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Creating Your Info Product: The Content – Part 2

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Creating Your Info Product: The Content – Part 2

Now that you’re ready to create your new product, there are a few steps to take in order to plan and write the information that will be included in it. Here is how you can do it:

  • Think of what will be included

Think of what the main topic of your product will be within your niche. What problems will the product help the reader solve, which questions will it answer and what exactly will it instruct them on doing? By determining this, you will then have a good idea of what you will be including within your product.

  • Structure the information accordingly

As an informational product, the data contained in it needs to flow smoothly, rather than being all over the place. Think of the structure of your product, which materials will be covered first and how it will progress from there on. In many cases, it would be a good idea to divide the information into various chapters and include a table of contents, so that your readers can refer to your product at a later time as needed. By properly structuring the information within it, you will make your product a lot more “usable” and also a lot more valuable as a reference guide on your niche. This in turn will make it more likely to be seen as useful and your readers will be more interested in any future products that you release.

  • Do the needed research

When you create your products, you will probably need to do some research about your niche, such as about the facts, figures and methods that you will be including within it. Gather all the information that you will need and organize it according to the structure of your product. This will make it a lot easier for you to get the right information to put in as you are creating your product.

  • Think of the additional elements that you will add

If you’re writing an e-book, for example, chances are that you will want to include some additional elements that will go along with the text. This includes pictures, graphics, diagrams, screen shots, or links to external websites, such as services that your readers will need to sign up for to do some of the methods that you’re presenting in your guide. Gather up all of that information so that you can be ready to insert it at the appropriate places in your product.

  • Create the cover artwork for your product

One thing that you will also need is some artwork that you will be using to brand your product, like the logo, as well as the “e-cover” that is used in practically all informational products that are sold online. There are many graphics programs which are sold or available for free download online which can help you do both of these things. If you’re not so good with graphic arts, you can always outsource the creation of any artwork to a third party.

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A Successful Business Product

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A Successful Business Product

In order to make money online with a product it has to be successful. To make a successful product you must consider products that will attract the most attention, products you are extremely knowledgeable in, and can enjoy creating.

Attracting Attention
Do some online research and you can easily find products that are sought after in today’s market. If you are looking to create a product for use on a social media site, it would only be fitting that you focus on the more popular sites for social networking, like Facebook and Twitter. If you were to focus on a media site like MySpace, it is a less popular subject today than it once was, therefore it will not make as much profit as possible.

Products you market online should be related to a niche that you are familiar and knowledgeable in. Your consumers want to know that you are an expert in the particular topic you speak about. In order to ensure your consumers a product they would want to pay for you need to deliver information that is not easily accessible in other places. If a consumer finds value in your product you are more likely to receive recommendations and repeat business.

Use your creativity to market your product and share information in ways that other sources do not. Since you will be dedicating a lot of time and attention to your product you need to make sure it is something you enjoy doing. The more you can enjoy creating one product the more information you deliver to your consumer, who can easily tell if you are passionate about your particular topic of choice.

Consider these three things before you develop any product to market online, especially if you are looking to generate money from your product!

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