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Is Your Facebook Page Not Giving You the Results You Wanted?

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Is Your Facebook Page Not Giving You the Results You Wanted?

One question that some business owners ask is: why aren’t people actually participating on my Facebook fan page? The question isn’t one that’s easy to answer, as there could be a myriad of reasons as to why this is happening to you. Facebook is of course, the biggest social networking site around, with nearly a billion active users. So we all know how important it is for a business to set up their presence on the network. If you read any online marketing material that deals with social media, you will see the message: get on Facebook and promote your business. So you go out, create a page, then maybe add some content on a semi-regular basis. But it’s still not working out for you. The content is there, you may get some fans, but the “connection” with them isn’t happening as you may had planned before.

What you need to do is to actually motivate your fans, so that they will like your posts, comment on them, share their own ideas and also share the stuff that you’ve posted with other on their own profiles. But it’s just not happening and you’re now busy looking for what the reason is. This is something that you would need to identify yourself. Sure, you can hire an outside firm to do it for you and this is something that many businesses have done, usually with good results. But the problem here is that many small businesses, especially startups, don’t have thousands of dollars a month to spend on “social media experts” who will go over their pages and tell them what improvements to make.

In this case, you need to develop an action plan. This is actually the most simple part of the operation. You will plan what you should change about your social media presence and the steps that you will execute in order to get there. It may take a bit of time, so there’s no sense in rushing it at this point. Once you have everything planned out, it will be time to execute. Actually do the changes that you’ve planned out and carry out any improvements that you feel are necessary in order for your Facebook page to turn into something that is interesting to your users and actually profitable for your company.

The first step of the plan involves identifying the issues that are causing poor results. We’re going to present you a list of things that may cause your fans to be “less than enthusiastic” about your social media presence. We will also give you some ways that you can employ to change all of that and turn things around once and for all. Consistently applying these changes will get you what you were hoping for: a Facebook page this is more “alive”, that has fans which participate in the discussion, like your posts, add content and share some of the content that you’ve put up.

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Some of Facebook’s Biggest Changes in 2012

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Some of Facebook’s Biggest Changes in 2012

This year, Facebook has made a great deal of changes to the way its social networking site works. Many of these changes have a good impact on those who use the site for marketing purposes. While the social network itself may have evolved, the main principles behind social media marketing seem to remain unchanged for now. It’s just that it’s now easier and more convenient for marketers to connect with their audience and share information. Here are some of the most noticeable changes we’ve seen and some that we’re expecting.


Timeline for marketers. The adoption of the timeline design for profiles has been met with quite a lot of controversy when it was announced in 2011. Some users didn’t mind it, while many others resisted the change believing that the old design was better. But just like many other Facebook changes, people have eventually come to get used to it and accepted it. The Timeline is responsible for changing the way in which people interact with the social network. It has also had some positive effects on businesses that use the site for marketing. Some studies suggest that since the Timeline was introduced, brands receive over 40 percent more engagement for each post that they make.


The “Want” Button. Currently, we have the ever present “Like” button on Facebook. But there are many rumors that are now circulating in online marketing circles that Facebook may be planning to launch a “Want” button. As some of you may have guessed by now, this type of feature would be most beneficial for e-commerce site owners. Having a Want button can be useful when it comes to seeing just how many people are interested in what you have to offer them. If it was available when you launch new products and inform your Facebook fans, the Want button could generate a lot more interest for your new additions. However, it should be known that this feature is, for now, little more than a rumor. It is not yet known when, if at all, Facebook will make it available and whether this feature will be available to all marketers on the site, or only to a select group at the beginning. Perhaps marketers would have to pay to get the ability to have a Want button? But the real answers might be coming soon, perhaps in a few months.


Scheduled Page Posts. This isn’t anything revolutionary, but it does make things more convenient for marketers. You may be planning to release a new product soon and want the Facebook page post to be displayed as soon as it becomes available. Now with the ability to schedule your posts, you can opt to have them displayed at a pre determined date and time. That way, you will never be late in making your announcements to your fans.


There are still a few more changes we will look at. Check back tomorrow for some more information about them.

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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

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Start Making Money With Blogging Today

Over the last few years, blogs have grown in popularity and it would seem that now everyone and their dog has a blog. If you check out some opportunities to make money online, you will see that there are many who claim that it is possible to make decent money by blogging. But is this really true?

In reality, it is possible for anyone, with little experience in the blog world to start earning money from blogging. But it may not always be as straightforward as many would think it is. If you want to make money from blogging, you will first need to be patient and learn how to do it properly. There are two main ways to make money from blogs. You can either have your own blog, or write for someone else’s. The second option is far more simple and can allow you to make money more quickly, so we will look into it first.

  • Ghostwriting

Here, you will be creating blog posts for someone that owns a blog and will be paid either as a share of the revenue that your blog posts bring in, or more commonly, a fixed price ranging from $3 to $50 for each post that you make. The blog that you write for could be an informative one, or it could be a businesses blog that serves mainly to promote the products and services of a certain company. Your posts will usually be published under the name of the blog owner or a pseudonym. If you want to get started with blogging quickly, then this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from it. You can make some pretty decent coin if you are hired by numerous clients to update their blogs on a regular basis.

  • Guest blogging

This is similar to ghostwriting, in the sense that you will be writing posts for a blog that isn’t your own. However, there are a few differences. As a guest blogger, the posts that you make will usually be credited to your name, along with links to your own blog, website or social networking profiles. This allows you to gain some notoriety in the online world as people can more easily find the content that you have written online, even if it wasn’t published on a site that you own. If you create good content, it is also very possible that you will get regular assignments.

  • Other tasks that don’t involve writing

You can also make some money without having to create any written content. For example, someone could pay you to design logos and graphics for their blog. Or you could act as an administrator for one, uploading already made content at specified times, moderating and responding to comments left by visitors, keeping track of usage statistics, etc. You might also have the opportunity to take written content and to transform it into another type of media, like videos that will give a better explanation of what is being discussed.

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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking

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Better Use Of Social Media for Business Networking

If you want to use social media to its fullest potential, you have to understand that it can be used to help you discover more business opportunities, as opposed to simply giving you access to more customers who will buy your products. But are there any secrets to successful use of social media websites to be able to advance your business? Not really, they’re more like common sense tips that can help give you a big boost. Despite some of these tips being quite common, many business owners still don’t follow them and thus don’t get the results that they could have gotten from social networking use.

  • Be Present on Many Networks

Your business should be present on the most common networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Depending on the type of company that you’re running, there could be some smaller or local websites that you could benefit from using. This will give you a maximum amount of exposure at very little cost. Furthermore, having profiles on different websites can have some good SEO benefits for you, as social networking sites are usually well respected on search engines like Google.

  • Ensure That Your Contact Information Can Easily be Found and Is Up to Date

While this may seem like something quite obvious, there is still a large amount of business owners that neglect to do this. Your profile should include a link to your main website, of course. But make sure that the link actually works and that you’ve typed the site URL correctly. Put in your other contact information in your profile, such as your email, phone and street address. Contact information can change, especially for smaller businesses. This is why you will want to be sure that the information you have on your profile is always up to date. Having incorrect contact information on your profile page can cause you to miss many opportunities. Furthermore, if people see that the contact details between your website and your different profiles found online is different, this could lead to confusion, which is something that you would want to avoid as much as possible.

  • Include Your Business Logo

This just gives you page a more professional look. If you don’t have a logo for your business, then you can ask a freelancer to create one for you. You can find logo creation services and other simple artwork services offered on cheap freelancing sites such as Fiverr, where you can get one done for just $5. Of course, you can always take a graphics program and create one yourself if you’re able to. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated and could be just your business name in stylized text.

There are some more tips about using social media for business that you can benefit from. Tomorrow we will give you some more useful advice on how you can turn your social media profile into a tool that can make your company shine and let you find new business partners.

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Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Part 2

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Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Part 2

Now that you know about the importance of good SEO, as well as inclusion in your email marketing, plus linking from your main site is important, you may be wondering if there are any other tips that you can apply to promote the blog you’ve just build and get a steady stream of interested visitors. There are a few final tips that I’m going to share with you regarding how to accomplish this easily. The key here would be integration with other marketing efforts, which will result in plenty of good traffic if you’re diligent and patient in your traffic building efforts.

Be Social

Social media is a topic that comes numerous times when discussing traffic generation techniques as well as internet marketing in general. This is not without good reason: the majority of people visit social networking sites, so the traffic on these sites is already there. You just need to direct it to your blog. The two best examples in this case would be using Facebook. When you post a new article in your blog, share it on Facebook. Readers will see the title of the post and a summary, where they can click through to your blog to read more if interested. For Twitter, just send out a Tweet about the update and include a link.

Also, don’t forget to include buttons so that users can like and share your posts on their social networking profiles, thus giving you exposure to their friends and followers, generating a potential for more traffic in the process.


RSS feeds are a good way to get people to follow your blog in a way similar to following someone on Twitter or Facebook. When they subscribe to your RSS feeds, people will be able to see in their browser if you’ve made a new blog post. If it’s something that interests them, they will then click through to your blog and read the article you just posted.

Be Patient

Building a steady amount of traffic to a blog is something that takes time and patience. It’s quite unlikely that you will receive thousands of daily visitors after just taking one of the actions presented here. But keep posting good content and keep using the techniques shown here and you will soon start seeing a few visitors on your blog. This can grow in time, you will just need to be patient and continue blogging and actively taking efforts to generate more interest and thus more traffic on the blog you’ve built.

Be Creative

You’re not limited to what was presented here when it comes to getting traffic. Think up of your own strategies to bring in high quality visitors and read up more about things such as social media, SEO and traffic generation to blogs. You may discover some new methods and techniques that you will want to try, which may very well be the solution that you were looking for to finally get the amount of visitors you wanted.

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Using Twitter as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

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Using Twitter as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Nearly everyone who has ever used the internet has heard of Twitter and many people online have used this social networking site. Either in a passive way, simply by reading posts, or by actively participating on it by creating their own Twitter account and making posts to share with others.

Twitter is unique in the social media world in the way that it is different from other sites such as Facebook, Google+ and MySpace operate. Twitter is known as a microblogging service where users can post short messages, called Tweets, which are up to 140 characters onto their profiles. They can also share pictures and include a short description, location as well as a website URL on their Twitter profile.

These attributes make it an interesting service to use as part of the overall social media marketing strategy for your business, whether you run an online business or a physical one. As you may have already noticed, the best use of Twitter is to give your audience quick descriptions of new things about your business. These “new things” could actually be quite diverse. For example, a new product or service you are offering, new promotion, post on your blog, YouTube video, or even a post that you made on another social networking page such as your businesses FaceBook Fan Page.

One of the keys to success with Twitter marketing is the integration aspect. While it can be a good tool to use alone, you obviously want to use more ways to communicate with your existing and potential customers. Linking to other content, such as blog posts is an excellent way to draw attention to them.

As such, your Twitter messages need to be clear and to the point. Remember, you only have 140 character, so every single one of them counts for you. For example, if you want the reader to look deeper into something that is on your website or your blog; and you want them to click on the link, include a call to action. A clear call to action has been shown to increase click through rates on Twitter, just like it increases conversions on your main website.

Remember to keep your Twitter profile updated on a regular basis, otherwise your followers may soon lose interest if you haven’t posted anything in a while. However, if you are saying something, be sure that it will be of interest to your followers. Repeatedly posting mundane Tweets such as “Everyone! We’re the best! Check out our Website!” will also get them to lose interest in you. Those who look at your profile without being subscribers will also be unlikely to follow you if all your Tweets look boring and “spammy”.

Getting more followers is not complicated at all. Include a link to your Twitter profile on your other social media pages. Include a button on your main website. Put a link to it whenever you send out a newsletter to your mailing list. Your users will then see that you are on Twitter and will follow you if interested in what you have to say to them.

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Keep  Your Facebook Friends Happy

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Keep Your Facebook Friends Happy

If you’re using Facebook as a marketing tool, you know how important it is to have a lot of active Facebook friends. One of the biggest challenges of using Facebook as a marketing tool is keeping those friends happy, and keeping their attention. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep them from losing interest in you.

Wall Posts

Be careful about what you post on other people’s walls. If you feel tempted to post messages advertising your products or services on other people’s walls, resist that urge. If you do, the only thing you’ll achieve is getting people to unfriend you. Instead, post friendly messages on other people’s walls, and try to get them to visit your Facebook page. You don’t have to directly advertise to your Facebook friends to get their attention. Try being friendly, and drawing other Facebook users to your profile, and from ther, let your profile do the rest of the work for you.

Be Social

Take the time to interact with other Facebook users. Social networking is all about being social, and if you don’t take the time to be friendly, and interact with other users, you’re not going to get all you should be getting out of Facebook. Be sure to answer any messages you get, and take the time to comment on wall posts. The more effort you put into being social on Facebook, the more it will pay off for you in the long run.

Talk About Them

People love to hear about themselves. Take the time to look at your friends’ Facebook profiles, and talk to them about their interests, and their projects. By taking the time to get to know your friends, and talk about them, you’ll be sure to get their attention, and draw them into your profile. The more interest you show in them, the more interest they’ll show in you.

If your Facebook friends are happy, and interested in what you’re saying, you’ll be more likely to get more out of them. Keep that in mind as you use Facebook, and you’ll be able to use it as an effective marketing tool.

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Using Forums to Market Your Website

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Using Forums to Market Your Website

Online forums are sometimes overlooked as a means to market your product or website to a large audience, but in reality, forums are still alive and thriving no matter the newest social network which comes along.

The reason forums are still a mainstay online is that they are very niche offerings. Sure, you can go to Twitter to talk about internet marketing, but 1/2 your audience might not care. On a forum dedicated to Internet Marketing such as Warrior Forum, everyone there is there to work on their internet marketing business or to learn more about internet marketing. Social networks are great for a broad market, but to get very targeted “social” interaction a forum still remains the top choice. You see the difference?

One of the main ways to use forums as a marketing tool for your website is to use the signature allowed in your posts that you create. This signature which usually can allow links (and usually dofollow links) will allow you to create numerous backlinks to your website. The more you post, the more times your link appears on different pages of the website. This is good for two reasons mainly, 1) that your link will gather you some Google “juice” (aka backlinks) and 2) that your fellow forum members might happen to click on it.

The two are very different, one is traffic for the future and the other is traffic now. It is very important however, to make sure you are providing relevant content and not spam. Forum members hate when new members come into their forum and start spamming comments that are generic or add no value to the conversation. Much like a social network such as Twitter. Make sure, for your future readers sake and your reputations sake, that you do not come off as spammy, that you promote your site in a respectable way and that you provide some sort of value to the other forum members.

Another minor way, but another way that might be important are forums with “websites” in their profiles. So when you are signing up and a forum asks for your personal website, put your product website there that you want to promote. That will provide you with one backlink at least for your effort, better than nothing, right?

Good luck and don’t be a bad forum member – make sure you follow the rules and add value to the conversation.

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