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Getting Websites for Sale

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Getting Websites for Sale

Those who wish to procure websites for sale can rest assured that they are reading the right article. There are many web sites for sale out there in the market. All that will be required of you is to go out of your way to find the ones that will match your needs and specifications.

However, even with these websites, you will want to ensure that they are working well and that they get a great rank on search engines. Otherwise, the importance of these websites will be diminished greatly.

There are differences between the kinds of web sites you will get. Most of these websites for sale will tend to be ranked higher on search engines in a number of weeks. Then, there are those that will take a considerably longer period of time to be ranked.

This is because with each new day, thousands of web sites are actually hosted onto the internet. The implication being made here is that in case your web site is relatively new, then chances are very high that it will take some considerable period of time before they can start being ranked higher on search engines. This is the main thing to keep in mind with regards to even the best websites that you will come across.

The other important thing to remember is that most of the web sites that are relatively new will tend to also be unpopular. In as much as they may be revolutionary in nature, chances are very high that people will not be aware of their existence. Therefore, it will take a tough campaign regimen to actually make them more popular. Also, most of the other older web sites will not have links to these new sites. This also contributes to these web sites not being so popular on search engines.

The importance of creating back links to these new web sites that are considerably put up for sale cannot, therefore, be overemphasized. What this means is that the more the number of web sites that you get linked to the new web site you bought, then the shorter the time it will take for that new web site to actually rank higher on search engines. This is very important and you should not forget it especially if you are looking to ensure you get higher web site ranking on search engines.

For those whose web sites are relatively new and who are using it for their small businesses, it is primal that they ensure that they undertake to procure web sites that are completely original. This is in comparison to the sites that their competitors maintain. These kind of people should also go out of their way to spend more money marketing their web sites otherwise these sites will not get the kind of traffic that is required to ensure that the site is making enough money for the owner.

Finally, the keywords you use on your site should also be very original. They also need to be competitive. This is best done using search engine optimization. It will take time to transform these websites for sale but in the long run, the results are amazing.


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Sensible Use of On Site Advertising

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Sensible Use of On Site Advertising

Putting ads on a website is definitely the best way to monetize it. Ads on websites can bring webmasters money through various business models, such as cost per click, cost per impression, selling an ad space for a fixed amount for a period of time, or running affiliate offers that pay a commission to the webmaster whenever a sale is made by the action of a website visitor that clicks a link on the publishing site.

Website ads can come in many formats. One of the most popular one is text ads, which are commonly associated with the Google AdSense service. These text ads neatly appear in a box on the site. One of their primary advantage is that they’re not obtrusive and don’t interfere with site navigation. However, there are many new types of ads that have become more popular recently.

One prime example are flash based ads, which pop out of their assigned space on the website to momentarily cover a portion of the site in order to catch the user’s attention. These ads sometimes also play sounds. While they are an effective method of advertising since they are an “in your face” kind of ad, there are many site visitors that don’t like them and consider them to be annoying. For this reason, webmasters should limit the use of such ads to only a few pages on their site. Another issue with these ads is that they take some time to load, which means that they could disrupt site navigation for a visitor that has a slow connection. Also, use of flash ads increases the chance of crashing the users browser, especially if they have many other tabs opened at the same time and are using a computer that isn’t that powerful.

Video ads that start playing automatically are also another kind of on site advertising that has gotten more popular recently. Generally, video ads bring more revenue to the webmaster, as their advertisers are willing to pay more for a view or click than with a simple banner or text ads. However, the use of video ads should also be limited for similar reasons. One of the first annoyances about them cited by web users is that they play audio without any interaction from the user. They also put more strain on the users browser, thus making the page “heavier” to load. Some advertisers have taken this into consideration and only show an introduction frame or loop for the video ad in the beginning, and will play the full video when the visitor mouses over the ad to see more.

As a webmaster, you must remember that besides making money from your website, your goal should also to provide your users with useful and entertaining content. Sites that are supported by ads which are very profitable get many of their profits from returning visitors. As such, you should ensure that your users always have a good experience when visiting your website, so covering half your page with ads is not really a good way to go.

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Adsense Alternatives – AdBrite

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Adsense Alternatives – AdBrite

If you are a webmaster interested in publishing pay per click ads on your site, its obvious that you have already heard of Adsense. Sure, they are the most popular name around and have the largest share of the market, but this doesn’t mean everyone wants to use them. Some people have been previously banned by Adsense. Some have had their site rejected by them. And certain webmasters simply don’t want to deal with them for whatever reasons.

But there are of course, certain alternatives that you can use. One of them is called AdBrite. Basically, it is a smaller advertising network that offers you some interesting features that you would not find in Adwords.

First, you are free to determine the type of ads that you want to publish on your site. You can choose from intersitials (full page ads), cost per mille impressions (CPM) banners, cost per click (CPC) banners, CPC text & banners (content ads), CPC text inline (ads are targeted towards the keywords on your page), as well as video ads.

You also get a lot more control as to which ads are displayed on your site. You can select them to be shown automatically, that way advertisers can choose to run their ad based on the topic of your site and it will automatically be accepted. You can also select to have more control and approve ads on your site manually.

Of course, if you are publishing ads, you will be interested in knowing how much you will get paid depending on which types of ads to show. While some other networks could have only pay per click (PPC) ads available, with AdBrite there are various pricing options. You can either sell ad space for a fixed period of time, such as a day, a week or a month. This is recommended if you have an established site that receives a lot of traffic. You can also sell ads on a CPM or CPC basis as well.

There are a few drawbacks to using AdBrite, however. Most of the room for improvement with their network lies in the way that payments to webmasters are handled. Payments to publishers are issued on a Net 60 basis, which means that they mature 60 days after the end of the payment period. Therefore, earnings for the month of December will be sent out at the beginning of the month of March. This could be an inconvenience to some, as you will have to wait a longer time before receiving your earnings than on other networks, which usually are on a Net 30 basis.

Also, payments are only issued by check in US Dollars. This is fine for those in the US and Canada, but those in foreign countries may find that cashing a US check could take a few weeks to clear and certain banks charge service fees in order to cash a check from the USA. However, AdBrite says that they will be introducing other payment methods in the future.

Card fraud has now affected a total of 13 million people in the UK according to new research.

The annual Card Fraud Index, which was released today from life assistance company CPP

(http://www.cpp.co.uk/), has given Brighton the dubious honor of being the card fraud capital of the

country. The south coast city has gone from tenth to first place in the number of people who fell

victim at least once to card fraud.

In the United Kingdom, the top five card fraud hotspots are Brighton (38 per cent), London (34 per

cent), Manchester (33 per cent), Bristol and Leeds at joint fourth place (32 per cent) and Edinburgh

(31 per cent).

However, not all news is bad. During the year 2010, there was a three percent drop in the number of

card fraud incidents, with seven percent of individuals saying that they were victims of card fraud

within the past 12 months, as opposed to 10 percent in 2009. However, card fraud is still an issue

and people must remain vigilant and be responsible when making use of their cards.

The Card Fraud Index also shows methods that fraudsters are making use of, with the majority of

victims (20 percent) having the magnetic stripe on their card cloned at an ATM or at a point of sale

terminal. This method has increase by three percent when compared to results in 2009. 20 percent of

victims have been defrauded online, with criminals using various ways in order to illegally obtain

card details on the internet.

What is alarming is that 33 percent of card fraud victims don’t even know they have become a victim

of fraud, with a third being contacted directly by their financial institution (34 percent) and six

percent being refused money at an ATM. An additional six percent have found out that their account

was compromised when their card has been refused during a point of sale transaction.

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Advertising Options Overview – Google Adwords

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Advertising Options Overview – Google Adwords

Whatever type of online product you are promoting, whether it’s an ebook on Clickbank, or a CPA offer, you would need to get traffic to your offer. We all know that: if you get no traffic, you get no conversions and therefore no revenue. Google Adwords is one of the most popular online advertising tools that is used by internet marketers to get targeted traffic directly to their offers. Here is a quick overview of how it works:

Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising service. This means that you will pay for every click that is sent to your website, rather than the amount of times that your ad is displayed, or a flat rate for a certain period of time. The amount that you will pay for each click will depend on various factors. First is the competition for the keywords that you are targeting. Keywords that are quite broad in nature, such as “dog” or “computers” will cost you less, but the traffic will also be of lower quality than if you had used more specific keywords. This is quite simply due to the fact that these people will often not be in buying mode, but rather searching for general information about various products.

Keywords like “dog training guide” or “computer repair service” will yield much better results, but will cost you more for each click. Another factor that influences price is what other people are bidding for that keyword. The more competition for a certain keyword, the higher the average bid price will be. For example, most keywords related to financial products, such as “insurance” or “credit cards” can cost anywhere between $5 to $40 or more for a single click.

In Adwords, you will write a short text ad, composed of a title, 2 short lines of text and a link to your site. The ads themselves mainly appear on Google’s search results when someone searches for a keyword that you have bid on. The position of your ad will mainly depend on how much you bid. If your bid is higher than the other competitors, your ad has a better chance of appearing in the first position, highlighted on top of the search results. Google Adwords also uses the Google content network to distribute ads, however you may turn this option off in your account. This will make your ad appear on sites that have content related to your keywords. For example, if you are selling dog training guides, your ad could appear on a forum that talks about dogs.

Mastering the Google Adwords system will take you some time and practice. Therefore, you should do as much research as possible before launching a campaign on it. Believe me, mistakes on Adwords could be very costly for you. The good news is that many webhosting companies give a free voucher of $50 to $100 that you can use to create your first Adwords campaign, when you sign up for a hosting account with them.

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Not All Traffic Sources Are The Same

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Not All Traffic Sources Are The Same

If you are new to internet marketing, you may be in search of some reasonably priced traffic sources in order to send traffic to your sites and the offers that you promote. After all, if no one clicks on your links, your will not make any sales or earn any commissions from affiliate programs. There are many ways to get traffic to your site. Some are perfectly legitimate and will give you productive and targeted traffic that will result in conversions for you. Some other sites sell you what could be referred to as “garbage traffic”. Allow me to explain a bit more in detail:

Bulk traffic sites

Sites such as BuyHitsCheap offer to sell packages of thousands of visitors for very low prices. They also make claims that this is “real traffic” from “real visitors” and will result in “potential customers”. While the first two statements are technically true, the second one is quite unlikely to occur. Here’s why: these sites use “popunders”, which basically load the website in a popup that goes under the browser’s current window. Few people will actually bother to look at your site and most will simply find the popunder annoying and close it right away. So you definitely won’t get any customers. Now think logically for a second. They sell 10 000 visitors for $12.50. If you promote a product that gets you a $15 commission and you get a conversion rate of 1/2000 (which would be atrociously low in other means of advertising), you would earn $75, more than 5 times what you spent. If this was possible, a lot of us would be millionaires right now.

Paid to click sites

These sites often claim that they can get you “real visitors” at very low costs. Now make no mistake about it, the visitors will probably be quite real. But the problem is, they won’t really care about your site or your product. These sites pay their visitors a fraction of a cent in order to click on a link and keep your site open for a period of time, such as 15 to 30 seconds. Most people on these types of sites won’t even bother looking at the websites that they have clicked through to and will simply end up closing your site after the timer expires, so that they can move on to the next site and possibly end up earning a few pennies a day.

Traffic exchanges

Many of these services claim to give you free traffic and the ability to earn views to your site simply by looking at other people’s sites. Anyone with half a brain will know that this concept is quite flawed. No one will be interested to sign up for anything on your site, much less buy something from you. All they will want is to get visitors to THEIR site as well. Traffic exchanges are simply little more than a waste of time.

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Why Writing a Great Sales Page Matters In Everything

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Why Writing a Great Sales Page Matters In Everything

One of the things that is so essential and that has transferred over from old media is writing great sales copy. Sales copy is the writing and information that you get people to opt-in to your list, to buy your product, or to see you as a professional and authority on a subject. Great sales copy is hard to come by, so many times it is overhyped crap that people use to scam people into purchasing their products. I have fallen for the many “get rich schemes” that people sell online, but no more. Learning to cut through the crap and finding great writing will help you find truly quality products, as well as save you some money.

Here are three areas that you need to make sure your copywriting is great, in order to best maximize your return and user interaction.

Concise And Clear

Your sales copy needs to be both clear, and concise. If you write a lengthy, hard to read sales page, you’ll lose your reader’s attention. Instead, write clear, brief copy. Make sure you hit all of the necessary points you want to make, but don’t overdo it when you’re writing details about each point. Stick to detailing the facts of whatever it is you’re selling, and the benefits to the customer.


Your sales page needs to grab the customer’s attention. You need to write your sales page in a way that effectively sells the product. Be sure to use positive, and exciting terminology when describing the product, and it’s features. For example, if you were writing a sales page about a product that would help the reader to learn HTML 5, the sentence “You could learn HTML 5 in just 21 days!” would work much better than the sentence “This guide will give you information and tutorials to help you learn HTML 5 over a fixed period of time.”


Make sure your copy is organized well, so that the reader is able to take in all the information easily. Organize your information into short paragraphs, and numbered lists whenever possible. If your information is easy to take in, the reader will be more likely to read the entire page.

So keep your copy concise, enticing, and easy to consume, and you’ll create a strong sales page.

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