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Advertising and Traffic Generation Methods for Info Products

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Advertising and Traffic Generation Methods for Info Products

In order for you to sell your product online you will need one main thing: traffic. Not just any kind of traffic, but targeted traffic coming from visitors that actually have an interest in your product. Selling a downloadable information product online is similar to selling any other kind of product from a website, but there are a few tips that are unique to this type of merchandise. Here are some ways that you can use to get your website up and running with visitors.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is often overlooked by many creators of digital products, but if done right it can be a good long term traffic solution. It all depends on what you’re up against. When doing SEO, you must first analyze the amount of competition that you have for your desired keywords. Look at the number of sites that are ranked for your main keywords and look at which sites are near the top of search results.

Start developing an SEO strategy including both on page and off page factors. One of the key elements of SEO, which is link building, actually fits in well with other traffic generation methods, as you will not only get backlinks, but also potential visitors from people who click links to your product that are found on other websites. You must remember that good SEO may take some time, especially if you’re in a niche that is quite competitive, so it may not be the best for instant traffic. But for long term traffic, it’s still the best.

  • Article Marketing

Article marketing is a simple and quite effective way of marketing an info product. In fact, it’s one of the simplest and most popular forms of online advertising when it comes to selling digital goods. It consists of writing articles that are related to your niche and address some of the questions and issues that potential buyers of your product may have, without giving them too much information. You then include a link to your product at the bottom of your article inviting the reader to get more answers from your product. Articles can be posted on various article directories, such as Ezine Articles. There are also services which allow your articles to be syndicated for free to blogs that are looking for content.

One of the main advantages of article marketing is that it’s free. You only need to spend some time to write the articles and publish them to the relevant places. However, this can also sometimes get tedious, as you will need to write several unique articles a day and post them to directories before you start seeing any traffic and results. Of course, it’s also possible to outsource some or all of the article creation to a freelancer who can do the writing and posting of the articles for you. However, doing so will require some investment on your part.

There are a few other traffic generation techniques that you can use to get visitors to your product which we will take a look at tomorrow.

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Ideas for a Successful Info Product

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Ideas for a Successful Info Product

Selling information products is a big part of the overall internet marketing business. Every single year, there are millions of sales of info products being made, such as e-books, video courses, membership site subscriptions, etc. While the niches vary, info products all have one thing in common: they teach the reader how to do something or to solve a problem that they’re having, such as getting their dog to stop barking, starting an online business, fixing computer problems, etc.

There are many “make money online” guides and websites which tout selling an info product as one of the best ways of making money on the internet. Of course, it’s possible to be quite successful by doing it, but if you want to ensure that you will be able to actually make some money from a product that you’ve created, there are some things that you need to know first. We will look at some things you need to consider before you actually put up your product for sale.

Think Whether this is Actually Something You Want to Do

Putting together, marketing and selling a successful info product is something that will take work. Even if your goals are just to make a few hundred dollars from the a very basic product, you will need to put in at least a few days work into it. Therefore, it is not something for everyone. There are plenty of other things that you can do to earn money from an online business, such as affiliate marketing, reselling physical products on online shopping sites, providing services, etc. which can be just as profitable as creating your own product and selling it to people on the internet. The bottom line is that you would need to make sure you’re actually interested in creating an info product, as opposed to simply be interested in making money online by selling “something”.

Research and Choose Your Niche Properly

Choosing the right niche will be one of the main factors which will determine whether the product that you create will be a success or not. You can have the best and most original content, and deploy really good marketing efforts, but if you choose the wrong niche, you could end up just wasting your time. One of the most common mistakes that people make is selecting a niche that is overly broad and thus too competitive. If there are a thousand other products already being sold which claim to provide the same information to the buyer as yours, making a decent amount of sales will actually be quite difficult. Therefore, going after a niche that is still in demand but is not completely saturated with other products is the best way to achieve success.

Tomorrow, we will go into more details about selecting the niche for your product and another important part: thinking of the content that you will include in it.

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Making Your Digital Products More Valuable

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Making Your Digital Products More Valuable

In the internet marketing world, creating your own digital product and selling it is seen as a profitable venture to take part in. In fact, there are millions of ebooks and guides on different topics that are being sold each year. Many online entrepreneurs have seen this and want a share of the action. Many of them simply create an ebook which explains either various methods of making money on the internet or focuses on a specific topic, such as Adsense, CPA, site flipping, etc. While this is a good way to start, there are some additional things that you can do to give more value to your products in the eyes of your buyers and thus make them more likely to be interested in buying them. Remember, the buyers can’t really see what’s inside your product when they are on the sales page, so they will base their buying decision mainly on the perceived value that they see in your product overall.


Now how do you increase the value of a product? Here are some good ideas:


  • Add bonuses


This can be an additional, smaller ebook on a related topic that will be useful to the buyer.

If the method that your guide is teaching involves building a website, you can include things such as PLR website templates or graphics as part of the whole package. You can also include various other web building tools too.

The bonus doesn’t have to be in the form of a “product” either. Another thing that you can include is a service. It could be in the form of a free one on one coaching session with you. Or it could be something like a few months of free hosting or a free domain name. Basically, anything that will make the buyer see added value in your item.


  • Separate your ebook into several parts


This will give the impression that your guide is bigger and contains more content, while previously these were all chapters in one big ebook. You can present these as separate, smaller guides that inform the reader about something specific. The buyer will feel as if they are getting many ebooks for the price of one and might see your offer as more valuable to them.


  • Create a video course


You can convert your ebook completely into a video or add a few videos that explain something specific that is taught in your guide. There are some buyers who prefer watching a video over reading an ebook. Others will see the inclusion of a video part in your product as an assurance that it is more detailed and gives easy to follow, step by step instructions. While creating a video takes more time and requires more effort than simply writing, it can be very well worth it in the end, as it can have a very positive impact on the amount of sales that you make from the product you are selling.



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Five Steps To Starting Your Online Business

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Five Steps To Starting Your Online Business

So, you’re thinking about starting an online business, but you’re not sure about what steps to take to get it off the ground. While there is no “one size fits all” method for reaching success, there are a few basic steps you should take when you’re starting out. It’s important to start with a strong foundation for your online business, and these steps will help you do just that.

Define The Purpose

Your online business should be based on a goal, or a series of goals. Those goals will dictate the other steps in your business strategy, so it’s important to establish them before doing anything else. For example, if your business is geared at selling a product, your strategy will be different than if it’s geared at getting subscribers, or making ad revenue.

Define Your Target Audience

It’s important to know who you’ll be gearing your online business toward. Different audiences require different marketing approaches, Take the time do do some research on who is interested in your niche. Is your audience mostly male, or female? What age group do they fall into? What level of income do they have? What other interests do they have? All of this information can help you to create a more effective marketing strategy for your new business.

Look At The Competition

Your target audience probably has certain expectations from a site like yours based on what other sites are already doing. Take the time to look at your competition, and see what they’re doing. You should be offering all of the basic features they are, along with any additional features that you feel you can provide to your customers.

Marketing Strategy

Now that you know a lot about your audience, and what they expect, it’s time to form a marketing strategy. There are a lot of different ways to go about marketing your product, including ads, social media, and article marketing, but you’re going to have to pick the strategies that work best for you. There’s no guarantee that every strategy will work for every online business, so pick and choose your methods carefully based on what you know about your audience.

Learn And Earn

Online business requires you to learn as you go. Test different marketing strategies against one another, and see what works best for you. Keep looking for new methods to reach your target audience, and keep looking for ways to lower your costs. As technology changes, so too does online business.

Keep these five steps in mind as you start out, and you’ll be off to a good start with online business.

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Find Your USP

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Find Your USP

We talk a lot on this site about finding your niche, and understanding who you’re marketing your product to, so there’s a good chance you probably have a good idea of who your niche is. You might know your niche, but do your know your USP?

Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition, or Unique Selling Point. Each time you talk to your customers in any way about your product, you’re making a proposition to them. By talking about your product and it’s benefits, you’re essentially making a sales pitch. You’re trying to convince your customers that they should buy from you instead of someone else. When you’re trying to convince your customers to buy your product, your sales pitch should be different in some way from your competition’s pitch. That way, you can set yourself apart from the competition in some meaningful way in the eyes of the customer.

Take a look at your competitors, and their sales pitches. Look at their TV or radio commercials, internet ads, billboards, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and websites. Think about how they are positioning their product, and what selling points they’re pushing. Now think about what you can do differently. If you sell energy drinks, and all of your competitors are pushing the high levels of caffeine in their product, consider pushing how cool and refreshing yours is.

It’s also important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing over time. Your sales proposition might be unique today, but two months from now, you might find other companies have begun pushing the same features you are. If that happens, you’ll have to reevaluate your USP, and make any necessary adjustments so that your product will still stand out from the crowd.

If money is no object, you don’t have to worry about a USP. You can just push your message out to as many people as possible, and hope for the best. Most companies don’t have that luxury, so they have to work at setting themselves apart from the crowd, and using a strong unique selling proposition is a great way to do that. If you can find a selling point for your product that no one else in your niche is using, you can give your customers the impression that your product is different from the rest, and as such, more desirable.

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