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Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Part 2

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Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Part 2

Now that you know about the importance of good SEO, as well as inclusion in your email marketing, plus linking from your main site is important, you may be wondering if there are any other tips that you can apply to promote the blog you’ve just build and get a steady stream of interested visitors. There are a few final tips that I’m going to share with you regarding how to accomplish this easily. The key here would be integration with other marketing efforts, which will result in plenty of good traffic if you’re diligent and patient in your traffic building efforts.

Be Social

Social media is a topic that comes numerous times when discussing traffic generation techniques as well as internet marketing in general. This is not without good reason: the majority of people visit social networking sites, so the traffic on these sites is already there. You just need to direct it to your blog. The two best examples in this case would be using Facebook. When you post a new article in your blog, share it on Facebook. Readers will see the title of the post and a summary, where they can click through to your blog to read more if interested. For Twitter, just send out a Tweet about the update and include a link.

Also, don’t forget to include buttons so that users can like and share your posts on their social networking profiles, thus giving you exposure to their friends and followers, generating a potential for more traffic in the process.


RSS feeds are a good way to get people to follow your blog in a way similar to following someone on Twitter or Facebook. When they subscribe to your RSS feeds, people will be able to see in their browser if you’ve made a new blog post. If it’s something that interests them, they will then click through to your blog and read the article you just posted.

Be Patient

Building a steady amount of traffic to a blog is something that takes time and patience. It’s quite unlikely that you will receive thousands of daily visitors after just taking one of the actions presented here. But keep posting good content and keep using the techniques shown here and you will soon start seeing a few visitors on your blog. This can grow in time, you will just need to be patient and continue blogging and actively taking efforts to generate more interest and thus more traffic on the blog you’ve built.

Be Creative

You’re not limited to what was presented here when it comes to getting traffic. Think up of your own strategies to bring in high quality visitors and read up more about things such as social media, SEO and traffic generation to blogs. You may discover some new methods and techniques that you will want to try, which may very well be the solution that you were looking for to finally get the amount of visitors you wanted.

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How to add articles and pages to Joomla content system website

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How to add articles and pages to Joomla content system website

joomlaTo add articles/pages or edit existing pages to your website first log into your website and you will see the following screen:

article manager


Your existing pages and articles are located under “Article Manager” and you will be able to edit any of your pages and articles there.  Your site pages are create as articles.

To add a new page/article just click on “Add new article” and you will get the following screen:



Simply give the article a Title and alias.  If this is going to be a new page leave the SectionUncategorized and the same for Category.

If this is going to be a new article in your News section then change the Section to – News and the Catorgory will automatically change to Latest

In the description box this is where you write your content.  If for example you want to add html for example (html code from a company your affiliate with) simply click on the (Show/hide) blue text on the top left of the tools and this will show you your article in html format.  Simply paste your html code into a section of your article where you would like your banner to be displayed.

You can then click on preview on the top right to see a preview of how your page looks.  When your happy just press save and your article will be live.

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How to add affiliate banners to a wordpress blog

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How to add affiliate banners to a wordpress blog

b8d2_1_bIf you would like to add affiliate banners to an article within your blog this is what you need to do:

1) First login to your affiliate merchants accout e.g (cj.com, affiliatefuture.co.uk,etc.)

2) Copy the html banner code the company you are affiliated with has supplied you (preferbly – 468×60 code is ideal for articles)

3) login to your blog and edit or add a new article you would like the banner to appear in and click on the html tab as shown in the following pic and simply paste in the html code. Click publish and your article is live on your blog and you should be able to see the banner. 


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How To Add Articles To WordPress Blog

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How To Add Articles To WordPress Blog

wordpress blogsFirst log into your website – usually its your domain name and /wp-admin at the end is the login page

Example – www.domain.com/wp-admin

Within your dashboard click on Posts on the lefthand side then on Add New to add a new article


Then give your article a title in the title field and write your article within the description box.

To add an image within the article simply press the add an image button as shown in the following pic.  This will allow you to upload an image from your computer.

If you are using the Gazette Theme that has a thumbnail image on the front of your blog for your articles you may also want an image for this location.  To do this you will need the URL of the image you want displayed at the front of the blog for this article.  Click the add image button again and upload an image.  You will now see the following screen.  Copy the Link URL

You then paste the link URL address into the Gazette Edition Custom Settings at the bottom of the article your publishing as shown below:

Once you have finished add the article to a category choosing one from the right or creating a new one.  Then simply press Publish to publish the article to your blog.


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