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5 Things You Need To Know When Launching Your Own Product

Anyone who is looking to launch a new product would do well to look into the many opportunities provided by new technologies and marketing avenues that the Internet offers. Tools and platforms such as Internet marketing and blogs have changed the face of marketing and promotion in numerous ways, and anyone who doesn’t utilize them is disregarding something that could spell the difference between a successful product and one that never manages to reach its market.

In spite of these new marketing aids however, there remain several marketing techniques that have served successful entrepreneurs well for decades. Sure, implementing these hi-tech methods is an essential component to any product launch, but it would be worthwhile to utilize the more traditional methods as well. Here than are five essential things to know before launching a product.

Focus on the needs of your customers
The first consideration is one that you will have to keep in mind throughout the duration of your product process. It is tremendously important to find out what your customers need and how to provide it to them. Customers are after all the lifeblood of any business, and keeping them happy will go a long way in ensuring the success of your product. Find out what your customers need and what motivates them to buy, and half your work is done.

Find out how your customers define “quality”
It is also important to get into the minds of your customers and figure out what makes a “quality” product from their perspective. Don’t simply assume that giving your customers what they ask for is enough. You also have to make sure that they are happy with what they are getting, and having a clear idea of what spells “quality” for them is one of the most effective ways to achieve those goals.

Implement quality procedures
Now that you know what makes for a “quality” product, you have to ensure your ability to produce it. Keep in mind that you can’t simply tack on “quality” at the end of the production process, and developing a quality product requires planning and consistency from the ground up. To this end, it would also be beneficial to implement quality checks throughout the production process in order to ensure the worth of your product.

Fine-tune your product
The quest for producing a “quality” product doesn’t end in the planning process either. You should also keep careful watch of every step of the production process, and make sure that standards of quality are maintained. Remember that the costs of revision or editing are negligible compared to the benefits that you will gain from a thoroughly satisfied market.

Get feedback
Finally, you will need to find out how your customers respond to your product and whether or not it meets with their expectations. Poor feedback is just as important as good feedback in this regard, and you should receive criticisms and negative reviews as valuable opportunities for you to go back to the drawing board and revise your product in order to better meet the needs of your market.

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Giving Away Something to Your List

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Giving Away Something to Your List

When you finally start getting a list together of perspective people interested in what you are doing, you need to give them something.

Once they are opted in – giving them a free gift such as an audio book, ebook, video series, or access to premium content (limited of course) gives them an incentive to stay tuned to what you are doing next.

For example, in order to get people to opt in you could offer a free 10 step guide to starting your own internet business (if that is your niche) to get them to sign up to your newsletter.

Once there, that is when you start giving them away information for free. Don’t simply spam them with links to affiliate products. Create value for them.

If you are trying to sell a video series on outsourcing, a great lead in to that would be a video of yourself giving a quick overview of what the program offers, how much it costs, and some great things they will learn from doing it. Even give away the first 5 minutes of the first video for free.

Giving free content without commitment from the buyer is a great way to build social proof and trust. You can show them the quality of the offering without them having to worry before buying it what the content will be like.

There are many times I am interested in a video series or ebook but without a sample I will not purchase it — simply because I haven’t had a chance to see the quality. So give a sample in the email and let the people know what they are going to be getting into (in a great way).

Another thing is to space your affiliate or selling emails out. Maybe once every two to three times you email is a good idea to try (test it out to see how your list responds). That way, it doesn’t feel like you are trying to consistently push an idea or product on them, something that will deteriorate your relationship with them and cause them to be skeptical of your intentions.

In conclusion, provide value and gifts to your followers without asking for much in return. Give away plans, ideas, short ebooks, and videos. Without expectations. Create value for them, build trust, and when you finally decide to sell to them, you might just find they are more receptive to your offering.

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4 Must Have SEO Focused WordPress Plugins

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4 Must Have SEO Focused WordPress Plugins

One of the most discussed areas things people talk about (after social media nowadays probably) is search engine optimization or SEO. The most popular CMS in the world is WordPress and so it is important for us to discuss SEO in regards to WordPress.

WordPress does a great job with SEO from a standalone perspective, but there are a lot of other things, such as plugins that can make it better. Using just WordPress you can add meta tags, insert keywords, optimize images for SEO via titles and captions, and change the permalinks structure of the website to use full titles as the URL.

But there are some limitations, which could be for simplicity sake and to not confuse new users, or it is because for most people it simply isn’t necessary.

Luckily for power users and fanatics about SEO WordPress has a huge set of available plugins, both free and for pay that can enhance your websites search engine ranking.

Check out these 4 plugins to start on your search engine ranking journey!

All-in-One SEO
This is considered THE SEO plugin for most people. The plugin sits on the post and page editor and provides users with options for title, description, keywords, and more allowing you to customize what shows up in the Title (rather than just using the default title). An extremely handy plugin and best of all it is free, so there is no reason to not have this installed and working for your blog.

WP Google Analytics
Site metrics aren’t normally talked about when talking directly about SEO plugins, but having a Google Analytics plugin that allows you to track where your traffic is coming from and from which keywords is a great way to refine your strategy and thinking about SEO. Seeing the real results will help motivate you to continue your SEO campaign. There are a few plugins to help with Google Analytics setup so make sure you search the plugins on WordPress.org to help you out.

Google Sitemap XML
This plugin allows you to generate a .xml sitemap to submit to Google Webmaster Tools to help Google crawl your site when it visits. An easy one time thing the plugin serves the purpose great and is a must have for a new or established site.

WP Auto Tagger

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