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Make Your E-Commerce Site Easy to Navigate

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Make Your E-Commerce Site Easy to Navigate

Yesterday, we’ve seen that it’s important to take steps in order to improve the quality of your e-commerce site if you want to get more customers to purchase your products, in addition to encouraging your existing clients to come back.


According to many online shoppers, the accessibility and ease of use of a website are some of the elements to which they pay close attention to when shopping online. One of the main reasons that website visitors left an e-commerce site without buying anything isn’t because they didn’t like the products or their prices, but rather because the website in question made it difficult for them to have a good online shopping experience.


Improving your website’s look and navigation is not that difficult to do. First, you must consider how your website is organized. Your products should be neatly organized according to the category, as well as other attributes if they apply, such as brands, etc. You can also make navigating your product catalog easier by letting people sort the items in terms of price, from the lowest to the highest and highest to lowest. Many e-commerce plugins and shopping platforms support a search feature, which you should integrate in your site. This would make it easier for a visitor that knows exactly what product that they’re looking for.


The presentation of the text on your site should be easy to read. So for example, if you use a black background, using a “greyish” text color will make it hard to read. Make sure that the text is also of a large enough size to be easily legible.


Depending on what you’re selling, including detailed and high resolution photos of the items may be a good idea. Of course, this will largely depend on the type of items that you carry. Having a dozen photos from every angle of the item wouldn’t be too important if you’re selling boxes of vitamins or printer ink cartridges, but for a website that sells clothing, it would be recommended as the customer would want to closely examine the item that they’re going to buy since they don’t have the chance to examine it first.


Combine the photos of your item with a detailed description, which will of course depend on the category of items that you carry. By providing all the necessary information about your items to your buyers, you will reduce possible returns and dissatisfaction coming from buyers who weren’t given enough information to see if an item was suitable for their needs.


Also, making your site accessible on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets is a tip that is given by many online marketing experts and has been said many times, but is always worth repeating. The amount of purchases made by users of mobile computing devices is growing. If your site doesn’t display correctly, the visitor will simply go find another one that does. There are many free tools available which can help you test the compatibility of your website with common mobile platforms or create an alternate mobile version of your main site, which carries the same products, but is optimized to be displayed on a mobile platform instead.



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Add Value To Your Digital Products

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Add Value To Your Digital Products

If you’ve ever sold an ebook, or other digital product, you know that maximizing your profits can be a tricky task. If you take the time to take a look at your products and figure out how they can work better for you, you can increase your revenue significantly.

If you have one digital product, you might be able to convert it into another format to generate more profits. Let’s say you have an ebook that’s getting some sales. Have you considered taking your content, and making an audio, or video product out of it? A video that helps to illustrate the points you make in your ebook could be a great addition to your product catalog. As for an audio product, an audio version of your ebook would do well. Many people enjoy listening to audio books at the gym, in the car, or even when they’re just out for a walk. By converting your existing product into other formats, you can sell it to a wide variety of customers. In fact, you may even wind up selling it to the same customer multiple times.

If your product is a multi-step instructional guide of any sort, you may want to consider breaking it down into weekly lessons, and switching business models. By starting a membership site, you can generate more revenue over time. Let’s say you are currently selling an ebook for $30 a piece. If you convert that ebook into a six month online course, and charge $10 a month, you can double your profits. The downside here is that you run the risk of having a customer unsubscribe before the course is over. This method isn’t going to work for every product, but if you have a good step by step guide, you might just be able to make a membership site work.

Whether you’re running a membership site, or selling digital products, you can always up your sales by offering bonuses to your customers. If your customers are getting something for free when they purchase your product or sign up for your membership site, you will generate more sales. People love free stuff, and by offering them a bonus item, you’re increasing the overall appeal of your product.

Digital products can be highly profitable if you play your cards right. Sell your content in multiple formats, and consider a membership site, either in place of, or alongside your existing products. Throw in a few bonus items, and you’ll see a significant boost in sales in no time.

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