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Creating Email Messages That Convert: The Basics

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Creating Email Messages That Convert: The Basics

When you use email marketing, remember that what you’re doing is talking to your reader. Sure, it may not be a live conversation like on the phone or by instant messenger. And depending on how many people you got on your list, your message could end up being read by anywhere from a few dozen to several thousand subscribers. Even if email marketing is essentially a mass mailing, you still need to keep the reader engaged and make them feel like you’re writing to them one on one. Think about how sales copies are written. They make the reader feel like the author is talking directly to them and forget the fact that there are thousands of other people who are reading the same message.


It is a well known fact that email messages convert well. Once the reader clicks that link and goes to your website, you get a better chance of them making a purchase, or taking any other action that you would want them to take, such as filling out a form to get a quote, or booking an appointment. Studies have shown that email marketing has better conversion rates than other forms of online advertising, such as pay per click ads on search engines or display ads on websites.


But this doesn’t mean that email just causes products to “sell themselves” no matter what some of the gurus will try to tell you. Yes, there is a higher chance that someone who ends up clicking on your link will buy from you. But in the first place, you need to get them to open your message, read it and then take the desired action.


Now this is the tricky part and this is also where many online marketers have the most difficulty. They may have a subscriber list of a respectable size. Sometimes, it can have thousands of subscribers who are interested in the niche. They send email after email, but the results simply aren’t there. Is it that their product is just not good enough, or the landing page wasn’t optimized properly to deliver maximum conversions? Perhaps. But one of the main reasons why email campaigns fail is simply because of the email messages themselves.


You need to convince people to open your message, pay attention to it and then take action. This, of course, is easier said then done. Your users may have subscribed to plenty of other email lists, so they will not take several minutes to attentively read each message and then decide whether they want to continue on to your site or not.


There are lots of resources out there on how to write good messages when you market your business by email. They provide a lot of detailed information on the topic and many of these guides are available for free. But there are some basics that you need to understand before you do anything else. Tomorrow we will take a look at some of the most basic tricks in getting your email campaigns to work.

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More Efficient Use of Online Marketing: Checking Your Progress

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More Efficient Use of Online Marketing: Checking Your Progress

If you own a local business and use the internet to promote it, then you’re probably concerned as to whether you’re getting the results that you’ve wanted from your marketing efforts. After all, nobody wants to spend time and money on online advertising only to make little progress with it. This is why it is very important for you to monitor your progress with internet marketing and see which of your strategies work and which ones don’t work as well. This will give you an idea as to whether you should keep doing what you’re already doing, or whether there are certain changes or improvements that would be in order for you.

While this sounds easy to say, keeping up with the performance of your online marketing efforts will require a bit of work, especially if you haven’t really been paying attention to the results that it’s been bringing you. This happens to many small business owners that get caught up with their main line of work, especially if their business has been doing quite well as of late.

The first thing that you would want to do is to make a list of all of your marketing and advertising channels that you’re using. Then, divide these into sub groups. So for example if you use social media and classified ads sites, you would have these 2 as main advertising types. Then you would list the specific social networking sites that you use for your business, as well as the classified ads websites that you post your ads to on a regular basis. The same can be applied to other methods of online marketing that your business uses, such as pay per click ads, where you can further drill down the traffic and results that you’re getting by each network, each specific ad campaign & ad copies, as well as individual text or banner ads that you’re running on the network. Remember to be as detailed as possible as this will help you optimize your efforts.

Now that you have this list done, you would need to track where you website traffic is coming from. If you haven’t already set up a tracking script (there are many free ones out there that you can use), look at your server logs to see where the traffic on your business website is coming from.

As for tracking conversions (visitors who became paying client or took other action that is profitable for you), there are many free scripts that you can use in order to see which clicks are converting, if your site is directly selling items to customers. Otherwise, if customers contact you by phone or walk into your place of business, then tracking conversions won’t be that easy since you will be limited to asking customers how they found out about your business.

If you’re satisfied with the results, then keep doing what you’re doing… but keep paying attention to where your traffic is coming from. If on the other hand, you want to improve some things, then we have some more tips for you tomorrow.

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Building Your Blog for Online Marketing

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Building Your Blog for Online Marketing

You’ve probably heard about how effective it can be to build a blog to help you with your online marketing efforts. It is true that if you have a website, adding a blog can be very useful, as it will deliver interesting content that will be both useful for your readers and also will be well loved by search engines like Google. This will help you rank higher for your targeted keywords and ultimately lead to more money for you in the end. Building a blog is straightforward enough, but there are some things you would need to be aware of first. You will see some of the things you can do to make your blog a more effective tool.

Choosing a Good Blog Hosting Provider

If you already have a website, then your web host will probably allow you to add another website either on its own domain, or as part of a subdomain of your existing one. If you don’t then you should sign up for a basic shared hosting account to begin. Avoid using the free services like Blogger, as they’re not really a good choice if you want to make money from your blog. A paid hosting account gives you more flexibility and reliability over the content of your blog.

Figure out How You Will Make Your Blog Profitable

If you already have a website where you’re selling your own products, one of the ways to make your blog some money for you would be to link to the relevant pages of your main website from articles posted within your blog.

But there are also other ways that you can monetize a blog even if you’re not selling anything directly online. For example, you can include affiliate links to products that you provide information on in your blog, or that are related to its content. So if your blog deals with mobile phones, you can include mobile related affiliate offers on your blog. It is also possible to add some pay per click ads from a service such as Adwords or Bidvertiser, where you will get paid for every click that someone makes on one of the ads served on your blog.

Decide What Kind of Content You Will Have On Your Blog

Of course, you need to decide on a niche for your blog. But also, you will need to determine what you will be talking about more specifically in that niche on your blog. Your blog could, for example deal with new happenings in your niche/industry. Or you could provide product reviews of products that you sell on your own site or are an affiliate of. And then there is the possibility of putting up informational and educational content that’s related to your main niche. Of course, you can also combine all of these possibilities in your blog, but it is a good idea to know what kind of posts you will be making once the blog is up.

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Some More Monetization Options For Your Blog

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Some More Monetization Options For Your Blog

If you are creating a blog, there are various ways that you can monetize it, which simply means to make money from it. Yesterday, we have seen the two easiest and most common ways of making some profit from your blog, which are inserting pay per click ads on it, as well as putting up a donation button. But there are two other options worth mentioning. While they may be a bit more complex, they are still being used by plenty of bloggers out there and can be extremely profitable.


  • Putting up affiliate ads


The basic concept behind affiliate marketing is that you get paid a certain commission when someone clicks on an ad on your blog and either buys something, or performs a specific action such as signing up for a website. Unlike pay per click ads, you do not get paid for every click that the ad receives from a visitor.


When it comes to affiliate offers, in order to get the most success, you should use offers that are closely related to the theme of your blog. So if your blog talks about cars, for example, you could put ads for car insurance companies, which typically pay you whenever someone requests a quote from the insurance company. You can also participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon.com is one of the world’s most popular online retailers and they sell hundreds of thousands of items in different categories. So if your blog talks about photography, you can put up some ads for photo cameras from Amazon. If someone clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission based on the amount of the total sale. Remember that in order to make the highest amount of money possible, the affiliate offers that you promote on your blog should be related to its content.


The more “generic” ads such as the “shoot 3 ducks and get a free iPhone!!” banners are best avoided, since many of your readers have probably already seen them and will simply ignore them. While you can put some affiliate offers that aren’t really related to the niche of your blog, doing so is not recommended since your readers are far less likely to even click on these ads in the first place.


  • Selling your own products


This can be a good monetization option if you produce your own products, or you simply own an e-commerce site that sells certain items that could be of interest to your readers. For example, if you have a blog about technology and at the same time, you sell video game consoles and computers on eBay, you can put an ad for your eBay page inviting users to visit your online shop. To make it even more attractive for them, you could even offer a special discount code for readers of your blog. This can be a very profitable monetization choice, but of course you would need to be already involved in some form of e-commerce for you to make use of it.

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

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Monetization Options For Your Blog

If you are thinking of putting up a blog on the internet, one of the main things that you would be thinking of would be how to make some money from it. Perhaps you may have heard about some bloggers earning good money from their blog and were wondering whether it would be possible for you to do the same. Well, the answer is yes, but just like with anything else related to earning money online, you will need to put a lot of effort into it to make it work. Here let’s explore some of the easiest methods of monetizing your blog first:


  • AdSense and other pay per click ads


This is considered by many bloggers to be one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog. It is also the most simple and straightforward. Essentially, you would be putting pay per click ads on your blog and will be receiving a certain sum of money whenever someone will click on one of the ads. These could be text ads, or banner ads. These days, advertisement distribution networks will automatically cause ads that are related to the topic of your blog to be displayed, so they will be more relevant and thus more likely to be click on by viewers. For example, if you have a blog that talks about politics, the ads that are displayed are likely to be more or less related to this topic, such as political polls, websites for candidates or political parties, etc.


While Google AdSense is the most popular of pay per click advertisement networks among bloggers, there are several other smaller ad networks out there such as AdBrite and Bidvertiser. The amount of money that you will make from having these ads on your blog will ultimately depend on how many visitors click on them. So the more traffic your blog gets, the higher the amount of revenue that you can generate from pay per click advertisements on it will be. This creates a good incentive for you to promote your blog well and to have regular interesting updates on it.


  • Putting up a “donate” button on your blog


This is quite straightforward. You can put a PayPal (or Moneybookers, or AlertPay, or any other payment system) button on your blog that will be there to let users donate a bit of money to support your blogging efforts. If the content of your blog is very interesting and it is read by a lot of people, you can make some money just by donations from readers. However, don’t expect to make thousands a month, unless you have a REALLY high traffic blog. Sure, it’s possible that a billionaire will stop by your blog, really like it and then decide to make a six figure donation. This has happened. But the odds of that happening to you are roughly equivalent to the odds of winning the lottery. Still you will probably make a few bucks, enough to cover your hosting fees and maybe pay for your internet connection.

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Can You Really Get Free PPC Traffic As Some Products Claim?

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Can You Really Get Free PPC Traffic As Some Products Claim?

While searching for ways to reduce the cost of your pay per click advertising, you may have come across the terms “advertising arbitrage.” There are quite a few products based on this concept, including one called “Get Google Ads Free!” which was quite popular about two years ago. Many other products tout that it is possible to get your pay per click ads for “free” by simply “inserting a few lines of code” in your page. But the question remains: is this really possible?

I will get right to the point with the answer: technically, yes. But these methods will not be suitable for most affiliate marketers or even those who have their own products to sell. Why? Aren’t the ads supposed to be free?

Well, they aren’t. You will still be required to pay for your traffic just like anyone else. The whole idea behind the “advertising arbitrage” concept is that you hope to make up the cost of your pay per click campaigns by selling ad space on your website. Claiming that your pay per click ads will be “free” in this case would be the equivalent of saying that you can get a free 8 bedroom house by renting out 7 of the rooms in order to cover your mortgage payment.

This will simply not work if you are actively selling something on your site, whether it’s a product of your own or affiliate offers that you are pushing. The first problem is that by selling ad space on your landing page you will be potentially leaking traffic away to your competition. Advertisers typically buy ad space only on relevant sites. So the only people interested in buying space on yours would usually be those in the same niche. Have you seen an ad banner for Pepsi on the Coca Cola website? What about an ad for Ford on the Honda site? I don’t think so.

To further add to the problem, it will be very hard to sell ad space on your site if it is a relatively new one with limited traffic. If your only source of traffic is pay per click ads, it will also be extremely difficult to sell enough ads to cover your costs.

Now, can this method of “traffic arbitrage” actually work for some people? Yes, it can, but only if the goal of your site is not primarily to sell something. Let’s say you own a discussion forum, a free image host or a free web hosting service. You could sell some ad space on your site (one of the main ways of getting revenue from these kinds of sites) and then buy pay per click traffic in the hopes of getting more members and thus drumming up more recurring visitors to your site. This is, to my knowledge, the only way to make traffic arbitrage work. The only true way to get free pay per click traffic is if you find a promotional offer or get a voucher for X amount of dollars of free ads somewhere.

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A Quick CPA Idea – Survey Offers

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A Quick CPA Idea – Survey Offers

We all know that you can make money from survey sites by completing various surveys. But the issue often encountered with this money making method is that it doesn’t generate much revenue. Plus, some of the surveys could be long and on topics that don’t really interest you. This could make it quite tedious.

But there is another way to make money from these sites. Many survey sites are found on CPA networks. These offers pay anywhere between $1.50 to $5 for each panelist that signs up through your CPA link. All you would need to do is build a simple website that lists some of the survey sites, along with details about them (how much they usually pay per survey, how long it takes to get paid, etc.). It’s also a good idea to include some information that will teach visitors how survey sites work and how to maximize their earnings with them. The site itself doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple one-page site with a good layout will do.

Now, you are probably wondering how to get traffic to the site. After all, traffic is the key when promoting any type of CPA offer online. While it is possible to use pay per click ads, this niche is very competitive and it will be quite hard to turn up a profit, unless you are willing to do a lot of testing and optimizing.

There are some more efficient and less expensive ways:

Buy banner space on “Get paid to” web sites. These are sites where people get paid to read emails or sign up for web sites. One example of a decent, high traffic site with good advertising rates is DonkeyMails.com. Since the people on these sites are already seeking to earn money, the traffic would be quite targeted. Design an attractive banner or have a freelancer do it for a few dollars.

Another, more indirect advertising method is to use online classifieds sites, such as Backpage, Gumtree and Craigslist. However, it is not recommended that you link directly to your site, as the ad will look “spammy” and get flagged down rather quickly. Instead, write an ad that looks like this “Market research panelists needed. Earn $$$ today for your opinion. Contact Bob at (insert email) for more information.” You will get plenty of responses. Simply send them the link to your site by email.

Another effective way is to distribute paper fliers locally. Simply design a good looking flier and pass it out in the streets. For best results, pass these out on college campuses, or outsource the task to a student. College students are often looking for quick ways to earn money, so you will get more sign ups from them than from most other demographics.

To earn even more money, create one page for each country that you have CPA survey offers for. There are many offers that are only for the USA, Canada or UK. Then, target your advertising to these countries, for example by posting on Canadian cities in Craigslist.

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Adsense Alternatives – Chitika

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Adsense Alternatives – Chitika

As a website owner you have definitely heard of many different ways to monetize your site and its content. Some ways include running ads for affiliate products, CPA offers, or publishing pay per click ads. The latter is very popular with a lot of webmasters as it doesn’t actually require you to sell or promote anything. You get paid simply for users clicking on the ads and won’t have to worry about whether the click will convert on the advertisers side.

Any webmaster has probably already heard of using Google Adsense to monetize their site. Sure, they are the most commonly heard of name in the pay per click publishing industry, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any competition. Many other advertising networks are in operation right now and other competitors are sprouting up on a regular basis.

One advertising network that has proven to be reliable and innovative is Chitika. Generally speaking, they operate in a way that is similar to Adwords and the majority of advertising networks out there: you publish ads on your site and get paid every time a visitor clicks on them. But they also have a unique delivery option called Chitika Premium. It uses a concept called “behavioral targeting”, which means showing ads to visitors based on things that they are interesting in. This is accomplished by their service seeing which search terms visitors have used in order to locate your website or blog. Then, this keyword is displayed to the user, in addition to relevant ads specially targeted to that keyword. So if the user typed in the keyword “hotels”, they would see “Are you looking for hotels?” in the ad box, together with ads that would best fit this keyword. One small drawback of the premium service is that it only works for traffic that comes from search engines and is coming from the United States or Canada. If you have other types of traffic to your site, or international traffic, don’t worry though. Chitika will still display “regular” ads to these users, so you won’t lose out.

Payments are made on a NET 30 basis, which means that, for example, earnings that you have accumulated for the month of March will be paid at the end of the month of April. This is pretty much standard procedure among pay per click advertising networks and most CPA networks. One advantage of dealing with Chitika is that they support payment by PayPal. You just need to have earned over $10 for the month in question. You can also opt to receive payment by check, however in that case you would need to have earned a minimum amount of $50 in your Chitika account.

If you have a lot of search traffic that is coming from the US or Canada, then Chitika offers you a good way to get better CTR on your ads and it is definitely something worth trying.

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Adsense Alternatives – Bidvertiser

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Adsense Alternatives – Bidvertiser

Sometimes, publishing pay per click ads on your website or blog is a very good way to monetize your site. It has the obvious advantage that you simply get paid to send traffic to advertisers. Unlike with CPA or affiliate offers, there is no need to worry about whether the click converts or how many sales you will get. Of course, it is a known fact that Adsense is the leader for publishers who want to put PPC ads on their site or blog. But there are other companies out there, some big ones and some smaller ones too, which function pretty much the same way.

Teaming up with a network other than Adsense to publish PPC ads can be very rewarding, but you need to choose that network wisely. After all, you are doing this to earn money from your site, so it is important that you sign up for a quality network that will be honest and fair, in addition to allowing you to earn a decent amount of money.

One alternative to Adsense is called Bidvertiser. They are a smaller advertising network that is growing in popularity and their ads are seen millions of times each day.

One of their main advantages is that they offer more flexibility in terms of payment options. You can choose to either get paid by check or by Paypal. If you select Paypal as a payment option, the minimum payout amount is only $10. If you would rather be paid by check, then it is $50. The Paypal payment option makes it more convenient for webmasters who are outside of North America to get their payment. Payments are done on a NET 30 basis, which means that you get paid 30 days after the end of the month during which you earned money. This means that earnings made during the month of April will be processed at the beginning of the month of June.

You can select from many templates of ads that you want to run on your site. These templates include skyscrapers, banners, inline ads, etc. All of this makes it easy for you to better integrate the ads in the content of your site. The amount that you will get for each click will vary. However, you have the option of selecting a minimum bid amount with regards to the ads that you want to display on your site. So, let’s say you don’t want to show advertisers who have bid less than $0.30 per click. You may select this in your account settings after you sign up.

The only drawback is that since the network is not as popular as Adsense, the amount that you earn per click will typically be less than what you would get with Adsense. However, Bidvertiser is growing in popularity and can be a very profitable option if your site has a decent amount of traffic.

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Adsense Alternatives – AdBrite

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Adsense Alternatives – AdBrite

If you are a webmaster interested in publishing pay per click ads on your site, its obvious that you have already heard of Adsense. Sure, they are the most popular name around and have the largest share of the market, but this doesn’t mean everyone wants to use them. Some people have been previously banned by Adsense. Some have had their site rejected by them. And certain webmasters simply don’t want to deal with them for whatever reasons.

But there are of course, certain alternatives that you can use. One of them is called AdBrite. Basically, it is a smaller advertising network that offers you some interesting features that you would not find in Adwords.

First, you are free to determine the type of ads that you want to publish on your site. You can choose from intersitials (full page ads), cost per mille impressions (CPM) banners, cost per click (CPC) banners, CPC text & banners (content ads), CPC text inline (ads are targeted towards the keywords on your page), as well as video ads.

You also get a lot more control as to which ads are displayed on your site. You can select them to be shown automatically, that way advertisers can choose to run their ad based on the topic of your site and it will automatically be accepted. You can also select to have more control and approve ads on your site manually.

Of course, if you are publishing ads, you will be interested in knowing how much you will get paid depending on which types of ads to show. While some other networks could have only pay per click (PPC) ads available, with AdBrite there are various pricing options. You can either sell ad space for a fixed period of time, such as a day, a week or a month. This is recommended if you have an established site that receives a lot of traffic. You can also sell ads on a CPM or CPC basis as well.

There are a few drawbacks to using AdBrite, however. Most of the room for improvement with their network lies in the way that payments to webmasters are handled. Payments to publishers are issued on a Net 60 basis, which means that they mature 60 days after the end of the payment period. Therefore, earnings for the month of December will be sent out at the beginning of the month of March. This could be an inconvenience to some, as you will have to wait a longer time before receiving your earnings than on other networks, which usually are on a Net 30 basis.

Also, payments are only issued by check in US Dollars. This is fine for those in the US and Canada, but those in foreign countries may find that cashing a US check could take a few weeks to clear and certain banks charge service fees in order to cash a check from the USA. However, AdBrite says that they will be introducing other payment methods in the future.

Card fraud has now affected a total of 13 million people in the UK according to new research.

The annual Card Fraud Index, which was released today from life assistance company CPP

(http://www.cpp.co.uk/), has given Brighton the dubious honor of being the card fraud capital of the

country. The south coast city has gone from tenth to first place in the number of people who fell

victim at least once to card fraud.

In the United Kingdom, the top five card fraud hotspots are Brighton (38 per cent), London (34 per

cent), Manchester (33 per cent), Bristol and Leeds at joint fourth place (32 per cent) and Edinburgh

(31 per cent).

However, not all news is bad. During the year 2010, there was a three percent drop in the number of

card fraud incidents, with seven percent of individuals saying that they were victims of card fraud

within the past 12 months, as opposed to 10 percent in 2009. However, card fraud is still an issue

and people must remain vigilant and be responsible when making use of their cards.

The Card Fraud Index also shows methods that fraudsters are making use of, with the majority of

victims (20 percent) having the magnetic stripe on their card cloned at an ATM or at a point of sale

terminal. This method has increase by three percent when compared to results in 2009. 20 percent of

victims have been defrauded online, with criminals using various ways in order to illegally obtain

card details on the internet.

What is alarming is that 33 percent of card fraud victims don’t even know they have become a victim

of fraud, with a third being contacted directly by their financial institution (34 percent) and six

percent being refused money at an ATM. An additional six percent have found out that their account

was compromised when their card has been refused during a point of sale transaction.

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Adsense Alternatives – Choosing The Right Network

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Adsense Alternatives – Choosing The Right Network

When it comes to being a publisher of pay per click ads on your website or blog, everyone knows that Google Adsense is the leader in this field. However, even though they are the largest and most popular company that you can partner up with, they are not the only ones in the game. There are plenty of other advertising networks that you can deal with instead of Adsense.

While it is perfectly fine to seek some alternatives, you should deal with established networks that have a good reputation within the webmaster community and have a positive track record. Sure, even the biggest companies in the internet world such as eBay, Google and Yahoo at some point were little more than start-ups created by bright entrepreneurs. But as a webmaster, your main goal is to make sure that you get paid fairly for the traffic that you send.

Unfortunately, many start-ups in the online world have never gotten too far off the ground before crashing and burning. If this happens, instead of getting paid you can expect to get a “Oops, we’re bankrupt so we have no money to pay you. Sorry :( “ type of message. Some networks have also been exposed as rogues and have engaged in practices such as deliberately not counting valid clicks, changing their policies frequently when it suits them or constantly finding excuses not to pay their publishers.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a network:

Length of time they were in business.

The longer a company has been active, the less likely it is that they will simply vanish overnight.

Reputation within the webmaster community.

Read forums, blog posts, guides, etc. and see what other webmasters have said about them. Of course, EVERY company will have some detractors or people who have had bad experiences with them. So the idea here is to see what the general opinion about them is. If you see lots of posts from people complaining about not being paid, or the company engaging in shady practices, it is a good sign that you should stay away.

Payment terms.

What is the minimum payment amount? How often do they pay? What payment methods do they offer? Those are all very pertinent questions. After all, you are putting up ads on your site to make money, not because you think online advertising is “cool”. Look this up on their site or in their terms and conditions before signing up. It may avoid you some bad surprises later on.

Any specific terms and conditions that may apply to you.

Do they accept webmasters from your country? Many networks exclude certain countries from joining. This is not because they “hate” you… but due to high amounts of click fraud originating from certain parts of the world. Do they have restrictions on the type of content you can have on your site? Etc. Make sure you read the rules thoroughly and comply with them. You definitely don’t want to give a network an excuse to ban you.

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Planning An Ad Campaign Effectively

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Planning An Ad Campaign Effectively

If you are going to place some ads online, you need to be sure that your entire ad campaign has been planned well so that you can maximize your chances of success. Here are some thing that you can do to make that happen:

Determine what your objectives are

When you promote affiliate or CPA offers, you naturally want to earn as much commissions as possible. It’s always a good thing to set certain goals for each advertising campaign that you make. How many sales / leads are you planning to get each day on each offer that you are running?

Set up a budget

If you are going to use paid advertising methods, such as pay per click ads, media buys, etc., think about how much money you will be willing to spend on each campaign per day. If you are running several ads at the same time, split up your budget accordingly, depending on what offer you want to promote in priority.

Think of the creatives that you will use

If you use text based ads, think up of some ads that will catch the attention of the reader, all while maintaining a good traffic quality. See what your competitors are doing and what their ads look like. Remember that while CTR is important, conversions are what you are after. If the offer that you are promoting requires the user to buy something, avoid using words that could make the reader think they are getting something for free. You will simply end up with hundreds of visits from freebie seekers and very little, if any, actual conversions. If you use graphic ads, set up ads using several different banners. Remember that the banner with the highest conversion rate on the network may not always be the best converting one for you.

Set up a way to track your results

Unless you are only running one campaign with one ad, having a solution to track where the most visitors and conversions are coming from is crucial to being a successful marketer. This will allow you to see exactly which ads and which keywords are the most profitable for you. There are many free scripts out there that you can install on your landing pages which can help you do just that. Even something as simple as using a different landing page for each ad copy can help you track your results.

Be prepared to make changes

While some “experts” out there claim that they have a method to make money online which is simply “set and forget”, the truth is actually different. Sure, you can simply leave things running for a few days, weeks even without optimizing or making changes. But remember that the whole “online business” industry is rapidly evolving. Therefore, you need to monitor your results on a daily basis, and make adjustments such as changing your landing pages, removing keywords that are not profitable, changing you ad copy a bit, etc.

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Some Info About PPV Advertising

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Some Info About PPV Advertising

You may have seen the term PPV advertising somewhere and wondered what it was. After all, this is an online advertising method that is not as popular as other ones out there, like pay-per-click ads, media buying or e-mail marketing. It basically consists of showing a pop-up or pop-under ad on a user’s computer. The thing that makes it different from traditional media buying is that the pop-up is the result of the user having some adware from the PPV company installed and running on their computer. This adware often gets installed when the user downloads certain web applications such as toolbars, screen savers, etc. While adware often has negative connotations within the computer world and some people protest its use, due to privacy concerns or the software affecting the system’s stability, it is not illegal in any way. The user has consented to being shown ads on his or her computer when they have installed an application which contains the adware. Furthermore, should a user no longer want to see the ads, all they would have to do is to stop using the software in question and uninstall it from their PC.

One of the advantages of using PPV ads to promote offers is that the traffic is targeted. Your website will pop up when the user enters a certain key phrase in a search engines or accesses a certain URL. It is also very cheaply priced, in fact you can get clicks for most keywords for very low prices, often fractions of a cent.

It also has all of the features provided by other advertising networks, such as the ability to target users in a certain geographic region and the possibility of setting up several different campaigns with different budgets. Most PPV networks also support pixel tracking, which will make it a lot easier for you to track conversions when you are sending traffic to CPA offers.

There are, however a few downsides to buying PPV traffic. Not all PPV networks are open to public registration, therefore you may need to be referred by an existing user in order to get it. Furthermore, unlike PPC networks, where you can pre-pay for amounts as low as $10 or $20 and get started, most PPV networks will require that you deposit far more in your account. In fact, it is not uncommon to see deposit requirements of $500 to $1000. The traffic does not start immediately either. You will need to wait a few days for your URL to be approved and traffic sent to it.

Despite these drawbacks, PPV advertising is used by many successful CPA marketers and affiliates in order to push their offers. If used correctly, it can generate tremendous amounts of profits for you due to the fact that the traffic is both targeted towards your chosen keywords and comes much cheaper than in other types of ads. After all, would you rather pay $0.005 per click with PPV, or $2 per click on Adwords?

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If you’re reading this site, you’re probably at least familiar with the terms SEO and SEM, but do you know the difference between the two? Let’s take a look at the two, and what circumstances you should be using each under.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of organizing the content on your site, and tweaking the site itself so that it will appear higher up in search results. There are two basic steps to making a site SEO friendly. The first is to optimize the site itself by using the right keywords in the site’s code, and the site’s copy. Make sure the title of each page is relevant to the topic discussed on that page, and that the copy contains keywords relevant to the topic at hand. You should also be sure to give your images descriptive names, and take the time to fill out the alt tag for each image. Once your site is optimized, be sure to update it on a regular basis with relevant content. Search engines look at how often a site is updated, and how long it’s been since the last update when determining where that site shows up in search. Try to update your site with interesting, or entertaining content. The more incoming links you have, the better your search rank. The more entertaining the content on your site is, the more incoming links you’ll get.

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing is the “buy your way to the top” strategy. By buying pay per click ads on a search engine, you’re ensuring that a link to your site will show up in the “sponsored links” section of the search results, which usually appears at the top of the page. It’s important to do some keyword research before diving into SEM. Broad terms, like science tend to be very crowded, and as such, you will have to pay a higher CPC (cost per click) to get your ad to appear more often. By picking a more specific term to place your ad on, you can lower the amount of competition, and consequently, the CPC you’ll need to pay.

Now that you know how they work separately, it’s time to put the two strategies together. When you first launch a site, it’s a good idea to invest some money in SEM. A brand new site, even an SEO friendly one, probably isn’t going to show up on the first page of search results for your keyword of choice right away. By spending some money on SEM, you can ensure your site will receive traffic until the benefits of SEO kick in. By using the two together like this, you can get steady traffic to your site from day one.

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