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Better Use of Social Media

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Better Use of Social Media

We all know that social media use is very important to promote a business online. In fact, the majority of businesses, both large and small, now have a social media presence. But there are a few things that you should know if you want to make the most out of your social media marketing efforts. Here are a few tips that are used by some of the leading online marketers:


  • Understand Your Audience and What They are Looking For


Having an understanding of who will read your social media pages will allow you to tailor your overall marketing strategy to their needs. For example, if you want to get maximum response to your new posts, you should time them correctly. If the majority of your readers will be working between 9 to 5, for example, making new posts during these hours will not get you as much readership as you want, as by the time the user gets home and logs into his Facebook account, your update will probably be buried under a dozen others on their news feed.


You should also consider what your audience is looking for when they visit a company’s social media page. Some may be motivated by discounts and saving as much money as possible on their next purchase. Others may be looking for the latest and most innovative products in your niche without too much regard as to how much they cost. Then, there are readers who also want to be informed about some of the happenings in your industry without feeling that they’re constantly being marketed to and enticed to buy something from you.


  • Encourage User Participation and Feedback


Remember that social media pages allow two-way communication and aren’t just a “billboard” for you to promote your products. Encourage your users to talk to you on your page, by asking them what type of content they would find useful, or what they think of a certain post. This will help capture people’s attention and keep them engaged. You may also get some good ideas on what you would want to post on your page in the future.


If you want to know a bit more of what your users think, consider creating a poll or short survey and post it on your page. Ask users what they think of a certain piece of niche related news, how they use products they’ve bought from you, how they like to shop online, etc. While this may not be the most scientifically correct way of gathering market research data, it can give you some ideas on what you can do to improve your business overall.


  • Get Everyone Involved


Should all your staff be involved in your social media efforts, or should you have a dedicated team to manage your pages? Actually, it’s best if everyone was involved at some level. Tomorrow we will see how everyone in your business can participate to improve your social media presence.

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Free Ways to Get Visitors to Your Business Website

When it comes to getting visitors to your business website, there are plenty of ways to do it. Some of these methods are free, while some others require an investment to be made in terms of advertising budget. But what if you don’t have that much money to get started? Is it still possible to get free visitors to your website? The answer would be yes. Here are some of the ways that you can employ.

  • Get Listed in Google Places

Time and time again, online marketing experts will recommend that anyone who has a website for their business gets a free listing in Google Places. Why? A few simple reasons: its free and can help you get visitors, both to your website and to your actual business. All you need to do would be to list your business and it would appear in a few days.

  • Put your website on your receipts, bags, printed materials, etc.

Some of your existing and potential clients may not even know that you have a website. By putting it out in front of them, you are increasing the chance that they will see it and go visit it. This also has the effect of increasing customer loyalty. A customer who visits your website will be more likely to buy from you again in the future, as it serves as a reminder that your business exists.

  • Use social networking

Facebook is the second most popular website in the world, right after Google. So if you don’t have a Facebook page, then you are leaving traffic on the table. Simply create a Facebook page for your business, filled with information about your latest offerings, and prominently include links to the relevant portions of your website. Create special, Facebook only discounts and promotions to boost its efficiency.

Twitter is also a popular social networking service. It works a bit differently from Facebook: you send out short messages to your followers, called Tweets. These Tweets can include a link to the relevant part of your site, such as the page for a new product, or to a promotion that you are having for the season.

  • Have your website on your business sign, your vehicles, etc.

This can serve as a very effective way of getting free traffic. For example, if your business is closed and someone passes by who might be interested in what you have to offer, they could remember your website and then check it out later. Keep in mind that very few people will actually note down your website URL, but will rather remember it from memory. Therefore, it needs to be something that is memorable and something that would not be confused with one of your competitors websites. Remember, you can have multiple domain names pointing to your main website, so if you think your main domain would be too hard to remember, consider getting an alternate one. This definitely has the potential of getting a few extra visitors to your site when you need them.

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Using Fiverr to Make Money: Part 2

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Using Fiverr to Make Money: Part 2

Now one thing that many sellers of services on Fiverr want to know is: how do I get my gigs to become more popular and thus make more money from them? Obviously, this is a quite a valid question as the goal of everyone that provides services on Fiverr is to make as much money as possible. So how do you increase your earnings? Here are some very efficient ways that you can employ to make the most out of Fiverr:


  • Give People What They Want


If your gigs are something that a lot of buyers on Fiverr want, then you will obviously get a better chance at making money from them. When you are on the Fiverr main page, you will see a section in the bottom right that consists of gig requests. If you can do some of the gigs that many people need done, then you should definitely offer them up for sale.


  • Create a Catchy Headline


Unless you are offering a gig that is extremely unique, chances are that there will be many other sellers on Fiverr who will be offering the same thing than you. In this case, you will really need to do your best in order to make a good first impression and stand out from the crowd. Your headline, which is the title of your gig, should be interesting, unique and catch the eye of the viewer. Basically, it should stand out from all the other headlines and create interest in the mind of the viewer.


  • Offer Samples of Your Work if Possible


If you do a gig where you can easily show a sample or two of work that you have done previously, then you should definitely include a link to it in your offer. For example if you design small web pages, you could include a link to some websites that you have built. This will make you appear a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of buyers, as they will have proof that you are capable of doing what you say you will do.


  • Build a Good Reputation


Fiverr uses a feedback system where people can leave either positive or negative feedback, accompanied by a comment. If you want more people to buy gigs from you, then you will need to srive to build a good reputation on the site. This is very simple: provide good quality work on time and you will get positive feedback. Buyers are more likely to buy gigs from those who have a lot of positive feedback, so doing great work will pay off in the long run.


  • Learn From Others


Look at some of the top sellers on Fiverr, especially those that are offering the same kind of gig than you. How do they word their headline? What do they put in their description? These are all things that you would need to consider, as you would be learning from those that are the most successful on Fiverr.

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Selling on eBay: Choosing a Good Drop Shipper: Part 1

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Selling on eBay: Choosing a Good Drop Shipper: Part 1

If you are going to be dropshipping and selling items on eBay, then you need to be really careful as to the dropshipper that you choose. Selecting the wrong one could rapidly ruin your reputation and cause untold problems. Even if the dropshipper that you are looking at claims to have the products that you want to sell to your buyers at great prices, there is still more that you need to do in order to be sure they will be able to deliver. Here are some tips to avoid any problems when dropshipping on eBay:


  • First, start out slowly


When they notice an opportunity to make money online by selling things or by any other means, a lot of people go all in from the very beginning. This might be good in some cases, but with eBay selling this is not the best idea that you could go with. Why is that? After all, isn’t it good to make as much money as fast as you can? You can always try, but if you later find out that you have chosen the wrong supplier for your products, then you have just created a big mess for yourself.


What is a better way to get started? Actually, it’s simple: first make a test order for yourself. Buy one of the products and have the dropshipper send it over to you. You will then be able to see whether you have received the right item in the right condition and whether you have received it within the specified time frame. If you want to be even safer and make sure that the supplier will perform just as well when shipping things to your clients, then you can always list just 1 or 2 items for sale and then see if your buyers have received the item and were satisfied with it. In this scenario, in the worst case you would simply refund your buyers if they did not receive the item as promised or if they didn’t get exactly what you put up for sale.


Once you have determined that the supplier for the goods that you are selling is reliable, you can then start doing business at full scale with them.


  • Try to find more than one dropshipper for your items


This will serve as a good backup in case one of your suppliers experiences problems or has run out of the items that you normally sell. It is much better to do business with more than one supplier, as your own business will not be disrupted too severely if you can’t use one of them anymore. Being in a situation where you have lost one of your suppliers and need to scramble to find another one is not good, as very often sellers fail to do their due diligence in this case and will choose a replacement without even bothering to check their reputation and whether they are any good.

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Is SEO Important For You?

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Is SEO Important For You?

As we all know, any webmaster wants their website to get traffic, and as much targeted traffic as they possibly can get. Of course, there are certain ways to get that traffic and a webmaster needs to do some actions in order to receive it. People will not just randomly type your website address in their browser to get to your site. They have to somehow find it first. One of the most common ways for people to find a website online is to make a query in a search engine for a keyword that they are interested in. In order to get your site as close as you can to the top of the search results, you need to do some SEO work. But SEO is not always the right solution to get traffic to your website. Let’s take a look at for what type of webmaster is SEO important for:

  • You are building a long-term business centered around 1 main site

If you expect your website to be the online address of your main business, then doing SEO will have many advantages. You will not need to spend as much money advertising, as people will be able to find your site through natural search results. By doing proper SEO, you will be able to eventually get ahead of your competitors on search engines like Google. Since you have long term plans, then you have a bit more time to get your site to get a decent amount of traffic.

  • You don’t want to spend too much time or money on advertising

There are many solutions available online where you can advertise your site and pay either for the number of views that your ad has received or the amount of clicks that it gets. But, not everybody wants to spend time tracking and optimizing various ad campaigns so that they will yield the maximum results. Also, not everyone has the budget necessary to constantly pay for online advertising. In that case, focusing on getting traffic from natural search results could be the right path for you to go on.

  • Your business is in a niche that is not very competitive

If your business is in a niche that is quite specialized and doesn’t have many competitors, then using SEO techniques to get your site to the top is a great way to get the traffic that you want. Since you do not have a lot of competitors, it will be a lot easier to get your site to number one of the search results on Google. You will also spend far less time on SEO work than someone who is operating in a very competitive niche.

But are there cases where SEO is not the best choice? Yes, it depends on what kind of site you are putting up. We’ll take a look at these cases tomorrow and see what other ways you could use to bring traffic to your website in these cases.

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Sell Information Products On Ebay

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Sell Information Products On Ebay

Selling ebooks and other information products can be a great way to make money online, but if you’re just selling them on your own site, you’re not making as much money as you could be. There are a lot of places you can sell your information product, but one of the best is Ebay.

Selling an ebook on Ebay is a little tricky. You can’t just download an ebook, and start selling it on Ebay for a profit. A lot of people don’t consider ebooks worth purchasing because they think those ebooks should be freely available online. In other words, if you are just selling the same ebooks everyone else is, you’re not going to get very far on Ebay.

The first step is to create an original ebook. Take the time to do some research, and try to create a product people are going to want to read. Try to answer an important question, or solve a serious problem for your audience. Try to pick something that has a fairly broad appeal. If you have a product that appeals to a small niche, it might do well on your site, but it might not attract as much attention on Ebay.

Selling ebooks and other information products on Ebay is significantly easier if you include a physical product. Consider creating a video presentation to go along with your ebook, and create a DVD. Alternately, an audio presentation on a CD works well too. Anything you can create that will add value for the consumer will increase your sales significantly. Producing a DVD or a CD isn’t as expensive as you might think if you handle it yourself. There are a lot of places you can buy DVD cases in bulk, and most inkjet printers can handle printing labels for discs. If you start selling a high volume, you might want to outsource the work, but in the beginning, you should be able to do it yourself.

Remember, sell a unique product that provides value for the customer. The more physical products you can include, the better you will do. If your customers feel like they’re getting a physical product and some valuable information, they’ll be more likely to buy your product.

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Making Money With Resale Rights

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Making Money With Resale Rights

Sometimes, when you’re buying an ebook, or other information product, you will have the chance to buy resale rights for that product. Sometimes those rights are free or cheap, and sometimes they’re a bit more expensive. Before you automatically dismiss the additional expense, take a second and think about the product, and it’s value. You might find yourself interested in selling it.

When you get resale rights for an ebook, most of the time you’ll be given a direct download link to pass on to your customers. Each time someone orders the product through you, you get paid for it. Typically, you can sell the ebook any number of ways, including ebay, and setting up your own website for the product. All you have to do is send traffic to the product, and you can collect a solid amount of money.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before setting out to make money with resale rights. You’re selling someone else’s product, and as such, they get credit for creating it. By selling their ebook, you’re not doing anything for your reputation, just your wallet. The other side of the coin here is that you don’t have to produce an ebook of your own to sell. All you really have to do is market an existing product. You may not pull in as much money as you would selling an original product, but you also don’t have to put in the same amount of effort you would if you were creating a new ebook of your own.

it’s also important to determine whether or not there’s a market for the ebook you’re interested in reselling. Consider the niche the product covers, and whether or not a broad audience would be interested in the product. You should also search the internet, and see how many other people are reselling the ebook you’re looking at, and take a look at what marketing strategies they’re using. If the product you’re looking at is being sold by a lot of other people, and the market for it just isn’t that big, it’s probably better to skip it.

Buying resale rights for an ebook can be a great way to make some money, but only if you can manage to sell the product. Do your homework, and pick a product with a strong resale value, and you’ll be able to bring in some extra money easily.

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Making Money Online

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Making Money Online

paid_surveyMaking Money Online

There is a new buzz in the online money making scene, and www.PaidSurveys-Online.net is at the forefront of offering the average Internet user money for easy work and excellent payment plans.

PaidSurveys-Online.net specializes in offering surveys to Internet users, who are then paid to take such surveys. Each survey or offer is worth a certain amount of money, depending on the specific details of the offer.

Because PaidSurveys-Online.net has an established company base, it can offer a large amount of surveys and offers to consumers. Such a large database of surveys and offers essentially enables Internet users to make as much money as they want or need- as they can stop at any time and request payment.

For Internet users, retired individuals, and anyone else looking to make extra money without extra strings attached, PaidSurveys-Online.net is looking for just such people. PaidSurveys-Online.net offers such high payouts to individuals because they themselves get paid by advertisers- and in turn pass the profits onto the consumer.

Each month brings a host of new offers and surveys to complete, so consumers will never have a shortage of options in making money online by completing surveys.

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Flipping websites for money

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Flipping websites for money

websiteflippingFlipping websites for money

The term flipping websites for money is when you quickly turn a website around for a profit. I will give you an example:

1) You purchase a website from someone that isn’t making much money and doesn’t have much traffic going to the site as the person hasn’t spent much time on the site

2) You give the site a makeover, do some SEO on the website, market the site and once its starting to make some income resell for profit.

Join upto our membership and receive 100’s of websites that you can flip for profits and also a step by step guide on how to flip websites for profit

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