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Mobile Apps Are a Profitable Business

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Mobile Apps Are a Profitable Business

When it comes to making money online, there are certainly hundreds of different ways to make this happen. But if you have coding experience, it may be even easier for you to pull in some profit. Sure, you can freelance and help others develop applications, but wouldn’t it be better if you could create your own apps and make money from them? Who knows, you might create something that will be liked by millions of users.

The possibilities are endless as far as app types go. Remember, what you create doesn’t have to be particularly advanced or even too useful. You could make an app whose only purpose is to play animal sounds and still get hundreds of thousands of downloads.

If you’re new to mobile app development, there are plenty of resources that will help you get started out rather quickly. You can find guides, as well as software development kits for both the iOS and Android platforms. Now that an ever increasing amount of people own a smart phone or tablet device (many times they have both), there has never been a better time to get in and start cashing in on this new trend. All statistics show that the number of downloads for mobile applications is only expected to grow.

But how do you actually make money from the apps? There are two ways. The first one is to charge people a fee to purchase your app, which is often relatively small, usually ranging from $1 to $5. But this may not always be the best approach, especially if you’re new to the game and people don’t really know who you are or what your app is supposed to do.

There are other solutions in that case. You can release the app for free and still make money from it, by embedding mobile ads in it. These can either be links to affiliate offers, or ads that pay you for each click or impression. However, remember not to over do it. Remember that mobile screens are small and nothing ruins the user experience more than an app which has ads that cover nearly half of the screen.

You can also do a combination of both. This is often called the freemium model and is used by some of the best app developers in the world. You release one version of your app for free, which has basic features. A “pro” or advanced app is also made, but this version has a small cost. You can entice your users to upgrade to the paid version by offering more functionality as well as reminding them that the paid version doesn’t display any ads.

If you’re thinking of joining the market, be sure to do some research first. Look at some success stories, but also some failures and problems that other developers had. Try to find a specific niche and an idea that is truly original. The apps that were the most successful are usually those who were the first to offer something which wasn’t previously available.

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Most Consumers Want Marketing Messages by Email

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Most Consumers Want Marketing Messages by Email

There are many online marketers and entrepreneurs who are shunning email marketing, believing that it is ineffective or that consumers perceive any email they receive from a business as a “spam” message and don’t pay attention to it. However, the reality of consumer opinion is quite different from this.


According to a survey of 1 500 consumers in the United States related to how they prefer to receive marketing messages, a large percentage, 77%, have said that they prefer to get them by email. There is no close second place, according to the study. Email is still king with US consumers and this doesn’t look like it’s going to change much in the future even as other marketing channels are being developed in the world of online advertising.


Here are the numbers for the rest of the marketing methods:


  • Direct mail (physical letters, brochures, catalogs…) : 9 %
  • SMS messages : 5 %
  • Facebook : 4 %
  • Phone calls: 2 %
  • Twitter : 1 %
  • Mobile applications for smart phones : 1%
  • LinedIn : Less than 1%


In reactions to the survey, many marketers were surprised that social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have scored so low. The explanation is that while consumers will pay attention to the pages of their favorite brands and businesses on social networking sites, this is not the place where they want to receive commercial solicitations. Marketers need to remember that social networking sites were never designed as being a marketing platform in the first place. Rather, they are a place where individuals connect to other people that they care about. Users also like to use social networking sites for their integrated apps and games (horoscope, poker, Farmville, etc). They may check out some commercial pages, but they don’t like it when their news feed is filled with ads.


There are some who ask: even if email marketing is well received by consumers, do these people actually take any action in buying something they’ve gotten through email? The numbers say yes.


The survey done by Channel Preference has said that 66% of consumers purchased something as a result of a marketing message they’ve received by email. Results from other marketing methods are:


  • Direct mail (physical letters, brochures, catalogs…) : 65 %
  • SMS messages : 16 %
  • Facebook : 20 %
  • Phone calls: 24 %
  • Twitter : 6 %
  • Mobile applications for smart phones : 10 %
  • LinedIn : 4 %


While email may be the preferred way that consumers use to get communications from businesses, marketers should know that this applies to permission based mailings. Buying contact lists from brokers, even if that information was legally acquired in the first place, is unlikely to yield as good results as sending messages to consumers subscribed to your email list, or including a promotional signature in customer service or order confirmation correspondence.

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