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What to Include in Your Facebook Page

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What to Include in Your Facebook Page

If you’re planning to set up a Facebook fan page for your business, then you’ve made the right decision in getting more social media exposure for your company. But how do you use social networking sites to their fullest potential? The first thing that you need to know is what you should include in your Facebook fan page. Here are some general tips that will be helpful in that aspect:

  • Your basic contact information

You want your page visitors to be able to contact you if they have any question about your business or a product that you offer. Include your phone number, e-mail address, as well as address if you have a physical location.

  • A link to your main business website

Putting a link to your website on your Facebook page means that you get one more, high quality backlink to your site, in addition to potentially getting more traffic from social media visitors that are interested in learning more about what you offer.

  • A link to your blog

If you have a blog, then include a link to it as well, for the same reasons as you would include a link to your main website. You get a backlink and potential traffic coming directly from your Facebook page, which is a winning combination in the world of online marketing.

  • Links to your other social media accounts

Do you use any other social networking services, such as Google +, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ? In that case, include a link to your other profiles as well, as this will allow you to gain more followers on your other accounts.

  • Pictures and descriptions of your products

If you sell physical merchandise, include some pictures of featured items on your Facebook page. The goal here is not to copy your entire catalog (unless you sell only 3 or 4 products), but to showcase some of your products to your visitors. Of course, you should link to the relevant page on your main website which sells these products.

  • General information about your business

Include a brief description about how your business works, such as the type of items you sell, services you provide, opening hours, payment methods, etc. This will give the visitor enough information to know whether what you sell is right for them. It will also cut down on some questions being sent to you by message, such as “Do you take Paypal” or “Do you sell such and such products”, etc.

  • Updates about your business and industry

Keep your page lively and up to date, by posting information such as new products, price reductions, promotions, etc. Even if you have nothing that changed, post some information that’s related to your niche, such as advice on using some of your products, or news that’s related to your niche. This will make your page look more “alive” and keep your followers interest, as opposed to a page that hasn’t been updated in several months and looks abandoned.

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Micro Online Business: Being More Efficient

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Micro Online Business: Being More Efficient

We’ve seen some ways that you can make money by providing services and only spend 1 to 3 hours a day doing it. This is a good method for those who want to earn some money in the online world but do not have much time to invest in their online business activities.

But how do you maximize your earning potential? Here are some excellent tips on doing so. This will basically allow you to earn more money in less time.

  • Eliminate all distractions

You’re supposed to be working. Therefore, sign out of Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. Sign out of MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger or Skype, unless you actually need these to communicate with your clients. Close all other tabs and browser windows that you don’t need. This will help you concentrate on the task at hand. Sure, some people are able to work and talk to a friend on Skype at the same time. But it is not recommended, as it will simply take away from the time you have to make some money online.

  • Build a good reputation

As you will be getting projects mainly from forums and freelancing sites, building a good reputation is important. Depending on the site, clients will be able to leave you feedback every time you complete work for them. The more positive feedback you get, the more of a good reputation you will get and this will increase your chances of getting more work.

  • Pick longer and more profitable tasks

Let’s say you are writing articles. Which do you think is better: writing 3 1000 word articles or writing 10 300 word articles? Even if the pay would be the same, choosing one or two bigger tasks rather than a few different small ones allows for better use of your time. This is because you will not have to stop as often and do some research on what to write about or check the clients requirements.

  • Strive to get regular work from the same clients

Getting regular work from the same people is much better in terms of making more efficient use of your time than getting work from different people all the time. The reasons for this are pretty common sense. You will be spending much less time making posts offering your services, accepting projects and answering questions from clients and a lot more time actually doing the work. Your clients will already know you and what you are capable of doing and will therefore be more likely to assign work they need done to you rather than picking out a completely new person from the forum or freelancing site.

Getting regular work is not that hard. You first need to start by doing a couple of projects for various clients and build up your reputation. Eventually, someone will assign some more work to you and it could turn into a regular project.

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Your Social Media Strategy

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Your Social Media Strategy

In the past, we have talked about what a great tool social media can make when you are trying to promote your business online. But in order to get good results from your campaigns, you will need to do things the right way, rather than simply plunging into the social media world unprepared.

We have already made a comparison between paid and free social media marketing. While there are some differences between both types of advertising, the following tips will be valid for both paid and free advertising on different kinds of social networks. Here are some things to keep under consideration:

  • Will you do things yourself, or hire outside help?

Social media marketing is not complicated. However, just like any type of online project, it will require that you spend some time on it and acquire the necessary knowledge to do things right. You may want to spend about half an hour to an hour a day checking up on your campaigns and updating your pages. If you can’t do this, you may want to hire some outside help, either from a dedicated online marketing firm, or from a freelancer that is knowledgeable on social media marketing for small businesses.

  • Which networks will you use?

There are plenty of social networking sites out there. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are some of the most popular ones, but there are also some small and emerging networks that are used by many people. Some of these smaller networks could be quite popular with people residing in a certain region. What you need to do is to figure out who your targeted audience is, and what networks they frequent. You will then be able to focus your marketing efforts on the social media sites which are most popular with your target audience.

  • How will you keep your audience interested?

Remember that social networking sites are places where new content is posted all the time, ever single second of every day. While users come to these sites to learn things and inform themselves about what their friends and local businesses are doing, remember that these sites are not an encyclopedia or business directory. As such, you need to keep your content fresh and interesting for your readers. This can be achieved in various ways. For example, if you run an auto customization business, you may want to put up pictures of work that you have recently done on customers cars. You can also put up info on upcoming promotions or events related to your business. While you don’t have to update your page every single day of the week, you will still need to put up updates on a regular basis.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to draw a much bigger benefit from your presence on social media sites. It is always good to have a strategy in mind, but you might need to make some changes to it if you realize it is not giving you the desired effect, or if you want to try using a new social networking site that has just become popular.

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Social Media

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Social Media

Even those who know nothing about online marketing are aware of the fact that social media is having a big impact on our world today. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are keeping people from around the globe informed and entertained on a daily basis. But what does that mean to you, as a small business owner? Is it possible to use social media sites to your advantage? The answer is yes. How you do it will depend on your goals and budget.

Social media is very versatile in terms of an advertising medium. This is because there are free options and paid options to advertise on it. You can use any of them, or both at the same time to maximize your impact. Let’s explore what you can do with social networking sites:

Paid Option

Many social media sites, like Facebook and MySpace, have a paid advertising option that helps advertisers get traffic to their websites, while bringing in revenue to keep the social site running. The payment model varies from one network to the other, but in most cases it is a CPC (cost per click) type, where you pay an amount that you bid for each click.

The advantage of social media ads is that they can be very highly targeted. You can, for example, select who will get to see your ads based on factors such as location, age, gender, marital status, etc. This will allow you to get better quality traffic.

But since you are paying for this traffic, you will need to track and test your campaigns accordingly, in order to get the maximum benefit from them and avoid wasting your funds.

Free Option

This is a bit more simple and doesn’t involve you paying for traffic, but requires more work on your part. Depending on the network, you would normally build a page for your business, which provides contact info, a link to your site, news updates, and details of your products.

You will then need to attract people to become fans of your business and follow what you are saying on your page. This can be accomplished by various means. You could put social media buttons on your main website that will allow people to instantly become your fans. You could also include a link to your page on your communications with customers, such as on invoices or in your email newsletter.

If you have a very good product, or a page that is quite unique and engaging, your fans will do the marketing for you, by spreading your page around to their friends, who can also become fans of your business. This is called “viral marketing” and can cause your page to be seen by millions of people in a short time. But of course, you will first need to have something interesting to offer on your page which will captivate your audience. When you put together your page, look at what other businesses have done with theirs for clues on what made them successful on social networks. This will give you a good idea of what to do and what not to do.

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Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

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Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

A lot of businesses, both big and small, have realized the importance and the virtually unlimited potential that social media marketing has. Of course, participating in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace is good for any business. However, you social media marketing campaigns need to be done properly in order for them to net you the maximum benefit. There are certain things that are best avoided. Here is an overview of the most common mistakes that businesses make when using various kinds of social media sites:

Excessive Advertising

When establishing a presence on social media sites, the first thing that any business owner needs to keep in mind is that these sites were never built to be used as advertising platforms for businesses. Rather, they were created with the goal of providing a place for people to connect with others. Therefore, if all you do is bombard people with commercial messages, they will either drop you or simply not pay attention to what you are saying. Advertisements, such as posting promotional Tweets or Facebook wall messages should be done in limited numbers.

Not Updating Your Page

Social networks are places where users constantly post new information about themselves for the world to see. Your business page should be no different. Make sure that you update it regularly. Even if you don’t have any new products or promotions, you could always make some interesting posts related to your business, such as industry news, information on upcoming product launches, or general advice that is related to your niche. Let’s say that you are in the business of selling vacuum cleaners. You could post information on how to select the best vacuum cleaner, etc.

If you have a page that looks “dead” because it wasn’t updated in a long time, users will gradually lose interest in it as there is nothing new for them to see.

Not Spending Enough Time on Putting Together Your Page

Your business page on social networks is there to reflect your business. As such, its design and message should be consistent with your existing website. If possible, choose a color scheme and font that resembles closely to the one on your main website. It is important that your social media page looks interesting and well made. If you put something together that looks like you made it in 5 minutes while watching TV, it will give it a “cheap” look that reflects poorly on your business.

If you need ideas or are having trouble improving your page, there are plenty of guides that provide details on using specific social networks that you can buy or download for free online. There are also various social media marketing forums that can provide advice or design a page for you. Remember, while building a social media page is not difficult, you will still have to put in a decent amount of time and effort into it if you expect it to bring you good results.

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A Successful Business Product

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A Successful Business Product

In order to make money online with a product it has to be successful. To make a successful product you must consider products that will attract the most attention, products you are extremely knowledgeable in, and can enjoy creating.

Attracting Attention
Do some online research and you can easily find products that are sought after in today’s market. If you are looking to create a product for use on a social media site, it would only be fitting that you focus on the more popular sites for social networking, like Facebook and Twitter. If you were to focus on a media site like MySpace, it is a less popular subject today than it once was, therefore it will not make as much profit as possible.

Products you market online should be related to a niche that you are familiar and knowledgeable in. Your consumers want to know that you are an expert in the particular topic you speak about. In order to ensure your consumers a product they would want to pay for you need to deliver information that is not easily accessible in other places. If a consumer finds value in your product you are more likely to receive recommendations and repeat business.

Use your creativity to market your product and share information in ways that other sources do not. Since you will be dedicating a lot of time and attention to your product you need to make sure it is something you enjoy doing. The more you can enjoy creating one product the more information you deliver to your consumer, who can easily tell if you are passionate about your particular topic of choice.

Consider these three things before you develop any product to market online, especially if you are looking to generate money from your product!

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