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Improving the Performance of Your Online Advertising

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Improving the Performance of Your Online Advertising

Previously, we’ve seen how important it is to keep track of how your online ads are doing and what you can do to make this happen. But if you notice that you’re not really getting the results that you were hoping for from your online marketing efforts, then there are a few things that you can do to try and solve the problem. Here are some areas that you can examine more in detail to try to change the way things are going:

Your Ad Copy

Having a good ad copy is essential to success in the online world. The ad copy is basically the ad itself, which could be a text ad, video ad, or banner. Look at how your ad is made. If it’s a text ad, like in a classified ads site, is it well written, without 10 spelling mistakes per sentence and gives people an accurate representation of your business (products, prices, etc). Does it have a call to action? For a banner ad, is it visually appealing? Does it at least give some information about what you’re promoting? Having a good ad copy can make a big difference.

Keywords/Demographics/Other Parameters

These would be factors that are specific to each type of online advertising method you use. For example, if you use PPC ads on search engines, you will need to target the right keywords. If you use media buying, you can select demographics so that your ad will be displayed on websites that are more likely to be frequented by the section of the population which are your target market. You can also select your ad to be displayed on specific sites, etc. Don’t forget geo targeting. If you have a local business, showing your ads world wide is simply a waste of money. Get familiar with the advertising method that you’re using and tweak some of the parameters as necessary.

Marketing Channel or Specific Site/Service

Not every single advertising channel will be appropriate for every business. Also, certain specific sites or services could yield better results for some users. For example, a company may not get much luck getting good customers on the classified ad site Craigslist, but could get much more quality visitors and customers from Backpage, etc. Don’t hesitate to drop a certain service or advertising channel from your portfolio completely, especially if after making many changes, plus putting in time and money you aren’t able to make anything work well for you. There will always be other options available to you.

Obviously, these are just some general tips on what you can change to get some improvement. There are plenty of free resources available online such as e books and forum posts which deal with the specifics of certain advertising channels, or give advice on how to promote a specific kind of business online. By reading these materials, you will get a better look at some additional things that you can do to improve the way your online ads are now doing.

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The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Ads

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The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Ads

Setting up a Facebook fan page can be a great way to generate traffic for your website, but it takes a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have the spare time to work on a fan page, but you do have some room in your advertising budget, you might want to think about using Facebook ads.

Facebook has over 500 million users, and they fall into every age group and demographic you can think of. When you’re setting up your Facebook ad campaign, Facebook gives you all the tools you need to reach out to your target audience. You can use parameters like age, gender, hobbies, and interests to target your ads at the people most likely to click them. If you know who your audience is, you can reach them on Facebook with these tools.

The results of using highly targeted advertising like this are generally pretty good. The odds that each person seeing your ad will click on it are pretty good, and once they make their way to your site, they’re likely to come back as long as your content is compelling.

If you’re familiar with internet marketing and advertising, you’re probably wondering how Facebook ads stack up against Google Adwords. Well, Facebook gives you more direct control over who sees your ads. With all of the options you have at your disposal you can really narrow it down, and make the most of your ad campaign. Google Adwords still has one key advantage, your ads show up in search results. In other words, your ads show up for people who are searching terms directly related to your site. Neither service is “better” than the other, they just work differently. Keep that in mind before spending your advertising budget on either service.

With over 500 million users, Facebook is a great place to reach out to your audience. The results of a Facebook advertising campaign will depend directly on your site, it’s content, and how well you know your target audience. If you have a site with compelling content, and you know your target audience, you can get a high yield for your investment in Facebook ads.

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