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New Kindle Fire May Boost Popularity of Tablets

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New Kindle Fire May Boost Popularity of Tablets

There has been some talk in technology blogs about Amazon working on a new smartphone that may be a viable competitor to the Apple iPhone. But for now, nothing has been made official yet and Amazon’s event focused on the Kindle without announcing a new smartphone.


Some new versions of the Kindle have been released, which aim to make the tablet even more popular than it is right now. Upgrades have been made to the 7 inch Kindle Fire, which is now priced at $159. The 7 inch Kindle is now available in HD at a price of $199, plus 2 new versions with an 8.9 inch display are available, one of which has 4G connectivity. This makes it quite obvious that Amazon is seeking to take some market share away from Apple in the tablet market. This seems to be working somehow, since the Kindle Fire is the second most popular tablet, after the iPad, of course.


If you want to see the specifications of the new Kindles and how they compare to the iPad, there are plenty of technology news articles that provide more details. What’s more interesting to us is the fact that tablet usage is growing and how one can profit from this expansion as a marketer or business owner.


Amazon’s strategy is to profit from content sales for their mobile devices. The company has even taken shots at Apple, saying that it’s better to try to make money by selling content than by making upgrades to hardware. And in a way, they are right.


The demand for tablet based content is expected to grow as an increasing number of people get a tablet of some sort, whether it’s the Kindle, the iPad or any other one. Publishing eBooks and selling them on the Amazon marketplace is still a popular source of revenue for many, especially amateur authors who are seeking to get their works read. But the written word isn’t the only type of content that consumers want. Multimedia content, such as video and apps are also in high demand. This explains why there is a lot of demand for developers who can make applications that will run on tablet devices. Productivity tools, games, communications programs and many other applications are being downloaded by tablet users.


These users also browse the web on their devices. Marketers need to take a look at some numbers and statistics, in an effort to see what web based content tablet users commonly seek out, how they behave with regards to online advertising and which products and services they commonly buy when using the web on their mobile devices. This will allow the creation of advertising campaigns that are specifically targeted to tablet users, as many advertising services already allow marketers to create specific campaigns that will show only to users of tablets.


The devices will change and evolve over time, just like the PC has changed. But one thing that will remain is that a new opportunity has been created for entrepreneurs and will remain there for quite some time.


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