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Why SEO Still Isn’t Going Anywhere For a While

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Why SEO Still Isn’t Going Anywhere For a While

It happens time and time again. Google makes an update to the way their ranking algorithm works. Business owners, webmasters and marketers are affected and some pages go down in the SERPs. Panic sets in some online marketing blogs and website articles. Titles such as “SEO is Dead” or “Google is Penalizing E-Commerce Sites” start appearing. This gives the impression that SEO is now a thing of the past and that Google has some magic and arbitrary way to rank websites which nobody can do anything about.

This has happened again recently when Google launched their Panda update and its revisions. But despite what you read on these blogs, SEO is not dead and is unlikely to die out anytime soon. Webmasters can still use various on site or off site optimization techniques with the hopes of getting their pages to rank better in search results. Except that there is one major change: Google is seeking to reward quality web pages that provide users the content that they’re looking for. The focus is now on short term growth. Not on who can cram the most keywords on a page or build a million backlinks in a day.

Ok, now that you know SEO still works. What has changed? Some of the methods and best practices used in the SEO world will need to be adjusted slightly.

The major part about the updates is the on site content. If you have a website that contains “articles” which are just stuffed with keywords and are otherwise completely nonsensical, get rid of them. They will only get you penalized. Strive to have information that is useful, legible and highly relevant to what your website is all about. Include a mix of informational content about your niche and sales materials which promote your products. This will not only lead to better user satisfaction (and more conversions), plus likely to get you better rankings, or at least keep you from getting penalized.

The quality of your website is also another factor that is apparently used by Google to determine how a page ranks. Now we don’t know which metrics Google measures exactly, but these can be guessed relatively easily: page load time, easy navigation, as well as the presence of a site map that allows users to find a specific page on your website with ease.

Then, there is something new: user engagement. What does this mean, exactly? Again, the exact metrics used by Google are unknown, but there are a few theories. User engagement means that website visitors interact with a website rather than just read the content on it. This could include social opportunities such as social media buttons, plus allowing user comments on your articles. Many webmasters have noticed that website which give users more opportunities for interaction tend to do much better in SERPs. But how do you accomplish this? There are a few ways that you can use. While they may not be guaranteed to propel you to 1st place on Google, they may help you rank better. We will take a look at these tomorrow.

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