services online takes some time. Imagine if you have to write 50 blog posts each day for a client. This will require you to be at your computer almost 24 hours, even if you are a skilled blog post writer. While this would probably bring you a decent profit of around $200 to $300 if you made 50 blog posts, what draws people to the online marketing and work at home scenes is the ability to earn money without spending too much of your time working.

The other thing that keeps some people from this activity is the fact that they may not necessarily know how to provide many of the services that their clients would need. Sure, writing good articles and blog posts may seem easy to someone from the United States or the UK, but it won’t be that easy for someone who is from another country and can’t write in English very well. Someone could be very skilled at creating beautiful web pages, but could be a complete zero at making videos.

But there is a solution to both of these problems. If you look at ads on IM discussion forums for people who provide services to other internet marketers, you may notice that some of them seem to be taking in dozens of orders a day. There is just no way that one person could do all that in a single day. What they do is simple: they outsource their work to a virtual staff. Tomorrow, you will learn more about how YOU too can do just that.

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WHY Do People Fail In Online Business?

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WHY Do People Fail In Online Business?

They say most people who decide to build an online business end up failing. While there is no way to get the exact numbers, some estimate that over 75% of people who start an online business end up failing. Others put the numbers as high as 90%. If you are thinking of starting or expanding an online business, these numbers are not quite encouraging. They just might push you to think that there is no way to have success in the online world. Obviously, this is not true. Just like in any other business, there are some people who will do better than others.

Now the main question remains, WHY did these people actually fail. And did they really “fail” or simply gave up? Don’t believe for a second the “gurus” out there who tell you that people fail in IM because they didn’t know the “top secret success formula” that they are selling. This is simply a marketing tactic and nothing more. In the online world, there is no such thing as “lack of information”. In fact, there is plenty of information available out there, for free, to anyone that wants it. People can find free ebooks, guides, blog posts, videos, discussion forums, etc. where they can find all about online business methods, techniques and strategies. You just have to find the information and apply it.

But you have to ask yourself a question: are you an entrepreneur, or just someone looking for a quick buck. There are some differences between the two. The true entrepreneur will always look for ways to make their business achieve its goals and grow. He is willing to adapt to change and learn new ideas to make money. Someone thinking that internet marketing is about “making money fast from home” simply wants that: to make some money easily. The problem is, once they have made the money they needed this month to pay their bills or go shopping, they are happy. They stop. They don’t think of ways they can reinvest their profits to make even more money. What’s more, they don’t structure their business properly.

In the online world, diversifying your activities and having multiple backup plans available will make or break you. Bad things happen. Affiliate programs fold without paying members. Servers can crash. Products could lose their popularity, etc, etc. Someone who is actually building their online business understands that and will have multiple tools, strategies and income streams at their disposal so that they can continue operating no matter what happens. And if a project they are working on doesn’t give them the results they want, they ask themselves why. Then they apply the necessary corrections and try again, until they found something that actually works and let them achieve their goals with regards to the income they want to generate.

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 4

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Getting Started In Online Writing – Part 4

Now you have seen a few ways to find work if you want to become an online article writer. The main places where you can find work are internet marketing forums, article writing sites and freelancing sites. Even if those are the main places to get some work, they are not the only ones.

You can try searching for article writing work on classified ads sites such as Craigslist, Gumtree and Backpage. Although it is not guaranteed that you will find something there, if you do it will more likely be long term projects rather than just people who seek to order a few articles. This can work out to your advantage, as you will then have some regular clients who will pay you for your writing. Some of them could even offer you full time work for many months in a row.

Another way to find work is simply by networking with others. By participating in various online marketing communities, you will make contacts who could offer you some projects if they need content written for their sites or introduce you to someone who does. In the internet marketing industry in general, networking can be very profitable for you. Just because you are self employed doesn’t mean that you can’t share ideas and information with others in the industry. Networking will also give you the chance to learn new things or find additional sources of income that you wouldn’t have discovered on your own.

Now that you have some ideas on how to find some projects to work on, you are probably wondering about some ways to increase your earnings from freelance writing. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the amount you can earn will increase gradually. While it is possible to make a full time income from article writing, it may take a few weeks or months before you are able to reach that level.

Here are some tips to maximize your profits:

Always do the best quality work and follow the instructions of the clients. By doing so, you will increase your chances that they will either give you repeat work or recommend your services to one of their friends or business partners that could use them.

Respect deadlines by submitting your work on time. Believe me, there is nothing worse for a client than to have a service provider not complete a project by the time they need it. Clients don’t want to hear excuses or be left wondering as to whether you are actually going to complete their order or not.

Seek out long term partnerships and projects. These tend to pay more in the end as you will be spending a lot more time actually writing rather than searching for work all over the place. You are also more likely to get work on a niche that you are familiar with, which will be easier to write about than a few different articles on various topics that you are only vaguely knowledgeable about.

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Profiting From Incentive Offers – Freebie Sites

There is a great amount of CPA offers that you can run and promote in various ways. While most marketers either embed these offers on an existing site or use various advertising methods to draw traffic directly to the offer itself (such as PPC, media buying, etc.), there is another way that you can make profits from a certain type of CPA offers.

Let’s face it, getting people to sign up for an offer that you are running is not easy. Even if it involves only filling out a few fields or downloading something without having to give a credit card number, the majority of people will simply balk from completing the offer. But what if there was a way to reward people for doing so? This is the basic concept behind incentive offers. You give people a reward for doing the offer.

Before get started, you need to be aware of a few things. Most CPA offers found on the networks today do NOT allow incentives. While you may think that you can do whatever you want with the users on your site, the merchants hat pay the networks to run their offer think a bit differently. If you give a user a reward for completing an offer, chances are they will do so solely out of interest for the reward and not for the offer itself. This means that the lead collected will have a lot less value for the merchant. And incentive sites are often targeted by cheaters. These people will stop at nothing in order to get free stuff and will often engage in fraudulent behavior such as creating multiple accounts and signing up for offers many times over, filling out offers with fabricated information or even going as far as using stolen payment information for orders that require a credit card.

But there are still plenty of offers that you can find which allow incentives. One of the most common way to profit from them is to build what is called a freebie site. Simply put, you reward your users by giving them something for free once they have completed the right amount of offers. This can be anything ranging from gift cards that can be used at online merchants to physical items such as MP3 players and video games. For freebies that are of high value, you can require that the user refer a few friends to the site that will also need to complete a minimum amount of offers in order for them to get credit.

How do you set up such a site? First you need to develop a plan and determine which offers you will run and which freebies you will give out. When starting, it is best to select a low-value item such as gift cards of around $20 – $25. Then calculate how many offers the user will need to complete in order to cover the value of the offer and allow a profit for you. You would then design your site and include a freebie site script which will automatically detect when a user completed an offer and keep track of your members for you.

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Starting an online business – How to be prepared

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Starting an online business – How to be prepared

When you are thinking of starting an online business, it is important that you prepare yourself, just like you would when you start a “brick and mortar” business. Here are some things to do in order to make sure you are ready to begin your operations.

Think about what exactly you are going to do: There are many ways to earn cash on the internet. Which method or methods will you be using to make profits? Will you be providing services, selling physical goods, selling digital items, running a membership site or promoting affiliate offers? Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one of these categories of things that you will be doing, but you need to have a rather clear cut idea of what you plan to do.

Formulate a business plan: This doesn’t have to be complicated. It would basically include elements such as what products you will sell / promote, how you will sell them, how will you advertise and what services or materials you will need. You should also formulate a budget that will detail on what you will initially spend your money.

Register your business: Depending on the jurisdiction that you are in, you will have various options. You can register a sole proprietorship or incorporate. There are various legal and tax implications depending on what form your business will have and once again these will vary from country to country and state to state. Therefore, it is always a good idea to seek advice from someone experienced in these issues, such as an attorney.

Open a business bank account: You will need one to receive payments and to deposit checks received from customers or affiliate programs.

Set up your main website: When conducting business online, you will need to own one or several different websites. If you own several sites, you should begin by creating a “main” one for your business. The good news is that web hosting and domain names are now cheaper than they have ever been before, so it will not be such a major expense.

Seek advice from others: There is a wealth of information available online on any type of activity that can be performed online. Why not take full advantage of it? You can use forums and social networking sites in order to exchange information and form partnerships or joint ventures with those that are involved in activities similar to yours. You will also get the ability to share information and experience that you have acquired along the way with others, thus helping them succeed in their online ventures as well.

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Advertising Options Overview – Video Marketing

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Advertising Options Overview – Video Marketing

When you are promoting any type of product or service online, advertising is obviously a must. After all, you need to get people to your offer if you want to see profits accumulating in your account. With so many ways to advertise online out there, it is normal to sometimes get lost and confused as to which method you should truly implement.

Many people also ask which one is the “best” method to advertise on the internet. In reality, there is no clear winner out there. Each method has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. So it truly is in your best interest to learn about all the advertising methods out there and to pick one that you will find the most appropriate. Remember that knowledge is power! Let’s take a look at some of these methods:

Video Marketing.

This consists of uploading short videos to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and including your website’s URL in the video itself or in the description. Its main advantage is that it is free, it costs nothing for you to upload your video. You also have the potential of receiving thousands of views to your video, as sites such as YouTube have a very large user base and receive millions of hits from around the world every day.

When creating your video, don’t make it look too much like an advertisement. People watch online videos for two main reasons: to be entertained or to acquire information/knowledge. Very few people will want to watch commercials.

There are two main types of videos you can create: either a review of a specific product that you are promoting or an informational video related to your niche.

A review will basically consist of someone talking about how the product that you are promoting works and why the viewer needs it. You can either record it yourself, or outsource it and have someone else record themselves doing a video review of it.

An informational video will not be based directly on the product that you are promoting, but will rather give some general advice related to your niche. For example, if you are promoting a dog training guide on Clickbank, you might want to make a video of yourself teaching a dog on how to be obedient. You could also include a short mention at the end of the products that you would recommend for someone to use in order to train their dog.

Remember to make the videos as interesting and captivating for the viewers as possible. This will help your video become more popular and will also increase the clickthroughs to your affiliate link significantly. Success with video marketing is a gradual thing. You would need to hone your skills by uploading a few videos and see what works best for you. Don’t just post up a video on YouTube and expect thousands of visitors to come flocking to your site overnight, because chances are it simply won’t happen that way.

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Make More Money With Your Talents

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Make More Money With Your Talents

We’ve already talked a little bit about how you can turn your talents into profits on the internet. There are a lot of methods other than the ones we’ve already covered, and we thought it might be a good idea to take another look at the topic. so, without further ado, here are some more ways to turn your talents into profits.

Twitter Backgrounds

If you have any artistic ability, and a copy of Photoshop at your disposal, you can probably crank out a half decent looking Twitter background in a short amount of time. Twitter backgrounds don’t generally sell for much, but they also don’t take a lot of time to create. Once you have a reputation for creating decent backgrounds, you can begin taking custom orders for higher prices. Generally speaking, if you can crank out graphic work quickly, and without a lot of hassle, Twitter backgrounds can be a great way to bring in some money.

Design Contests

A lot of companies and websites offer logo design contests. In these contests, graphic artists submit a logo in hopes of winning the prize money offered. Just to be clear, this isn’t a good idea for an established graphic designer. If you’ve been working in the field for some time, there are better ways to get clients, and you’ll be guaranteed payment instead of hoping to win prize money. If you’re just starting out in design though, entering logo contests is a great way to build up your portfolio, and possibly generate some income at the same time.

Local Businesses

If you’re a talented web designer, you can make decent money by approaching local businesses to see if they’re looking to create or upgrade an online presence. Be prepared with information about what the internet can do for them, and they’ll be more likely to take you up on your offer.

Graphic and web designers stand to make decent money on the internet. Knowing which methods to choose can ensure that you’ll make a great deal of money from your design talents.

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Make Money Online With Your Talents

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Make Money Online With Your Talents

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds these days is how to make money on the internet. Everyone has their own hobbies, and talents, and some of them can be turned into a source of income on the internet if you know how to do it. Depending on what your hobby of choice is, you might be able to make a fair amount of money on it online.


If you’re a photographer, you can bring in a good bit of money on the internet. There are two main ways to go about making money from your photography. You can sell stock photos, and prints. There are a few different ways to sell each on the internet, and picking the right ones for you is really going to depend on the type of work you do, and the audience is’t most likely to appeal to. For stock photos, two of the biggest sites you can sell your work on are iStockPhoto, and Getty Images. Getty Images is mainly used by journalists looking to get stock photos for articles, so if you have a lot of work covering people and places, you’ll do well there. If your work is diverse, iStockPhoto may be a better place to sell your stock photos. Their customers are looking for a wide variety of things. As for prints, your best bet is to set up an Etsy store. Etsy has a great community of both sellers, and customers. It’s easy to set up an Etsy store, and have it become profitable.


If you can write, you can bring in some money on the internet. A lot of different websites are looking for writers, and if you can’t find a site that’s hiring, you can always list your services on a site like oDesk, or Elance. Fiverr can also be a great place to find clients – just offer up one article for $5, and see if anyone takes you up on it. Once you get a client on Fiverr, there’s a good chance that they’ll keep coming to you for work over time.

Other talents can be turned into profits on the internet. Take the time to do some research about your hobby, and see if there’s any way you can do it professionally. If there’s a market for it, you can make money on the internet with your hobby.

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