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Google Places Phased Out: What this Means for Local Businesses

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Google Places Phased Out: What this Means for Local Businesses

During the last year, when Google announced that its social networking service, Google + would be usable by businesses, there was a lot of speculations about how this would affect Google’s main product: the search results. We all know how the Google search engine works, at least the basics. First, you have the “natural” search results, where the page rank is based on Google’s algorithm in determining how high a website would rank in search results. Then, we have the paid search ads, or Google’s Adwords service.

Google has, however, made changes to how local businesses show up in search results. First, they altered the way search results are displayed, so that businesses that are local to the user would have their websites appear higher in search results when the searcher was from their local area. Then there is Google Places, which is a kind of directory for local businesses. It worked relatively well and had one major advantage: listings were completely free.

But on May 31st, all the Google Places listings have been replaced instead by Google + local pages. This change is automatic and has affected 80 million pages on Google Places.

There are also a few other changes that were made related to this: a “local” tab now appears in the main Google + interface, allowing users to instantly find local businesses while they’re browsing the social network. Google has taken over Zagat and integrated their local business reviews in the Google + Local service. While Google Places had reviews and ratings of businesses, they weren’t nearly as complete as they should have been. In fact, even some relatively popular businesses just had a dozen or so reviews, even though they have thousands of customers each month. The traditional search results aren’t the only place where Google has integrated Google + local pages. In fact, they will appear in search results on Google Mobile Search and in Google Maps as well.

There are a few reasons that could be cited for this change in the way Google operates when it comes to local business search. It has been said that Google hoped to make their Places platform a complete interactive service where local merchants and customers would interact and communicate with each other. However, this didn’t fully happen as they had planned. A big reason was the limitations of the Google Places platform, that wasn’t as “social” as it should have been. Google + Local Pages gives merchants the ability to present a more complete picture of their business and also allows their customers to have more social interaction. When a user is logged into Google +, for example, they will see the reviews and recommendations made by friends before seeing other information. This encourages users to create more content on the platform, by interacting with merchants such as when they ask questions or write a review of the products and services they’ve received from them.

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Building Authority Through Social Media: What is It All About?

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Building Authority Through Social Media: What is It All About?

Many people who have been following online marketing news for the past few weeks know that Google has stated that social linking will have an effect on how a page ranks in search results. This has of course, generated a lot of interest in the topic of social linking. Those who use social media already are wondering what they could do to integrate their SEO efforts together with social media. Those who don’t are now rushing to create accounts on Google +, Twitter and Facebook for their businesses and websites.


Search engines using the social media standing of a website as one of the factors in determining its page rank shouldn’t surprise anyone. Whether you like it or not, social networking sites have become a powerful tool where users share information with each other and this includes the websites that they’ve visited. It’s only normal that search engines look at how popular a site is getting on a social network.


Another word that is often used in online marketing circles is “authority”. Being an authority online means being a excellent source of information on a certain niche. An authority site is one that receives a lot of traffic and has shown that it can give users what they want on a consistent basis. This is different from a website that goes viral and gets a few hundred thousand visitors who go to it and look at a funny picture or video and then progressively disappear as the popularity fades away.


But how do you combine social media with your overall online marketing strategy and use it to truly become an authority in your niche? If you heard some self proclaimed gurus claim that they have a strategy to become an authority quickly and easily, then you should know they’re not telling the whole truth about the matter. Building an authority site is difficult and involves a lot of work. It also involves a lot of time. Remember, a site can’t be considered to be authoritative in its niche just because it receives a sudden spike in traffic over a few days. This popularity among visitors needs to be consistent. So you should opt for gradual growth.


What you want is for your content to be widely shared on social media by the user’s own actions. People have to come to your site, see some of the content and then decide to share it with others, giving an indication that they’ve found it interesting. Self-promotion efforts, such as linking to a blog post that you’ve made on your Facebook fan page, will not lead to your site being authoritative in itself. You can spend all day publishing news stories on your feed and providing links to every page on your site, but if nobody shares it, you’re really out of luck.


There’s a whole lot more to it and there are differences between the various social networks. Later, we will take a look at how you can leverage Facebook and Twitter to get your site the respect that it can have in the online world.

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Getting the most money when selling your internet business

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Getting the most money when selling your internet business

If you are thinking of selling your internet business it will be worthwhile going through these points below as you will get more money for your website.  Having an internet business that makes a regular income can be sold very easily but there are many other factors that a buyer will look for that you can implement to get more money from the sale of your internet business.

1) Make sure you have proof that your website has made regular income for at least the past 6 months

2) Make sure your website ranks well for its main keywords. If it doesn’t spend a couple of months building up your backlinks which overtime will increase your websites position within search engines and also increase your websites page rank.

3) Make sure you have a unique design for your website. I highly recommend having your website built on wordpress as wordpress rank very well on search engines. Also many webmasters know how to use wordpress due to how easy the interface is.

4) Make sure you have unique content on your website, having duplicate content on your website just lowers the value of your website to both the buyer and also to search engines.

5) Try to build up an email list on your website.  The more emails you have on your list the higher the value of your website.  The value of 1 email address is $1 a month. So if you managed to build up an email list of 1,000 leads, you can get at least $1,000 extra for your website.  I highly recommend using Aweber as an email autoresponder as they provide cusomised templates you can insert into your website to make the optin forms look very professional. Its also a recognised leader in email lead capture.  A very good way to build up your email list is to give a way a free ebook related to your websites niche.

6) The addition of a forum to your website can be very useful also if you can build up a large community of users, as a buyer can see this as a great way to market to this large community of forum users, which will increase the value of your website.  Not only that it will also increase the amount of traffic to your website. The more traffic you have coming to your website the more valuble your website is.  Because any internet marketer looking to buy a website also looks at the amount of traffic coming to your website. The more traffic you have the more opportunities your website will have for your buyers to monitiese from.

7) Age of domain – Its important to have a well aged domain, i would say at least 12 months, the older the domain the better.

8.) Social networking followers. Another good idea is to setup a Twitter and Facebook fan page and try and get as many followers as possible because this is another very good way to get traffic to your website and also increase the value of your website because its another avenue the buyer can market to your followers.

9) Make sure you have as much statics as possible, potential buyers love to see as much proof as possible when deciding to purchase an internet business.  For example – Google analytics, Income stats from any affiliate accounts you have, any transaction proof you have from paypal. Maybe even creating a video of you logging into your accounts to proof your website has made the income you state on your listing.

10) If your website doesn’t have a blog, get a blog setup with at least a months unique content. A blog is very good for optimisation on search engines, and a buyer will be looking to make sure the site has a blog.

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How To Build Up Your Backlinks To Increse Your Page Rank And Google Rankings

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How To Build Up Your Backlinks To Increse Your Page Rank And Google Rankings

backlinksThe only way to succeed online is to make sure your online marketing promotion is perfect.

First you need to make sure your website is fully optimised for search engines

The next step is to start link building.  There are many different ways in which you can start link building e.g:

1) Submit articles about your websites to press release and article sites

2.) Submit your website to free directoris and social networking sites

3.) Blog commenting on other websites

4.) Forum posting in forums and blogs

5.) Answering questions in yahoo answers

6.) Creating classified ads

7.) Purchasing links on other websites

8.) Sponsoring wordpress themes

All of these will take alot of time and patience to do manually.  I have found and created an automated system that will do all your link building for you for free which you can install this system onto your website and does your link building for you by itself.  The system is whitehat and only takes about 1 hour to install.

Take a look on the following post – it shows you how to build millions of backlinks:


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What to look for when buying an internet business

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What to look for when buying an internet business

buy and sell websitesIf you are thinking of buying an internet business that is already established from the many website brokers like – sitepoint.com or websitebroker.com then you need analyse the sellers site to make sure the offer you bid is correct and that the site they are selling is valued correctly.

You should check the following:

1) How long has the domain name been registered:

2) Number of hits the site gets a day

3) At least 1 years accounts of sales

4) Cost to run the website

5) Page rank of website

6) Number of back links the site has

7) Whether the site has any subscribers or forum members

8) Reason seller is selling the website

9) Whether the seller will offer any support for the initial period so your on your feet

10) Try to see where you could improve the website to make more income or traffic

 This is just a starting point to see what the website is worth and if you feel you can make a success on the website

Alternativley you could buy a turnkey website for sale from websites for sale

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