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Is Dedicated Hosting the Right Choice for You?

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Is Dedicated Hosting the Right Choice for You?

If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce website, then one of the first things that you would think about would be getting a reliable web host where you can put your site on. Anyone who is going to run an online business will need a web host. Basically, you have two options: either get a shared hosting account or rent a dedicated server.

Someone who is serious about running a successful e-commerce website will often choose to host their site on a dedicated server rather than a shared account. Here are the advantages of using a dedicated server:

More resources just for you. A dedicated server is just that: a server that is entirely dedicated for your use. No other sites are hosted on it, so its entire bandwidth, CPU, disk space and RAM are for your use only. While you may think that you would do fine on a shared account at the beginning, once your site expands you may find that you actually need your own server as your website has gotten bigger.

Better security and reliability. This advantage is the result of the fact that, once again, your server is not shared with any other site. There has been numerous occasions where a site that is hosted on a shared server has been compromised and viruses and malware have been introduced, which have infected other sites on the server. When you use a dedicated server, you get access to security solutions such as anti virus tools, firewalls, etc.

Increased flexibility and more control. You get the choice as to whether you want to run a Windows or a Linux operating system on your server. Another great point is that you have complete control as to what applications, software and scripts you can run on your server. Many large e-commerce sites require the use of software which would not be supported on a shared account, but can be easily installed and used on a dedicated server.

Selecting a Web Host

In the world of web hosting, there are hundreds of different companies that you can choose from. While they may all look to provide the same services, you should know that not all web hosting companies are the same.

When you select a web host that offers dedicated server hosting, you will need to look far beyond the price in order to make the right decision. If you simply go with the company offering the cheapest price, you might end up getting the cheapest service. Many of the “rock bottom” priced servers are actually run by individuals located in third world countries, where connectivity and reliability are not all that great.

Do a search online for reviews of dedicated server hosting providers and see what these reviews say. Also, take a look around webmaster forums to find out which companies fellow webmasters are using and whether they are satisfied with the service. This will help you narrow down your search to companies that you would want to do business with.

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Commenting On Other Blogs in Your Niche

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Commenting On Other Blogs in Your Niche

Commenting on other blogs in your niche is essential in order to get readers to come over to your own blog and to build relationships with other bloggers. This is sometimes an overlooked area of internet marketing and promotion for your website, and usually, it is done horribly wrong.


When going for readership with your commenting, make sure you create engaging and thoughtful arguments and conversation on the blog. If you disagree, disagree politely and state why you think it is wrong and what you think is right. Engage in the conversation. Don’t simply write “nice post,” but instead give insight into the topic, add to the list of reasons “x is so great” and offer some sort of value. If readers always see your name popping up next to smart responses they will be more likely to click on your name to see what you are about.

Build Relationship

Building a relationship with the author is essential. Reach out to them on social networks, on their blog comments, and through their contact form. Introduce yourself and state that you are in a similar niche and really like their work. Creating this relationship will help them recognize you on the blog, be more likely for them to subscribe to your blog, and will increase the chances of them linking to your blog and adding to your conversation as well.

Great Content

Give the people what they want – great content. It is no different than creating content on your own blog, give value and you will get value in return.

Real Name

Don’t use your niche or keywords as your name, you can on some occasions but trying to be more personal can go a long way. Don’t hide behind an alias, as you will have a hard time getting any response from that. If you want to use your keywords, insert them into your reply, or leave a link to your website in it’s entirety at the bottom of your post (make sure you have awesome content or you will risk being marked as spam, and even some spam bots will register you, so be careful with this one).

Never, Ever Spam

Don’t spam other bloggers. Think about how much you hate when you have people spamming your articles on your blog, so don’t do it to them. Create engaging content that will create a sense of urgency and interest in checking out your own work.

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