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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs: Part 2

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Tips for Online Entrepreneurs: Part 2

We’ve seen two good tips to help build a good online business yesterday. There are more that you can use. These are all strategies that are used by some of the most successful names in online business. They aren’t specific to a particular subset of online business, so you can use them whether you own content websites, are selling items on eBay, are an affiliate, etc.

  • Do everything possible to work smarter and not harder

In the online world, most businesses don’t demand “hard” work in the sense that you would constantly need to solve complex problems. However, in many cases it is simply a large quantity of seemingly very simple work that keeps people from achieving their goals. For example, if you’re promoting a dozen different affiliate offers using different advertising channels, you may need to build over 30 separate landing pages for them, complete with graphics, unique text content and other elements. Not particularly difficult, but can become quite tedious. A lot of people lose their motivation if they spend hours performing the same tasks over and over.

The solution to this is actually quite simple. First, find and use any tools that you can use to automate processes in your business. There are scripts, programs, apps, etc. which can save you a lot of time and reduce the amount of tedious work you need to do. For example, there are programs which can submit articles to directories automatically.

You may also want to outsource some parts of your business to others, such as content creation, graphic design, etc. This may reduce your profits, however the time that you gain will keep your more motivated and can be used to search for more business opportunities, thus making you more money in the long run.

  • Keep track of how your different businesses are doing

If you own several online businesses that are in different niches, you should ensure that you’re keeping an eye on all of them. This will allow you to constantly monitor your performance and make adjustments if necessary, even for businesses that run on “autopilot”.

  • Keep up new developments

There are two kinds of developments that you should keep up with: those that are related to online marketing in general and those which are more specific to your niche of products or to the type of business that you run.

Be sure to read any emails that you get from partners, such as affiliate programs. They may contain important information about upcoming changes that could have an effect on how you earn online. Read some posts on online marketing forums. Also, check out websites which specialize in aggregating news related to online business. You don’t have to spend too much time on this, just a few minutes a day to scan the headlines or new posts, then take a bit of time to read something that you find interesting.

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SEO Optimize Your Images

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SEO Optimize Your Images

Everyone knows that SEO, or search engine optimization is important for the content on their site. That’s fairly common knowledge at this point. What a lot of people don’t realize is that your images can bring you a great deal of search traffic too. People are constantly searching for images for many different reasons, and if you can optimize your images to take advantage of those searches, you can bring more traffic to your site.

The first thing you should do is be sure that your images are all named correctly. Give your images names that reflect what is pictured in the image. For example, the picture above of the JPEG icon is named “jpeg icon.png”. If you are using a photograph, make sure the image name describes what’s going on in the picture. For example, a photograph of two guys playing with a Frisbee should have a name along the lines of “two guys playing Frisbee in a park.jpg” Don’t be afraid to have a long image name. It’s more important that the image name be descriptive than short. Try to include spaces between the words in the image name. If your content management won’t support spaces, put dashes instead. It’s important that the words be separated so that search engines can easily recognize them.

You should also take the time to fill out the alt tags for your images. whenever you mouse over an image, you will see some text displayed. That text is dictated by what is written in the alt tag for an image. Again, be descriptive in your alt tags. Include a little more detail in the alt tags than you did in the image name. In the example above the image name was “two guys playing Frisbee in a park.jpg”. In this example you might want your alt tags to contain the text “two guys playing Frisbee in a park on a bright summer day” That way, there is more text relevant to the contents of the image associated with it.

Remember, search engines can’t see your images. They’re relying on you to describe the images in a way that they can understand. Giving your images strong names, and including relevant information in your alt tags makes it easy for search engines to understand what is going on in your pictures so that they can do a better job of placing them in search results. By taking the time to optimize your images for search, you are ensuring better search traffic to your site over time.

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