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All Types of Online Advertising Have Seen Growth in 2011

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All Types of Online Advertising Have Seen Growth in 2011

In the United States alone, revenues for internet marketing have totaled more than $31.7 billion in 2011. This is seen as an increase of around 23 percent from 2010 and there have been a few reasons cited for this jump in growth. One of them is the increase of mobile marketing and advertising.


According to data from PricewaterhouseCoopers, online advertising revenues have gone up in a steady way all through the 2011 year, reaching a peek during the fourth quarter, at $8.97 billion in reported revenue. Many would be interested in seeing a breakdown of this revenue, to see where businesses have spent their online advertising dollars in 2011. Search related spend is still at the top, with 46.5 percent of all online ad revenue in 2011. Display advertising, such as on site ads, were in second place with 34.8 percent of advertising spend during the year. However, mobile advertising did play a sizable part, contributing just over 5 percent to total ad revenues. According to statistics collected during the year, mobile ad spending has reached $1.60 billion.


Even though mobile ad spending is still a relatively small part of the total ad spend that businesses put out, it is rapidly gaining ground and is expected to increase in the near future. The reasons behind this growth may seem pretty obvious. An increasing amount of consumers own internet enabled mobile devices, such as smart phones. Furthermore, a large amount of them are using the devices to either shop online, or to look for a brick and mortar business that they would want to visit.


For purchases made online, digitally delivered content of various sorts, such as games, music, wall paper graphics, adult entertainment content and ring tones are still very popular purchases made from mobile devices. However, the popular e-commerce sites are also reporting that there is a growing amount of consumers which are ordering goods directly from their smart phones.


There are many people who would be interested in knowing that mobile related ad spending is growing. First, there is the ad networks themselves, which are rapidly implementing mobile advertising solutions that are getting increasingly targeted. Advertisers are now able to select certain criteria to serve mobile ads, such as geographic area, type of mobile device used, demographics of the website being advertised on, etc. There are also ad networks and specialist marketing companies which are appearing on the market, who offer advertising and marketing solutions that are made to reach the mobile audience.


Businesses of all kinds, as well as affiliates that are promoting their products are also seeing an interest in mobile advertising solutions. By being among the first to develop a complete mobile marketing plan, they can stay ahead of the competition and attract those in their targeted market who are using mobile devices to browse the web. But in any case, businesses are still seeing the value offered by traditional online advertising channels, such as on page display and inclusion of their site in paid search results.

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Using A Review Site For Affiliate Offers

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Using A Review Site For Affiliate Offers

If you are promoting any type of affiliate offer online, such as a Clickbank product or certain types of CPA offers, you will probably be searching for ways to increase your conversions and thus your revenues. Generally, there are two ways to promote an offer, either direct linking to the offer or creating a landing page. But there is a type of landing page that is being often used by internet marketers out there due to its potential to bring in more conversions: the multi product review page.

Now how does it work and is it complicated to set up?

What this type of landing page consists of is basically creating a comparison of a few offers (usually around 3) of the same category. So if you are promoting a dog training guide on Clickbank, you will basically include information and your affiliate link to 3 different Clickbank dog training products. Your reviews will need to be informational and generally positive, but it is possible to give ratings to the products and make one product appear as slightly better than the other ones. The other products are still “good” and useful to the buyer, it’s just that the top one offers the best value, or the best information, etc.

Setting it up is quite easy. Of course, the page needs to look good to the user and “professional”, not like something an 9 year old put together for his elementary school computer class. You just need to use a template that is related to your niche and structure the information well. You can find many review site templates for free just by browsing internet marketing forums or by doing a quick Google search. Some minimal web design is required, but you only need to know how to use a basic web editor. No need to design fancy graphics, logos, flash movies, etc. Then just get a domain related to your niche and upload it to the server. For some ideas on how the page is supposed to look like, just take a peek at how your competitors pages are doing and structure yours accordingly.

Why should I use this method? Will it be profitable?

This is profitable due to the fact that the user will feel more as if you are “on their side” and presenting information on various products, rather than pitching one product which will look like you are trying to sell them something.

While it is quite unlikely that someone will buy multiple products from the review site (since they all do pretty much the same thing), this is different for free offers. For example, if you are promoting survey sites, free biz opp leads or free dating site signup offers, a user could register at more than one of the sites thus making you more revenue than if you would have only been promoting a single offer. Feel free to try this method with different kinds of offers and see what the results are, then adjust your campaigns accordingly.

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