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Facebook May Expand the Reach of its Advertising Network

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Facebook May Expand the Reach of its Advertising Network

When a social networking site has close to a billion users and has truly become a household name, many would wonder: what’s next for the company? Will it seek to expand past simply being a social networking website? Based on some recent information from online news sources, it may appear that Facebook may be trying to expand its presence in the online advertising market.

Advertising is what keeps Facebook running as a business. This is the main way that the company makes its money. So it’s only natural that Facebook would want their ads to be displayed in more places, generating more exposure for the advertisers, who can then turn these views into traffic to their websites or Facebook pages, and hopefully, conversions. Traditionally, advertising on Facebook has only been displayed on the social networking site itself. While in the last few weeks, there has been an increase in discussion over how Facebook is changing the way the ads appear, for example through sponsored stories, there is one thing that remained constant. Facebook ads would only be displayed to Facebook users that were connected to the site.

But there is news that Facebook has made a deal with Zynga where Facebook ads are also going to be displayed on their website. Zynga is a popular creator of Facebook apps and games, which are used by a great number of Facebook users. It it therefore logical that Facebook would start expanding their reach in the world of online ads through them.

There is some speculation as to whether the ads would soon start appearing on other websites too. According to more official information obtained from Facebook, they don’t plan on showing ads on other websites for the time being. However, this is something that may of course, change in the future.

Displaying ads on other sites isn’t really all that difficult. There are already millions of websites that have the Facebook Connect integration set up, so serving ads on these sites isn’t too much of a challenge. This gives Facebook a rather larger amount of sites that could be publishers of their ads. If this happens, this would mean that their advertising platform would work in a similar way to Google Adsense. The webmaster that publishes the ads on their site would be paid a certain amount per click or per thousand ad impressions. Advertisers would still pay as usual to have their ads displayed, but then they could select where they would want them to appear, giving them the choice of only making them viewable on Facebook itself, through the content network of other websites, or through just a few websites that were chosen by the advertiser.

For now, the only thing that is official and proven is the ad partnership between Zynga and Facebook. Whether these ads will expand to other websites is still a matter of speculation. But we must remember that the infrastructure for them is already really well laid out, plus interest from advertisers is likely to be quite high as well.

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Improving the Performance of Your Online Advertising

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Improving the Performance of Your Online Advertising

Previously, we’ve seen how important it is to keep track of how your online ads are doing and what you can do to make this happen. But if you notice that you’re not really getting the results that you were hoping for from your online marketing efforts, then there are a few things that you can do to try and solve the problem. Here are some areas that you can examine more in detail to try to change the way things are going:

Your Ad Copy

Having a good ad copy is essential to success in the online world. The ad copy is basically the ad itself, which could be a text ad, video ad, or banner. Look at how your ad is made. If it’s a text ad, like in a classified ads site, is it well written, without 10 spelling mistakes per sentence and gives people an accurate representation of your business (products, prices, etc). Does it have a call to action? For a banner ad, is it visually appealing? Does it at least give some information about what you’re promoting? Having a good ad copy can make a big difference.

Keywords/Demographics/Other Parameters

These would be factors that are specific to each type of online advertising method you use. For example, if you use PPC ads on search engines, you will need to target the right keywords. If you use media buying, you can select demographics so that your ad will be displayed on websites that are more likely to be frequented by the section of the population which are your target market. You can also select your ad to be displayed on specific sites, etc. Don’t forget geo targeting. If you have a local business, showing your ads world wide is simply a waste of money. Get familiar with the advertising method that you’re using and tweak some of the parameters as necessary.

Marketing Channel or Specific Site/Service

Not every single advertising channel will be appropriate for every business. Also, certain specific sites or services could yield better results for some users. For example, a company may not get much luck getting good customers on the classified ad site Craigslist, but could get much more quality visitors and customers from Backpage, etc. Don’t hesitate to drop a certain service or advertising channel from your portfolio completely, especially if after making many changes, plus putting in time and money you aren’t able to make anything work well for you. There will always be other options available to you.

Obviously, these are just some general tips on what you can change to get some improvement. There are plenty of free resources available online such as e books and forum posts which deal with the specifics of certain advertising channels, or give advice on how to promote a specific kind of business online. By reading these materials, you will get a better look at some additional things that you can do to improve the way your online ads are now doing.

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More Online Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do

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More Online Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do

Previously, we’ve seen some of the online marketing mistakes that are commonly done by those new (and sometimes not so new) to the whole industry. But there are more errors that those who promote their business on the internet do. Here are some of them, as well as some tips that you can use to avoid them as well:

  • Focusing Only on One Way of Generating Traffic/Revenue

In the world of online marketing and advertising, there are many ways to get traffic to your website, which then brings you the sales that you need to make money. Of course, if you found a way of getting visitors to your website which works well and helps you attain your goals, it’s normal that you would want to keep using it. However, diversifying would be a good idea and is actually recommended by some of the top online marketing experts.

Let’s say that you only use SEO to get traffic and your website is well ranked in Google. You may get a lot of traffic, but there is room for potential problems. Let’s say Google updates their search algorithm or a competitor launches an aggressive SEO campaign that pushes you out of that top spot. You would get problems as your traffic starts to drop. Same thing if you’re used to using a certain website, such as a marketplace, to advertise or sell your products on. Problems and disputes can arise, and your account could get suspended or banned. Smaller websites, such as classified ad sites, forums and marketplaces could experience problems, such as being the victim of a hacking attack, server failure or other problem and get knocked offline for quite some time. This can cause you to lose a lot of money each day that they’re down. Or, they could shut down permanently for a number of different possible reasons. Therefore, having all your eggs in one basket when it comes to online marketing is not the best course of action to take.

You may of course have on main way of getting your traffic and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you should also have some secondary options opened to you as well. So, if you use a certain forum to sell your products, for example, you may want to explore other advertising options, such as different forums, classified ad sites, social media marketing, etc.

There are numerous ways that you can employ to get the traffic that you need to your website. Start by researching them, then narrowing down your search to the ones that would be potentially a good fit for your kind of business. Then, study how they work and start using them on a limited scale. That way, if there’s a problem with your main traffic source, you will be able to quickly switch to another method of getting visitors, without losing too much money in the process. In any line of business, having a backup plan in case things go wrong is a smart thing to do, and for businesses that sell products and services in the online world, things are definitely not different.

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Advertising and Traffic Generation Methods for Info Products

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Advertising and Traffic Generation Methods for Info Products

In order for you to sell your product online you will need one main thing: traffic. Not just any kind of traffic, but targeted traffic coming from visitors that actually have an interest in your product. Selling a downloadable information product online is similar to selling any other kind of product from a website, but there are a few tips that are unique to this type of merchandise. Here are some ways that you can use to get your website up and running with visitors.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is often overlooked by many creators of digital products, but if done right it can be a good long term traffic solution. It all depends on what you’re up against. When doing SEO, you must first analyze the amount of competition that you have for your desired keywords. Look at the number of sites that are ranked for your main keywords and look at which sites are near the top of search results.

Start developing an SEO strategy including both on page and off page factors. One of the key elements of SEO, which is link building, actually fits in well with other traffic generation methods, as you will not only get backlinks, but also potential visitors from people who click links to your product that are found on other websites. You must remember that good SEO may take some time, especially if you’re in a niche that is quite competitive, so it may not be the best for instant traffic. But for long term traffic, it’s still the best.

  • Article Marketing

Article marketing is a simple and quite effective way of marketing an info product. In fact, it’s one of the simplest and most popular forms of online advertising when it comes to selling digital goods. It consists of writing articles that are related to your niche and address some of the questions and issues that potential buyers of your product may have, without giving them too much information. You then include a link to your product at the bottom of your article inviting the reader to get more answers from your product. Articles can be posted on various article directories, such as Ezine Articles. There are also services which allow your articles to be syndicated for free to blogs that are looking for content.

One of the main advantages of article marketing is that it’s free. You only need to spend some time to write the articles and publish them to the relevant places. However, this can also sometimes get tedious, as you will need to write several unique articles a day and post them to directories before you start seeing any traffic and results. Of course, it’s also possible to outsource some or all of the article creation to a freelancer who can do the writing and posting of the articles for you. However, doing so will require some investment on your part.

There are a few other traffic generation techniques that you can use to get visitors to your product which we will take a look at tomorrow.

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying – Part 1

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Media Buying – Part 1

When it comes to online advertising options for a local business, there are plenty of choices that are open to you. Some of these options are completely free, while others will require you to spend some money and thus create an advertising budget. But one of the advantages of online advertising is that it is not as expensive as other methods, such as television or radio ads. It is also possible to very specifically target the audience that you want to reach, so that only people who have a high chance of being interested in your products end up seeing your ads.

One of these options is media buying. Now, many of you who are not familiar with online marketing terms may wonder what media buying consists of. Basically, it means that you will be buying advertising space on another website and paying for these ads according to different business models. Here are the ones that are the most commonly used in the media buying industry:

Fixed fee – You pay a certain fee to have your ad displayed in a permanent position on a certain website. This fee could be for a day, a week, two weeks, a month or even longer. Usually with this option, your ad is not rotated, meaning that it stays in one spot on the website for the entire time that you have paid for it. The costs will vary depending on the ad location as well as the traffic that the site receives. As such, the price for a daily ad on a site with a moderate amount of traffic could be as little as $4, while one on a site receiving tens of thousands of daily visitors (such as a popular news site in your city), a daily ad could cost you $1000 or even more.

CPM (or cost per views) – Here, you will pay a certain amount for every thousand visitors that view your ad. Every view is counted, so you will pay the same amount whether a visitor clicks your ad to go to your site or not. Once again, the amount you pay will vary on the popularity of your site, as well as the location of the site where your ad is put in. Ads which are displayed in prominent parts of the site tend to cost more.

CPC (or Cost Per Click) – This is similar to pay per click (or PPC) ads that you see on Google sponsored results. You will pay an amount for each person that clicks on your ad and is thus redirected to your site. Costs will vary depending on the site where you are advertising. They can be as low as $0.01/click up to $1.00 or more for each click you receive.

Tomorrow, we will explore more details about online media buying, such as which websites you can advertise on and the types of ads that you can create for your business.

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Is SEO Important For You?

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Is SEO Important For You?

As we all know, any webmaster wants their website to get traffic, and as much targeted traffic as they possibly can get. Of course, there are certain ways to get that traffic and a webmaster needs to do some actions in order to receive it. People will not just randomly type your website address in their browser to get to your site. They have to somehow find it first. One of the most common ways for people to find a website online is to make a query in a search engine for a keyword that they are interested in. In order to get your site as close as you can to the top of the search results, you need to do some SEO work. But SEO is not always the right solution to get traffic to your website. Let’s take a look at for what type of webmaster is SEO important for:

  • You are building a long-term business centered around 1 main site

If you expect your website to be the online address of your main business, then doing SEO will have many advantages. You will not need to spend as much money advertising, as people will be able to find your site through natural search results. By doing proper SEO, you will be able to eventually get ahead of your competitors on search engines like Google. Since you have long term plans, then you have a bit more time to get your site to get a decent amount of traffic.

  • You don’t want to spend too much time or money on advertising

There are many solutions available online where you can advertise your site and pay either for the number of views that your ad has received or the amount of clicks that it gets. But, not everybody wants to spend time tracking and optimizing various ad campaigns so that they will yield the maximum results. Also, not everyone has the budget necessary to constantly pay for online advertising. In that case, focusing on getting traffic from natural search results could be the right path for you to go on.

  • Your business is in a niche that is not very competitive

If your business is in a niche that is quite specialized and doesn’t have many competitors, then using SEO techniques to get your site to the top is a great way to get the traffic that you want. Since you do not have a lot of competitors, it will be a lot easier to get your site to number one of the search results on Google. You will also spend far less time on SEO work than someone who is operating in a very competitive niche.

But are there cases where SEO is not the best choice? Yes, it depends on what kind of site you are putting up. We’ll take a look at these cases tomorrow and see what other ways you could use to bring traffic to your website in these cases.

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Social Media For Small Business – The Advantages

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Social Media For Small Business – The Advantages

Many small business owners have heard of the power of social media and how it can be beneficial for their business. It is indeed possible to spread the word about your business by using social networks and they are in fact one of the best tools to do so. Now what makes social marketing so great? Here are some of its unique advantages:

An large established user base.

Popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter receive millions of visitors every single day of the year. This means one simple thing: the traffic is already there. You just need to establish a presence on these sites and get users to see your materials. Among the millions of users which frequent these sites, chances are that some are looking for something that you are offering.

Lower costs.

When selecting an advertising method, something that many business owners worry about is how much it will cost to use. Many small businesses don’t have much of a budget to spend on online advertising. The fact is, creating a page about your business on social networks costs you nothing. It is completely free to use. If you want your page to look even better and be more functional there are many tools available which let you do so. Some are free, while others require that you pay a monthly fee to use them. But even the paid tools will cost you a lot less than other advertising options.

Possibility for your page to go viral.

You may have heard about the viral effect. It is when something spreads among people without intervention from whoever created it. Social networks are the ideal place if you want your page to go viral. If you make it attractive and catchy enough, people will share it with their friends, who will then share it with their friends and so on. Pages which are truly unique and interesting could receive millions of views in total.

Flexibility and opportunities for expansion.

Any social media site is constantly evolving. New features are added. New options for communicating are created. All of this means even more opportunities for you to spread the message about something that you want to promote. You get complete choice on how you structure your advertising campaigns. For example, you can either create a main page for your business, or create several different ones which will promote various products or services that you provide.

Also, new sites could appear in the near future. And these new sites could open the door for even further promotional opportunities for you. Sure, Facebook and Twitter are probably the most popular options offered right now, but who knows what will appear in 1 year or in 5 years. If a new social network appears, why not establish your presence on it right away rather than wait to determine whether it will become popular? This will allow you to stay one step ahead of the game, rather than constantly playing “catch up” with your competitors.

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Some Info About PPV Advertising

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Some Info About PPV Advertising

You may have seen the term PPV advertising somewhere and wondered what it was. After all, this is an online advertising method that is not as popular as other ones out there, like pay-per-click ads, media buying or e-mail marketing. It basically consists of showing a pop-up or pop-under ad on a user’s computer. The thing that makes it different from traditional media buying is that the pop-up is the result of the user having some adware from the PPV company installed and running on their computer. This adware often gets installed when the user downloads certain web applications such as toolbars, screen savers, etc. While adware often has negative connotations within the computer world and some people protest its use, due to privacy concerns or the software affecting the system’s stability, it is not illegal in any way. The user has consented to being shown ads on his or her computer when they have installed an application which contains the adware. Furthermore, should a user no longer want to see the ads, all they would have to do is to stop using the software in question and uninstall it from their PC.

One of the advantages of using PPV ads to promote offers is that the traffic is targeted. Your website will pop up when the user enters a certain key phrase in a search engines or accesses a certain URL. It is also very cheaply priced, in fact you can get clicks for most keywords for very low prices, often fractions of a cent.

It also has all of the features provided by other advertising networks, such as the ability to target users in a certain geographic region and the possibility of setting up several different campaigns with different budgets. Most PPV networks also support pixel tracking, which will make it a lot easier for you to track conversions when you are sending traffic to CPA offers.

There are, however a few downsides to buying PPV traffic. Not all PPV networks are open to public registration, therefore you may need to be referred by an existing user in order to get it. Furthermore, unlike PPC networks, where you can pre-pay for amounts as low as $10 or $20 and get started, most PPV networks will require that you deposit far more in your account. In fact, it is not uncommon to see deposit requirements of $500 to $1000. The traffic does not start immediately either. You will need to wait a few days for your URL to be approved and traffic sent to it.

Despite these drawbacks, PPV advertising is used by many successful CPA marketers and affiliates in order to push their offers. If used correctly, it can generate tremendous amounts of profits for you due to the fact that the traffic is both targeted towards your chosen keywords and comes much cheaper than in other types of ads. After all, would you rather pay $0.005 per click with PPV, or $2 per click on Adwords?

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Advertising Options Overview – Video Marketing

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Advertising Options Overview – Video Marketing

When you are promoting any type of product or service online, advertising is obviously a must. After all, you need to get people to your offer if you want to see profits accumulating in your account. With so many ways to advertise online out there, it is normal to sometimes get lost and confused as to which method you should truly implement.

Many people also ask which one is the “best” method to advertise on the internet. In reality, there is no clear winner out there. Each method has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. So it truly is in your best interest to learn about all the advertising methods out there and to pick one that you will find the most appropriate. Remember that knowledge is power! Let’s take a look at some of these methods:

Video Marketing.

This consists of uploading short videos to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and including your website’s URL in the video itself or in the description. Its main advantage is that it is free, it costs nothing for you to upload your video. You also have the potential of receiving thousands of views to your video, as sites such as YouTube have a very large user base and receive millions of hits from around the world every day.

When creating your video, don’t make it look too much like an advertisement. People watch online videos for two main reasons: to be entertained or to acquire information/knowledge. Very few people will want to watch commercials.

There are two main types of videos you can create: either a review of a specific product that you are promoting or an informational video related to your niche.

A review will basically consist of someone talking about how the product that you are promoting works and why the viewer needs it. You can either record it yourself, or outsource it and have someone else record themselves doing a video review of it.

An informational video will not be based directly on the product that you are promoting, but will rather give some general advice related to your niche. For example, if you are promoting a dog training guide on Clickbank, you might want to make a video of yourself teaching a dog on how to be obedient. You could also include a short mention at the end of the products that you would recommend for someone to use in order to train their dog.

Remember to make the videos as interesting and captivating for the viewers as possible. This will help your video become more popular and will also increase the clickthroughs to your affiliate link significantly. Success with video marketing is a gradual thing. You would need to hone your skills by uploading a few videos and see what works best for you. Don’t just post up a video on YouTube and expect thousands of visitors to come flocking to your site overnight, because chances are it simply won’t happen that way.

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