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Getting Your Facebook Page to Work – Part 3

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Getting Your Facebook Page to Work – Part 3

So you’ve set up your Facebook page, but aren’t really happy with the results. You believed that by creating your page, you gave your fans a space where they can not only view your content, but also exchange ideas. But it isn’t working out like you wanted it to. Maybe you’re not satisfied with the number of fans that you got. Or nobody’s really paying attention to you on Facebook. Previously, we’ve seen some reasons as to why this may happen. Here are some more reasons behind low fan engagement and what you can do to reverse this trend.

Timing is Everything

Think of the daily schedule of your typical fan. Are they people who party all night? Are they individuals who work 9 to 5? Do a bit of research on your demographic. You can find some interesting results that show just when people who are in your targeted group are using the internet. By posting during the time of the day where your fans are likely to be online and using social networking sites, you increase the chances that they will actually see your post and pay attention to it.

Timing doesn’t exclusively refer to the time of day either, but it could be related to the season as well. Are your products and services something that people typically use all year round, or something that’s popular only in one specific season. Some examples: people are more likely to pay attention to gardening stuff during the spring and summer. You can’t really work on planting new flowers when your garden is covered in snow, so even those who are interested in gardening won’t engage with you as much during the winter. There could still be some conversations going on, but it won’t be at the same intensity.

Building a Responsive Fan Base Takes Time

Just because you’ve created a new fan page, it doesn’t mean that people will jump in on it right away, especially if you’re a new business. Sure, there are countless examples where a product or company went viral and their content spread like wildfire, but these are exceptions and not the standard rule when it comes to social media. Give it some time. You may begin to see improvements after you’ve been posting interesting content on your wall for a few weeks.

Consider Promoting Your Posts

Facebook’s advertising system has undergone some changes in the past few months, which are designed at making things easier for marketers. The “promoted posts” feature is definitely one of the most interesting ones. It allows your posts to be seen by a larger percentage of users who are your fans. You can also explore some of the other paid advertising features that are offered by Facebook. Of course, this requires some monetary investment, but if you’ve applied the other tips that you were given on the topic of fan engagement, it may be something worth looking at. To save money, you can try to find some Facebook coupons that give you a certain amount of money in free advertising as well.

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How to Prevent Click Fraud

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How to Prevent Click Fraud

Dealing with click fraud is nothing new. In fact, it has been around in some form ever since pay per click advertising had appeared online in the 1990s. While it is something that is commonly associated with PCs, the fact is that even mobile campaigns are increasingly being targeted in click fraud schemes. But there are things that you, as an advertiser, can do in order to keep from wasting your advertising dollars on fraudulent traffic. Here are some of them:


  • Start paying attention to your statistics


Check where your traffic is coming from, when it is coming to your site and how many of these clicks result in conversions. You should also explore the activity of the users on your site, such as the amount of pages that they visit, or the length of time they spend on your website. One of the reasons why click fraud flourishes is the fact that advertisers often don’t pay too much attention to their campaigns.


  • Recognize the signs of click fraud


Fraudulent clicks can be generated in two ways. First, there is the simple server side fraud, where a publisher, or advertising network, is manipulating server data to bill you for clicks that simply never went to your website. To protect yourself from this, you will need to compare the amount of clicks that you’ve received on your website, as well as the number of clicks reported on the advertising network’s statistics. It is normal that there might be a bit of a difference in the sets of numbers, but if you start seeing a noticeable discrepancy between the number of clicks you see on your server stats and the number reported by publishers, there is a chance that something is going wrong. Either their tracking system is having problems or they are doing something sketchy. This type of fraud is rare on larger publishers and advertising networks, as it is unlikely that they would want to ruin their reputation by engaging in fraudulent behavior. But on the other hand, the smaller players, especially those based in foreign countries where enforcement of internet crime is either very lax or nonexistent, may not really give too much attention to their reputation.


There is also fraud that is more complex than just manipulating the numbers on server data. It often comes as the result of fraudsters using bots and other unauthorized means to generate ad clicks that didn’t come from a real user. While it may seem to be quite a challenge to detect, it actually isn’t that complex. Tomorrow we will present you with some more ideas on how you can spot this kind of fraud and what actions you can take to prevent it from causing potentially serious losses for your business. Remember, when it comes to online marketing, the more knowledge you have, the better prepared you will be to face many of the challenges and potential problems involved with this industry.

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Using Your Facebook Page Better

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Using Your Facebook Page Better

If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you’re on the way to using social media in order to better connect with your target audience and maybe boost your sales numbers. But simply having a presence on social networks is not enough if you want to bring something positive for your business. You need to ensure that you’re using your social networking presence to its fullest potential. Here are a few tips that will help you accomplish this:

Make Your Posts Unique and Interesting

Many of your fans on Facebook will also be readers of your blog or subscribed to your email list. As such, don’t simply repost things that you’ve said somewhere else. This is one of the ways to lose your subscribers attention, as they already had seen the content through another distribution channel. Getting their attention back after could be difficult. While it is normal for you to refer to some posts that you have up on your blog or some items on your website, be sure to add some unique content once in a while too.

Avoid Pointless Grabs for Attention

You would be surprised, but there are many small business owners that make posts which offer very little value on a regular basis, such as “Hey! How’s everyone doing?” or “The sun is really shining today!”. Your subscribers probably already get their share of pointless wall posts from their friends. There is no need to have more of it coming from your business. Again, this is another way to make people stop paying attention to what you’re saying which could reduce the overall value that your social media presence has.

Respond to Comments Quickly… When it is Necessary

If someone asks a question or makes a comment on one of your posts, take a look at what they posted and see whether there’s a useful response that you can provide. But you don’t have to respond to everyone who writes something if your response will be useless. So for example if some users write “That video was good”, you don’t have to thank every one of them for their comment.

Have Social Media Only Promotions

This is a very good way to keep your readers interested in what you post and more likely to look at posts from your page that appear on their news feed. You can offer Facebook only coupon codes, discounts, promotions, etc. This will make your subscribers feel valued and they are more likely to keep an interest in your page for a long time.

Encourage People to Like Your Page

Not everyone will search out for your business Facebook fan page and like it. You need to inform people that it exists. This can be done in various ways, such as including links to your page in email messages, like in a footer on your sales receipts. You should also add social media buttons on your main website or your business blog. The more subscribers you have, the better it is for your business.

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Twitter Changes The Way it Does Promoted Tweets

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Twitter Changes The Way it Does Promoted Tweets

Advertising on Twitter is somewhat different than what you would see on most other social media websites. Twitter, a popular microblogging platform, has grown to be used by millions of people around the globe who use it to share information with their followers, as well as by businesses who create a profile on the site and keep their clients and potential clients in the know about what is going on in their company. We’ve previously discussed some of the ways that one can join Twitter and start using it to promote their business. However, there are some other advertising options available to Twitter users as well.


Just like any other social media website, Twitter needs to have businesses which pay to have their ads seen if they want their social network to keep functioning. One of the ways that Twitter would do this was by making Promoted Tweets available to their business users. A company would first need to write a regular Tweet and post it so that it’s seen by all of their followers. This can give a company a lot of exposure in itself, especially if they have thousands of highly targeted followers that are paying attention to what they’re tweeting. But there is a way to get even more exposure for your message: sending out a Promoted Tweet. This tweet would be the same one that you posted to all of your followers. However, it does have one main difference: instead of being promoted to just your followers, it would get sent out to a much larger audience. This provides your business with a lot more views for your Tweet, and of course it gives Twitter the revenue that it needs to keep their service running.


There has been a slight change to the way Twitter handles sponsored tweets in the last few days. It’s not really much of a radical change that will shake the world of social media forever, but it’s still worth noting. Advertisers that send out Promoted Tweets will no longer have to create a “regular” tweet and send it out to their followers. They can go straight to making a Promoted Tweet and sharing it with the world of Twitter users, based on certain targeting factors such as demographics and the geographic region of the user.


According to internet marketing news updates, Twitter will be encouraging advertisers to make their promoted tweets look similar to regular ones. Promoted tweets that see more user engagement may “appear more often”, according to information from Twitter.


If there’s one thing that can be learned from Twitter is that it’s possible to have a social networking site that is both popular and profitable, without cluttering up the page with 10 different ads all over the place. Promoted tweets are seen as a lot more “friendly” and unobtrusive by Twitter users than the standard text or image ads that are seen on other social networking websites.

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Creating Email Messages That Convert: Some Important Advice

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Creating Email Messages That Convert: Some Important Advice

Email marketing is one of the best ways for online marketers to get people to buy their products. But in order for them to be a truly effective marketing tool, they need to be used correctly. The first thing you need to think about is the email message itself. Here are some basic tips that will help you create messages that convert much better than before.


  • A Good Headline is a MUST!


We’re in 2012. People tend to get dozens of email messages a day. Some of them are personal emails from friends and family members. Others are business related messages. Then there’s notifications sent out by social media sites, etc. Finally, we have commercial email messages that come from mailing lists that the user has subscribed to.


The first obstacle to getting your email to convert is actually getting the user to open your message. For this, you need to make a good first impression by creating a headline (email subject) that will engage the user and make them open the message to read more.


Try to understand your target customers. What would make them want to read your email? What kind of wording would draw their attention? You can try to get the recipient to guess the content of your email based on the subject header. Or, ask them a question in it. But no matter what you do, don’t use subject lines that are misleading and unrelated to the actual content. While you may think this is clever, it’s not a good strategy. First, you will trip up spam filters, which have gotten far more advanced in the last few years. If your subject keywords are completely unrelated to the text in your message, there is a high chance the message ends up in the “junk” folder. Second, and even worse, is that you risk irritating the recipient. What this means is that they will either unsubscribe from your list, or simply stop paying attention to your future messages, thinking that you’re just trying to trick them again.


  • Take Advantage of Message Preview Snippets


Depending on which email service your recipient uses, they may be able to see the first sentences of your message next to the subject line, or by mousing over the message when it’s in their inbox. Naturally, you will want to take advantage of this. Don’t start off your email with your address, phone number, or the classic “Can’t see the message? Click here”. This doesn’t give the user any information on what is inside.


Instead, create a catchy title that will serve as the headline of the email message itself. It shouldn’t be your email subject rewritten in different words. Rather, it should provide the reader with a bit more information on what you’re going to be talking to them about in your message. This may convince someone to open your message even if your subject didn’t really do the trick for them.



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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

Whether or not Google + actually has enough potential to be a useful marketing tool has been a matter of debate for quite some time in online marketing circles. There are those who believe that the social network launched by Google has some potential and will end up growing in popularity. On the other end, there are those who believe that it will be a flop and join Google’s list of “failed products” and therefore businesses shouldn’t waste their time building a significant presence on it.


But what is going on with Google + in reality? Is it something that you should bother paying attention to as a business owner that is seeking different ways to advertise online? The decision as to which marketing channels you will use to promote your business online is all up to you. Remember that in addition to social networking sites, there are plenty of other online advertising avenues that you can use. And if these are already working for you, then you should by all means keep using any method that is bringing you a satisfactory amount of website visitors and revenue. But what about those that are seeking to enlarge their online advertising options, or who have just started a new business and are looking for ways to get some traffic going to their website?


There are a few things that you should know about Google + and about how it can be used to promote your business in social media.


Google has Fixed Several Problems With the Site


When it was launched, Google + was only meant to be used as a platform for individuals to connect to each other. This meant that business accounts were not allowed. However, Google has quickly changed course, allowing businesses to use the platform for networking, just like Facebook now allows different types of organizations to use their social networking service to connect with fans, customers and potential customers.


Certain functionality issues, such as the ability to put in additional page managers, as well as verify a profile to make sure that it is the official Google + page for your business, have now been resolved and are working quite well. Google has also worked on improving the overall look and feel of the service, which is always a bonus point for increasing use.


Adoption Among Consumers Remains Low


Google has reported that there are now 90 million users of Google +. Of course, this is far less than its rivals, which are now chiefly Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the amount of time that users spend on the service on average is not too encouraging at the moment. Reports show that users of Google + spend just 3.5 minutes on the service. Again, this is low compared to other social media websites. However, there are a few reasons as to why you may not want to discount Google + as a marketing tool just yet and may want to create a profile on the service for your business.



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More Efficient Use of Online Marketing: Checking Your Progress

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More Efficient Use of Online Marketing: Checking Your Progress

If you own a local business and use the internet to promote it, then you’re probably concerned as to whether you’re getting the results that you’ve wanted from your marketing efforts. After all, nobody wants to spend time and money on online advertising only to make little progress with it. This is why it is very important for you to monitor your progress with internet marketing and see which of your strategies work and which ones don’t work as well. This will give you an idea as to whether you should keep doing what you’re already doing, or whether there are certain changes or improvements that would be in order for you.

While this sounds easy to say, keeping up with the performance of your online marketing efforts will require a bit of work, especially if you haven’t really been paying attention to the results that it’s been bringing you. This happens to many small business owners that get caught up with their main line of work, especially if their business has been doing quite well as of late.

The first thing that you would want to do is to make a list of all of your marketing and advertising channels that you’re using. Then, divide these into sub groups. So for example if you use social media and classified ads sites, you would have these 2 as main advertising types. Then you would list the specific social networking sites that you use for your business, as well as the classified ads websites that you post your ads to on a regular basis. The same can be applied to other methods of online marketing that your business uses, such as pay per click ads, where you can further drill down the traffic and results that you’re getting by each network, each specific ad campaign & ad copies, as well as individual text or banner ads that you’re running on the network. Remember to be as detailed as possible as this will help you optimize your efforts.

Now that you have this list done, you would need to track where you website traffic is coming from. If you haven’t already set up a tracking script (there are many free ones out there that you can use), look at your server logs to see where the traffic on your business website is coming from.

As for tracking conversions (visitors who became paying client or took other action that is profitable for you), there are many free scripts that you can use in order to see which clicks are converting, if your site is directly selling items to customers. Otherwise, if customers contact you by phone or walk into your place of business, then tracking conversions won’t be that easy since you will be limited to asking customers how they found out about your business.

If you’re satisfied with the results, then keep doing what you’re doing… but keep paying attention to where your traffic is coming from. If on the other hand, you want to improve some things, then we have some more tips for you tomorrow.

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Tips for Success in Email Marketing: Part 3

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Tips for Success in Email Marketing: Part 3

The content of your message is obviously an essential part for the success of your overall email marketing campaign. You need to plan what you’re going to be sharing with your readers from the start. Remember that if you bore them or otherwise make your readers uninterested with your message content, then this will reduce the effectiveness of your overall campaign even if you improve your messages later. Once readers stop reading your messages or view them as simply “junk”, they are unlikely to start paying any significant attention to them later on.

Here are some useful tips to deliver powerful content in all the messages that you send to your email marketing list readers:

  • Don’t Simply Repeat What You Already Said

Many online marketers, webmasters and entrepreneurs that use email marketing also use other ways to get content in front of the eyes of prospective buyers. Website updates, blog posts, as well as posts on social media websites are all excellent ways to connect to your targeted audience. But you need to remember that many of those who are on your email list will already be subscribed to your social media page, or reading your blog from time to time. So if your emails are simply a repetition of what you already deliver through other channels, your email subscribers will start viewing your mails as “useless” and stop paying attention to them, even if you later change your practices.

It’s OK to link to your other communication channels, such as inviting a subscriber to read a blog post of yours. But don’t simply make your email messages a “repeater” of what’s on your other channels.

  • Include Special, Email Only Promotions

People like to feel like they’re getting something special. This is why including discount codes, virtual coupons and other advantages that are exclusive to your email list members is great to keep readers interested in what you’re saying. Even if they won’t buy right now, they have a higher chance of opening your next emails just to see if there would be an item of special they would be interested in.

  • Keep Messages Brief

People receive dozens of email daily. They don’t always have time to spend 15 minutes reading each message. If there is a long piece of content that you want to present to them, then include a meaningful description in your email and post the rest of the content on your website or blog, which would be linked to in your message. This allows yours readers to quickly see if they want to continue reading.

  • Include Calls to Action

Just like on landing pages, including a call to action helps guide the reader to do what you want them to do. If you want the reader to check out some of the products on your site, tell them to do so. If you want them to provide more information to get a quote on a service, let them know in addition to providing the link to the relevant page on your site. Including a call to action is a great way to increase your conversion rates.

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Get More Sales This Holiday Season: Using Social Media

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Get More Sales This Holiday Season: Using Social Media

So we’ve seen some ways to get started with your marketing campaigns for this holiday season if you own an e-commerce site. But do you want some more ideas on how you can draw in more site visitors and sales on your website? Here are some more ideas that you can use. Remember, you can always think up of your own strategies, look up some more online, or adapt these to match your overall business objectives, as well as your creativity.

  • Use Twitter For an Everyday Special

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Of course, this is no secret and anyone into online marketing will already know this. But it is how you use Twitter that can make the difference between “good” and “excellent” results for your website. Simply Tweeting the same thing over and over again like “Come in! We have specials” is likely to bore your users after a while. But having a special promotion each day on a certain item, or category of items during the countdown to Christmas will be much better at keeping them paying attention to your Twitter feed.

  • Create a Facebook Event

You could make a day (or week) where you offer even bigger promotions to your buyers and attract them by creating a Facebook event, then inviting your Facebook friends to it. People often get invites to holiday parties and events during this season, so there is a high chance that they will be paying attention to the invites that they receive.

  • Donate Some of Your Proceeds to Charity

The holidays are a time of giving and sharing, so you definitely don’t want your company to look like “Scrooge Inc.” during this time of the year. Give some of your proceeds to a charity, maybe even a Christmas themed one and announce this on your website, social media pages and e-mail newsletters. Your shoppers will see your business as one who cares about others in need and will be more likely to shop with you.

  • Organize Some Giveaways and Contests

This doesn’t have to be complicated or require a lot of cutbacks from you. For example, you can post a coupon code on your social media page that is valid for the first 10 or so people that use it. Then, do the same again in a few days. This will do a lot to keep users paying attention to your advertising messages. A contest is also a good way to draw some attention. You could, for example, be giving away a free item or a gift voucher valid for a certain amount of money at your web store. Be creative, there are plenty of more giveaways that you can offer to your website visitors. Remember, your shoppers will want to see that you are giving them something valuable and sharing during this holiday season. A few free gifts can definitely be helpful. Customers who got something from you also have a higher chance of coming back to buy something, even if it is after the holidays.

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Keep An Eye On The Competition

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Keep An Eye On The Competition

Chances are. your website isn’t the most popular website in your niche. Even if it is, you can still benefit from keeping an eye on the competition. It’s important to know what other sites in your niche are doing so you can do a better job of giving your customers the features they’re looking for. There are a few ways you can find out what’s going on in your niche, and none of them will take terribly long .

First thing’s first, you need to know who your competition is. Do a Google search for any terms relevant to your niche, and see who comes up. Any site that ranks higher than you for keywords you’re optimizing on is a competitor worth looking at. Make a list of your top competitors that you can refer to later. Try to pick sites that not only rank higher than you in search, but also share similar messages and ideas with your site. Keep the list relatively short. Try to stick with ten or fifteen sites that appeal to the audience you’re reaching out to.

Once you have that list in hand, start looking at each site on a regular basis, and see what new features they’re adding. Try to get a sense for how those new features are received by their audience, and think about which ones might apply to your site. If you can implement a feature that other sites are having success with, do it. It’s important to do what you can to tailor that feature to your site and your audience as best you can.

You can also get an idea about what your competition is up to by searching for them on social networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter. If you search their names, you won’t just find their official accounts, but also things that other people are saying about them. By getting an idea of what other people are saying about the competition, you can see what qualities people like about them, and what qualities people don’t care for. By paying attention to these things, you can get an idea of what direction to take your own site.

It’s important to keep an eye on the competition. The features they’re implementing help to shape the expectations your audience has for what a site in your niche should be. By keeping an eye on the competition you are keeping an eye on the future of your niche. That way, you can evolve your site accordingly.

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