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Mobile Phone Users Actually Like Mobile Advertising

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Mobile Phone Users Actually Like Mobile Advertising

Digital advertising can come in many formats, such as search ads, content ads, personalized social media ads, video ads that play before a user can access content, etc. Then, there’s mobile advertising.


One of the main issues of digital advertising is how well it’s received by the users. The questions are: do the users targeted by the ads welcome them, or oppose them. And more importantly, do they actually pay attention to the ads, or just do their best to ignore or skip over them. The last part is of great importance, as it’s not sufficient to just display an ad to a user, but a marketer also needs to create some engagement. This is one of the main reasons why pop up ads are in decline now, even though they were very popular about a decade ago. They had the effect of annoying users, who simply closed them without even looking. To take things even further, “popup blocker” tools and browser add ons have gained so much popularity that they’re now a regular feature in web browsers.


When it comes to mobile advertising, do users like the ads that they receive and do they pay attention to them? According to information from a study done by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in May of 2012, the majority of survey respondents (70 percent), saw mobile ads in a favorable light, viewing them as an invitation to learn more about a certain product, rather than an unwanted intrusion.


The survey also asked smart phone users what they used their phone for when they were shopping. 28% of respondents stated they used it to find out more about a product or service, 18% used a phone to look up store locations and 12% used a web enabled phone to compare the prices of certain items.


Even though their numbers are growing, there are still few mobile phone users who reported making purchases of non digital items on their mobile phone (5% of respondents).


What this shows is that, for now, users consider their smart phone to be a platform with which they look up information, rather than to make purchases on. They still prefer to buy most items from a retail location, or from a regular PC.


This means that marketers need to ensure that their brands and products are visible to mobile phone users. This can be accomplished by building a mobile friendly version of their website, by using advertising channels that target smart phone users, and if they have a physical retail location, by ensuring that their business can easily be found by someone who is out of their house and looking for either a specific business, or a product / service that they would need but don’t really know where they can find it.

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Promoting Your New Web Store – Part 3

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Promoting Your New Web Store – Part 3

Once you are done promoting your web store socially, by letting others know about it, then there are some other methods that you can employ to promote your site to a wider audience, outside of your direct social circles both online and offline. Here are some common tactics used by small businesses everywhere that you can take advantage of:


  • Offline promotion


While the results may not be as direct and measurable as online marketing, offline promotion still works and is done by many small businesses, even if they primarily operate online and do not have a physical retail location at all. Here are some methods:


Passing out fliers and business cards


Here, you can print out some fliers, or simply some business cards and pass them out to people on the street. Of course, you can also pay someone else to do this for you.


Advertising in print media


While there are many newspapers that are having problems maintaining a readership, they are still surviving, which means people are still reading them. But one way to be more successful with print media ads would be to advertise in the right type of publication. It is possible to advertise in a “general” newspaper, but it would be better to do so in a more “targeted” publication, even though circulation may be smaller, the readers will have a higher chance of getting an interest in your website.


So if you are selling urban and trendy clothing, you may want to advertise in a local magazine that deals with hip hop music. Or if you are selling computers and electronics, then advertising in a publication about technology would be an excellent choice. The advantage of using print media today, is that many free magazines and papers have both a print and online version. Therefore, your ad will be available both online and offline as well.


  • Online Promotion


Here, you have a few other methods to choose from, but remember to focus on local customers first.


Online classified ads sites


These are probably the best choice for a start up web store. You can post a free ad on a number of online classified ads sites such as Craisglist, Gumtree, Kijiji, US Free Ads, etc. In many cases the ad is free, but you can pay for a small upgrade to get your ad featured on top of the list, or to have a border around it to bring attention to it.


Pay Per Click Ads and Media Buying


You can use pay per click ads or buy banner ad space on websites that have visitors from your local area. You can also advertise on search engines such as Google and the Facebook pay per click platform. A quick tip: take advantage of the free ad credits that many web hosts offer when you sign up. Most give you a $100 or so Google Ads voucher, as well as a $50 Facebook ads coupon. These can also be bought on many webmaster forums like Digital Point for around $5 to $10.

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Social Media

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Marketing For Local Businesses: Your Options – Social Media

Even those who know nothing about online marketing are aware of the fact that social media is having a big impact on our world today. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are keeping people from around the globe informed and entertained on a daily basis. But what does that mean to you, as a small business owner? Is it possible to use social media sites to your advantage? The answer is yes. How you do it will depend on your goals and budget.

Social media is very versatile in terms of an advertising medium. This is because there are free options and paid options to advertise on it. You can use any of them, or both at the same time to maximize your impact. Let’s explore what you can do with social networking sites:

Paid Option

Many social media sites, like Facebook and MySpace, have a paid advertising option that helps advertisers get traffic to their websites, while bringing in revenue to keep the social site running. The payment model varies from one network to the other, but in most cases it is a CPC (cost per click) type, where you pay an amount that you bid for each click.

The advantage of social media ads is that they can be very highly targeted. You can, for example, select who will get to see your ads based on factors such as location, age, gender, marital status, etc. This will allow you to get better quality traffic.

But since you are paying for this traffic, you will need to track and test your campaigns accordingly, in order to get the maximum benefit from them and avoid wasting your funds.

Free Option

This is a bit more simple and doesn’t involve you paying for traffic, but requires more work on your part. Depending on the network, you would normally build a page for your business, which provides contact info, a link to your site, news updates, and details of your products.

You will then need to attract people to become fans of your business and follow what you are saying on your page. This can be accomplished by various means. You could put social media buttons on your main website that will allow people to instantly become your fans. You could also include a link to your page on your communications with customers, such as on invoices or in your email newsletter.

If you have a very good product, or a page that is quite unique and engaging, your fans will do the marketing for you, by spreading your page around to their friends, who can also become fans of your business. This is called “viral marketing” and can cause your page to be seen by millions of people in a short time. But of course, you will first need to have something interesting to offer on your page which will captivate your audience. When you put together your page, look at what other businesses have done with theirs for clues on what made them successful on social networks. This will give you a good idea of what to do and what not to do.

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Paid Social Media Ads – Are They Good For Internet Marketers?

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Paid Social Media Ads – Are They Good For Internet Marketers?

Advertising on social media has been a topic that is widely discussed in internet marketing circles. Given the fact that social networks are receiving millions of visitors daily and have hundreds of millions of active users around the globe, it is no wonder that internet marketers are trying various ways to make profit from them. It is, of course, possible to create a page for your business on social networks and have people add you to their profiles. While it can be quite effective if you run a local business, such as a bar or restaurant, or otherwise provide a very unique and interesting product, this may not always be the best choice when trying to market something on social networks.

There is an alternative, however. Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have an advertising platform in place where you can pay for ads on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. The way that these advertising networks operate are similar to the Google Adwords content network, but with a few differences. First, your ads are only distributed on pages in the respective social network’s site and not on third party sites. You also have the opportunity to include a small graphic next to your ad text.

One of the main things that makes buying social media advertising attractive to internet marketers is that you get the ability to targeted various groups of users with your ads. You are not limited to simply targeting people based on their location. You can choose things such as gender, age, relationship status and interests in order to better target your ads.

But one question remains and is subject to a lot of debate among internet marketers: is it really possible to make a profit when using paid social media advertising? Well the answer is yes. It actually HAS to be. You see, if no one was profiting from these ads, advertisers wouldn’t pay for them and social do networks would lose their source of funding.

The main consideration for an internet marketer using social media ads would be what type of offers you would be running. Remember that those visiting social networks are usually not currently on the lookout for things to buy. Check out the social networks for yourself and see what kinds of ads are being served on their pages. You will notice that most of them are offers that do not require the user to buy anything, such as ads for survey sites, dating sites, coupons, credit card applications, insurance quotes, etc. These are the types of offers that typically are the most successful when promoting via social networking ads. A good strategy would be to check out the ads that you get served with while browsing the site. Ads that stay there for longer than a week or so are usually the ones that are bringing in some profit for the advertisers.

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