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How B2B Email Marketing Works

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How B2B Email Marketing Works

If you’re a company that operates in the Business to Business (B2B) industry, then you probably already know that email is a very important tool which can be used for sales, lead generation, follow ups, etc. There are many B2B companies which go ahead and set up email marketing campaigns. But not all of them are doing it the right way and reaping all of the potential benefits that this marketing method could bring them. Previously, we’ve seen a few things that you can do to make your email marketing campaigns better. But there is some recent news in the field of email marketing for B2B companies. The Pardot survey, which polled some 100 B2B marketers in the United States, sheds a lot of light on some of the most common email marketing practices in the B2B field.


Here are some findings from the survey and how you can keep them in mind when running your business:


  • Email is mainly used for lead generation in this industry


According to data collected from the 100 marketers, email is used mainly as a lead generation tool, rather than as their main sales tool In fact, 70% of marketers have responded by saying that they consider email to be one of their top lead generation tools. In the B2B industry, leads are extremely important. If you want to use email to its fullest advantage, then setting it up as a lead generation method may indeed work for you.


  • Email marketing is often a secondary marketing tool


65% of all B2B marketers polled say that they assign less than 25% of their total marketing budgets to email. Only 9% of respondents have stated that email takes up over 50% of their entire marketing budget. This isn’t really much of a surprise. For many companies, email is a secondary marketing tool that they use in conjunction with other marketing methods.


One of the reasons behind this is that to get someone’s email address, you will first need to draw them to your site or otherwise let them know that your business exists. Website traffic can be generated in various ways, such as by using search engine optimization or social networking on business networks such as LinkedIn. Once someone has shown that they have an interest in what you have to offer, then you should try to do everything possible to capture their email. You can then get in touch with them and also remind them that your company exists and that it can potentially offer them some very useful products.


But what about the smaller details about the email messages themselves, such as the content to include in the message, where to link to in your emails as well as the best times to send out a mailing? There is a lot of information on these as well, plus some interesting answers that were provided by the survey respondents. We will show you more information about these tomorrow.


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Creating Email Messages That Convert: Some Important Advice

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Creating Email Messages That Convert: Some Important Advice

Email marketing is one of the best ways for online marketers to get people to buy their products. But in order for them to be a truly effective marketing tool, they need to be used correctly. The first thing you need to think about is the email message itself. Here are some basic tips that will help you create messages that convert much better than before.


  • A Good Headline is a MUST!


We’re in 2012. People tend to get dozens of email messages a day. Some of them are personal emails from friends and family members. Others are business related messages. Then there’s notifications sent out by social media sites, etc. Finally, we have commercial email messages that come from mailing lists that the user has subscribed to.


The first obstacle to getting your email to convert is actually getting the user to open your message. For this, you need to make a good first impression by creating a headline (email subject) that will engage the user and make them open the message to read more.


Try to understand your target customers. What would make them want to read your email? What kind of wording would draw their attention? You can try to get the recipient to guess the content of your email based on the subject header. Or, ask them a question in it. But no matter what you do, don’t use subject lines that are misleading and unrelated to the actual content. While you may think this is clever, it’s not a good strategy. First, you will trip up spam filters, which have gotten far more advanced in the last few years. If your subject keywords are completely unrelated to the text in your message, there is a high chance the message ends up in the “junk” folder. Second, and even worse, is that you risk irritating the recipient. What this means is that they will either unsubscribe from your list, or simply stop paying attention to your future messages, thinking that you’re just trying to trick them again.


  • Take Advantage of Message Preview Snippets


Depending on which email service your recipient uses, they may be able to see the first sentences of your message next to the subject line, or by mousing over the message when it’s in their inbox. Naturally, you will want to take advantage of this. Don’t start off your email with your address, phone number, or the classic “Can’t see the message? Click here”. This doesn’t give the user any information on what is inside.


Instead, create a catchy title that will serve as the headline of the email message itself. It shouldn’t be your email subject rewritten in different words. Rather, it should provide the reader with a bit more information on what you’re going to be talking to them about in your message. This may convince someone to open your message even if your subject didn’t really do the trick for them.



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Increasing Visitor Engagement For Better SEO: Part 2

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Increasing Visitor Engagement For Better SEO: Part 2

Creating good engagement with your visitors is important for various reasons. First, it helps you build a connection with the people who visit your website, giving you a better chance of converting visitors into sales. Also, with the updates to the way Google ranks websites, pages which feature ways for visitors to interact with the site may receive a better position in search results. Yesterday, we’ve seen some ways to accomplish that. Here are some more methods that webmasters and marketers can use to better connect with their audience:

  • Include social bookmarking buttons and RSS feeds

Social networking sites like Facebook are one way that your visitors can subscribe to your website and receive its updates. But that’s not the only way. There is also RSS feeds and social bookmarking services like Digg. Including the relevant buttons on your site can be helpful.

  • Have a “contact us” form on your site

Sure, your visitors can call you or send you an email at the address listed on your site. But why not make it easier for them? By including a contact form on your website, you make it more likely that someone who has a question about one of your products will get in touch with you, as this requires less effort from the user.

  • Put a live chat button

Being available, at least during business hours, to answer your visitors questions can go a long way as far as getting conversions goes. If someone isn’t too sure how one of your products works or whether it will be suitable for them, a live chat button will allow them to get a fast answer. It also shows that your site is good not only at selling things, but at providing customer service as well.

  • Include an e-mail capture box

This lets people subscribe to receive updates about your website and business by email. Remember that email is still a powerful marketing tool and an excellent way of communicating with your potential and current buyers.

  • Have a discussion forum on your website

This may not work for all sites, but it can sometimes be a good way of getting to know your site visitors and to provide them with helpful information. It will also help fill your site with free user generated content that can be quite helpful as far as SEO is concerned.

These are just a few ways that you can use to create more engagement from your website visitors. Of course, these are just examples in general and not all of these ideas may suit your business. The main idea is that your site should be easy for your visitors to get around on and they should also have easy ways to subscribe to your updates and get in touch with you. Remember that visitor engagement is just one piece of the overall SEO puzzle. You will still need to work on other elements, such as on site and off site factors that make your website rank better.

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 2

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 2

Previously, we’ve taken a look at some of the talking points related to Google +. There is still ongoing discussion as to how useful this new social networking service can be for businesses that are looking to establish or to increase their online presence. While it may look like Google + is nowhere near its rivals in the social networking sphere and recent numbers don’t look too encouraging, there are more points that someone will need to consider when evaluating whether establishing their business presence on the network will be worth the time. Here are some more points to consider about the site:


  • Some of the Top Businesses Have Already Established Their Presence on Google +


A study of the world’s top 100 brands by financial performance has shown that 64 of them have established a page on Google +. Statistics collected during the period from November to March 2012 show that these top brands have made more than 5 000 updates during that period. Furthermore, they have more than 250 000 “points of engagement”, which are responses to their updates, users indicating that they like the content (the “plus”) and the content being shared by the users.


Now ask yourself this: if the top players in the business world are doing something, shouldn’t you be at least considering it? These brands have become financially successful for a reason and creating a Google + page for your business will not cost you anything, just the time needed to create your profile and update it from time to time.


  • Not All Social Networking is Focused on the Consumer


One thing that creating a social networking profile can help you with is finding new business opportunities and connecting with other business owners. Remember that social networking use for businesses doesn’t have to be simply about interacting with consumers to sell them your products, but can also be used to network with other businesses. Data shows that business owners are increasingly using Google services and are including Google + as part of the list of websites that they check on a regular basis. Even though LinkedIn is currently the champion when it comes to business to business networking, Google + may have some interesting potential in this area.


  • Google + Pages Can Become Significant for Search Results

Search marketers may find it useful to create a Google + profile, if only for the possible SEO benefits that it can bring, either now or in the future. Again, the topic of whether Google + profiles will have a significant influence on SEO and search engine marketing in general is one that is now being talked about a lot in online marketing circles, with no clear answer being given. But in any case, it is highly possible that the Google + profiles, as well as individual pages and posts that a company makes could have some impact about how visible they will be in search engine results. Participating in Google + would then be seen as a low expense way of improving a company’s SEO standing.

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

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Is Google + a Good Business Marketing Tool? Part 1

Whether or not Google + actually has enough potential to be a useful marketing tool has been a matter of debate for quite some time in online marketing circles. There are those who believe that the social network launched by Google has some potential and will end up growing in popularity. On the other end, there are those who believe that it will be a flop and join Google’s list of “failed products” and therefore businesses shouldn’t waste their time building a significant presence on it.


But what is going on with Google + in reality? Is it something that you should bother paying attention to as a business owner that is seeking different ways to advertise online? The decision as to which marketing channels you will use to promote your business online is all up to you. Remember that in addition to social networking sites, there are plenty of other online advertising avenues that you can use. And if these are already working for you, then you should by all means keep using any method that is bringing you a satisfactory amount of website visitors and revenue. But what about those that are seeking to enlarge their online advertising options, or who have just started a new business and are looking for ways to get some traffic going to their website?


There are a few things that you should know about Google + and about how it can be used to promote your business in social media.


Google has Fixed Several Problems With the Site


When it was launched, Google + was only meant to be used as a platform for individuals to connect to each other. This meant that business accounts were not allowed. However, Google has quickly changed course, allowing businesses to use the platform for networking, just like Facebook now allows different types of organizations to use their social networking service to connect with fans, customers and potential customers.


Certain functionality issues, such as the ability to put in additional page managers, as well as verify a profile to make sure that it is the official Google + page for your business, have now been resolved and are working quite well. Google has also worked on improving the overall look and feel of the service, which is always a bonus point for increasing use.


Adoption Among Consumers Remains Low


Google has reported that there are now 90 million users of Google +. Of course, this is far less than its rivals, which are now chiefly Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the amount of time that users spend on the service on average is not too encouraging at the moment. Reports show that users of Google + spend just 3.5 minutes on the service. Again, this is low compared to other social media websites. However, there are a few reasons as to why you may not want to discount Google + as a marketing tool just yet and may want to create a profile on the service for your business.



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Get More Sales This Holiday Season: Using Social Media

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Get More Sales This Holiday Season: Using Social Media

So we’ve seen some ways to get started with your marketing campaigns for this holiday season if you own an e-commerce site. But do you want some more ideas on how you can draw in more site visitors and sales on your website? Here are some more ideas that you can use. Remember, you can always think up of your own strategies, look up some more online, or adapt these to match your overall business objectives, as well as your creativity.

  • Use Twitter For an Everyday Special

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Of course, this is no secret and anyone into online marketing will already know this. But it is how you use Twitter that can make the difference between “good” and “excellent” results for your website. Simply Tweeting the same thing over and over again like “Come in! We have specials” is likely to bore your users after a while. But having a special promotion each day on a certain item, or category of items during the countdown to Christmas will be much better at keeping them paying attention to your Twitter feed.

  • Create a Facebook Event

You could make a day (or week) where you offer even bigger promotions to your buyers and attract them by creating a Facebook event, then inviting your Facebook friends to it. People often get invites to holiday parties and events during this season, so there is a high chance that they will be paying attention to the invites that they receive.

  • Donate Some of Your Proceeds to Charity

The holidays are a time of giving and sharing, so you definitely don’t want your company to look like “Scrooge Inc.” during this time of the year. Give some of your proceeds to a charity, maybe even a Christmas themed one and announce this on your website, social media pages and e-mail newsletters. Your shoppers will see your business as one who cares about others in need and will be more likely to shop with you.

  • Organize Some Giveaways and Contests

This doesn’t have to be complicated or require a lot of cutbacks from you. For example, you can post a coupon code on your social media page that is valid for the first 10 or so people that use it. Then, do the same again in a few days. This will do a lot to keep users paying attention to your advertising messages. A contest is also a good way to draw some attention. You could, for example, be giving away a free item or a gift voucher valid for a certain amount of money at your web store. Be creative, there are plenty of more giveaways that you can offer to your website visitors. Remember, your shoppers will want to see that you are giving them something valuable and sharing during this holiday season. A few free gifts can definitely be helpful. Customers who got something from you also have a higher chance of coming back to buy something, even if it is after the holidays.

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Promoting Your New Web Store

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Promoting Your New Web Store

Once you have your products ready and your website up, then there is one important thing left to do for you: promoting the web store that you’ve just built. In many cases, this is going to get a little bit challenging, due to the fact that you are going to be competing directly against dozens of online retailers which are already more established in the industry. But it is by no means impossible. There are some things that you can do to ensure success as well as one good strategy that is used by many small online retailers:


Sell Globally – Promote Locally


Obviously, one of the main advantages of e-commerce is that you can sell your merchandise to buyers all around the world. This is the reason that most e-commerce sites ship globally. But going against corporations that have billion dollar budgets is not really a wise move. This is why you will need to first start promoting your website locally, in your own area and community. This is also how many of the world’s global corporations started out. Coca Cola first started selling their product locally before going global. You will also find that many large internet providers and wireless companies first started offering their services in the city where they were founded before expanding. Therefore, if you want to succeed online, you will need to follow their lead, even though you may not actually have an objective of starting a global online sales empire such as Amazon. Now how do you do all of this? It is actually quite simple and we will get into some ways that you can accomplish this in the next post.


Target Your Audience by Language


Of course, not everyone can do this as not everyone speaks another language. But targeting your audience by language is an efficient marketing tool. All you would need to do is to have multiple versions of your website in different languages, such as French, German, Spanish, etc. This has many advantages for the owner of an online shop. First, you would get access to more customers, who may not speak English and would be searching for websites in their own language. Second, promoting your website would become easier if you do this. While websites in English make up the vast majority of online content, there is a drawback to this. You will get increased competition and therefore would need to outrank many other sites in order to get some customers. But in terms of sites in other languages, there is less of them. The customer base may be smaller, but it is still there, in the millions. Therefore, doing your SEO, pay per click ads and social media posts in another language would mean that there would be less websites selling the same thing than you. This will simplify the promotional process and make it give you better results, faster.


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Using Social Media to Get Information About Your Market

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Using Social Media to Get Information About Your Market

Social media websites can be a very effective marketing tool for businesses, but you must develop methods to use these sites there right way. One of the things that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be very useful for would be to acquire information about your customers, competitors, partners and other players in the market. Here is how you can do that:


  • Look Things Up


Facebook, for example, has a great search engine that can let you find a certain word being posted on pages, as well as discussion groups. By using the search feature, you will be able to see if people are talking about your business, or about your industry in general. Find out what people are saying, what kind of questions they are asking and what kind of comments they are posting.


By doing this, you will get many benefits. First, you will find out who your target customers are and what they are saying. You will also be able to see what your competitors are doing on their pages and in discussion groups. Also, you will be able to spot any potential vendors and business partners that could be useful to your company.


  • Interact with users on your page


Having a Facebook page or a Twitter profile would be quite useless if you simply use it for one way communication just like a static HTML page on a website would work. The great advantage of social networking sites is that they are built for two way communication which will allow you to interact with your users in a number of different ways.


So if you post something on your Facebook page, for example, you can get some comments from your users about your post. Find out what they are saying and if necessary respond to them. Your users will feel re-assured that you are there and are actually listening to them, which shows that you actually care about their satisfaction level. With this considered, they are more likely to become your customer or to return and buy something from you again in the future.


Another tool that is offered on Facebook which can be very useful for businesses is polls. You see, polls are not just for teenage girls to post “ZOMG Is this guy hoooooot LAWLZ!!!!111”, but can be used as an effective market research tool for your business.


You can create a poll about what kind of products or services people would want to see in the future. Or you can ask them just how satisfied they are with some recent changes that you have made to your website, or to one of your offerings. Then, take a look at the results, interpret the data and act accordingly. As we all know, if you give your users what they want, once again they will be more likely to become profitable customers for your business, as they will see that you are actually paying attention to what you are saying.

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Finally, Some Other Ways to Promote Your Membership Site

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Finally, Some Other Ways to Promote Your Membership Site

Finally Some Other Ways to Promote Your Membership Site


We have seen that you can use forums, email, social media, as well as your own members to promote your membership site. But there are still a few other ways that you can attract members. Here they are:


  • Create an affiliate program


In the online marketing world, many products have affiliate programs which pay a commission to the affiliate for each new sale. If you would like your site to be more successful, you could create an affiliate program for it and pay your affiliates around 50% of the monthly fee that you would make from members. You can promote this affiliate program on online marketing forums, just like you would promote the site itself. It is also possible for you to join an affiliate network. ClickBank is the most popular one out there, as they deal with digital products such as ebooks and membership sites.


  • Use offline marketing


Even though your product is based on the internet and deals with internet marketing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use any offline methods to promote it. Some ideas of offline methods include distributing fliers promoting your site or putting up ads in print media like newspapers and magazines. Some membership site owners have even created TV and radio commercials, but obviously these are quite expensive when compared to other advertising methods.


  • Use pay per click ads


Pay per click ad networks such as the ones on the Google and Bing search engines are an excellent marketing tool and can be used to promote IM products. However, you would need to carefulyl plan, manage and optimize your campaigns in order to be successful. You would also need to have a decent budget, as the whole internet marketing niche is very competitive.


  • Use media buying


Media buying simply means buying advertising space on another site. You can sometimes buy text ads, banner ads or even video ads. The payment model depends on the site where you buy the ad space from and could by a flat rate per week or month, a CPC (cost per click) or a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model. You could deal either with an advertising network or make a private deal with a webmaster to advertise your membership site on their website.


All of these are excellent methods that you can make use of to promote your site and get some new members. However, the best way to generate revenue from your membership site is to keep your existing members, rather than constantly try to sign up new ones. This is actually much easier as you don’t need to do any advertising to retain your current members. All you need to do is to keep them interested in your site by adding new content on a regular basis, as well as listen to any feedback that they may have regarding the content of your site or how it runs.


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Using Video Sharing Sites For More Traffic

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Using Video Sharing Sites For More Traffic

There are many ways to use a video sharing site such as YouTube in order to get traffic to your website. Since broadband internet access has made viewing and sharing online videos a lot more accessible, many online marketers have jumped on the occasion of using various video sharing sites to get traffic to their sites. Video sharing sites like YouTube are not just places where you can watch some funny video of a dog riding a skateboard or a kid falling off his bike. When used correctly, they can turn into a powerful marketing tool for you.

The first question that comes to mind is what kind of content you should create. Many people believe that creating videos is a time consuming task which will take hours to complete. While anything may seem difficult at first, it will actually become quite easy as you get more used to it.

As an online marketer, you probably already know the importance of creating unique articles to have some useful content on your site and to submit to various online directories in order to get traffic to your site. Well, it is possible to turn these articles into short videos.

All you need to do is to take the content of the articles and to change it into a “presentation” format, similar to PowerPoint slides. You would then do a voice over, explaining the various parts while the viewer follows on screen. This works very well, as some people don’t like reading long articles but instead pay more attention to what you have to say when you turn it into a video. At the end of the video, you would invite the viewer to visit your website to get more information.

Another possibility is creating instructional (how to) videos. These will give the viewer information on how to do something that is related to your website’s niche. It takes a bit more effort to get done and will probably involve taking a video camera and actually filming things. But if you are in a niche where most of the things are done on the computer (such as website building, “make money online”, investing, etc) you can simply use a screen recording software and voice over to provide explanations to the viewer.

One thing not to do is to create videos that are simply a commercial for your site. Those who browse video sharing sites rarely do so to see advertising material. Provide something that will be interesting and captivating to the viewer and you will have a better chance of them visiting your site after looking at your video. If you create content that is useful and interesting, you will find that viewers will share it with other, either through social networking sites or by embedding your video on their own websites or blogs. All of this means more potential traffic and more potential customers for your business.

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Using Yahoo Answers To Get Free Traffic

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Using Yahoo Answers To Get Free Traffic

As we all know, traffic is king in the internet marketing world. No traffic to your site equals no money for you, since there is no one visiting your site. There are various ways that you can use to get traffic to your website, but many webmasters are looking for free traffic. Is it even possible? Don’t you need to spend money in order to make money? Well, thanks to the power of the internet, it is possible to get free exposure for your site and thus draw visitors to it.

Yahoo Answers is a very good way to bring people to your website. For those of you who don’t know, Yahoo Answers is a place where people ask questions about various topics and others give them answers. The good thing about this platform is that you can insert a link to your site in your answer. Also, the site gets a lot of traffic from all around the world. What makes it a great marketing tool is that anyone can see the questions and answers, not only the person who asked the question.

But in order to stay out of trouble and get the maximum benefit from Yahoo Answers, you need to conduct your marketing activities properly. Remember, this is a place where users seek information. They don’t come to Yahoo Answers in order to be bombarded with commercial advertisements. After all, if someone wanted that, all they have to do is to open up their “Junk Mail” folder in their email account, there’s plenty of ads there all right.

When you answer a question, be sure to state some useful information and not just say “Here go to this website NOW!!! (your link)”. For example, if someone asks whether online surveys are legit or a scam you would say something like “While there are a few scam sites out there, most online survey sites are legit and pay you either in cash or by giving you stuff like gift card, I found a list of legit survey sites that are free to join here: (your link)”. It is better for you to build a landing page, rather than insert affiliate links. This will seem a lot less suspicious to Yahoo.

To stay below the radar, vary your answers, don’t simply copy and paste the same answer to everyone, even if the question is the same. Give answers in different topics as well, without inserting any links. Even if the site you are promoting is related to online surveys, for example, answer some questions about other things such as dogs or computers or whatever else you may know about as well. This will make it look like you are a legitimate contributor, rather than someone who is just answering questions related to their niche to get clicks to their own site. You should give more answers without your link than those with it.

The traffic that you will receive may start slowly, but if you keep at it you will soon get enough visitors to make some decent commissions or sales each month.

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Increase Traffic to Your Site

Increasing traffic to your site is not only a great way to build your list but also increase the revenue you draw from product sales. There are many methods to increase the traffic your site sees, some of these methods may not be appropriate for your consumers, however you must exercise every marketing tool available to be successful. Begin by utilizing free marketing tactics that are available to you if you just invest some time into finding your potential consumers. The following are some easy ways to double the traffic your site sees.

• Learn effective SEO techniques. Use keywords within the articles on your site that will draw the most visitor attention. You want to be on the first page of results generated on a search engine.

• Use social bookmarking to draw the attention of online socialists to your site. Use social media sites to bookmark your backlinks and any articles on your site.

• Blog submission should be regularly done. Be sure that you participate and create blogs that are related to your business niche. The content you share should be informative and unique to your knowledge and business.

While there are other ways to generate traffic do not underestimate the importance of free marketing strategies. If you find that these methods are not generating enough traffic consider changing your approach, or if you feel defeated look into traffic generating software. The goal is to build your list large enough so you can focus on email marketing to draw traffic and revenue.


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Learn From Social Media

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Learn From Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a great marketing tool if you know how to use them the right way. They can also be an incredible source of valuable information if you know what to look for. Social media sites can teach you a lot about your target audience, and their needs and wants.


Take the time to do a series of searches related to your niche on social media every week. Pick a set of terms, or phrases that relate directly to what you’re doing, and search them on social media. The results will contain people talking about your niche, and what’s going on in it. If you take the time to read through some of those results, you’ll get two things out of  it. First, you’ll get new friends and followers. By taking the time to connect with the people you find through these searches, you’re gaining high quality friends and followers. Second, you’re gaining valuable information about what people in your niche are talking about. The more you know about their interests, the better off you’ll be in the long run.


Set up a poll on your website that asks questions about your customers, and their wants and needs, and what they think of your products. Use social media to spread that poll around to your friends and followers. If you’ve been using social media the right way, and interacting with them on a regular basis, they’ll most likely leap at the chance to give you feedback. If you don’t get the response you’re hoping for right off the bat, create a contest around the poll, and offer one lucky poll taker a prize.


If you want to know something about your customers, just ask. By asking questions on social media sites, you’re achieving two different things. First, you’re interacting with your friends and followers in a meaningful way. Second, if they’re answering your questions, you’re learning about them and their needs at the same time.

By spending some time with social media, you can turn it into a valuable market research tool. The more you can learn about your customers, the better equipped you’ll be to sell your products to them.

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Keep  Your Facebook Friends Happy

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Keep Your Facebook Friends Happy

If you’re using Facebook as a marketing tool, you know how important it is to have a lot of active Facebook friends. One of the biggest challenges of using Facebook as a marketing tool is keeping those friends happy, and keeping their attention. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep them from losing interest in you.

Wall Posts

Be careful about what you post on other people’s walls. If you feel tempted to post messages advertising your products or services on other people’s walls, resist that urge. If you do, the only thing you’ll achieve is getting people to unfriend you. Instead, post friendly messages on other people’s walls, and try to get them to visit your Facebook page. You don’t have to directly advertise to your Facebook friends to get their attention. Try being friendly, and drawing other Facebook users to your profile, and from ther, let your profile do the rest of the work for you.

Be Social

Take the time to interact with other Facebook users. Social networking is all about being social, and if you don’t take the time to be friendly, and interact with other users, you’re not going to get all you should be getting out of Facebook. Be sure to answer any messages you get, and take the time to comment on wall posts. The more effort you put into being social on Facebook, the more it will pay off for you in the long run.

Talk About Them

People love to hear about themselves. Take the time to look at your friends’ Facebook profiles, and talk to them about their interests, and their projects. By taking the time to get to know your friends, and talk about them, you’ll be sure to get their attention, and draw them into your profile. The more interest you show in them, the more interest they’ll show in you.

If your Facebook friends are happy, and interested in what you’re saying, you’ll be more likely to get more out of them. Keep that in mind as you use Facebook, and you’ll be able to use it as an effective marketing tool.

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