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Some More Monetization Options For Your Blog

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Some More Monetization Options For Your Blog

If you are creating a blog, there are various ways that you can monetize it, which simply means to make money from it. Yesterday, we have seen the two easiest and most common ways of making some profit from your blog, which are inserting pay per click ads on it, as well as putting up a donation button. But there are two other options worth mentioning. While they may be a bit more complex, they are still being used by plenty of bloggers out there and can be extremely profitable.


  • Putting up affiliate ads


The basic concept behind affiliate marketing is that you get paid a certain commission when someone clicks on an ad on your blog and either buys something, or performs a specific action such as signing up for a website. Unlike pay per click ads, you do not get paid for every click that the ad receives from a visitor.


When it comes to affiliate offers, in order to get the most success, you should use offers that are closely related to the theme of your blog. So if your blog talks about cars, for example, you could put ads for car insurance companies, which typically pay you whenever someone requests a quote from the insurance company. You can also participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon.com is one of the world’s most popular online retailers and they sell hundreds of thousands of items in different categories. So if your blog talks about photography, you can put up some ads for photo cameras from Amazon. If someone clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission based on the amount of the total sale. Remember that in order to make the highest amount of money possible, the affiliate offers that you promote on your blog should be related to its content.


The more “generic” ads such as the “shoot 3 ducks and get a free iPhone!!” banners are best avoided, since many of your readers have probably already seen them and will simply ignore them. While you can put some affiliate offers that aren’t really related to the niche of your blog, doing so is not recommended since your readers are far less likely to even click on these ads in the first place.


  • Selling your own products


This can be a good monetization option if you produce your own products, or you simply own an e-commerce site that sells certain items that could be of interest to your readers. For example, if you have a blog about technology and at the same time, you sell video game consoles and computers on eBay, you can put an ad for your eBay page inviting users to visit your online shop. To make it even more attractive for them, you could even offer a special discount code for readers of your blog. This can be a very profitable monetization choice, but of course you would need to be already involved in some form of e-commerce for you to make use of it.

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