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Twitter Changes The Way it Does Promoted Tweets

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Twitter Changes The Way it Does Promoted Tweets

Advertising on Twitter is somewhat different than what you would see on most other social media websites. Twitter, a popular microblogging platform, has grown to be used by millions of people around the globe who use it to share information with their followers, as well as by businesses who create a profile on the site and keep their clients and potential clients in the know about what is going on in their company. We’ve previously discussed some of the ways that one can join Twitter and start using it to promote their business. However, there are some other advertising options available to Twitter users as well.


Just like any other social media website, Twitter needs to have businesses which pay to have their ads seen if they want their social network to keep functioning. One of the ways that Twitter would do this was by making Promoted Tweets available to their business users. A company would first need to write a regular Tweet and post it so that it’s seen by all of their followers. This can give a company a lot of exposure in itself, especially if they have thousands of highly targeted followers that are paying attention to what they’re tweeting. But there is a way to get even more exposure for your message: sending out a Promoted Tweet. This tweet would be the same one that you posted to all of your followers. However, it does have one main difference: instead of being promoted to just your followers, it would get sent out to a much larger audience. This provides your business with a lot more views for your Tweet, and of course it gives Twitter the revenue that it needs to keep their service running.


There has been a slight change to the way Twitter handles sponsored tweets in the last few days. It’s not really much of a radical change that will shake the world of social media forever, but it’s still worth noting. Advertisers that send out Promoted Tweets will no longer have to create a “regular” tweet and send it out to their followers. They can go straight to making a Promoted Tweet and sharing it with the world of Twitter users, based on certain targeting factors such as demographics and the geographic region of the user.


According to internet marketing news updates, Twitter will be encouraging advertisers to make their promoted tweets look similar to regular ones. Promoted tweets that see more user engagement may “appear more often”, according to information from Twitter.


If there’s one thing that can be learned from Twitter is that it’s possible to have a social networking site that is both popular and profitable, without cluttering up the page with 10 different ads all over the place. Promoted tweets are seen as a lot more “friendly” and unobtrusive by Twitter users than the standard text or image ads that are seen on other social networking websites.

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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly: Your Options

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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly: Your Options

Now that you’ve decided to create a mobile friendly website, let’s look at some of the options available to you as a webmaster:


  • Using a Content Management System (CMS)


Most business websites today run on a database driven content management system, with the most popular options being WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These systems are the most popular choices, as they are free and open source. This means they’re also highly customizable, with different plugins and themes available that can help you make a mobile website.


WordPress is known to be the easiest system to work with. You simply install it on your web hosting account, pick a theme that you like and then go on to customize your site by adding images, photos, as well as the content, which could be text, video, etc. While it’s widely seen as a blogging platform, it’s not just for blogs. Once you get your site built, you can use the WPTouch plugin, which will turn your existing WordPress website into a fully mobile compatible site. The plugin is relatively easy to use and includes full documentation on its features.


For those who are using Joomla instead, there is the Joomla Mobile Extension which works in the same way. A similar story for Drupal, which has the Drupal Mobile Plugin. It changes the way a website is displayed when accessed from a mobile device.


  • Using Static HTML Pages


Unless you want a small site that isn’t updated frequently and that doesn’t have user interactive features (comments, ratings, etc.) using a static HTML website instead of a CMS isn’t really recommended. Creating mobile websites without a CMS will usually require some knowledge of web design concepts and HTML. If this is your choice, there are some tools which can simplify the process and limit the need to manually code pages. Some are free, such as the Gridless tool which incorporates elements of mobile website design into an easy to use template. Other, more powerful programs exist. They can range in price from $0 to over $200.


  • Using a Free Hosted Website Solution


While this is usually not recommended for larger businesses and sites, it’s possible to create a simple mobile site using a free hosting provider. You can of course, purchase your own domain name and redirect it to the site in the majority of cases.


Tumblr is a choice to look for. While it’s more off a social blogging platform rather than a business tool, there are quite a few small business websites based on Tumblr. There is a Tumblr Mobile Theme now available that can be enabled in the Advanced theme options of the theme customization panel.


Google Sites also has a mobile site design option. You just select a template, make a few customizations such as the colors, then add the text and additional content you want displayed on your site. Google Sites now has an option specifically made for mobile site design, which many small business owners use.


But what if you already have a website and want to make a mobile version of it? We will take a look at your options for that tomorrow.

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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

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Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

We’ve already covered the issue of mobile marketing numerous times in the past. You’ve probably seen just how important it is for your website to have a mobile version if you don’t want to be left behind and let the competition take your customers. You’ve also seen some statistics on how many mobile users there are in the world, what platforms they’re using (Android, iPhone, etc) and what they like to do when they’re online. But what about the practical aspect of it? Actually building a mobile friendly version of a website?


This is where many webmasters and internet marketers get stuck. They may recognize the large importance of having a mobile site up, but don’t really know how to make it happen. Many research some option, but then have trouble deciding which one would be the best for them to use in their case. Then of course there is the issue of cost. If your site is making several hundreds of dollars a day in profits, you may not think twice about spending $500, $1000, $2000 or more on getting a mobile version of your site designed professionally, complete with all the bells and whistles. But if you are a small time entrepreneur or a start up, with a business that’s just earning a few dollars a day in profits, you may be a bit hesitant to drop a huge chunk of coin on a mobile version of your site, especially if it may take months before you get any sort of tangible return on your investment.


There is, of course, a way to get a site going at low or no cost to you and that would be designing it yourself. But not every webmaster has the skill needed to create a complete mobile site from scratch. Also, this is a process that is seen as time consuming. So what are your options?


There are actually several of them, which are all either free or quite inexpensive. You also get to choose whether you will be creating a new website from the ground up, or you will simply be adapting your current site to better fit the smaller screen of a mobile device.


One word of advice is not to choose the first option that you see (here or in another resource), but rather, to compare the different systems and providers available to see what will fit your site and your business better. Remember that every website is unique. Therefore, you will need a mobile solution that will be well adapted to the type of content and services that you provide on your business website.


Tomorrow we will go into more details about the options available to webmasters who want to build a mobile version of their site. You will see, it’s actually a lot easier than it may seem at first and you can get the whole thing completed in one day.


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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online

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More Tips to Build Your Authority Online

If you’re using social media to try to build your authority on the internet, you’re using one of the best tools available to accomplish this. But in order for this to bring you the results you expect, there are certain things you need to do in order to succeed. We’re now presenting you some more tips that you can use to reach your goals:

  • Ensure That Your Website Works and Works Well

Building authority means that you will get more traffic to your site and that you will get a lot more interaction with your visitors, such as getting comments on your blog posts. For this reason, you will need to make sure that your website is accessible at all times and doesn’t run into any type of problems. Using a shared web hosting account for a site that gets 50 visitors a day and a few comments on your blog may be fine. However, many webmasters have reported running into problems as soon as the traffic picked up, people started interacting with their site more and viewing more pages on it, as well as using interactive features such as comments and discussion forums on a site. Because of this, you need to start thinking of your options about what happens when you outgrow your shared hosting account. If you stay with the $5 a month “unlimited” hosting account you have now, you may soon realize that it wasn’t all that unlimited when your site keeps crashing all the time or your host takes you offline because you’re putting too much strain on their server. Consider getting a dedicated or VPS web hosting solution instead. It will cost a bit more, but you will also be making a lot more money from your website to compensate.

  • Make Sure That All Pages of Your Site Are Sociable

People love to share information that they found interesting, such as a blog post or article on your site. But this can also apply to pages that talk about products that you’re selling, such as sales pages. Include buttons for social media on all areas of your site, no matter what kind of content they carry. Enable comments on your blog posts and articles. Include social bookmarking options as well. And don’t forget email lists. While many people will be following you on Twitter or Facebook, this doesn’t mean that e-mail marketing is dead and doesn’t work anymore. Have an opt-in square where users can input their e-mail address and include a call to action as well. This works especially well for content pages. If a user is reading something and finds it interesting, they may be looking to get more from you later on. An opt-in link that offers access to more updates and information may work well for you.

There are a few other things that you can do to develop your online authority. Tomorrow we will take a closer look at what you can do to attract some followers and keep them interested.

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Improving the Quality of Your E-Commerce Site

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Improving the Quality of Your E-Commerce Site

If you run an e-commerce site, one of your main concerns is obviously how to make your business as profitable as possible. This can be done in various ways, such as by using advertising methods that would direct high quality traffic to your website, as well as using various on site and off site methods to retain existing customers and make them come back to shop at your website again. Most e-commerce website operators would say that they are satisfied with how their website is operating, but there are always some things that you can consider improving in order to make things better, both for you and your customers.

Some of these main elements are the look and feel of the site, prices and policies, promotions available to your customers, as well as general service and support that you provide for your products. Remember, it’s not just about the quality of the products themselves (though this is an important point), but also about your website and how you run your business in general.

But which improvements should you make to your website? There are a few ways to find out, however one of the most important ones would be simply to ask your customers and website visitors about how they feel about your online business.

Getting feedback from customers is relatively simple. One of the more common ways of getting it is by having a small message on your site which invites them to take a poll about what they like on your site and what they don’t. It would also be a good idea to include a form where someone can write specific concerns that they have which aren’t listed in the poll options.

If you notice that participation is low, you may consider offering an incentive, such as a small discount on their next order, an additional item for free, participation in a contest to win a prize, etc.

The next best way would be to pay attention to your social media accounts. If your customers visit your Facebook page, they could leave you some comments or questions on your wall. Take their opinions into consideration, as this will help you see how you can improve your website.

Of course, let’s not forget direct communications between your customers and you. If several of your customers contact your support about a problem during the checkout process, or a section of your website being difficult to navigate, for example, then these are certainly things worth looking into further and fixing as soon as possible.

Remember that listening to your customers and site visitors is the best way of getting the a customers perspective on how well your website is doing.

Tomorrow we will explore some more ways that you can improve the quality of your e-commerce website, which will give it the potential to be more profitable as it provides a better and more problem free online shopping experience for your buyers.

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Advertising Options Review – Article Marketing

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Advertising Options Review – Article Marketing

When you are promoting various kinds of affiliate or CPA offers, you need a way to get traffic to your offer. Obviously, the traffic will not come by itself so you would need to use some advertising methods to get people to see your site. There are many different kinds of ways you can use to draw visitors to your site. Each one of them has its unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to consider all available methods and make your decision. You would also need to see what types of promotion are allowed for a certain offer, as not all offers and networks allow certain methods of advertising. For example, email ads could be forbidden for certain offers. Let’s take a look at some ways you can advertise online:

Article Marketing.

This consists of writing short articles that will get the viewer interested in your offer and want to click through to your link in order to learn more. While these are often used in order to tout the benefits of digital products, such as ebooks on the Clickbank network, they can be used to promote almost any kind of affiliate or CPA offer.

The format that your article takes on will also depend on what offer you are promoting specifically. The most common types of articles are either general information on the niche or a review of a specific product or service. For example, if you are promoting a fax to email service and writing a general article on the topic, you will detail some of the advantages of using a fax to email service and explain to the reader how it works. If you were writing a review, you would write about how a specific fax to email service works and what its good points are.

Since you are writing in order to promote something your tone would need to stay positive. It is OK to include some slight disadvantages of a certain product or industry, but these would have to be drowned out by the positive aspects. It is also possible to compare different competing products in a “review” type article, but once again, the overall tone needs to stay positive.

Depending on where you are submitting your article to, you may be able to include your affiliate links in the body of the article itself, or you would be provided a “resource box” where you could write a short statement about yourself and put a link to your offer.

You don’t need to be a professional writer in order to create promotional articles. In fact, most of the content on the web is written in a way that even a 4th grader will be able to understand. You also have the opportunity to outsource your article writing to someone else if you are unsure of your article writing skills.

Where do you submit your articles to? There are many article directories online, such as Go Articles and Ezine Articles where you can post them.

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Advertising Options Overview – Video Marketing

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Advertising Options Overview – Video Marketing

When you are promoting any type of product or service online, advertising is obviously a must. After all, you need to get people to your offer if you want to see profits accumulating in your account. With so many ways to advertise online out there, it is normal to sometimes get lost and confused as to which method you should truly implement.

Many people also ask which one is the “best” method to advertise on the internet. In reality, there is no clear winner out there. Each method has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. So it truly is in your best interest to learn about all the advertising methods out there and to pick one that you will find the most appropriate. Remember that knowledge is power! Let’s take a look at some of these methods:

Video Marketing.

This consists of uploading short videos to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and including your website’s URL in the video itself or in the description. Its main advantage is that it is free, it costs nothing for you to upload your video. You also have the potential of receiving thousands of views to your video, as sites such as YouTube have a very large user base and receive millions of hits from around the world every day.

When creating your video, don’t make it look too much like an advertisement. People watch online videos for two main reasons: to be entertained or to acquire information/knowledge. Very few people will want to watch commercials.

There are two main types of videos you can create: either a review of a specific product that you are promoting or an informational video related to your niche.

A review will basically consist of someone talking about how the product that you are promoting works and why the viewer needs it. You can either record it yourself, or outsource it and have someone else record themselves doing a video review of it.

An informational video will not be based directly on the product that you are promoting, but will rather give some general advice related to your niche. For example, if you are promoting a dog training guide on Clickbank, you might want to make a video of yourself teaching a dog on how to be obedient. You could also include a short mention at the end of the products that you would recommend for someone to use in order to train their dog.

Remember to make the videos as interesting and captivating for the viewers as possible. This will help your video become more popular and will also increase the clickthroughs to your affiliate link significantly. Success with video marketing is a gradual thing. You would need to hone your skills by uploading a few videos and see what works best for you. Don’t just post up a video on YouTube and expect thousands of visitors to come flocking to your site overnight, because chances are it simply won’t happen that way.

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Advertising Options Overview – Classifieds Sites

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Advertising Options Overview – Classifieds Sites

When you are promoting an affiliate or CPA offer, you obviously need to advertise in order to get traffic to your site. After all, people will not magically type your affiliate link in their browser if they don’t know it exists. There are various ways to post ads online, let’s take a look at one of them:

Classified Ads Sites:

Some examples of these sites are Craigslist, Backpage, Gumtree and Kijiji. Of course there are many others but they all have one thing in common: the ability to place classified ads for free. Using these sites to get traffic to your CPA offers has brought great results to many people, but it needs to be done properly in order to be effective. Furthermore, you would need to check with your network manager to see if promoting a certain offer on a classifieds site is allowed. Some networks may ban this type of promotion altogether or restrict it only to certain offers.

There are also a few points to remember if you don’t want to get in trouble.

Don’t post ads that are misleading or deceptive. Some examples of this is posting business opportunity offers in the “Jobs” section and making it appear like you are offering an actual job, then requiring the applicant to fill out a lead form to prove that they are “qualified”, or requiring someone to sign up for a video conferencing trial for an “interview” that will never take place.

Due to complaints to merchants and in some cases investigations by the FTC, networks are cracking down on such “blackhat” advertising.

What you should rather do is post in the appropriate category and explain what the offer is about and what benefits it could bring to the customer. Since many affiliate sites are immediately flagged as “spam”, you will probably be better off getting your own domain name and landing page for your offer.

While this flagging of ads which are not spam and posted in the correct category could get annoying, remember that these sites are mainly there for local businesses to get clients and not to push affiliate offers. If there was no system in place to deal with overposting or postings in the wrong section, these places would soon be over run with hundreds of spam messages drowning out any legitimate content.

On certain offers, such as car loan or mortgage leads, another tactic that works would be having people contact you by email. You would then send them a reply with details of the offer and your affiliate link.

While posting is usually free, some sites allow your ad to be placed on top for a certain period of time or highlighted for a small fee. This will bring some additional attention to your ad and will ultimately result in more clicks for you.

In any case, remember that some networks may forbid advertising on these sites mainly due to past abuses. Therefore, be sure to get the OK from your affiliate manager before beginning.

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Advertising Options Overview – Google Adwords

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Advertising Options Overview – Google Adwords

Whatever type of online product you are promoting, whether it’s an ebook on Clickbank, or a CPA offer, you would need to get traffic to your offer. We all know that: if you get no traffic, you get no conversions and therefore no revenue. Google Adwords is one of the most popular online advertising tools that is used by internet marketers to get targeted traffic directly to their offers. Here is a quick overview of how it works:

Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising service. This means that you will pay for every click that is sent to your website, rather than the amount of times that your ad is displayed, or a flat rate for a certain period of time. The amount that you will pay for each click will depend on various factors. First is the competition for the keywords that you are targeting. Keywords that are quite broad in nature, such as “dog” or “computers” will cost you less, but the traffic will also be of lower quality than if you had used more specific keywords. This is quite simply due to the fact that these people will often not be in buying mode, but rather searching for general information about various products.

Keywords like “dog training guide” or “computer repair service” will yield much better results, but will cost you more for each click. Another factor that influences price is what other people are bidding for that keyword. The more competition for a certain keyword, the higher the average bid price will be. For example, most keywords related to financial products, such as “insurance” or “credit cards” can cost anywhere between $5 to $40 or more for a single click.

In Adwords, you will write a short text ad, composed of a title, 2 short lines of text and a link to your site. The ads themselves mainly appear on Google’s search results when someone searches for a keyword that you have bid on. The position of your ad will mainly depend on how much you bid. If your bid is higher than the other competitors, your ad has a better chance of appearing in the first position, highlighted on top of the search results. Google Adwords also uses the Google content network to distribute ads, however you may turn this option off in your account. This will make your ad appear on sites that have content related to your keywords. For example, if you are selling dog training guides, your ad could appear on a forum that talks about dogs.

Mastering the Google Adwords system will take you some time and practice. Therefore, you should do as much research as possible before launching a campaign on it. Believe me, mistakes on Adwords could be very costly for you. The good news is that many webhosting companies give a free voucher of $50 to $100 that you can use to create your first Adwords campaign, when you sign up for a hosting account with them.

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WordPress Themes, Business Themes, Gallery Themes, Premium Themes

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WordPress Themes, Business Themes, Gallery Themes, Premium Themes

We have just launched a new website called Bad Boy Themes which sell wordpress themes mainly premium themes, gallery themes, business themes, free wordpress themes

Each theme has been custom designed with advanced theme options within the wordpress dashboard to make it easier for the user to work their way around the website.  They are very easy to install, with one click install and can have your theme up and running within 10 minutes.

We also have a support forum and will soon be launching video tutorials on how to setup and use our wordpress themes

All our themes are setup so they will be fully optimised for search engines and also have social networking features intregated into the theme.  They will also be adsense friendly so you will be able to add google adsense to your theme to make money from.  You can also make money from a number of ways from our themes (e.g linking in clickbank products, selling advertisment space, affiliate products etc)

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Using Private Label Rights Products to Promote Your Site

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Using Private Label Rights Products to Promote Your Site

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are products that you can use for a variety of projects, including rewriting it, putting your name on it, or sending it to your newsletter readers for free.

All PLR products have different rules about what you can use them for, but in reality your options are pretty limitless.

As a podcaster, one of the hardest things about it is the research on the topic and finding information on your subject and getting it together so you can easily access it for your recording session.

PLR products can be used for great podcasts. You can simply read the article from the PLR pack and use it as your free audio content. It will save you a ton of time when it comes to researching your subject. It is a lot less work to record off a PLR article then improvise your responses and tidbits of information in between the PLR content. It can produce a really unique podcast with some great information.

Make it into an eBook
Taking PLR content and repackaging it into a eBook could be a great idea. If you take the 10 articles for example from a pack of articles you bought, you could easily create a PLR product yourself, or an eBook to sell to your readers, etc. Each article could be a chapter of your eBook or whatever you want. You can be as creative as you want with this. It is such a great idea to get a cheap and very easy eBook created, as most PLR is less than $15, you can do the rest of the work and have an eBook in no time. Adding more information, some photographs, and some nice graphics can really make the eBook an enticing offering for sale or giveaway.

Make sure you read the terms of the PLR before you do this however. Many packages have the same restrictions on them, for example most you can not sell master resale rights (as in, the other people can do whatever they want with them), and others do allow all access.

Have fun when you buy PLR content, try to do some creative things with it and create a unique product from everyone else. Do not buy PLR just to buy PLR though, as it tends to accumulate on your desktop and never get used. If you are going to buy it, plan on using it right away.

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Making Money Online

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Making Money Online

paid_surveyMaking Money Online

There is a new buzz in the online money making scene, and www.PaidSurveys-Online.net is at the forefront of offering the average Internet user money for easy work and excellent payment plans.

PaidSurveys-Online.net specializes in offering surveys to Internet users, who are then paid to take such surveys. Each survey or offer is worth a certain amount of money, depending on the specific details of the offer.

Because PaidSurveys-Online.net has an established company base, it can offer a large amount of surveys and offers to consumers. Such a large database of surveys and offers essentially enables Internet users to make as much money as they want or need- as they can stop at any time and request payment.

For Internet users, retired individuals, and anyone else looking to make extra money without extra strings attached, PaidSurveys-Online.net is looking for just such people. PaidSurveys-Online.net offers such high payouts to individuals because they themselves get paid by advertisers- and in turn pass the profits onto the consumer.

Each month brings a host of new offers and surveys to complete, so consumers will never have a shortage of options in making money online by completing surveys.

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